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Video: Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge gives England the lead vs Scotland

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Watch: Sturridge's header puts @England ahead @wembleystadium ITV Football (@itvfootball) November 11, 2016...

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Jack Rodwell – An England Player Worth Believing In

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By Ollie Irish

Jack Rodwell smiles at the launch of Everton's new home kit.

Rodwell: now there is a bright young English footballer worth believing in. From now on, England needs much more of him and players like Adam Johnson, and much, much less Lampard & Gerrard.

Manchester United

Video: Man Utd’s David De Gea beaten at near post for late Croatia winner

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GOAL! Perisic gives #CRO a late lead thanks to decisive break and a slight deflection ITV Football (@itvfootball)...

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Video: Man Utd’s David De Gea gets away with a howler (Croatia vs Spain)

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CLOSE!! Superb Rakitic chip almost levels the score #CROESP still 0-1 ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 21, 2016...

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Snapshot: Roy Keane & Gareth Southgate Forced To Economise At Manchester Derby

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By Chris Wright

It seems that, with the recession still biting and Robbie Earle no longer around to 'sort everybody out', the money men over at the ITV Football department have been reduced to extreme bouts of penny-pinching when it comes to providing match tickets for their pundits.

Clive Tyldesley

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Clive and kicking
Clive Tyldesley has been commentating on football matches for over 20 years. He's had two stints at ITV with a four year spell at the BBC sandwiched in between.
Clive was good enough to give up some of his time to talk to EFW about his career, a new website to help budding commentators follow in his footsteps, Roy Keane, Brian Moore, Sir Alex, and of course Manchester United:
Do you have the best job in the world?

World Cup

ITV World Cup Studio Pelted With Rocks Throughout Opening Game, Adrian Chiles Punchlines Write Themselves

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By Chris Wright

Now there's only so much stuttering Chileswaffle™ we can take, but it seems that the people of Brazil have even lower thresholds than Pies as the ITV studio above Copacabana beach was mercilessly pelted throughout last night's broadcast once night had fallen in Rio as disgruntled locals hurled bricks, stones and bottles at Adrian and his pundits perhaps in a desperate attempt to root out Andy Townsend and squirt expanding foam filler down his gullet.

Euro 2012: Spanish ayes

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With football looking no closer to breaking out in this strange Scottish summer it's with some sadness that one says "cheerio" to Euro 2012.

Brutal honesty, of course, means conceding that Spain's triumph was as far removed from Scottish football as Craig Whyte is from Andrew Carnegie.

This Spanish team play, to borrow a line from Bobby Jones, a game with which we are not familiar.

Free For All?

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Continued gnashing of teeth over England's lost bid for the 2018 World Cup. It appears that the English bid wasn't beyond the odd bit of deal making though. Including on the issue of free-to-air sport on TV:

The BBC and ITV were set to join forces to battle a secret government decision that could have handed Sky the chance to air the 2018 World Cup.

2010 World Cup: Commentary

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I've done my ITV round-up and I've done my BBC round-up.

But I've not mentioned the commentators or the co-commentators.

There is a reason for this.

They are almost all dreadfully bad.

Clive Tyldesley annoys and infuriates. Jim Beglin bores. Guy Mowbray seems awed by the job.

On The Robbie

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I was going to write a post giving my verdicts on the TV coverage of the World Cup so far. But I'll save that for now. (Sneak preview: poor.) Instead I'll just ask: "Robbie Earle, what the hell were you thinking?" Long, if not particularly distinguished, playing career leads to what is shaping up to be a long, if not particularly distinguished, punditry career.

World Cup 2010: Brazil 2-1 North Korea

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It's easy to disguise ignorance with mockery, and so it seems with this evening's intriguing match between Brazil and North Korea. Before the match, ITV treats us to as many cliches about North Korea as they can fit into thirty minutes to cover up the fact that very few us know anything particularly significant about them.


Beckham Signs For Arsenal On One-Year Contract

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By Chris Wright

That's right! Arsenal have signed David Beckham's son Romeo on a one-year youth contract.

According to ITV Football, the 10-year-old, who is known to be a big Arsenal fan (he's been pictured charging around in an Oxlade-Chamberlain shirtduring a kickabout with his old man before)has joined the Arsenal youth academy on a development contract.

Leeds 1-3 Arsenal: that’s more like it

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I think it's fair to say that was a good night's work for Arsenal. Dumping Leeds out of the cup is always fun and shattering the hearts of the entire ITV Football team at the same time was the icing on the cake.

As expected the manager made some changes, only Song remained in midfield from the weekend.

