Qatar to use foreign police officers at 2022 World Cup

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Doha (AFP) – Police officers from different countries will be on Qatar’s streets during the 2022 World Cup in an effort to prevent hooliganism, a senior security officer for the tournament has said.

Major Ali Mohammed Al-Ali, deputy executive director for security with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, the body overseeing the tournament, also predicted that Qatar would deliver “the safest World Cup in the world”.

World Cup hooligan threat ‘fake’ – Russian official

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Changsha (China) (AFP) – A top organiser of Russia’s World Cup dismissed the threat of hooliganism as “overblown” and “fake” on Thursday despite concerns after Russian fans went on the rampage at Euro 2016.

Alexander Djordjadze, deputy CEO of the Russia 2018 organising committee, gave assurances that fans would be safe at next year’s tournament and blamed negative media coverage for stirring up controversy.

World Cup fans will get ‘hospitable’ welcome in Russia

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Manama (AFP) – Football fans heading to next year’s World Cup in Russia will receive a “hospitable” welcome, the head of the body organising the tournament told the annual FIFA Congress in Bahrain on Thursday.

Shrugging off fears of potential hooliganism surrounding the tournament, Alexei Sorokin insisted the event would be a success.

Hooliganism should be a sport, says top Russian lawmaker

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Moscow (AFP) – Football hooliganism should be recognised as a sport with a set of written rules, said a top Russian politician Sunday who even described violent fans as “cordial supporters”.

Igor Lebedev, the deputy speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, and a member of the executive board of the Russian Football Union (RFU), says his country could even be a pioneer in the new “sport”.

‘Sick’ attacks on Leipzig fans shock Germany

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Berlin (AFP) – An RB Leipzig fan has described how hooligans in Dortmund attacked their group, which included children, with stones and bottles and levels of hatred towards the Red Bull-backed club which have shocked German football.

Hooliganism is nothing new in German football, but Saturday’s violence meted out to RB Leipzig supporters, including young families, was a brutal fresh low.

World Cup

Russian Politician Suggests Plans To Legalise Hooliganism And Turn It Into Organised Sport Ahead Of 2018 World Cup

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As you may recall, the recent European Championships in France were plagued by outbreaks of hooliganism, not least in Marseille where hordes of Russian yobs staged organisedattacks on groups of England fans.

However, as the rest of the world poured scorn on the perpetrators, one man spoke out in support of the hooligans: that man wasRussian politician Igor Lebedev.

Euro 2016 violence and what it means for the 2018 World Cup in Russia

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Euro 2016 in France has seen a return of football hooliganism which had been largely absent from recent international competitions. Hooliganism and football is a phrase everyone is familiar with, but it has been largely absent from recent international competitions. However, Euro 2016 in France saw a return of this ill-affair.

English Premier League

English Football Weekly Wrap: EPL Round 33, FA Cup Semis, Aguero Tackle, Football Fracas

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Sunderland celebrate against Newcastle United (Image via SAFC.com)

In my weekly column on SWOL, I take a look back at the weekend's English Premier League and domestic cup action and the talking points that it throws up, as well as any significant news related to English football at large.

George Graham – Arsenal’s (Increasingly) Forgotten Genius

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Like other ‘80s phenomena including the video recorder and the ZX81, George Graham is now almost viewed almost with a degree of scorn by a modern generation of Arsenal fans. But just as we shouldn't forget the impact the video market and Clive Sinclair's opening stab at bringing computers into our homes have had on our lives, the same applies to George's managerial tenure at Highbury.

Book Review: Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby -- or what it means to be a fan

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Superficially, Fever Pitch (by Nick Hornby) is about Arsenal. Superficially, it's all about Arsenal's ups and downs, the history of the club, and how the wins and losses intertwined with the author's life.

If you look closer, however, what the book is actually about is being a fan. It's about being obsessive.

Football League

Ipswich Town campaign for beer drinking to return to stands. Accident waiting to happen?

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Guzzling a beer in the stands whilst cheering on your team is very much a thing of the past. Or is it? In response to the hooliganism that heavily stained British football culture three decades ago, a law was passed in 1985 to remove a fan's right to drink alcohol in their seats or terrace. [...]

The 100 Most Controversial Football Club Owners Of All-Time: No.99 – Stan Flashman (Barnet)

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There was always something inherently contradictory about Stan Flashman. He is, perhaps, best remembered as the "King Of The Touts" (often with the prefix "Self-Styled" attached to it), but when he craved respectability he would rebrand himself as a "Ticket Broker." Ultimately, though, he himself stated that he didn't care what he was called as long as the money was right.

