Citizens Arrest: Liverpool End Man City Unbeaten Run After Thrilling 4-3 Win At Anfield (Video)

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Manchester City's hopes of an 'Invincible' season came to a crashing halt at Anfield on Sunday, with the runaway league leaders beaten 4-3 by Liverpool.

The Reds, shorn of Philippe Coutinho, produced a superb attacking display and took the lead after just nine minutes, with a revitalised Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain firing home a thunderous effort.

Five football moments defined by iconic commentary

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The work of a football commentator can be a varied bag. When it's bad it can numb the very soul. Trivial banter back and forth between jaded broadcasters and witless pundits can leave one feeling indebted that our lives, for all their occasional perks, are limited in span and that one day the welcome finger [.


Are Arsenal now out of the race to sign this top striker?

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Arsene Wenger may feel that Arsenal have a great attacking line-up this season and back in January he reckoned that the Gunners collection of Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck, Perez, Walcott and Ozil were even better than the Invincibles! Wenger said: "I think certainly numbers wise and quality wise, this is the best attacking unit.

Wenger admits Arsenal have flaws – so what needs to change?

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Despite spending absolute fortunes in the last transfer window, Arsenal have performed much worse this season than in any previous season under Arsene Wenger. Earlier in this campaign Wenger was bold enough to compare this current squad to the Invincibles, and in fact suggested they could be even better.

Will you be disappointed if Arsenal DO NOT win the League?

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We all know that after the fantastic form Arsenal were in towards the end of last season we were all full of expectation that this season just started could be the year when we finally became title challengers. All summer we listened to the players and fans talking up our chances that 'this could be [.

Could this Arsenal team become the new ‘Invincibles’?

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Can the Gunners bring this blistering form into next season and recreate 'The Invincibles'? by CR Arsenal have been in and around the top four of the Premier League for as long as most can remember. They may have won last season's FA Cup (see below) but it has been more than 10 years since [...]

Does Ashley still deserve the Cole shoulder?

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Just over a decade has passed since Arsenal's unbeaten season and testaments to that ‘Invincibles' side have been bountiful. Most of that legendary squad has retired and, consequently, they have been generous with their reflections on their unique achievement. However, one member of that star studded cast has maintained a cool distance from the celebratory retrospectives.

The reasons why Arsenal fans are RIGHT to criticize Wenger

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Why Wenger IS to blame for Arsenal's failings by PA Arsene Stubborn and Impractical Even before the trophy less spell Wenger was always stubborn, with a rigid adherence to philosophy over tactics. It was always his way or nothing. There are two problems with this. First his way hasn't arguably translated to success on the [.

Why does nobody talk about stamina anymore?

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Watch almost any interview with players who played against the Invincibles and they all mention the same thing. Although Arsenal fans remember them for their skill and perhaps their fighting spirit, opposition players consistently mention their athleticism. Over and over again, you hear the same comments about how you'd stand next to them in the tunnel and they just looked much stronger.

Wenger is bringing back the old 1-0 to the Arsenal

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Ahead of this crunch Premier League game for Arsenal at Old Trafford, it seems like Arsene Wenger is relishing the Old rivalry. Maybe it is because this is the first time in years that the Gunners have seriously threatened to become champions of England or not, there is definitely an extra bit of spice in [.

Arsenal have cleared the deadwood – but where are the replacements?

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The Arsenal Squad is Dangerously Thin by PH

I have not seen many fans on this site agreeing with Wenger's idea that Arsenal are ready to challenge for titles again. Every year now Wenger tells us that we are about to challenge on all 4 fronts, but the fans know that we have no chance of doing that with a threadbare and injury prone squad.

Arsenal’s new shirt a tribute to the Invincibles?

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Everybody seems to be discussing the new Arsenal Away Shirt for next season, and although it is not due to be officially released until tomorrow, here is a sneak preview of the yellow shirt with a collar for change....

Now if i remember correctly, this is extremely similar to the one that the Invincibles wore on that fantastic season ten years ago when the Gunners went the whole season unbeaten.

Arsenal can afford Rooney but not the risk

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Is it too risky to sign Wayne Rooney? by KJ

With massive doubts over Wayne Rooney's future at Manchester United, the media have reported numerous times that Arsenal are in the running for the Englishman. There is no doubt that Rooney is a world class player but he does carry a lot of baggage and I do have reservations over his motivation to play for Arsenal.

