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Retro Classic: Football Italia Intro Sees Paul Gascoigne And James Richardson Combine To Create Comedy Gold, 1995 (Video)

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Paul Gascoigne explains his curious headwear to Lazio coach Zdenek Zeman, 1995

Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the day that Gazzetta Football Italia aired on Channel 4 for the very first time.

We've spoken of our undying love for Football Italia before here on Pies, helping as it did to introduce a wide-eyed young fan to a world of football beyond watching Wolves grind out dull, mud-specked draws with Leicester City on Central Match Live every sodding weekend.

The idea of Catenaccio, criticisms of calcio, and how wrong they are

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By Kieran Dodds, writing from Cambridge

Saturday morning. I, still a wee lad, run downstairs as fast as my little legs will carry me. No weekend lie in for me. James Richardson and Channel 4 are calling. On goes the television. There's the music!

Soccer Soccer News for Tue May 29, 2012

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See you all the Sweetwater for the Minnesota Stars tonight and the USA tomorrow night!
-Or make sure you find a good place to watch them both somewhere else if you don't live in the Twin Cities.


20 people have been arrested over the past 2 days for match-fixing in Italy including Lazio captain and Italy midfielder Stefano Mauri.

Calcio Italia – May 2011

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Once again I'm proud to be among the contributors to the latest edition of Calcio Italia.

There's been some great feedback so far and I can see why because there are pieces by Giancarlo Rinaldi and Adam Digby - two of the finest writers about Italian football as well as a feature on Giuseppe Rossi by Spanish football expert Sid Lowe.

Baggio – Italy vs Czechoslovakia – 1990

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Angelo Fiorini is a must-follow on Twitter for any fans of Italian football. Catch him @Ciociaro78 ... Here he talks us through a breakthrough goal for one of Europe's finest ever players ...


In this feature for the 'My Favourite Goal' series I'm going to bring you back to an era before the exotic world of Italian football was brought to our screens by James Richardson and the wonderful Football Italia on Channel 4.

Calcio Italia – Feb 2011

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I'm delighted to say that the February 2011 edition of Calcio Italia includes three of my pieces. There is a feature on the history of Brescia Calcio and a 'They Retired The Shirt' piece about the career of Cagliari hero Gigi Riva. Finally, there is a tribute to Italian World Cup winning coach Enzo Bearzot, who died just before Christmas.

Revival of the Rossoneri

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James Richardson kept us up to date with all the Serie A news

Back in the 1990s, it was fair to say we on the west of Europe had something of a love affair with Il Calico. Serie A was the most glamorous league in the world. Our appetite for Italian football was satisfied by Network Two's highlights show of a Tuesday evening, supplemented by Channel Four's live match coverage Sunday afternoon.

Calcio Italia – Jan 2011

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Even if you aren't really into Italian football, Calcio Italia is a magazine well worth buying. If you are a fan of all things Serie A then it's practically an essential purchase.

There are monthly columns by such esteemed footballing opinionistas as James Richardson, Gabriele Marcotti and Tor-Kristian Karlsen.

Les Rosbifs Hall of Fame

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There's a great site called Les Rosbifs that follows the fortunes of Englishmen abroad. The editor Gav Stone is currently compiling the inaugural Hall of Fame nominations. IÂ agreed to be the advocate for James Richardson Spensley born in England but one of the founding fathers of Italian football.

James Richardson

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We belong to Jimbo
Cast your eyes skywards on a clear night and, if you're lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of a small pod circulating in near earth orbit. Contained within that small capsule is a group of people who - twice weekly - produce a master-class in football punditry, namely, The Football Weekly.


Crouchy Did NOT Have His Nachos: Peter Crouch Refutes Legendary Podcast Yarn About Him Demanding Food In Southampton Takeaway (Video)

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"Crouchy's Having His Nachos!"

It is quite possibly the finest piece of footballing apocrypha to emerge from the early podcast scene: the tale recounted by Guardian writer Sean Ingle of the time a friend of his was confronted by a rampaging Peter Crouch in a fast food restaurant in Southampton.

Andriy ‘Artful Dodger’ Shevchenko Is A Master Pickpocket (Video)

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By Chris Wright

He's dabbled in politics and even semi-professional golf since calling time on his playing career, but if both fall through it would appear that Andriy Shevchenko can always fall back on his impressive street theft skills to make a tidy living.

Goalcast #1 – James Richardson and the goal.com team assess Euro 2012

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Presenter James Richardson joins pundits across Europe as we look ahead to the first group matches at Euro 2012. James is joined in a Google hangout chat with former Netherlands international Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink, experts Gabriele Marcotti and Raphael Honigstein, who are both in Warsaw, plus goal.

Retro Football: Elvis Costello Joins James Richardson On Football Italia, 1995

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By Chris Wright


April 30th 1995: The day that Elvis Costello joined James Richardson to watch Fiorentina vs Juventus on Football Italia and go over the weekend's results while AC Jimbo, gawd bless 'im, systematically fails to stave off the giggles as he runs through a series of the worst Costello-related puns ever committed to broadcast.

