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Coaching Youth Soccer

Coach Dean Wurzberger, Part 1, soccer coaching and practices at related • 2 views
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Coach Dean Wurzberger, Part 1, soccer coaching and practices at related • 1 view
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Tips and Advice for Coaching Under 6 Soccer at related • 0 views
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OK so this is the time of the year that we review the year just ending and set our goals for next year. We all start the new year with resolutions, but how many of us stick to them?

The problem with setting goals is that they are so easily brushed aside once we get into the meat and gravy of the year.

First Soccer Practice Tip #3 Fun Soccer Games at related • 0 views

OK, so if you have read Tip #1 regarding equipment and Tip #2 regarding the Warm Up, your players should be organized, in the right gear and warmed up ready to go.

Now if you are coaching club players, high school, college etc, you will then go into the "meat" of the practice and work on technical and/or tactical (functional) sessions.

First Soccer Practice Tip #2 Warm Up at related • 0 views

OK, I have written 5 Tips for a new coach about to carry out the first soccer practice. I know that it is a daunting task running a soccer practice for the first time, I ran my first practice 26 years ago!

Tip #1 concerned equipment and also covered a couple of ways of taking control of the practice as well as setting the tone of the practice.

New Soccer Coach, 5 Tips for your First Practice…. at related • 0 views

OK, so you volunteered to be the soccer coach of your kid's team, only problem is, you've never coached a soccer team before...YIKES!

Not to worry, we are here to help.

I will be posting 5 Tips to help you get through your first practice...

Here is the first one:

TIP #1 Equipment

Cleats must be soccer cleats, no baseball cleats.

FIFA World Cup Final 2010 at related • 1 view

So here we are waiting with bated breath for the FIFA World Cup Final to begin tomorrow.

Can you imagine how the players are feeling right now? I wonder what they are thinking and how they are preparing both physically and mentally. Can you imagine being in their shoes right now?

So, if you are preparing your team (at whatever age or level you coach) what kind of things do you do to prepare your players?

Soccer Practice Motivation at related • 0 views

Last night's practice was a little disappointing. It is amazing to me how much I must be aware of the level of motivation and effort both at each practice and throughout the practice.

The players seemed to be going through the motions a little too much and it started to have an atmosphere as just a kick around and a fun scrimmage.

One soccer drill, 10 coaching points at related • 0 views

Last night at practice I put together a drill that worked on 10 different topics:

1. Side foot driven pass
2. Sprint
3. Body shape
4. First time lay off
5. Movement after the lay off to follow up
6. First touch
7. Driven shot
8. Rebounds and first time finishing

College soccer team wins 7-0 at related • 2 views

Saturday saw my college players win 7-0 against conference rivals. We made the decision over a week ago to devote at least half of each practice to finishing and set plays. As a result we have scored 12 goals and conceded 4 in our last three games.

I have a number of effective and demanding drills for shooting and finishing and the players really enjoy them.

Shooting and Finishing Drills Pay Off at related • 0 views

After losing on Wednesday 1-0 away from home, we decided to dedicate Thursday and Friday's practices to shooting and finishing...boy did that idea pay off!!!

We played away against a school who had a record of 19 wins and 1 loss against us over the last 10 years. In that time we only scored a total of 4 goals to their 80 goals!

How To Control A Soccer Ball In 5 Easy Steps at related • 7 views

In order to control the soccer ball successfully every time here are the 5 Easy Steps:



Before you attempt to control the soccer ball, decide if you even need to control the ball in the first place.

5 Steps to Beating a Player in Soccer at related • 6 views

Here are the 5 important steps to beating a player in soccer:


As the player with the ball approaches the defender, he needs to look for the space he wants to exploit. Remember to dribble with the head up. Then the player attacks the defender with such an angle of approach away from the desired space so that he makes the desired space even bigger.

How to Kick a Soccer Ball the Right Way at related • 2 views

I just had to let you know about this as soon as possible.

Ever heard of the book and the movie, "The Secret?" Remember how it suddenly took the world by storm and taught people how to think better, how to take control of their lives and totally change how people managed their lives, remember "Thoughts Become Things?

5 Ways to Improve Your Soccer Skills at related • 2 views

I have been asked many times by players of all ages and abilities. "How Can I Improve My Soccer Skills." Well, the old saying still applies, "Practice Makes Perfect." The great thing about soccer is that you don't need any expensive equipment or a coach or teammates to help you get better.

Soccer Practice Tips

Incredible ideas on how to improve your youth soccer practice drills and games at related • 0 views
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College Soccer Pre Season Update at related • 3 views

OK, so we are now on our official 48hour countdown to our first game on Thursday. Today we had a decent practice, working on our midfielders and finishing.

We had to cancel tonight's practice due to the fires here in L.A. so we had a chalk and talk session regarding attacking set plays.

Here are some useful facts about attacking set plays:


College Soccer Pre Season Practices Day 2 at related • 3 views

OK, we just completed our second day of pre season soccer training.

Here is the format:
8.15am-10.30 Practice #3 Topic, Running with the Ball and Beating Players

1.00pm-2.00pm Team Meeting #3

2.30pm-4.30pm Practice #4 Topic, Crossing and Finishing

7.00pm-8.00pm Team Meeting #4

The format for the team meetings were as follows:

Review of the previous practice including Key Points
Briefing on the upcoming practice
Watch 20 minutes of a tape of Man Utd's Treble Winning Season 1998-99

I can outline the practice plans for both of the above, simply send me an email and I will share them with you.

Our college soccer season began today at related • 0 views

Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of posts over the last month or so. I have had a very busy summer and I have had some health issues to deal with as well.

I am now back fully in the swing of things and this time of year I am doubly focused on soccer. The English Premier League has recently kicked off and alongside that, my college soccer team reported for pre season training yesterday and we had our first practices today.

The Rest

How to play on a professional soccer team in the USA at related • 3 views
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A Brief How To: Spotting the Soccer Douche

Advantage Played at related • 2 views
I'm pleased to present my first guest post, and it's by my brother David. He's been playing pickup soccer every night so far this summer and developed the following survival mechanism.

When picking sides in the neighborhood pick up game, spotting the player that will end up hogging the ball, talking inordinate amounts of trash, and eventually storming off the field can be a great advantage.

How To: Watch Soccer Online

Advantage Played at related • 12 views

There comes a time in everyone's life who is either in college, doesn't have the money to pay for multiple TV packages, or is just too damn lazy, that they want to watch some soccer online. Yes this may mean that you have to watch a game in quality so low the ball disappears into the certain parts of the grass and you have to guess where it is by where the pixilated players are perusing.

Soccer Coaching Tips – Running a Training Session During the Summer Heat

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