Like father, like son: Real Madrid U18s’ Enzo Zidane sent-off for petulant attack

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Enzo Zidane can expect to get a bit of grief after being shown a red card after just nine minutes on the pitch for Real Madrid under 18s but at least he knows his dad will have to keep his mouth shut! In a petulant act reminiscent of Zinedine, the 17-year-old kicked out at [...]

Italy Bids Final Farewell To Livorno’s Piermario Morosini As 5,000 Fans Gather Outside Church

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You've read Serie A Sister's tribute to Livorno's Permario Morosini, where we told you how the family, friends and fans of the player have been coming to terms with his passing after he collapsed during a Serie B game on Sunday. His funeral took place in Bergamo this morning and more than 5,000 fans from his former teams, Atlanta and Udinese, gathered last night to bid farewell to their beloved player.

Tottenham Hotspur

Cabanas Returns From Near-Death Shooting

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This past weekend, football was secondary. Seeing 25 year-old Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini collapse on the pitch put everything in perspective once again for the football world just weeks after Fabrice Muamba's similar heart attack on the field against Tottenham. Only on Saturday, Morosini wasn't as lucky and died en route to the hospital.

Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy targeted by Tottenham fans angry at referee Chris Foy

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Pedal-ty, ref! Four-times Olympic cycling gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy has revealed he has become the victim of Twitter hate campaign orchestrated by stupid Tottenham supporters. The confused Spurs fans were angry at referee Chris Foy (note: Foy, not Hoy) following his performance in their match at Stoke on Sunday.

Chelsea 3 Arsenal 5 – three days on, still feels as good

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Pinch, punch, first of the month and all that.

And pinching is something we've been doing a lot of since Saturday. Did we really go to Stamford Bridge and become the first side in the Premiership era (the twentieth year of it, no less) to score five times? Did we really come from behind twice at a ground that has caused us so much grief over the past five years?

English Premier League

The world is watching. A huge weekend for…

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Bolton Wanderers What a horrible week for a football club. The scenes at White Hart Lane made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Fans, managers, players and officials united in concern, grief and fear. Four days later, and football has a miracle man, it appears. Fabrice Muamba was clinically dead for [.

Heard the one about the Russian, the American and the Frenchman?

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Arsène Wenger has never seen so much pressure from his own fans. His ability to manage this Arsenal team is being questioned, and according to some, he is losing his grip on the modern game. But is he the only one to blame?

The year 2006/07 saw a major introduction into the Arsenal unit.

For Love Or Football

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"Footballer asked to give up honeymoon for new club."

Admit it first thoughts center around the wife and a reaction worthy of any reality shows in which a new bride or bride-to-be seem like a good candidate for a rubber room and a key which gets mysteriously lost for...ever.

Tim Ream was given a choice: sign for Bolton or head off on the honeymoon.

Dumb Tottenham Fans Abuse Wrong Man As Olympic Cyclist Chris Hoy Receives Twitter Barracking

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By Alan Duffy

One of these men is a Premier League referee, the other a gold medal-winning Olympic cyclist can you spot which is which?

In a story rather reminiscent (in a cyber kind of way) of that infamous paediatrician/paedophile mix-up some years back, irate Tottenham fans, angered at the officials' performance in their 2-1 defeat against Stoke on Sunday, have been taking to Twitter in their droves, but directing their (rather justified) ire at cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, rather than the guilty official, Chris Foy.

Mistaken Identity Has Never Been So Cruel

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What's worse than having the similar name to an unpopular referee? Being famous and having a similar name.

Chris Hoy is an Olympic gold medal (three time) cyclist. Christ Foy is a Premiership referee who had an unfortunate weekend, which then led to lots of unfortunate moments on Chris Hoy's Twitter feed.

January – Deal or no deal?

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Written by FatGingerGooner

With so much grief given out to our esteemed manager during pre season, and with another transfer window just around the corner, I thought it might be a good time to see how Wenger's apparent 'panic buys' have compared to the big money signings of some of our closest league rivals.

January – Deal or no deal?

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Written by FatGingerGooner

With so much grief given out to our esteemed manager during pre season, and with another transfer window just around the corner, I thought it might be a good time to see how Wenger's apparent 'panic buys' have compared to the big money signings of some of our closest league rivals.

Yaya Touré: Whitney Houston Worshipper

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Image Credit: Ian Hodgson.

