Any Arsenal fans worried about Spurs this season? Peter Hill-Wood isn’t!

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Peter Hill-Wood rubs salt on Tottenham's wound by AM Arsenal chairman has come out and said that Spurs are unlikely to pose any threat to Arsenal this season. Hill-Wood said – 'I do not see Spurs posing a problem for us this season. 'Their new manager may be a great success but they have to [...]

Hill-Wood tells Arsenal fans not to be miserable over transfer dealings

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Peter Hill-Wood says Arsenal can spend, but it has its ‘limit' Arsenal chairman has come out and said that although Arsene Wenger has the money to spend, but it can't compete with Chelsea or Manchester City in the transfer market. Furthermore he said that Scottish club Ranger's financial turmoil should serve as a warning for [.

Arsenal chairman does not understand van Persie

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Peter Hill-Wood Makes His Point Of View by AH Peter Hill-Wood has told his Media Mouthpiece ‘The Daily Star' that he is puzzled by the whole Van Persie situation. The Arsenal chairman said; "He is a world-class player and we don't want to give him away, If he is determined to leave that is up [...]

Why Arsenal PLC and Financial Fair Play are a GOOD THING!

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FFP and the like: by SV Yesterday, I read what I thought was a very well written article by Ozzy AFC, regarding the way the club is run. However, I must admit that I disagreed with a number of his opinions. And, judging by the comments on his post yesterday, it seems that my opinion [...]

Hill-Wood: It doesn’t make sense to put money into Arsenal!

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Arsenal board show how out of touch they really are.. by BA. "It's not as if we've been relegated" said Peter Hill-Wood, showing the average Arsenal fan just how much he cares about being a trophy winning club. Alisher Usmanov and his Red and White group have opened a can of worms by writing an [...]

Arsenal Debate: Should Wenger keep Van Persie if he doesn’t sign the contract?

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RVP Contract: Hey all. SV here. Today I'd like to talk about the situation of a certain Robin Van Persie...again. But, as much as anything, I would like to use this article to find out your opinions on the saga. Straight into it then, with what we know to be concrete facts. We know that [...]

Arsenal will hopefully have good news from Van Persie this week

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Wenger and van Persie will talk this week by BA Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has broken the club's silence on the storm of speculation surrounding the super striker Robin van Persie. He has denied reports of a bid from Juventus and given Arsenal fans the indication that the 28-year old Dutchman will not be leaving [.

Peter Hill-Wood doesn’t expect Van Persie to stay with Arsenal

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Obviously there are not many people who were party to the conversations between Arsene Wenger and Robin Van Persie at the end of the season, but I expect the Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood to at least have had some sort of input into the talks. Well today he has come out with a very worrying [...]

Hill-Wood convinced that Van Persie will sign new Arsenal contract

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Robin Van Persie has continually stated that he won't discuss his new Arsenal contract until the end of the season, but the consensus is saying that he wants proof that Arsenal will buy a few players this summer to provide a real challenge for the Premiership title next season. As Arsene Wenger has already secured [.

Hill-Wood : Yes, Arsenal have lots of money, but it’s not for transfers!

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The board of Directors at Arsenal PLC are very happy to announce their £50 million profit today which added to their cash reserves gives them a mouth-watering £115 million in the bank to play with, but the Board are at pains to emphasise that this is NOT cash available to Arsene Wenger to bring in [.

PROOF that the Arsenal Board have no ambition!

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I am finding it very hard to come to terms with the fact that one of the top men on the board of Arsenal football Club is not bothered whether Arsenal qualify for the Champions League or not, and I am shocked by the implications of Peter Hill-Wood's words. Most Arsenal fans are aware that [...]

Hill-Wood: Robin Van Persie will stay at Arsenal

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The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood is more than aware that Robin Van Persie has postponed any new contract talks until next summer, but is convinced that the Dutchman is very happy at the Emirates and is sure to sign a new contract in the end. "I think Robin wants to stay, he seems very happy," [..

Van Persie contract talks postponed – The right move by Arsenal?

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In a decision that will be hugely welcomed by Robin Van Persie, discussions about his future at Arsenal look to be postponed until the summer. Whereas Arsenal fans in general want the potentially sticky situation resolved as soon as possible, the club's board has chosen to wait until the end of the season.

Hill-Wood says Arsenal can’t stop money-grabbing stars (Nasri) from joining Man City

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The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has launched a blistering attack on money-grabbing footballers (Nasri anyone?) that tell the fans that want to leave Arsenal in the quest for glory or trophies, but really just have visions of the piles of money they will get if they join clubs like Man City. "We know it is [.

Hill-wood dismisses Barton’s claim he was Arsenal bound

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Peter Hill-Wood has dismissed Joey Barton's admission that he could have joined Arsenal had it not been for his clash with Gervinho on the first day of the season.

QPR midfielder Barton was linked with a shock to the Gunners during the summer and revealed he spoke to Arsene Wenger about a possible move.

Hill-Wood confirms Jagielka talks – and Wenger reluctantly agrees

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The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has made public the fact that the Gunners are in negotiations with Everton about their 28 year-old defender Phil Jagielka, and Wenger himself also admitted that the Gunners had yet to agree a price with David Moyes team. Hill-Wood said last night: "We have made a bid for him but [.

