Tigres UANL: #MiClásico11 El portero

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El día de hoy comenzamos con una dinámica en redes sociales para elegir el mejor once de la historia de Tigres en los clásicos regios. Desde temprano invitamos a la gente a usar el hashtag #MiClásico11 para que participaran eligiendo al mejor portero y con esto, poder participar con un premio que tendremos a final de semana cortesía de ABA Sport.

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Chelsea: Antonio Conte Becomes First Manager To Land His Own Twitter Emoji

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In the wake of Chelsea's title win, Antonio Conte has been bestowed with the highest honour his profession has to offer.

Indeed, as of today, the Blues boss has been given his very own Twitter emoji, la Paul Pogba before him.

Basically, whenever anybody tweets #ChelseaChampions, a little image of Conte in his trademark celebratory pose will appear.

Happy Valentine's Day - #SoccerLove

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Puma's World Cup 2010 "Love Equals Soccer" campaign really hit the nail on the head.When its not full of pre-teens declaring their love for Justin Beiber or corporations using it for customer service, Twitter is great. If you're up for it, participating and/or creating "hashtag" games are kinda fun.

We're partial to starting them and last night, rather than buying a present for Mrs.