The Guardian’s Football Weekly & European Newspaper Review

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James Richardson is a multimedia juggernaut for the Guardian. He hosts their Football Weekly podcast ("James Richardson, Barry Glendenning, Sid Lowe and the rest of the Guardian's football writers bring you their Sony award-nominated, twice-weekly podcast mixing puns and punditry, a round-up of all the action from the Premier League and around Europe")Â and also does a weekly video European newspaper review.

Real Madrid

BT Sport’s Champions League Goals Show the ideal accompaniment to European soccer

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The UEFA Champions League has always been a fascinating competition from a television viewer's perspective. Because while it's considered as the biggest prize in the domestic game, the group stages can often be a monotonous affair.

Sure, there are titanic tussles in the early parts of the tournament—Atletico Madrid vs.

What To Watch This Weekend (Sept 1-3)

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Sunday's Liverpool-Arsenal match at Anfield is the marquee matchup of the weekend, but there are a bunch of games worth checking in on if you're looking for something to watch.  Especially if any of the transfer activity shows up on the pitch.

Here are our picks a few games each from the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A (plus one from the Eredivisie):

Saturday, Sept 1

10:00am Tottenham Hotspur vs Norwich City Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Deportes 12:30pm Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Deportes 2:45pm Bologna vs Milan beIN Sport 1 USA, RAI Interna.

English Premier League

Watch Fantasy Premier League show with James Richardson on NBC Sports

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If you haven't had a chance to watch the Fantasy Premier League show on NBC Sports, now's the time.

Last week, we announced that NBC Sports were adding 4 new shows to their app and online. Goal Rush has already been a hit among many soccer fans, but the one program that has flown under the radar so far is Fantasy Premier League, which is hosted by James Richardson from The Guardian's Football Weekly podcast fame.

Watch Fantasy Premier League show with James Richardson on NBC Sports

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If you haven't had a chance to watch the Fantasy Premier League show on NBC Sports, now's the time.

Last week, we announced that NBC Sports were adding 4 new shows to their app and online. Goal Rush has already been a hit among many soccer fans, but the one program that has flown under the radar so far is Fantasy Premier League, which is hosted by James Richardson from The Guardian's Football Weekly podcast fame.

Top 5 Recommended Soccer Podcasts

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Finding quality soccer podcasts is sometimes like trying to find a needle in the haystack, such is the sheer quantity available. But to make your life easier in your search of the best of the best, here are the top 5 recommended soccer podcasts out there along with my video review of each one and details on how to subscribe.

football weekly

Get Ready for Euro 2012, Part 4: Where To Go For Ongoing Coverage

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Following up on Parts 1, 2, and 3, here's Part 4: how to follow the tournament. We'll try to provide ongoing coverage over the next few weeks, but here's where we'll be going ourselves to keep up with the tournament (and by extension, here's a guide to following the beautiful game in general):

Guardian Football: Our primary source for football news.

Kicking Off Euro 2012, Part 4: Where To Go For Ongoing Coverage

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Part 4 of our Kicking Off Euro 2012 series: where to go for ongoing coverage over the next few weeks. We'll try to be posting, but here's where we'll be going ourselves to keep up with the tournament:

Guardian Football: Our primary source for football news. Still anglocentric in its top headlines and most-read articles, but probably the least so of the English papers, Go directly to their Euro 2012 section (but also see below for a more detailed guide to their coverage).

Unquantifiable Genius: Neymar as Messi

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By Eric Beard

"Pelé doesn't know sh*t."

That was Sid Lowe's response to James Richardson's teasing statement on The Guardian's Football Weekly Podcast. Richardson, of course, was referencing Pelé's opinion that Neymar is better than Lionel Messi.

Fulham Got No Respect; Hughes scores

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Listening to the Guardian's Football Weekly's EPL preview podcast at the gym last night, I figured to hear a sentence or two about our season outlook. Instead, we got the last word.

As in, only the final few words spoken in the entire 45 minute podcast.

I don't have the transcript but the last 30 seconds or so go something like this:

James Richardson: Well that should wrap things up
Barry Glendenning: I bet we missed a team
Gregg Roughley: Haven't mentioned Fulham
Sean Ingle: Or Wolves
Barry Glendenning: Fulham and Wolves!

The Tragedy of King Ferguson

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"Sort of King Lear-esque twilight scenario on the cards for Lord Ferg, then." James Richardson, Football Weekly

Britannia, AD 600. Ferguson is king of Britannia, lord of all he surveys. A firebrand Celt, his armies have marched as far south as Barcino in Hispania and towards the rising sun as far as the banks of the Volga.

