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de Guzman de gone to FC de Allas

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No need to hitchhike Jules - you've got a Lambo!Much maligned by some, to be missed by others, TFC's first-ever Designated Player and Scarborough native Julian de Guzman has been traded to FC Dallas. In a move that is quite obviously a salary dump, The Reds receive Andrew Wiederman in return.

SBI MLS Season Preview: Toronto FC

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Photo by Nick Turchiaro/

In many ways, the 2012 MLS season will be manager Aron Winter's first to be able to show what he can do to mold Toronto FC into a winner.

Sure, the Dutch coach took over at the helm last season and came under fire for failing to bring TFC close to its first postseason berth in franchise history, but the 2011 campaign was more about evaluating the roster he was dealt when he took over a couple of months before the season started, seeing who fit in and cutting out who did not.

THE STARTING 11: TFC Christmas gifts

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Happy Boxing Day!Boxing Day... not only the one day of the year that Maxim Usanov celebrates his hero, Soviet-era pugilist Ivan Drago, but the day where you look at all of your Christmas gifts and ask your loved ones... "do you still have the receipt?" It's not always quite as easy as gently hinting that the new Cosby sweater your dear Aunt Nora gave you "isn't quite you" though.

AFTER 90: Biggest. Victory. Ever.

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The Rides of MarchTHE BUZZ:
For TFC supporters it felt as if this match was five years in the making. Half a decade of less than mediocre results and high drama off the pitch had the chance to be erased, even if only temporarily, if The Reds could grab a win tonight.

THE STARTING 11: Strange moments during TFC's Thanksgiving Team Dinner

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Never forget.With a coaching staff and a number of players far from home, it's always a nice touch to get everyone together for a bonding holiday meal. When Toronto FC sat down for their holiday supper, it was the first taste of a North American Thanksgiving for many of The Reds. The club no doubt wanted a special day for all involved but just like any family gathering, a few things went awry.

AFTER 90: If the Goat horns fit

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Doesn't want to face Pumas eitherTHE BUZZ:
The only real prize for the winner of tonight's match will be for overly optimistic Goats or Robins supporters (yes, we are trying call TFC "The Robins" for sh*ts and giggles) to pretend for one week longer that they have a playoff hope.

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC delays at airport customs

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"Anything to declare?"... "Yes, we're not very good."When things go poorly for Toronto FC on the road, we often hear that "travel" has caught up with the team. It may seem like a handy excuse but any of us who have fought our way through airports know that it can be taxing at the best of times.

Toronto FC v Real Salt Lake (1-0) – Toronto’s New Formation Yields a Rare Clean Sheet and Three Points

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Toronto's Strategy Aron Winter abandoned his Dutch roots by swapping his 4-3-3 for a 3-4-3. The formation switch to three at the back is a welcome one, since it is such a rarity in football. Winter must have thought that whether he played 3 or 4 at the back would result in a suspect back line, so he may as well play to his strengths (wing play) while entertaining the BMO Field faithful.

What just happened? Toronto match instant reaction

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That was bizarre. Not just clown showing up at a bachelor party bizarre, but a clown shows up a bachelor party and is really the thought to be dead ex-wife of the groom bizarre.

Toronto and D.C. played to a 3-3 draw that may have been the strangest game at RFK ever. After 90 minutes, a butt-load of stoppage time, and 6 goals, I'm not even sure what happened.

Toronto Making a Move in the Eastern Conference

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Photo by Jeff Keacher

No road wins this season. Â A minus 22 goal differential. Â Six games lost where they gave up three goals or more, including a 4-0 loss and a 6-2 loss. Â Nineteen points, the third lowest in the league. Â More trades than a Wall Street stock broker. Â To be blunt, there has been little for Toronto FC fans to be cheery about this season.

AFTER 90: Reds mow Real Esteli in turf war

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TFC's ankles - Lest We ForgetIN THE TUNNEL:
With Real Esteli nabbing that crucial away goal at BMO Field, "The Train of The North" have everything to play for tonight in rural Nicaragua. A reportedly horrendous pitch, a zoo-like atmosphere in the stands and ziplock bags full of humanity's worst await our boys in red as they aim for the CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage.

Richard Eckersley

AFTER 90: A bit of a brawl

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Aceval, Soolsma and Silva head back to Toronto THE BUZZ:
Can TFC put their crime spree behind them?
Will the distractions be the latest excuse for the club's form?
Did Mariner want a Plymouth Argyle but got a Plymouth Sundance?
Will the three DP's finally carry the club?

Yorkies Cards 2011 - Pack 6

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The unconventional cards, which are ultimately the final 9 cards of the 54-card set, were some of the first cards to be filled out. Doing the trophies were so much fun, even if the photos were weak. Oh well. At least I didn't do rare cards. Those would be really hard to pull off in a PDF. This pack includes the twitter-ific Brian Ching, "defender" Andy Iro and Defender Richard Eckersley.

THE MATCHUP: "60% of the time, we win half of the time"

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Burgundy's in town
Good day TFC supporters, we're The Yorkies. Tits McGee is on vacation.


TFC still subtracting from roster as training camp looms...

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TFC training camp opens this week and it would be great to feel that anticipation for a new season rising in one's heart. New season, new faces would be a great motto for TFC to adopt. Toronto certainly seems to have roster spots available.
In the month of January we have spent more time waving goodbye than waving hello.

