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Philadelphia Union

Here lies John Morton, signer of the Declaration of Independence

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The grave of a signer of the Declaration of Independence lies not far from Talen Energy Stadium. One Union fan notices it when driving to games, and he shares details on the life and final burial place of one John Morton.

An open response from Jay Sugarman

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Philadelphia Union majority owner Jay Sugarman responds to PSP's call for him to improve the Union or sell the team. Read his open letter to PSP, which he sent to PSP Wednesday night.

The Keystone Royals and the Wealdstone Raider

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A group of fans flies Philadelphia Union colors in England, and Union fans fly that club's colors here. How the Keystone Royals became the official North American supporters group of Wealdstone FC, a non League club in England.

Building a lineup when shallow on shekels: A primer

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Guest columnist Michael Hikari Cecire has some thoughts on how to maximize the Union's minimal budget.

Fan’ View: Father Sakiewicz

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In this guest column, Union fan and Sons of Ben member James Lockerbie explains that while he is grateful to Nick Sakiewicz for bringing the Union to Philadelphia, now it's time for new leadership.

Ronaldinho and 28 hours of mystery

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Tim Carr was hoping Wednesday's major Union announcement was about a certain Brazilian.

The Hackworth firing and the 2014 Union

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The axe has fallen. Now what? Some thoughts on where the Union can go from here, both in the managerial search and on the field.

Fact or Crap: Philadelphia Union edition

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There are a lot of strong views about the Union right now. Kevin Kinkead steps up to call which ones are true and which are nonsense.

The crushing weight of finality

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One Union fan built his vacation around a Montreal trip. Like his Union, he was crushed. Here's his story and what he saw.

Sons of Ben raising money for Tickets for Troops

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Sons of Ben Director of Marketing Dan Sullivan tells Union fans how they can support the Tickets for Troops event on July 20 when the Union host Portland Timbers.

I love Brian Carroll and (maybe) so should you

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Guest columnist Richard Peel of the DoopCast podcast argues that Brian Carroll is the most valuable player on the Union.


[Guest Column] - LWS to further erode the dwindling fans' support for S.League?

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Since the start of the season, there were several S.League matches were delayed from starting on time or had to halt abruptly before resuming due to the activation of the Lightning Warning System (LWS), following is an article contributed by Corinthian, a long-time observer of Singapore football, on his thoughts on the safety initiative.

[Guest Column] Lack of proper CRM

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Mr Gale Gan was formerly the Marketing and Media Executive of Tanjong Pagar United (TPUFC). He started his S.League involvement as a photographer with KallangRoar in 2007 and joined Geylang United in 2011. The following post is a contribution by him on the topic of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which in his opinion is something has yet to make its presence in the local football industry.

[Guest Column] Somehow along the way, we seemed to have lost our way

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Days after I posted the entry titled "Hello! #sleague is NOT a FARM LEAGUE!", I received a mail from Mr Foo Mao Chian and with his permission, I reproduced the content of this said mail.

I share your frustration with the direction FAS is taking Singapore football and the way the S.

[Guest Column] Shooting Pictures at S.League Games

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I saw what one of my fellow photographers, Mr Andrew Him who shoots for The Unofficial Woodlands Wellington Supporters' Club (The Black Sheep), posted on his Facebook page days ago on taking match photos at various S.League venue that I thought it would be good to share what he said. So with his permission, I reproduced what he shared online of his experience as below.

Youth Soccer

Less travel soccer, more intramural soccer

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Steve Hann argues that too many young players are being pushed into travel soccer too soon.

Licensed to Thrill: How I earned my National “E” Level Coaching Certification

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Many of us would like to coach and to do that you need certification. Kevin Kinkead on how he got his "E" level certification through a recent Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer course.

Coaching youth soccer

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Rowan University assistant men's soccer coach Don Norton lays out in this guest column his philosophy for how youth soccer coaches should approach their players and the game.

Major League Soccer

A slightly tarnished Supporters’ Shield?