Time for Arsenal to rekindle the “Invincibles” spirit

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Arsenal need some "invincible" spirit by FD

With the appointment, just announced, of Arsenal old boy Freddie Ljungberg into a backroom "ambassadorial" role, Gooners are reminded of the team of "Invincibles" of which Freddie was an integral part. Even though the Swede has been critical of Arsenal recently, calling for the club to sign "very good players" (that's Swedish for "top, top") if they wanted to challenge for trophies, and was less than enthusiastic about the players' celebrations after the Newcastle match, it seems the Arsenal hierarchy are happy to welcome him back into the fold.

Calm down Arsenal fans, the summer is long……

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Where is the Love? by JM

I sit here on a warm African winter afternoon, my tele switched to ESPN classic. They have a vintage Arsenal game going and im glued as if it were live. Its Highbury....Its Sol Campbell, its Vieira, its Bergkamp, its Thierry... its an Arsenal routing of Manchester United.

Well done Wenger – now make Arsenal great again!

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Well done Arsenal. Now the serious work begins... by FD

As the dust settles on another Premier League campaign, Arsenal fans can look back on a satisfying final third of the season. While it may have been a little strange watching the celebrations of the Arsenal players at winning fourth place, with memories of the Invincibles still etched in our minds, we shouldn't begrudge them their plaudits.

Arsenal should have kept their experienced players….

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The dwindling fortunes of Arsenal date back beyond the past eight years. I saw it coming when, even during the times of the "Invincibles", and by deliberate club policy quality and experience were eased off the squad or encouraged to leave on approaching the age of 30.

Arsenal to tempt Vieira back to Emirates?

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When Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal back in 1996, he had already requested the signing of the French international midfielder Patrick Vieira from AC MIlan. That would turn out to be one of the most successful transfers ever, as Vieira was an integral part of the Gunners for the next nine seasons, the most successful period in Arsenal history.

Today’s Arsenal are Great but MUST win a trophy says Vieira

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Patrick Vieira was one of the first players to be brought to Arsenal after Arsene Wenger took charge of the club back in 1996. When he left the club for Juventus nine years later, he took three Premier league winner's medals and four FA cup medals with him. He was also part of the invincibles side that went the whole of the 2003-2004 league season without losing a game.

Arsenal need to make teams fear them again!

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What does it take to have a good run? I guess the players who made up the invincibles. Unfortunately, there will never be such a team ever again in the history of the premier league. The best a team can hope for right now is a great winning or unbeaten run spanning several games.

Reasons for Arsenal’s Trophy Drought part 1

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The Mighty Transition: Why Arsenal Haven't Won Anything In 7 Years by Ix Techau

How We Got Here

In 1993, Highbury became an all-seater stadium, reducing its capacity from 57,000 to roughly 38,500, with even less capacity for Champions League fixtures.

Robert Moore’s Best Arsenal Starting XI Of All-Time

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Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

From Highbury to the Emirates, Arsenal's rich tradition hasingrained itselfin both Gunners supporters' minds as well at the entire football world. What fan of the Premier League could forget "The Invincibles" side of 2003-04 season or Thierry Henry's flick to himself followed by a wonder strike against Manchester United in 2000?

The Disposables

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By Don McMahon

In 2003 we had the INVINCIBLES, in 2008 we had the CL FINALISTS, and in 2012-13 we have the DISPOSABLES. We are no longer the GUNNERS or the ARSENAL to many of our pseudo-supporters, but simply a collection of LOSERS, INGRATES, PROFITEERS, DEADWOOD, UNINSPIRED, and INDIFFERENT individuals.

My Life As a New Arsenal Supporter After Year One

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In the summer of 2011, I converted from casual fan of this English sport to an emotionally attached supporter of Arsenal Football Club. I wasn't around to enjoy The Invincibles. The days of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira and Adams are only ......

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My Life As a New Arsenal Supporter After Year One

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In the summer of 2011, I converted from casual fan of this English sport to an emotionally attached supporter of Arsenal Football Club. I wasn't around to enjoy The Invincibles. The days of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira and Adams are only YouTube history lessons for me. The same goes for the 1989 moments told in the film "Fever Pitch.

The 2012/13 bench is stronger than the Invincibles’

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According to many the reason we will not win the title is due to a lack of squad depth. Can this really be true? Is it my imagination or do we not have the best squad for a very long time perhaps ever?

So let's look at who is behind the first 11 ......

Against Chelsea we had a bench with the current French International centre forward, the Welsh Captain, a current England winger, a German with almost 100 caps, a 19 y.

The 2012/13 bench is stronger than the Invincibles’

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According to many the reason we will not win the title is due to a lack of squad depth. Can this really be true? Is it my imagination or do we not have the best squad for a very long time perhaps ever?