TFC Cut Iro and Marosevic

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TFC release Andy Iro and Peri Marosevic in moves that free up over 200k in precious salary cap space.
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Final report cards at Aron Winter Total Technical Institute

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"Cafeteria?" Left at the windmill, right at the clogmaking class"It has been a school year of change on the shores of Lake Ontario. After Preki Junior High was shut down last year, with crusty Dean Mo Johnston run out of town, many wondered what new curriculum would be brought in. When it was announced that the Winter Technical Institute was to open in PJH's place - the dumb jocks knew their days were numbered.

Philadelphia Union Vs Toronto FC - A Chat With Waking The Red

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Duncan Fletcher of Waking the Red, SB Nation's Toronto blog, and I chatted ahead of this afternoon's Union-TFC match.

tBG: How about yourself, what do you think the game will be like?

WtR: Though we should be looking to Tuesday's CCL game, a part of that is the fact that we've had two weeks off, so I'd expect to have the first team out there to shake the rust off and practice.

The South Stand Report : Toronto FC v Tauro FC... or Taking the inflatable bull by the horns!

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You ever get the feeling that tonight's game is going to let you down. I get that a lot lately, and I get a sense that better football is played when I'm not watching. I'd rather have been asleep, to be fare, but this is love... devotion... masochism.

Predictions : 4-0, 2-0, 3-0, 3-1 all for the red version of TFC tonight

-72' - I recieve my season's tickets renewal notice.

AFTER 90: Ay dios mio!

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TFC's defensive line in usual formTHE BUZZ:
Mexico City's cavernous Estadio Olimpico Universitario is the setting as The Reds try to steal three valuable Champions League points from PUMAS UNAM. The mood was hopeful leading up to the match against the underachieving Mexicans but a rash of TFC absences and a suddenly strong Pumas starting eleven have got us sweating through our UNAM's.

Blame it on the Ex - TFC 1 San Jose 1

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I may take a few days to develop a theory that hit me tonight. The problem with TFC is the CNE. I am of baby boomer vintage and can remember when the CNE was the pinnacle of a Toronto summer. It was not just an amusement park, it was a showcase for the latest and the greatest The world has changed and we know that the old CNE has been left behind by Disney this and Universal Studios that.

Rare win, grab what you can TFC 1 Real Salt Lake 0

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A victory is a victory and each should be valued. At least that is what I have beentrying to tell myself on the drive home. They have been rare enough in 2011, aseason where TFC have played 26 games to reach the plateau of 4 victories.Somehow plateau does not seem like the right word. Perhaps it should be 26games to reach the doorstep of 4 victories.

2012 season

Iro and Maro a no-go

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"Behind you Andy! Oh... never mind."A little bit of a shocker out of TFC's pre-pre-season today as the club confirmed that both Andy Iro and Peri Marosevic will not return to The Reds in 2012. "Both Andy and Peri declined our contract extension offers and now the club is ready to move on," were the words from the Dutch Master Aron Winter who is no doubt ready to welcome new recruits to fill their roles.

Sup Le Mental?

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Like the SuperDraft... just less Super... and more MentalNo we aren't being all streets with French crazy people - we are being all streets with the 2012 MLS Supplemental Draft! And honestly, what's a draft if it's not a wee bit mental? And hey, Montreal's in it now so là vous allez.
The Torontos had five picks today in the annual hunt for gold (not Matt Gold) that slipped through the two rounds of last week's SuperDraft.

The South Stand Report

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v New England... Or a strong argument why relegation ain't a bad thing

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Late October is a funny time of year. Your first or second favourite club is now in full swing across the ocean, while your second or first favourite club is wrapping up their season with a game steeped in frivolity and mediocrity. Toronto closes out their season against a side who was eliminated from the post-season sometime in mid-July.

The South Stand Report : Toronto v San Jose... or game + nice weather = suspicion

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This joke is kinda meta, as it's both a San Jose joke and a Clash/Big Audio Dynamite joke.
My apologies but this is the inner music nerd's idea of "crossover funny".

Seriously. Seriously. The weather huh? Seriously. If this were a bus stop and someone wanted to make small talk about the weather, I'd consider making a shiv with my house key and stabbing them repeatedly.

The South Stand Report : Toronto v Real Salt Lake... or fixing the terrible defense with a potent offence has to be bad

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I'm ready to make a Real Betis knock-off but it cannot be anywhere as entertaining as this one...

Hey kids, you realize that our beloved Robins are in the midst of a 4 game unbeaten streak? Sure, two of those matches were against the sub-NASL calibre Real Esteli and won both, but in a season polluted with bad news (DeRo leaving) and worse news (I thought YOU were supposed to be centre back tonight?

The Rest

THE RUMOUMETER - January 20, 2012

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Welcome to The Yorkies' regular off-season rumour roundup - "The Rumoumeter". Too busy to keep your TFC ear to the ground every week? Just stop by the site and we will quickly show you what rumours are hot - and which ones have hit the back burner. Some of the rumours have weight - others little more than whispers; we take their temperature with.

Season 2011 ends TFC 2 NE 2

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Down we go to BMO Field for season closer number 5. It qualifies, before the first ball is kicked, as bittersweet. The win in Dallas on Tuesday night puts TFC past the group stage of the Champion's League for the first time next spring. They showed that the team can rise to the occasion and win a big game on the road has to be sweetest point of the year.

Philadelphia Union vs Toronto FC in pictures

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PSP photographer Nicolae Stoian was on hand for the Philadelphia Union's home finale. Although the match ended as a 1–1 draw, the beautiful fall day featured a beauty of a goal from Sebastien Le Toux. Most importantly, the Union assured themselves a place in the playoffs for the first time in their two-year history.