GhostGoal Awards 2010

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From what I can tell, it's awards season in the football blogging fraternity. The Soccerlens awards, the WSC Web Awards and the NOPAs, to name just three. I'm not going to lie to you GhostGoal didn't get a single nomination from any of them. Did they not hear about my piece in November's When Saturday Comes that one reader in the letters page described as "not letting the facts get in the way of a good story"?


The history of Spanish fútbol. “Spain: Home of Picasso,...

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The history of Spanish fútbol.

"Spain: Home of Picasso, Penelope Cruz, and, for some time, Fascism."

Ahead of EURO 2012, The Guardian is doing a series of videos telling the stories of Europe's most acclaimed national teams. Alongside some delightful animation, James Richardson shares Spain's story, given that España is expected to win yet another trophy this summer.

As a Roma fan James Richardson's European Paper Review is worth a watch and laugh

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Big fan of James Richardson.He's a master of Punning. As Punnery goes Jimbo makes it digestible. Despite his abuse of it i find James to be brilliant and more often then not quite hilarious.His Paper round up is well worth the watch.If your a Roma fan click the link for a few shits and giggles.

gabriele marcotti

Punditry Revolution? Talk Sense.

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Former England cricket captain Nasser Hussain tells an interesting story in his autobiography about Sir Ian Botham's time as a selector. It's worth quoting in full:

"The problem was that Beefy is such a legend, people do listen to him. Not only the David Graveneys [Chairman of Selectors] of this world but also people in the street.

Calcio Italia – Mar 2011

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Another month, another superb edition of Calcio Italia.

The usual columns by Gabriele Marcotti, James Richardson and Tor-Kristian Karlsen are all there. In addition, there are also features by James Horncastle and Dan Ross.

I have contributed to the magazine writing a They Retired The Shirt feature on Franco Baresi which I hope readers will enjoy.

sky sports

Top 10 Football Presenters Who Could Replace Richard Keys

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By Ollie Irish

â—„ Back Next â–º Picture 1 of 10

James Richardson - AC Jimbo's fans seem desperate for him to take Richard Keys' old job. As much as I too love Richardson's work, he's too irreverent for Sky.

Top 10 Pundits Who Could Replace Andy Gray At Sky Sports

Top 10 of the Week – How to not let the Weather spoil your Football…

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So the snow has once again ruined football for the weekend. There are no matches to watch on TV, the sunday League game is called off, and your mates have pulled out of the kick-about at the park...all of a sudden Christmas shopping with your loved one becomes all the more likely.

My Favourite Kit: Juventus 1995-96

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By Neil Sherwin

Juventus celebrate winning the 1995-96 Champions League final vs Ajax

In the early to mid-90s I wasn't fortunate enough to be subscribed to the new wave of football hysteria that was Sky Sports so my Sunday afternoon football fix came via the ever-exciting 'Football Italia' on Channel 4.

Alex Ferguson

Year of Xavi

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Nearly two years ago, the Daily Mail's Matt Lawton published a piece under what should surely be considered one of the most dunderheaded headlines in recent football journalism: "The best players of the world (and Xavi): Ronaldo crowned king of football." In the wake of Cristiano Ronaldo's ascension as the world player of the year in 2009, Lawton took the time to cheekily ridicule Xavi Hernández, a player whose patience, measure, and impeccable sense of the tempo in attack and defense has helped to make Barcelona the best club side in Europe (arguably) and Spain the best national side in the world (most certainly).

MOTD Nightmare: Journalists in the Studio

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There was a debate recently on Twitter over whether players are the only people qualified to properly analyze a football match on television. While the answer should be obvious (a resounding, "of course you stupid idiot!"), some journalists think that watching countless matches over several decades in different countries and continents, in professional leagues and international tournaments and friendlies, qualifies them to intelligently comment on soccer games even though they never played it, at least professionally.

The Rest

Why Serie A Is Back Among The Best European Leagues

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There can't be many British die-hard fanswho don't fondly recall the halcyon days of 90′sItalianfootball. Gazzetta Football Italia, hosted by the always affable James Richardson and legendary Kenneth Wolstenholme,would dominate early Saturdays anddrowsy Sundays as Serie A, with its brand of tactical superiority over the pre-money soaked Premiership and exotic names were piped into living-rooms across the country.

Tacony v True Blues in 1913 American Cup final

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Philadelphia-area teams were an ever-present force in the American Cup throughout the 1910s. From 1910 through 1920, Philadelphia-area teams would appear in nine American Cup finals, winning the final six times.

1913 marked the first time the American Cup final was held in Philadelphia. And, as the Fates would have it, a Philadelphia team, Tacony FC, who had won the tournament in 1910, would be competing in the final.

NewsNow or The Beach?

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Written by Jamie

I am brewing a pot of coffee, steam rising. I have bread product of some kind with Bacon. I'll be honest, I've lost track which one. I still don't know what is wrong with Bacon between two slices of bread but now it's all focaccia and ciabatta and I couldn't tell the difference if you laced one with a month old Estonian herring.