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‘Of Course I Can Tackle, I Was Just Getting People Back’ – Guess Who?

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By Chris Wright

A shiny hapenny and a bag of liquorice is on offer to those who can successfully guess the identity of the recently-retired mole-eyed, ginger ankle-hacker who wants the record to state that, despite being the worst tackler in the history of organised sport, he could actually tackle all along and that he was actually just 'getting people back' by tearing off chunks of their thigh flesh with his studs on a semi-regular basis:

"Of course I can tackle.

Here comes the Interlull + transfer window madness!!!!!

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So into the Interlull we go. Practically two full weeks with no real football and the potential for our players to be injured, run over by a lawnmower, get lost in the woods and never be seen again, and countless other little issues to worry the manager between now and the time they return.

Having a quick look around the Spanish papers this morning it seems that Cesc will still be called up and they're hopeful he can play in both games.

Kevin Kuranyi

Legendäre Interviews #8: Kevin Kuranyi

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Kevin Kuranyi, damals noch beim VfB Stuttgart unter Vertrag und schon im Gespräch bei Schalke 04, will auf die Scheiß-Fragen der Fans nicht antworten. Gut, dann fragt der Reporter halt noch mal nach, schließlich war das die Zuschauerfrage und die muss doch beantwortet werden. Aber das kann der Kevin halt nicht machen, denn lügen will [.

1 Million Emails für Kevin Kuranyi…

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Die Diskussion um Kevin Kuranyi und um sein Comeback ist in vollem Gange, allerdings hält sich der einer der beiden Hauptverantwortlichen komplett raus aus. Unser lieber Bundestrainer Jogi Löw will seine Meinung nicht ändern und will ihn nicht wieder zurücklassen in die Nationalmannschaft. Vollkommen zu Recht wie ich denke, aber so wie ich und der [.

English Premier League

Portsmouth Going Into Administration

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On a sad, but potentially momentous day for British football, Portsmouth have become the first Premier League club to enter administration

since the formation of the league in 1992. Whether the rest of the so-called "richest league in the world" – or perhaps the deepest in debt - and those who aspire to enter it take heed remains to be seen.

Darius Vassell Creates the Funniest Footballer Blog Entry Ever!

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We love Darius Vassell, whats not to love, a Premier League footballer who decided to go out on a limb and try out life in another part of the world in order to revive his career instead of taking a step down to the Championship. Anyone who has visited his excellent blog would know just how down to earth and amusing his posts can be, if you haven't already visited CLICK HERE.

All White Experience?

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While Omar and his boys from Bahrain were shooting down the Saudis in the Kingdom, New Zealand were in that other Kingdom kicking it with the Hashemites. It was an experience. New Zealand won the friendly 3-1. The Hashemites ain't got game no mo'.

New Zealand fancy their chances now.


Giuseppe Rossi was a Milan player for a couple of seconds

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Yep, it's true, for a couple of seconds today Giuseppe Rossi was a Milan player. Just a couple of moments ago various radio stations in the Milan area reported that on the AC Milan official website it was announced in the news section that Milan had officially signed the 22 year old striker from Villarreal.

David Villa gets hacked by a Barca-loving penguin

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Striker's website attacked in bid to force transfer David Villa's website has been attacked by a hacker who wants him to move to Barcelona from Valencia. The site was taken offline after being infiltrated by a penguin in a Barcelona kit. The hacker, going by the name Nemesis, left a message stating: "For the love of [.

The Rest

A.S. Monaco vs Newcastle United pre season match banter!

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Date: Monday, 16th July Venue: Hacker-Pschoor Arena, Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany Kick off: 7pm local time / 6pm UK time Good evening and welcome to our latest, and probably one of our last "match banter" features, this time for this evening's pre season friendly against the millionaire playboys of AS Monaco, to be played [.

2012/13 Kit Leaked!

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Well, as usual, we have "leaked" pictures of the new kit. Â And as usual, everyone is running around...

trying to determine if this is the real kit or something some Photoshop hacker has dreamed up. Â My first impression was to wonder if Sir Alex designed these himself from some ancient family tartan pattern.

Onuohagate: Garry Cook resigns

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Quite the plot. Someone in the middle of the night sometime last year managed to hack into City CEO Garry Cook's email, to send a highly offensive reply to Nedum Onuoha's mother, who has cancer, ridiculing her illness. The reaction was predictably one of outrage.

The reply was addressed to Brian Marwood, City's director of football operations but the hacker clicked on reply all and the damage was done.

The Heart of the Rant

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Often, when bold remarks from an organization become public, they answer more questions than they raise. When a statement comes across as the one released by Scottish Premier League club Heart of Midlothian over the weekend, including references to blackmail, the mafia, and paedophiles, one must query not only just what exactly that statement is speaking to but also the wisdom of presenting such an announcement as an official club statement.

Juan Arango, Gold Cup Announcer For CONCACAF, Quits Twitter Because Of Hacker

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Juan Arango, better known as his Twitter persona @Simply_Juan, quit Twitter early Saturday morning because of comments a hacker made on his account.

The Gold Cup announcer, on CONCACAF's feed of the tournament, said he had received threats and other highly critical messages on the social networking site after calling the USA's opening game against Canada.

Is Mourinho the first hacker coach?

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Following my last post on Real Madrid, I see Mourinho as the first football hacker. The Special One analyzes his opponents source code and then introduces malware (think Pepe + Alonso + Diarra against Barça) to disrupt and corrupt. Come on Mourinho, don't let the dark side of the force eat you up for ever.

My thesis wordpress blog was hacked and here’s how I fixed it

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My blog was hacked tonight, and it seems I've gotten it stable for the time being. Tomorrow, assuming it's all still in order (fingers crossed), I plan to do a full reinstall of the latest versions of WordPress, Thesis and all my plugins. But in the meantime, I'm thinking this could be pretty widespread so I wanted to share some info in case anybody else has the same problem.


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Looks like I have fallen victim to a hacker. If you receive an email from my Gmail account with no subject line and just a link, PLEASE do NOT click the link! Looks like they got into my Google and Blogger accounts as well. I will be checking the blog frequently since it was brought to my attention by Peter that there was a link posted ON THE BLOG that was inappropriate.

Hackean el sitio web de Diego Armando Maradona

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El sitio web oficial de Diego Armando Maradona fue hackeado. Y lo hicieron piratas (hackers) del Perú, quienes cayeron esta semana con los argentinos. El mensaje en el sitio web tachan de "llorón" a Maradona, incluye un video del equipo peruano, música folcklórica del país peruano, y se declaran perdedores en la cancha, pero victoriosos en la red.

One of the strangest events on the Arsenal website in a few years! Gotta see this!

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Now before you read this you will be either scratching your head and thinking hmm or .. will be banging your head thinking we nearly signed De Rossi.

This morning on Wikipedia Daniel De Rossi's page was chanegd from Roma player to Arsenal. Yes your thinking no big deal but WAIT.

Then for 10 15 minutes Arsenal.

Hacker announces Luca Toni transfer

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"Luca Toni joins Borussia Dortmund, it's official."

The well-played and well-distributed words of a hacker. The news was posted on the Borussa Dortmund official website with a picture of the Italian forward is his new kit.


Schalke feuert Kuranyi - oder seinen Webmaster?

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Gestern abend während des langweiligen Länderspiels zwischen den Jogianern und Norwegen (0:1) schossen plötzlich zeitgleich in diversen Sportforen Kuranyi-Threads aus dem Boden. Erst dachte ich, der 26-Jährige hätte unerlaubt das Stadion betreten und Löw mit einem Bohnensack eins übergezogen.