So let's look at who is behind the first 11 ......

Against Chelsea we had a bench with the current French International centre forward, the Welsh Captain, a current England winger, a German with almost 100 caps, a 19 y.

Former player Clichy praises Wenger and Arsenal

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Gael Clichy spent eight seasons at Arsenal under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger before moving to Manchester City last July. He does not occupy the same pantomime villain role as Samir Nasri or Ashley Cole, however, because he is not gloating and disrespectful like those two. He seems to appreciate what Arsenal and Wenger did for him and his career.

Arsenal’s beautiful new midfield

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Arsenal midfield now has a beautiful structure to it by AM After three consecutive clean sheets, Arsenal's new found defensive resolve has come under the spot light and so has Steve Bould and his contribution, and deservedly so, one has to look back the backline of the ‘Invincibles' to come across a more organized Arsenal [.

United bid for van Persie signals end to rivalry

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Perhaps worse even than the sight of talismanic striker and captain playing in the red of Manchester United, is the fact that our long-standing rival Ferguson felt he could make a bid at all. If it wasn't already pretty clear, it is now official: we are not the rivals we used to be.

It almost seems silly to say, as we have barely challenged the Old Trafford club in the last seven years, but there remained the faint, if dimming, hope that we would work our way back to the big time eventually and win some trophies at their expense.

Gunner: I am a lot like Bayern’s Gomez

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Arsenal's new striker Olivier Giroud has described himself as a striker with both size and mobility, a lot like prolific Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez.

In fact, Giroud, who recently revealed rejecting a move to UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea, has now added that he also refused approaches from beaten finalists Bayern due to the many similarities he shares with Gomez.

The new Invincibles – a look at Juventus vs Arsenal

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It has passed without too much attention that Arsenal's 'Invincibles' of 2003/04 were last week named the best team of the Premier League 20-year awards. A fine achievement considering some strong opposition down the years, but also very much deserved, with the team of Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp and Henry playing possibly the finest football this land has seen on the way to their unbeaten title triumph that year.

Arsenalinsider’s End Of Season Review

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James Curtis


Robin van Persie was spotted in The Gunners pub shortly after the West Brom game. At one point he was seen riding the shoulders of a stout, balding supporter. A few minutes later he was behind the grill at Piebury Corner.

Keep Calm, Win Titles

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As the soccer worlds celebrates the new kings of Manchester, just remember this is not the first time that people have questions the future of Manchester United.

When Sir Alex took over in 1986, he said that the club would surpass Liverpool when it came to league titles. People laughed at him and people said it would never be done, fast forward to today and Sir Alex has seen off Liverpool.

OTP introduces Robert Pires to former Arsenal team-mate Thierry Henry’s giant aquarium

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Back in February, OTP told you that Arsenal legend Thierry Henry was planning to build a new London home around a 40ft aquarium centrepiece. For some reason this exciting news was obviously left off the agenda at the Arsenal Invincibles AGM, so it fell to OTP to inform Robert Pires of his former team-mate's plans.

Arsenal legend Robert Pires: ‘Going to Highbury development made me cry’

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Robert Pires has revealed he cried when he returned to where Arsenal's old Highbury stadium used to stand despite owning one of the flats built on the site. Having enjoyed some of his finest footballing moments at the ground, Pires felt obliged to purchase one of the apartments. But he wasn't exactly overjoyed when [.

It’s A Squad Game

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Squad depth is key

Day 3. Withdrawal symptoms showing. I'll survive this one. Sounds like something out of the movies but it's not too far from what I'm actually experiencing at the moment. When they play every week or sometimes twice a week, we feel like they've taken up almost all of our time.

The Rest

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

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Last Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of attending a Q & A with Amy Lawrence on her recent book ‘The Invincibles.' Ten years after one of English football's most resonant achievements, Amy had been granted access to every member of that immortal squad (bar Ashley Cole, who declined to take part), as well as Arsene Wenger.

Together: Audio book now on sale

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It's taken a while but the audio book version of Together: The Story of Arsenal's unbeaten season is now on sale.

The book is narrated by me and hopefully doesn't contain any of the bits where I made a mess of something and went 'Oh shit' or just coughed and did a second take.

FA Cup final preview: I can’t wait

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"Absolutely chuffing blinding", I said right here in 2005 as Patrick Vieira lobbed his cup-winning grenade at Utd, "it really doesn't get better than this".

And that, looking back, was just a year after our Invincibles season, a mere two years since our last FA Cup win, and just three years after we'd won the double.