An open letter to Peter Hill-Wood from a lifelong season ticket holder

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Mr Peter Hill-Wood The Arsenal Football Club Highbury House 75 Drayton Park London N5 1BU 22 June 2011 Dear Mr Hill-Wood I feel it is now time to write a damning letter expressing my views both on the club and the so called people who run the club. Like many Arsenal supporters I have lost [...]

L.J. – The Greedy Arsenal Board should have chosen Usmanov!

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THE REAL PROBLEM AT ARSENAL A Guest Post By L.J I have long thought that the board members of Arsenal are just plain GREEDY and just want to fill their pockets. When I read the news that Usmanov was going to get take controlling share in the club, I thought soon the old members of [...]

Wenger to Fulham – Please Be A Little Discreet About Schwarzer Talks

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Arsene Wenger quietly tried to sign Mark Schwarzer from Fulham all during the summer, but the cat was originally let out of the bag by Arsenal vice-chairman Peter Hill-Wood when he revealed an offer had been turned down by the Fulham bosses. After that there were millions of Arsenal fans at online betting sites putting [.

Good News! – Arsenal confirm they are looking for a new goalkeeper

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Arsenal have been linked with every available goalkeeper in the world in the last few weeks, but there has been no indication from the club itself...until now. All the latest rumours have been saying that the Gunners have been trying to get the Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer or West Ham's Robert Green, and today the Arsenal [.

Hill-Wood – Gallas demands too much from Arsenal!

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The Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has been negotiating with William Gallas over a new contract, and says that the French defenders demands are "extravagant". It is believed that Gallas wants a two-year contract and £80,000 a week, but Hill-Wood refuses to be held to ransom. "His demands are quite extravagant and I don't think we are [.

Fabregas “deeply upset” and off to Barcelona?

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The season isn't even over yet, and the Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is the subject of transfer speculation (to Barcelona of course) already. Fabregas has spent all season denying he is going anywhere, but according to the press, that has all changed due to some choice words from the Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood.

American On Arsenal Doorstep

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Better him than Usmanov

News fluttered in yesterday that the American tycoon, Stan Kroenke has purchased more Arsenal shares to bring his shares to 29.9%. Just 0.09% short of needing to make a move for the rest of the shares. Now I've reserved my thoughts on this matter for quite some time as it has already been highlighted in many other blogs and there is no need for me to talk anymore about it, but with Stan so close to a takeover, I guessed now is as good a time as any to give this topic a special mention.

Wenger corteggiato dal Real assicura: "Resto all'Emirates"

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Wenger rilancia. Il flop in campionato e in ambito europeo non abbatte il transalpino che ricarica le batterie in vista della prossima stagione, nella quale si vede sempre all'Emirates, sulla panchina dell'Arsenal. I tifosi sono decisamente scontenti dell'andazzo generale, la squadra non raccimola trofei da ormai quattro anni, e il tecnico non è più così simpatico, ma Wenger prosegue per la sua strada, continuando a credere nel progetto Arsenal.

Arsenal Boss Not Pleased With Fabregas’ Attitude

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The Arsenal chairman Hill-Wood is displeased with Fabregas' 'unprofessional' attitude. The aftermath of the Cesc Fabregas spat with Hull City assistant manager Brian Horton continues to stretch on despite the game being put to bed a week ago, as Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has now claimed that he is disappointed with the club captain's behaviour, attitude, [.

Hill Wood, “It would be a real financial drain on the club if we didn`t qualify for the Champions League next season”

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Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood admitted it would be a big blow to the Gunners if they fail to qualify for next season's Champions League but also added it would not be the end of the world as he said: There is no denying that it would be a real financial drain on the club if we [...]

Peter Hill-Wood on Madrid`s approach for Wenger, “Laughable. disrespectful and very rude”

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Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has labelled Real Madrid's attempt to sign Arsene Wenger as "laughable" and in a way, I can't blame him. Having appointed Juande Ramos only a month or so ago, they are apparently already after a new coach but in a way, you can expect this and more bizarre things from a [.

“We have got money, but I am not sure we are going to spend it”, says Hill-Wood

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Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood denied that the club will be spending like crazy during the January transfer window. He said: I don't think there is a lot of money anywhere. One has got to look ahead. In the future there is probably not going to be much more money coming in. We have got money, but [.

Usmanov Still Interested in Arsenal Takeover

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Alisher Usmanov, the disliked Russian billionaire who has been linked with Arsenal takeover talks, has finally admitted that he is interested in taking over the club.

The Metalloinvest and Red and White owner had previously stated that he only wanted to raise his stake to 25% of the club (he currently owns 23%), but he has now admitted that he would jump at the chance to launch a takeover bid.

The Rest

Hillwood: We won’t axe Arsene from Arsenal

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Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has denied suggestions that Arsene Wenger's job is in doubt. A barren run and a devasatating result at OT gave AW's detractors more ammo to call for his head but PHW says it won't happen.

"It's complete and utter rubbish and absolute nonsense. I think he is happy enough and we are happy enough," Hill-Wood told the Daily Star.