Mid-Day Ticker: Bin Hamman wins ban appeal, King retires and more

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Mohamed bin Hammam is back in the game.

The Qatari official Thursday won his appeal of a lifetime ban imposed by FIFA amid allegations he bribed voters while running for president of the international body last year. The Court of Arbitration for Sport, however, did not find him innocent of corruption, instead reversing the ban because of a lack of conclusive evidence.

Bin Hammam In Defense

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Aug 25, 2011) US Soccer Players -- Former FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam has responded to FIFA's fuller explanation of why they chose to ban him for life over a votes for bribes scandal centered around Caribbean countries. Before the collective eye roll that will likely greet another column on FIFA politics, it's worth keeping in mind who that serves.

Some News for Fri Jul 22, 2011

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Lets all take a moment to remember those in Norway who were killed today by the terrorist attacks in Oslo, and have a good thought for those injured and shaken. Lykke til Norge.


Keir Radnedge of the Leader tells us about an investigation by Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy that found that the 3 families who own Milan, Inter and Juventus respectively have spent over 600 Million English pounds in the past 5 years to try and keep their clubs competitive.

FIFA Ticker: Blatter suggests WC voting changes, election not postponed & more

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Sepp Blatter, the self-proclaimed "captain" of "the FIFA ship," has announced that future World Cup hosts will be determined by a vote of the 208 FIFA member associations as opposed to the 24-man executive committee.

"In the future, the World Cup will be decided by the FIFA Congress," Blatter told the Congress in Zurich.

Jack Warner

Some Soccer News for Tue Oct 18, 2011

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The USA will play a friendly in Slovenia on Tue Nov 15.
-This is a rematch from the group stage of the 2010 World Cup.
Stozice Stadium in Ljubljana on ESPN2, ESPN3.com and Galavision - time TBD


CONCACAF Champions League group stage finale's begin tonight.

I'm Sorry For Getting You Fired, Mo And Jack: Why Warner Blaming Zionism For Problems Is Extremely Troubling

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I have something to say, and it's going to shock you: I'm part of the reason why Jack Warner and Mohammed Bin Hammam are either banned from soccer or 'fired' from their positions.

No, I didn't suddenly turn into a full time soccer writer with the time to do in-depth reporting on an issue like FIFA corruption.

Leaked Video of Jack Warner and Another Bribery Scandal

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If you needed any more proof that former CONCACAF President Jack Warner is crooked, watch the accompanying video to hear Warner discussing the gifts of silver he had received from former FIFA vice-president Mohammad Bin Hammam. Warner discusses why the gifts were received and that they would be distributed by him.

Some News for Fri Jun 24, 2011

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Seattle Sounders v New York Red Bulls - last night - attendance: 46,065 - amazing. Seattle knows how to do it right.


Inter Milan has named Gian Piero Gasperini as its new manager.
-He was fired last fall by Genoa.


The Trinidad Guardian reports that Jack Warner's resignation is the only thing that kept him from being found guilty by the FIFA ethics committee.

Altidore to miss rest of Gold Cup for U.S. and more

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Altidore out: U.S. striker Jozy Altidore, as expected, is out of the Gold Cup after being stretchered off with a hamstring injury last weekend against Jamaica (AP Photo).

*Jozy Altidore's international career was rapidly moving toward irrelevancy until his two goals in the Gold Cup hinted yet again at his still as yet unfulfilled promise.

Mid-Day Ticker: Warner refusing to speak to FIFA, Crew's Williams suspended and more

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It can only go from bad to worse for FIFA and its continued war against corruption.

Currently suspended FIFA vice president Jack Warner claims he has no intention of meeting with investigators looking into the bribery allegations surrounding the troubled organization.

Some News for Tue Jun 7, 2011

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Please join all your soccer friends in the Twin Cities for a special Fund Raising screening of Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story

Sat Jun 11 at 4:30pm - The Sweetwater in St Paul

USA v Panama game kicks off at 7pm

The movie is still a work in progress and the filmmakers are on a mission to raise funds to finish it.

Some News for Fri Jun 3, 2011

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There will be a special screening of the film in progress Rise & Shine - The Jay DeMerit Story next Saturday, June 11 at the Sweetwater in St Paul. The film will be shown at 5pm with the USA v Panama game kicking off after that at 7pm.

Stay tuned for more details.

Acting CONCACAF President Attempts To Fire Blazer

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Update: Later on Tuesday night, acting CONCACAF president Lisle Austin released a statement saying it is within the rights of the president to fire the secretary general and Blazer was 'trespassing' by using CONCACAF's media channel to distribute a contradictory media release.