Euro 2012

SPOOF: FA fury at Euro 2012 failure to camera perv on England female fans

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The English Football Association today issued an official complaint to UEFA after no English female fans were gratuitously zeroed in on during the European Championships. Despite a bounty of beautiful and often scantily clad female fans being caught on camera at breaks in the game over the past few weeks, there was a distinct lack [.

SPOOF: FA fury at Euro 2012 failure to camera perv on England female fans

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The English Football Association today issued an official complaint to UEFA after no English female fans were gratuitously zeroed in on during the European Championships. Despite a bounty of beautiful and often scantily clad female fans being caught on camera at breaks in the game over the past few weeks, there was a distinct lack [.

OTP Euro 2012 Podcast – June 16th: Swede ‘n’ Sour

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June 16th Swede 'n' Sour by Off The Post on Mixcloud England involved in an exciting game at a major tournament. Helder Postiga and Nicklas Bentdner appearing on the same pitch and both scoring. Olof Mellberg challenging for the Golden Boot. It's all going off in Poland and Ukraine. So, as things step up [.

It's A Good Thing: Ireland Fans Sing Even When Losing

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Let's face it, the off-pitch news swirling around Euro 2012 has not been pretty. Before the matches started there was a huge focus on how much racism players would face in the Eastern European countries hosting the games, Ukraine and Poland. Then there were the violent clashes between Poland and Russia fans the other day, which have raised concerns about the specter of hooliganism at the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia.

Polish and Russian fans fight before Euro 2012 match

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Although there were fears of extreme hooliganism before the tournament, the first week thankfully didn't see much football-related violence. However, Poland vs Russia was always likely to be the one match of the group stage that would invite some bother, and it seems that is exactly the case. 56 arrests were made and seven people [.

Euro 2012: Racism and hooliganism take centre stage to performances

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UEFA has launched an investigation into Spanish fans racially abusing Mario Balotelli

So far in the first round of the group stage there has been no team nor an individual player setting this Euro on afire. The closest has been Russia and Alan Dzagoev with Andrey Arshavin recapturing his 2008 Euro form.

The first round of Euro 2012

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We have now had the opportunity to watch every team play in the Euro 2012, and if I have to say anything, it is disappointment. this start of Euro 2012 has been marked by a Europe in crisis: off the pitch we have had match-fixing, racism and politics, and we have already seen the first hooliganism.

Belgium fans sell themselves on ebay. Key acquisition for England?

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 Amidst a rather tedious game, Belgium fans provided all the energy and excitement at Wembley yesterday in their 1-0 loss to England. The seven thousand strong away support from the land of the waffle were in great voice and initiated several Mexican waves. All in all – a fervent support that any national side [.

Euro 2012 – Stadiums of Hate: Watch the BBC Panorama Documentary [VIDEO]

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An investigate reporter from BBC's Panorama documentary show recently spent a month in Poland and Ukraine to see whether the issue of racism and hooliganism among ultras fans is as bad as was first feared. With just days to go ...

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Group Of Belgian Football Fans Put Themselves On Ebay, Will Root For Country Of Highest Bidder At Euro 2012

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By Chris Wright

With Belgian fans having little to concern themselves with football-wise this summer, a group of them have put themselves on Ebay offering their service to the highest bidder...

Here's the sales pitch:

"During Euro 2012, all members of our Facebook group will root for the national soccer team of the highest bidder, or the national team of his choice.

England Media Is Hypocritical About Hooliganism

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In recent weeks, the British media have collectively churned out article after article about hooliganism in Poland and Ukraine. Many pundits have bashed UEFA for selecting the two nations as hosts for the upcoming Euro 2012 tournament. England's...

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Didier Drogba Admits He Hasn’t Done Bayern Homework, England’s Roy Hodgson Receives “King Power” Watch

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Didier Drogba gave a relatively monotonous interview ahead of Saturday's Champions League final showdown against Bayern Munich, but you shouldn't be all that surprised. He's been known to scratch his nose during press duties so you can't really blame him for being oblivious about his opponents and only doing what Roberto di Matteo asks from him.

European Championships

Euro 2012: Poland 1 Russia 1

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Some matches have a backdrop that is more than just about football, and with more than a dozen military conflicts between the two nations over the last millennia, feelings run high. As well as a presence of around 6000 Polish police officers, an estimated 5000 Russian fans marched through Warsaw.

The Calm Before The England Storm

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If this summers European Championships have felt a little unusual so far, with the rain and the old school hooliganism and all Fighting stewards inside a ground! How quaint! then perhaps the most uncharacteristic aspect of it all has been the lack of hype surrounding the England team.

