England run by idiots, players arrested, racism untouched. Just another day in football.

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By Tony Attwood

Sepp Blatter of Fick Fufa claims that English football is "run by idiots", according to Sebastian Coe. Commenting on the first England 2018 meeting he said, "I had been truly shocked by the vituperative nature of the meeting I had just witnessed. There was thinly disguised contempt around the table.

Allardyce, Redknapp, Lawrenson, Tony Scholes and Soccer Saturday – a roll call of idiocy

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Some days you cannot help but despair at those who have made it into the luxurious position of informing the nation of their footballing opinion. So ridiculous is their view that you sit back and wonder 'is there really no-one better?'

The muppets have been out in force this week. But before we start, let's have a look at Wenger's views on tackling, just so we know the basis for the cluelessness that follows:

"I must say I love the way the game is played in England.

Sol “Fat Belly” Campbell admits he is out of condition!

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Sol Campbell was called "Fat Belly" on some Newcastle blogs after he was pictured whilst training with Newcastle at the weekend, and he called the fans abuse 'pathetic'. He said that he refused to listen to 'idiots' and begged them to wait until he had been training for a month before judging him. "It's pathetic," Campbell [.

Punditry at an all time low as Cesc proves pivotal again

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An underwhelming final completed a largely disappointing World Cup last night, with Spain edging out Holland to lift the trophy for the first time. And just as in the European Championship final two years ago, it was Cesc providing the assist for the only goal, this time setting up Iniesta to crash in the winner just minutes from a penalty shoot out.

Season finishes on a high, but the Fabianski jeers were unnecessary

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Arsenal 4 (Arshavin 21, Van Persie 26, Baird og 37, Vela 84) Fulham 0

Before yesterday, we were in danger of ending the season on one of our worst runs of form in years, not just because of the games we've lost but the quality (of lack thereof) of the sides that have defeated us.

Vermaelen appeal was optimistic in the extreme + Pulis nonsense

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Let's start with the disappointing yet ultimately unsurprising news that the FA have rejected Arsenal's appeal over Tomas Vermaelen's red card.

Everyone agrees that Vermaelen was harshly sent off, but it seems that 'harsh' is not enough for the FA. It hasn't been for a long time anything even remotely subjective gets thrown out without a second glance.

Final word on the Ramsey incident – the press are missing the point

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Reading the newspapers, listening to Five Live, and watching Arseblogger get more and more irate by the Soccer Saturday coverage of the Ramsey incident, it strikes me that the written and spoken press are completely missing the crux of the issue.

  • Shawcross did not mean to break Ramsey's leg, but that is not the point.

The poisonous side of the press – get angry or ignore?

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It has been a telling week in the media. Aaron Ramsey's dreadful injury, and in particular Shawcross' tackle, have divided opinions everywhere. More pertinently, the way the story has been presented has differed wildly while most reasonable writers have noted that it was a terrible and avoidable moment, only some have called for a change of mindset in the English game, while others have shrugged it off as 'one of those things'.

Injuries and handballs – the footballing world needs to get a grip

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One thing about not blogging for a week is you can sit back and watch the hysterical reactions going on in the world of football without feeling like you have to dive in and add your voice. It has been one of those weeks.

First we had the curse of the international break rear its ugly head again, in the form of injuries to Van Persie and Gibbs.

Bendtner nearly knocks Portugal out while Terry lives in a world of his own

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Given that we are in the midst of an international break, there is a surprising amount to get through.

First, we have yesterday's comments from John Terry that English players don't dive:

"That's something the England lads don't do. Sometimes we're too honest. Even in the Premier League, we see the English lads get a bit of contact and try to stay on their feet and score the chance.

United 2-1 Arsenal: The game we contrived to throw away

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Man United 2 (Rooney pen 59, Diaby og 64) Arsenal 1 (Arshavin 40)

I missed Saturday's game as it was the last day of our club's cricket season, but having listened to it on the radio, and now watched the whole match in retrospect, I finally feel in a position to comment.

Telegraph fall into the Sun/Newsnow trap

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July has arrived, Wimbledon has ended and the rain is pouring down outside it must be time to return to the football. Of course if I was only to talk about what was actually happening then this might be a somewhat short blog, instead I find myself compelled to encourage you to never, ever, under any circumstances, buy the Sun again.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore

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The state of the media in this country is downright depressing at times, especially in these lean summer months where sport sections cannot be shortened, and pages must be filled with a story designed to catch the eye of the reader.

And the one-upmanship going on is ridiculous frankly, anyone who falls for it and buys the paper in question is a fool.