Tuesday Kickoff: Warner responds, Arsenal locks up Vermaelen and more

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After being caught on video offering bribes to Caribbean officials, former CONCACAF president and FIFA executive committee member Jack Warner is on the warpath.Â

Warner continues to respond to allegations against him the Trinidad and Tobago media, where a lengthy letter was published on Tuesday.

Chuck Blazer Steps Down from CONCACAF

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CONCACAF general secretary, nemesis of Mohammed Bin Hammam, and tabloid story-filler Chuck Blazer announced today he would step down from his role in the soccer federation at the end of the year. Â Blazer had been involved in CONCACAF's leadership for ...

Visit http://www.majorleaguesoccertalk.


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"I'm retiring to spend more time with my iPod."Chuck Blazer, CONCACAF's General Secretary, will step down at the end of the year he announced today. Blazer, a frequent homeless person impersonator, will still remain a member of FIFA's Executive Committee.

"My passion for soccer is undiminished and it is time for me to explore new challenges within this wonderful sport," Blazer said in a statement.

Blazer resigning from CONCACAF

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Chuck Blazer's run as secretary general of CONCACAF will come to a close at the end of this year.

Blazer told the Associated Press that he'll be resigning from his post in December after a 21-year run in the position. Blazer added that he will maintain his position on FIFA's executive committee, for which he won't potentially be up for re-election until 2013.

Mid-Day Ticker: Sagna breaks leg, Bin Hammam fails in appeal and more

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All is not well in London — more specifically, at Arsenal.

The club confirmed today that long-time regular right back Bacary Sagna suffered a broken leg in Arsenal's 1-2 defeat at the hands of Tottenham in the North London derby on Sunday.

Bin Hammam hits out at FIFA over bribes ban

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Bin Hammam hits out at FIFA over bribes ban

Qatari claims FIFA would never have dared to take action against him if he were European

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-09-06 10:50:43 from: The Mirror

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Chuck Blazer under FBI investigation

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Aaahr! Me maties, where is that Caribbean loot?

Chuck Blazer, the whistleblower who first brought to light the bribe for votes scandal which implicated Mohammed Bin Hammam and Jack Warner is now in the crosshairs of an FBI investigation looking into payments received in his offshore accounts in the Caymans and Bahamas.

Mid-Day Ticker: Fabregas to Barcelona, Caribbean officials investigated & more

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Cesc Fabregas is returning to Barcelona. Really.

The long-awaited transfer of Fabregas from Arsenal to Barcelona is on the verge of completion, according to various reports in both England and Spain, although the signing is not official as of yet.

Fabregas and Samir Nasri were left off the roster for Arsenal's Premier League opener this weekend against Newcastle, lending more credence to the reports that both players are set to sign elsewhere.

Another clean day at FIFA House

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Banned Ex.Co. member Mohamed Bin Hammam has slammed Sepp Blatter and Chuck Blazer following his expulsion from football last week.

He compared Blatter to a tyrant wiping out his rivals and called for Blazer to go before the FIFA Ethics Committee for receiving suspicious payments.

Bemoaning his life ban from football, the former Asian Football Confederation chief told Sky News, "This is the act of the dictators and we have witnessed this through history.

FIFA Justice

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Jul 21, 2011) US Soccer Players -- For those of you with better things to do on Saturday, you might have missed the FIFA Ethics Committee's announcement. Streamed live for those of us not in Zurich, chairman Petrus Damaseb announced that once upon a time FIFA presidential candidate and suspended Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam has been banned for life after being found culpable in a votes.

Two CFU officials receive FIFA bans

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The big news from yesterday's announcement by the FIFA Ethics Committee was the life ban to FIFA Executive Committee member Mohammed Bin Hammam, but there were other decisions that affected officials in CONCACAF. CFU members Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester, both of Trinidad & Tobago, were banned from participating in all soccer-related activities for one year.

Bin Hammam banned for life by FIFA

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FIFA has finally punished someone in a corruption case.

No, really, the previously unthinkable happened on Saturday after FIFA banned Mohamed Bin Hammam from soccer for life for attempting to bribe voters in the FIFA Presidential Election.

The decision wasn't really a surprise, and Bin Hammam took no part in the proceeding, skipping the Friday hearing to discuss the charges against him.

Mohamed Bin Hammam: The fall guy for FIFA's dirty little secrets

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They are as crooked as they come. But while there is little sympathy for Mohammed Bin Hammam for allegedly bribing CFU officials for presidential votes there is no doubt that only he of all those who stand accused is being put on trial. The consequences if found guilty are severe - he stands to be barred for life from FIFA under corruption clauses.

