Hello from Perry S.

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Look a new post! Fellow AOs, I know it has been a long time coming, but I wanted to extend an appreciation to all of you for sticking by this blog. I, like most of you, was yearning for new posts over the past month, and like most of you, I watched this blog daily for new threads to no avail. We kept the banter alive in the Wigan thread hoping and waiting for news to come, and then sadly the day came when JG stepped up to let us know that he and the rest of the blogging team needed to call it quits due to various real life activities.

Arsenal-QPR review + Henry’s back!

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THE KING IS BACK... oh yeah, we also play some team this weekend.

Credit to @BeardedGenius for the picture.

By now you've heard the rumors. Read the Twitters, Sky Sports, and your old ma. Believed it straight away, or looked at the screen in disbelief, yelling obscenities, assured that Wenger took the easy way out, refusing to take a gamble on some multi-million euro German hunk.

Welcome to Arsenal: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain!

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...And thus, that shall be the first and only time you will see me mention Oxtail-Chamberpot by his full and proper name.

In all seriousness, today both Arsenal and Southampton announced the signing of the young forward to Arsenal, where he will immediately come into the first-team and start training with them.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight?*

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* Yes, this is a shout-out to our recently departed midfield maestro, The Martin. (Check the guest appearance.)

As you now know, a few of us will be taking over the Arsenal Offside page, so some introductions are in order. I think Homey's prepping an intro post, but seeing as I just finished a contract and have a few days free, I thought I'd come on and tell you all a little bit about myself while he gets that sorted.

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QPR Managerial Appointments: Arrival and Departure Statements Houston to Redknapp

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QPR Managerial Arrival and Departure Announcements -
From Houston to Redknapp: QPR Managerial Arrival and Departure Announcements ("Hello...Goodbye") - QPR managerial arrival and departures have become a not-infrequent occurrence at Loftus Road. For at touch of nostalgia, a look back at a decade of QPR Official statements announcing their latest managerial appointments and departures: Harry Redknapp.