Hugo Chavez


Venezuela reelige a Hugo Chávez

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08.10.2012 - Hugo Chávez logró 7.444.062 votos (54.42%) contra 6.151.544 (44.97%) de Henrique Capriles para llevar a cabo su cuarto mandato como presidente de Venezuela (hasta 2019).
Así se veían Lionel Messi (12) y Cristiano Ronaldo (14) cuando Chávez asumía el poder (1999) y así se vieron ayer (2012) en el derby Barcelona 2 Real Madrid 2 (foto).

Kicking A Field Goal In Venezuela

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For the nth time in the history of The Offside's email, a title which could be paraphrased as ZOMG!!! Worst Miss EVerrrrrrr!!!!! landed in the inbox. This sentence runs through the mind often.

And for some reason, they seem to be getting increasingly accurate. Is football so visible now at lower levels that we really are seeing the worst misses ever, finally?

A series of missteps cost El Diego his job

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  • Lack of self criticism: He did not take responsibility for the Germany defeat. In fact, he did not even want to review the match.
  • Incommunicado: He did not communicate with Julio Grondona since his return two weeks ago from the World Cup.
  • Squandered public support: 10,000 fans cheered his return from SA but he was unable to turn that to his advantage.

El Diego in Venezuela (and El Erik)

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I am back in Venezuela after the world cup, to a long football hangover. Surprised was I to see that as I returned my great idol, the reason I love football, Diego Maradona, was coming to Venezuela as well, as a guest of president Hugo Chavez.Maradona has apparently been offered to continue as Argentinean national coach, a decision that is undoubtfully controversial, although I think he has been

Some late day Madness: Terrorists love Zidane, Is Ronaldo cheating?, Slide-tackled not stabbed, & lots more

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- In a video entitled "Knights of Iraq: 6" by the Islamic Front of the Iraqi Resistance's (JAMI), a participant in the video is seen firing off rounds from a handgun wearing a Zidane shirt. So I guess these means terrorists also like soccer. Someone needs to find a video of a terrorist wearing an American football jersey or a baseball jersey quick, before the mindless masses actually begin to think that.

beautiful game

Sepp Blatter's FIFA Re-Election in the Proper Perspective

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Sepp Blatter was re-elected as FIFA's President today in one of the more lopsided elections in history.

Here's how Blatter's 91.63% total (186 votes out of 203 possible) compares to some of his dictatorial counterparts:

Uzbekistan's Islam Karimov 2007 Election 80%

Kazakhstan's Nursultan Nazarbayev 2005 Election 91.

Galeano, Obama, and the Politics of Football

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Perhaps every bookish football supporter has heard of/read the writings of Uruguayan journalist and poet, Eduardo Galeano. Judging how often his name is dropped among left-wing academic armchair football "fans" (see SWPL on the subject), he's also becoming the face of football for the growing body of mostly North American academes who deem football the one acceptable spectacle sport, in contrast with those "brute expressions of masculine oppression," American gridiron and hockey.

Soccer fans: Eduardo Galeano is required reading

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Eduardo Galeano became the talking point when Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez met up in a very anticipated encounter at the OAS.

Chavez thrust Eduardo Galeano's "The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent" into the hands of Obama. This of course is a vast improvement from the Venezuelan president's invocation of the "devil" being present when George W Bush addressed the UN.


A Marriage Made For The Tabloids: Maradona & Iran

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If you were to ask Diego Maradona which club he dreams of coaching most, the answer would be succinct:

All of them.

The man may say Boca this week and Napoli next, but there will be a club after that...and a national team after that...and then another one. Suffice it to say, the man just wants to coach someone, anyone, and if he does, it'll be a dream.

Tennis With Tevez

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Ok, here you go.. Del Potro and Carlito Tevez, the new BFFS and Tennis/Football pairing (albeit a sadder version of Nadal/Casillas) at the O2 Arena in London yesterday at the ATP World Tour Finals. Ya'll know The Dona welcome them both to his Thanksgiving dinner celebrated in honour of Benjie, which the duo kindly declined in favour of a movie (New Moon) and popcorn (a mix of sweet and salty).

The Rest

Diosa Canales, Chávez y fiesta en Caracas - Venezuela.

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19.07.2011 - La Vinotinto se convirtió de Cenicienta en Revelación pasando por primera vez en su historia (e invicta) a las semifinales de la Copa América.
Venezuela empató 2 partidos (Brasil - Paraguay) y ganó otros 2 (Chile – Ecuador): hasta entonces había participado en 14 Copas con 49 partidos jugados, 2 ganados, 9 empatados y 38 perdidos.

Burrito's greatest Hits! Evo Morales and more Presidents playing futbol

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The season is over for our South Florida team so now is when Burrito take over the blog and writes mucho stuffs about futbol.
Today Burrito bring you some of his greatest hits! We start with Videos of Presidents playing Soccer.

The first is of Bolivia President Evo Morales who hits political rival cause he give him ouchie in previous play.

Linking Up: Hugo Chavez hanging out with Maradona, Man City madness, and more...

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Here's the best that we found this week from our friends across the footballing world:

Cruzeiro's Diego Renan fails to do a Cruyff turn, then gets shoved to the ground in a match against Gremio. [Dirty Tackle]

Luke Young and Sol Campbell are oldies but goodies [Never Captain Nicky Butt]

How would you describe Mascherano in three words?

Red Bulls New Year 2010 News

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The top Red Bulls news story of the new year (in my opinion) might just be that Mac Kandji (pictured above, with his girlfriend - who looks alot like Downtown Julie Brown) is a Lingerie Connoisseur.

But seriously, no Head Coach in place yet, although according to this post on Goff's blog, the Red Bulls have already decided on a yet-to-be-announced Foreigner.