FIFA's Pending Charges

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Jul 7, 2011) US Soccer Players -- Sorry FIFA, but after reelecting the sitting president unopposed I'm hoping you'll find out the rest of the World doesn't have a lot of stomach for turning the only other candidate into a no-goodnik. That's the scenario currently playing itself out as we await FIFA formally charging suspended Asian Football Confederation and one-time FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Bin Hammam asks to be judged without "any political agenda or motivation"

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Following yesterday's announcement by FIFA, the world football body, that he would be called to appear before its Ethics Committee on 22 July, Mohamed bin Hammam has issued a personal plea for a "fair hearing." According to the suspended FIFA Executive Committee member and President of the Asian Football Confederation, his case has been affected "by persons who, along with their motivations,

FIFA finds new evidence against Bin Hammam

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FIFA's investigation into Mohamed Bin Hammam has uncovered substantial extra evidence that the Qatari arranged for cash gifts to be given to officials during his presidential campaign.

Bin Hammam may face FIFA life ban as former ally calls for his resignation

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British sports journalist Andrew Warshaw has reported in the Inside World Football newsletter that sources close to the FIFA Ethics Committee's case against Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed bin Hammam "have indicated" that the Qatari, accused of paying cash bribes to 25 Caribbean FIFA members in exchange for votes, "will almost certainly be banned for life and be forced to go to

Gold Cup goes on as CONCACAF schism deepens

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The Gold Cup is taking place amidst deepening strife within CONCACAF. It has become ugly.

The Caribbean Football Union is on a collision course with Chuck Blazer, the secretary general of the federation. Blazer is also the US member of FIFA. The CFU members have asked the FIFA ethics committee to investigate Blazer for making defamatory statements alleging they had each been paid $40,000 by Jack Warner or Mohammed Bim Hammam for their votes.

Saudi FA chief: Hammam suspension not an 'Arab' issue

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Prince Nawaf bin Faisal, the president of the Saudi Arabia Football Association, reportedly sees the suspension of Mr Mohamed bin Hammam from the FIFA executive committee and the presidency of the Asian Football Confederation as an international rather than regional issue. Mr Bin Hammam has been temporarily suspended from all football positions by the FIFA Ethics Committee pending an

Actng president of Asian football seeks stability

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The acting president of the Asian Football Confederation, Mr Zhang Jilong of China, has said his first priority is to stabilise his organisation. Mr Zhang was appointed temporary chief of the AFC after president Mohamed bin Hammam was suspended by the world football body, FIFA, over bribery allegations.

Asian Football Confederation

Bin Hammam Appeal Rejected

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Former FIFA Executive Committee member, Asian Football Confederation president, and FIFA presidential candidate Mohammed Bin Hammam's appeal of his lifetime ban was rejected by FIFA's Appeals Committee. The decision was announced on Thursday. Bin Hammam has previously promised to take his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, with the expectation that his appeal within FIFA would be unsuccessful.

Some News for Mon Jul 25, 2011

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The All-Guay Finale for the 2011 South American championship ends in decisive victory for Uruguay.


Jonathan Wilson of the Guardian sees Uruguay as Golden.

Tim Vickery of the BBC sees Uruguay's present and future as being very bright.

China's Zhang formally assumes office as AFC Acting President

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The Asian Football Confederation's Senior Vice-President Zhang Jilong formally assumed office as AFC Acting President. In accordance with the AFC Statutes, China's Zhang took over, provisionally, from AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam, on 29 May 2011, following the decision of the Ethics Committee of the world body, FIFA, to suspend Mr Bin Hammam pending a hearing on corruption charges.

Dark days for Asian football or a revolution ahead?

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"As suspended Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam departs Zurich fighting bribery allegations, soccer in his continent of Asia struggles to combat match-fixing, violence and money issues that threaten to tarnish the Qatari's belief that the future is Asia," a Reuters report has concluded.

The Rest

Watch out; Qatar’s about

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When it was announced on December 2nd that Qatar were to hold the 2022 World Cup, football fans around the globe collectively spat their coffee across the room in disbelief. Heck, I bet even the people of Qatar were in a state of shock when Sepp Blatter pulled their nation from the envelope.

Bin Hammam launches appeal

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Bin Hammam launches appeal

Former FIFA executive has been banned for life over corruption charges

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-08-25 08:20:26 from: The Mirror

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Sepp Blatter still the vamp as Bin Hammam banned from football

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" I'll persuade the Israelis to give up Jerusalem if you come back to the hotel with me"

The corollary. Sepp Blatter, FIFA president for life!

Mohamed Bin Hammam is banned from all footballing activity for life as the FIFA ethics (now that is an oxymoron) committee finds him guilty of bribery charges as feared but we all know who is smiling through all this.