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The New York Red Bulls won the Supporters' Shield fair and square, but they benefited from an unbalanced schedule that helped Eastern Conference clubs. Guest contributor Kevin Kinkead explains.

Guest Columnist: Designated Disappointments

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In what we hope will be a reoccuring section of the site, Ned Hardwood has submitted the first guest column on the site. He writes an article breaking down his thoughts on MLS's use of Designated Players and the DP rule. While "MLS Reserves" does not always agree or disagree with the thoughts of our guest columnists, we do encourage healthy debate and conversations on this topic.

Where Does MLS Go After Lucky Number 20?

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This is a guest column by frequent contributor Nick Sindt. Always good to host your pieces, Nick!

Editor's Note: Don Garber  and MLS are choosing their talents in South Beach this upcoming week at the annual MLS draft (that has shrunk from four rounds to three.

Kljestan: Belgian League ‘A Little Bit Better’ than MLS

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a guest column and interview from AOL Fanhouse senior soccer writer Brian Straus. Straus had an opportunity to catch up with Sacha Kljestan when he returned to the States for the USMNT friendly against Brazil two weeks ago, and this is the article Brian wrote for AOL Fanhouse, originally run August 18, after his chat with the new Anderlecht man.


Shaz Rahman on tackling

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Special guest column this morning. Shaz wrote this a while ago but I've been waiting for the right moment to post it. The aftermath of a busy encounter against Stoke City seems like that moment, particularly with Tony Pulis drawing attention to Pavel Pogrebnyak's enthusiastic tackle (*cough* glass houses *cough*).

A Murky Outlook for American Keepers At Villa

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This is the second guest column by Preston Petri

Gerard Houllier, contemplating changes in front of the mesh at Villa Park...while higher-ups likely contemplate his...

Recently, Aston Villa of the Barclays Premier League have followed in the footsteps of the old Fullhamerica teams by integrating former and current USMNT players into their first team fold.

"Thanks for your support, even though you're the ONLY ONE, it means a lot to us..."

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This is an article contributed by 17-year old student Daniel Lau, who himself is a passionate local football supporter, who was once featured on the newspaper for his undying support to the local football.

A familiar figure at the airport whenever the any of the national teams depart or return from their overseas assignment.

gombak united

[Feature] South Melbourne in Singapore Cup 2011

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Last season, blogger Paul Mavroudis sent me his preview on his beloved South Melbourne FC's maiden Singapore Cup campaign and this time round he took the initiative to pen his thoughts before the Hellas are due to meet Albirex Niigata (Singapore) this coming Sunday at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Many thanks to Paul for his contribution.

Potential Players with Merits to be selected for Singapore National Squad.

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Having saw what he tweeted in the first place, I prompted Mr Neo Chee Seong (who contributed an article last month) to come up with his list of players to fill up the vacuum after the disband of the Singapore National Team.

Many thanks to Mr Neo for sharing his views on this issue.

Potential Players with Merits to be selected for Singapore National Squad.

Spotlight on South Melbourne

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Picture of logo sourced from Wikipedia

Before they take on Gombak United tomorrow at Jalan Besar Stadium.

Here's insight of the team hailed from Down Under, Victorian Premier League powerhouses - South Melbourne Football Club.

Many thanks to Paul Mavroudis, the blogger behind "South of the Border - a South Melbourne FC - Hellas - Lakers - Pirates blog " - a fans' blog of the club, for this contribution.


"What next for Singapore Football?"

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Mr Terence Ong, who is now pursing a degree in communications wrote to me last November for some help in a school assignment he was doing.

Months later, I met him at a game at Jalan Besar and suggested to him that if would it be OK for me to reproduce that assignment for this blog and credit him as a "guest columnist" and he's fine with it, so here it goes.