Arsenal v Celtic Preview

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Battle of Britain Part Deux tonight then. 2 away goals look a lot. Celtic need an early goal. Chasing an early goal will expose the defence. It's a Catch 22 for Mr Mowbray.Anyway if you want a slightly more indepth preview then click here ( to be taken to ITV's big, shiny football site where they've been kind enough to let me witter away as a guest blogger.

Champions League

ITV Football interview Barack Obama

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If you're wondering what that's all about, you need to watch this. Via @BeardedGenius

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 14

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On the 14th day of Christmas, SPAOTP gave to you... a special gift to help you while away those boringly unending Champions League games on ITV!

Yes, today we bring you a free gift in the form of our ITV Football Bingo Cards. Simply click on the image below, print and cut out the bingo cards, then distribute them amongst yourselves and your family whenever you hear the distant dulcet tones of Clive Tyldesley and Jim Beglin.

Rant #3: TV Or Not TV?

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Well, I'm on a roll so why not.If a country gets the TV it deserves then we are a very bad bunch here in Scotland.Let's leave BBC Scotland out of this for just now (although a lot could be said, right Chick?) and concentrate on the excuse for a modern broadcaster that is STV.With terrible programmes and terrible presenters (I wouldn't wish an hour with Stephen Jardine on my worst enemy) the

Coronation Street gets shifted for footie

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ITV soap loses its Wednesday night primetime slot If any indication of the power of football was needed, surely this is it. ITV bosses are moving long-running soap Coronation Street from its traditional Wednesday evening 7.30pm slot to ensure that they can bring you coverage of Steve Rider's cardboard hairdo whenever they like.


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Fernando's Best Mate? Football's obsession with the big names means that the star men are always on display. No surprise then that the ever predictable ITV Champion's League coverage should scan the crowd for Fernando Torres when Liverpool went 1-0 down. Truly a case of millionaire footballer is expressionless when paymasters lose goal to former paymasters.


OTP Podcast: Episode 8 – FA Cup Bromance

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Like waking up inside Paul Jewell The OTP Podcast is like an FA Cup minnow that never makes much progress in the competition. It has little history, lacks any real quality, and is run by part-timers, but it does get some support from the neutral more out of pity than anything else. Episode 8 [...]

Soccer Podcasts: The Complete List

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It's incredible to see the number of soccer podcasts continually grow. A few years ago it was only a handful. Now, there are more than 55, many of them excellent in quality, and there'll be several more added in time for this summer's World Cup. The choices seem almost endless, so I thought I'd compile a comprehensive list of the soccer podcasts available.


2010 World Cup: ITV - Chiles Play

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Football. It's all about results.

So the BBC will be busy celebrating their trouncing of ITV in the World Cup final face off between the two channels.

A slightly pyrrhic victory though given the lack of quality at the commercial channel. Much like Celtic beating Tranent Juniors 7-0, it would be unseemly for there to be any gloating.

Watching The Future

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If something amazing happens in tonight's England match will people remember where they were?"When Rooney stabbed the referee? I remember it well. I was sat in my study, on my own. I remember Skypeing my best mate to talk about it but he wasn't online.""Of course I remember where I was when Capello punched John Terry.

How to Play the BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

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How many times have you been on the BBC Sport or ITV Football website and you've been intrigued by a video that the publisher is promoting only to find out that a rights restriction message pops up when you try to play it? It's frustrating especially given that BBC Sport began preventing international visitors from even watching post-match football manager videos.

The Rest

Video: Croatia’s Luka Modric scores with a long-range volley vs Turkey

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GOAL! Luka Modric opens #CRO's #Euro2016 account in style. #TURCRO ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 12, 2016 Real...

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Video: Dele Alli and Harry Kane close to giving England the lead vs Russia

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CLOSE! Harry Kane streeeeeeeetches, not quite enough though #ENGRUS #EURO2016 ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 11,...

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Jurgen Klopp requests texts from Liverpool players

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Adam Lallana slices a shot just over the bar, as the ball runs loose in the box ITV Football (@itvfootball) March...

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Giovanni Trapattoni Leaves Republic Of Ireland Job By Mutual Consent

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By Chris Wright

Not that it comes as much of a surprise given the rumblings and general dissonance that have been emanating from the Irish camp of late, but this morning the FAI have announced that Giovanni Trapattoni has left his role as manager of the Republic of Ireland manager.

Serie A Weekly Five-A-Day: Friday April 15

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Here we go again with Serie A Weekly giving you a list of five stories to read this lunchtime that we have seen from around the web and enjoyed ourselves. Many of these will be about Italian football of course but there is always room for something different and those will be here too. Take a look at our recommendations, pass them on and be sure to leave a comment on these great articles.