The Rest

Arema Fans Asked Not To Travel To Madura

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Bangkalan Stadium to be an Aremania free zone this weekend
Arema fans have been asked not to travel to their side's ISC game away to Madura United this weekend. The clash between the East Java sides could expect a large crowd considering their proximity and Arema's away following but that same geography as seen East Java police advise visiting fans to stay home.


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Soccer has always been an emotional sport and many people feel very strongly about their team. So much so that people are willing to fight the supporters of rival teams. This kind of behavior is called hooliganism and while there have been many fights about other sports, soccer hooliganism is something far different.

Football Violence: Hooliganism, Riots and Tragedy

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Football Violence: Hooliganism, Riots and Tragedy - originally posted on Soccerlens.com

Football is a beautiful game, they say, but sometimes the game is marred by nasty violence, hooliganism and riots leading to unfortunate tragedy.

Here, Iwill try to collect all such major stories relating to football violence from around the world and put together under one page.

A Common Bond

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In many soccer-loving countries across the globe, supporters often adopt a hardened stance towardopposing partisans.The mindset: if you're not with me, then you must be against me.Harsh words and hard objects are hurled withequal fervor.Dubbed "hooliganism" in England in the 1880s, there's simply littleroom for friendship or pleasantriesamong dueling football clubs.

Malaysia FA Upset By 'Hooliganism'

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Petaling Jaya: The FA of Malaysia's (FAM) "Love Football, Stop Hooliganism" campaign is not working at all.

Officials at the FAM were left red-faced on Saturday when ultras unleashed flares and smoke bombs during Malaysia's friendly international against the Philippines at the Selayang Stadium.

Hooliganism and Soccer

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Dougie Brimson knows the hooligan life from the inside. He is the author of several books on the subject. He wrote the screenplay for the 2005 movie, "Green Street Hooligans". The flick starred Elijah Wood, popularly known as Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movies – from a rustic life in the shire to running with the hooligan crew of London club, West Ham United.

Cafe Calcio: The Street Pharmacists Guide To Football – An Introduction

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A new season of the radio show and podcast Café Calcio begins in a couple of weeks, and we'll be bringing you a series in association with it. First of all, though, a brief introduction, and here's co-host Chris Roberts to tell us all about it.

Every show in the new season of Café Calcio broadcast on Resonance 104.

England Need To Rebuild

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England Need To Rebuild - originally posted on Soccerlens.com

The response from fans and media to England's defeat on penalties to Italy on Sunday night has largely been encouraging. No hounding of referees into early retirement and a life on the run from the press. No plastering of Roy Hodgson's head onto pizza or pasta or some Italian foodstuff.

DTotD: Slovakian hooligan lights a flare in his own face

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Clearly this Slovan Bratislava fan hasn't flicked through his copy of Hooliganism For Dummies lately. The chapter about not staring down the barrel of a flare while you light it would have been particularly relevant during his visit to Slovak Super Liga rivals FK DAC.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

Book Review: How Soccer Explains the World

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What I enjoy about following soccer is not limited to the actual, physical sport. I find the social, political, and emotional facets of the sport fascinating as well. Franklin Foer covers those aspects in his book, How Soccer Explains the World, under an umbrella of a discussion on globalization.

When Citizens Attack: K-League Season Gathering Pace

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Six down, 38 to go, the K-League season may have a long way to go but the first month has been action-packed with shocks, hooliganism, full and empty stadiums and mascots getting attacked.

That happened at Incheon United. It was only the second ever game at the brand spanking new Sungui Arena.

U8 Match Abandoned Because of Polish Hooligans?

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This has to be one of the weirdest videos from a U8 match that I've ever seen. It appears that the match had been abandoned prior to the camera rolling and the poor kids were trying to clean up the streamers that littered the basketball court turned indoor football pitch.

OTP Podcast: Episode 29 – Haunted Hoops

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Down to the bare bones Ep.29 Haunted Hoops by Off The Post on Mixcloud With the unfortunate Clint Hill denied a certain goal at the weekend, the Pod looks at the unsightly event that is set to rumble on in QPR's stomachs like an uncooked curry. While some analysts went for the insightful technology debate [.

When a Game of Football is Ruined by the Game of Politics

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By Moustafa El-Chiati, writing from Cairo

Rivalry is a very common notion in the world of football and Egypt is no exception. Egypt is a country where football has been played and watched for centuries. The Egyptian FA was established in the early 1920s and Egypt was one of the early FIFA member states.