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When two become one

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Football is governed with currency at the forefront of its conscience. Everybody knows this. There is no pretence. Even those that run the game speak nakedly of "expanding global markets." The Football Association responded to universal criticism over their decision to move the Cup Final to a 5.15pm kickoff with a statement that verged on self parody.

AFR Podcast - Ronaldinho should have been raised in Wigan

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We're happy to bring you our first feast of football for your ears in 2011 with the 8th episode of the A Football Report Podcast. This time on the AFR Podcast were grateful to have Iain Macintosh (UK correspondent for The New Paper) in the figurative AFR house alongside Oliver Sparrow (London), Dominic Vieira (Lancaster), Eric Beard (Boston), and Darshan Joshi (Kuala Lumpur).

Football Manager

Football Manager Stole My Life: Exclusive interview with Iain Macintosh

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Arseinho's Note:Â Fellow hombres, homies and other scattered homo sapiens. Ever thought of playing one more game of Football Manager/Championship Manager- willing to give up food and bathing, being evicted by your girlfriend, and skipping the first five minutes of your career-defining exam in return?

Iain Macintosh interview

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Mac the Life
Lizzy Ammon caught up with journalist, Football Manager addict and Southend United fan Iain Macintosh.

LA: Hi Macca, thanks for taking time away from playing Football Manager to talk to us. This might prove to be one of the most testing interviews you've ever done in your life.

The Rest

Early Mugsmasher team news + Arsecast 334

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Morning folks, welcome to the last Friday before Christmas so tonight is going to be one of those nights where people will probably have a small sherry or two as they celebrate the true meaning of the season: love, understanding, togetherness and peace.Sorry, I mean getting rat-arsed drunk, falling over something, cracking your head open, dislocating your elbow and increasing the workload for the already hard-pressed emergency room doctors who love nothing more than having to treat people who have wet themselves and won't shut up with their crying and wailing.


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So it's open season on Jack Wilshere.

The ridiculous reaction to his comments about English players playing for England could only have happened during an Interlull. There's just nothing else going on and now you have cricketers and all sorts getting involved, adding fuel to an unnecessary fire.

AVB – the elephant in the room

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It's tough not to mention the position of head coach Andre Villas-Boas and even someone who believes in the Portuguese is wary of making any slight criticism.

Tactics and formation and firmly under the spotlight but in the current climate, even the smallest scathing remark can easily get your faith called into question.

Serie A Weekly Five-A-Day: Wednesday April 13

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Here we go again with Serie A Weekly giving you a list of five stories to read this lunchtime that we have seen from around the web and enjoyed ourselves. Many of these will be about Italian football of course but there is always room for something different and those will be here too. Take a look at our recommendations, pass them on and be sure to leave a comment on these great articles.