Madness at Soho Square

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So, according to the FA, this incident will not result in Bosingwa facing censure:   Now imagine if Joey Barton had done it. Think the FA would have turned a blind eye? And before you claim that the FA take past misdemeanours into account, they shouldn't. Prior infractions affect only the punishment meted out, not whether the individual [.

Booing fans are a disgrace to our club

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I'll talk about the match in full later, but first have to mention the absolutely appalling treatment dished out to Eboue today. Not by the opponents, or the opposing fans, but our very own 'support', those individuals who are supposed to get behind our players. Eboue had a poor game by anyone's standards, and a certain level [.

Platini’s outrageous attack should be given short shrift

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There is little down that at the top of world football there are some complete idiots. At the very peak you have Sepp Blatter, a man with more faux pas than Boris Johnson, and whose ideas are often the ridicule of the media and blogs everywhere. On the European stage, you have Michel Platini, who is a [.

Some typically abysmal reporting by the Sun

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Non-Arsenal related, but it made me laugh - at the same time as the BBC posted that Villa had called off the Gareth Barry to Liverpool negotiations, the Sun claimed the deal was almost complete: Classic crossed wires at the Sun The Sun use the age old 'we understand' to completely contradict the quotes, which are quite [.

Diarra becomes more of an idiot with every word he says

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The story of Lassana Diarra is extremely familiar. Disillusioned at Chelsea, he joined Arsenal in August (still only nine months ago), before complaining about his lack of opportunities and moving to Portsmouth in January. Within days, he was declaring the south coast club as nothing more than a stepping stone, a wonderful way to endear yourself [.

We don’t want Fenerbahce, and Bentley is a weasel

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Afternoon. It is the day after the day after the night that was, and there is still a wonderful feeling of achievement around, after the vanquishing of the European champions AC Milan on Tuesday night. Instead of reflecting on what might have been, we are now looking forward with determination, first to Wigan this weekend, and [.

We don’t want Fenerbahce, and Bentley is a weasel

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Afternoon. It is the day after the day after the night that was, and there is still a wonderful feeling of achievement around, after the vanquishing of the European champions AC Milan on Tuesday night. Instead of reflecting on what might have been, we are now looking forward with determination, first to Wigan this weekend, and [.


ITV coverage is sapping my World Cup enthusiasm

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You analyse the fixtures, pick a match you're desperate to watch, and get into work early to ensure you're home in time. Minutes before kick off, you grab a beer from the fridge and perch yourself on the sofa, no intention of moving for a couple of hours. On goes the television, and then comes the big moment is it on BBC, or ITV?

Idiocy in the boardrooms, idiocy in the press

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I often wonder how certain individuals get into the position they occupy in the world of football, be it coaches, managers, pundits or 'expert' columnists. Often the decisions they make and the words they produce are of such little value that it begs the question of why they are there in the first place.

In other news

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Sepp Blatter is a tool. A complete and utter moronic idiot. And Cristiano Ronaldo isn't far behind by agreeing with him. Seriously, how is Blatter still in charge? Does he want the whole transfer system abolished now? Or is this just part of his hatred of English football and the Premiership?

The Rest


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Yesterday, the sun was shining here, I was swimming in the Atlantic. Today, as the picture shows, we have more typical Irish summer weather. This is the same view as yesterday's picture. No sign of the islands.

Ah well, you can't get too invested in the weather. Like professional footballers, it'll always let you down.

As good as it gets

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Will the real idiots please stand up. Welcome friends to this the inaugural meeting of the newly formed International Division (of the ) Imbecilic Outraged Tottenham Supporters (or I.D.I.O.T.S as it is more informally known.) This organisation was set up under the initiative of our current manager Mr.

They Just Don’t Listen

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Only a few days after I wrote this, I started seeing this...

Jackasses. Can somebody please put me in charge of television?

West Ham & Millwall Hit With Multiple FA Charges Thanks to Mindless Morons

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Sad, pathetic, w**kers!

West Ham and Millwall have been hit with several Football Association charges after the crowd trouble which marred their Carling Cup match.

They are expected to contest the accusations of failing to control their fans at the match on 25 August.

Dear Italy

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Could you guys maybe start killing each other at basketball games or auto races or something? Grazie, Dan

End of an era

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Offside Rules gives us the sad news that the North End of Columbus Crew Stadium is being torn out and replaced with a concert stage. The North End was a mixture of Charenton Asylum and the People's Front of Judea, where Columbus Crew fans waged ongoing battle against their arch-enemies, other Columbus Crew fans. We [...]