S.League to sit for 'O' level exam in 2011

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My spotlight-shy friend, who brought us his yearly review mentioned in "point-form" the other day, came back with another SMS which he texted me days ago... (P.S: Those in GREEN are what he texted, while whatever mentioned in the brackets are my take of the events)

Next year will be GCE 'O' level for S.

Since Day One

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Not that long ago, I got a SMS (in green font) from a friend of my that he shared with me his rating of the S.League since the inauguration in 1996...
Attendances based on my memory
  • 96 Tiger high,
  • 96 Pioneer low,
  • 97 average,
  • 98 recession,
  • 99 good,
  • 00 average,
  • 01 good but media coverage totally destroyed during SEA Games,
  • 02 starting to have unusual results
  • 03 penalty shootouts average N later died off
  • 04 league reduced in teams, gd with jap albirex in,
  • 05 gd with paya lebar in, young lions N balestier performed well,
  • 06 young lions did well in FA Cup, sporting afrique some interest but fade away after payment issues,
  • 07 tiger cup success, but liaoning destroyed it
  • 08 poor
  • 09 bad
  • 10 worst
I asked my friend if he would like to be quoted and acknowledged, he politely declined, but I thought this is something rather interesting and it's not those-kind-of-thesis-type of article as it's simple and hit the nail kind of review.

So is the tag of "Asia's top ten leagues" a justifiable one?

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Today, we have Mr Neo Chee Seong who describe himself as a "long time S.League fan" pen his thoughts on the S.League since its inauguration in 1996.

Many thanks to Mr Neo for sharing his views on the league.

So is the tag of "Asia's top ten leagues" a justifiable one?
Neo Chee Seong

Ever since the inception of the S-League in 1996, I have been to countless of matches.

The Rest

The solution to southeast PA’s bad grass fields?

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Guest columnist Joel Lorah looks at the predominance of bad grass fields in southeastern Pennsylvania and wonders whether a solution to that problem -- artificial turf -- creates more problems than it solves.

In defense: The art of the dive

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Guest writer Joel Lorah celebrates and defends the art of the dive.

[Guest Column] "I am relief that Stange is given a chance to prove himself"

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This article first appeared as a posting on the blog's Facebook Page days before 2015 and it was written by Mr David Ng who called himself "an old friend of singapore football". With his permission I decided to reproduce the posting as a form of guest columnist piece and the first piece of the year.

Coach Bernd Stange was given a lifeline recently
I am relief that (current national coach Bernd) Stange is given a chance to prove himself and his method.

The case for recreational soccer

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Steve Hann with a guest column that makes the case for recreational soccer.

Building Bridges Soccer Tournament: Raising money to support urban youth soccer

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Camden Youth Soccer Club coach Barry Evans on the upcoming Building Bridges With Soccer fundraising 3v3 tournament to support CYSC and Kensington Soccer Club.

QPR Report Thursday: QPR's 1995-96 Strip Ranked One of Premiership's Top 20...QPR Player of Year Dinner?...Venables Back in Football..CEO Beard Talks

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Four Four Two "The 20 best Premier League kits
QPR (H) 1995/96
The titular hoops have remained largely untouched, but this is our favourite iteration. The simple round blue collar and centralised badge marked a classy debut by kit manufacturers View From (who they?). Shame the team struggled without Sir Les Ferdinand and dropped out of the top flight.

Greasy Pitch crippled Hanoi....

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I'm not being unprofessional for placing this uncompleted team shot of the visiting Hanoi T & T (pictured above) before the start of their AFC Cup match against Tampines Rovers, as their star striker Le Cong Vinh abruptly left the field to have his boots changed before the shot was taken (much to our "disappointment").

Guest Column by Mr. Greg Meyer

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At great expense Spurs Musings are delighted to present to you a guest column by the distinguished columnist Mr.Greg Meyer. He has been stolen, or rather loaned, from right under the nose of Mr. Jim Duggan of 'Topspurs'.Greg is one of the few Australians to have smuggled himself back on the same convict ship on which he arrived in the land of the marsupials and hides these days deep in the