"I am sorry but it is true. I like quiet music like that. All that loud music with all the volume gives me a pain in the head. Sometimes (my brother) Kolo tells me, 'Yaya, you're stupid. You are big and strong and when people see you on the field or on the street they will be scared of you, so why are you listening to this silly music?

VIDEO: David Cameron challenged over 'grossly offensive' Hillsborough comment

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During Prime Minister's questions yesterday, Luciana Berger, Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree, urged David Cameron to apologise for what she described as 'grossly offensive' comments about the ongoing question for justice over the Hillsborough disaster.
liverpool football club anfield
Cameron is alleged to have compared the Hillsborough families' search for closure to a 'blind man, in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there'.

Judge to Hillsborough Families: Move On.

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First John Henry and Fenway Sports Group were out to destroy the glory of English football. Then there was Suarezgate—at least until the long needed debate on Hillsborough in parliament bumped that to the back burner. In the midst of all that there was the small matter of a match against Manchester United to round things out.

Arsenal’s Dark Knight

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A recent blog on the AA website called 'Project Youth-fact or fiction?' (great write Illybongani) got me thinking about the direction that Arsenal has been heading in the last 6 trophyless years and also the grief that Arsène Wenger has had to endure. Fans seem to be divided into 2 opinions.

Striker prepared for United hatred

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Bolton Wanderers skipper Kevin Davies realizes that Manchester United faithful will continue to abuse him following his tackle that has sidelined young midfielder Tom Cleverley for a few weeks.

However, as a responsible veteran in the sport, Davies has taken full accountability for the incident and refuses to let criticism take away from the fact that his Cleverley's injury was an accident.


Bendtner's finish as Sunderland overcome Liverpool, 1-0

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szólj hozzá: SUN 1-0 LIV | MOTD Highlights

The best striker in the world did more to help Arsenal than he did in his three years there (I speak in jest of course) after he followed up on Fraizer Campbell's shot hitting the upright. Yes, Nicklas Bendtner, yet another Arsenal connection piled on Liverpool's grief for the second week in a row.

Merseyside united in grief as football mourns another true gent in Gary Ablett who has died aged 46

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Merseyside united in grief as football mourns another true gent in Gary Ablett who has died aged 46

Such was his affable nature, there were no grudges and there was never any acrimony when Gary Albett made move from Liverpool to Everton.

View the full story here: The Telegraph

A news article on 2012-01-02 12:03:21 from: The Telegraph

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Why does Steve Kean get so much grief when rock bottom Owen Coyle gets away with murder?

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Why does Steve Kean get so much grief when rock bottom Owen Coyle gets away with murder?

Throw a stone anywhere in the areas of Greater Manchester and Lancashire and chances are you'll break a window at a professional football club. The North West is the undisputed home of the domestic game, with 12 teams spread over the four professional leagues.

After Speed, why the football family should look after its own

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After Speed, why the football family should look after its own

Football has cried a river following the tragic death of Gary Speed. Managers, players, and the fans who pays our wages, have been united in grief because we have lost one of our own. Everyone has been asking the same question since Speedo apparently took his own life last weekend.


Full crocks + Arsecast 216

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Ok, here we go again!

We'll start this morning with some team news ahead of the Norwich game and there's bad news for two young full backs. Kieran Gibbs has a hernia and Arsene explains:

He looks like he will be out for between four and five weeks. At first he had an abdominal strain, certainly caused by the fact that he had a hernia already.

We won

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Video, reaction and highlights.

If you didn't see or hear yesterday's game and simply checked about online afterwards to find out what had happened, it wouldn't be unreasonable for you to assume that we had lost. Or not won. Such was the outpouring of grief post-game that the fact that we actually took three points was glossed over.

The Rest

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Canada and France each suffered grief on Monday in the semi stage, but there is nevertheless a bronze medal to compete for. The victor will gain its first-always Olympic medal. Tune in here and on NBCSN.

Cole rejects rumours and upsets a few people!

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Ever since Ashley Cole has joined Twitter, he has had to put up with serious grief from members of the public for one reason or another.

But, as we all know, Twitter gives people a chance to answer back to rumours and ridiculous reports being written about them.

For example, this morning we are reading utter crap about the fact that he was "supposedly" holding out for £200k a week at Chelsea!

RIP Manuel Preciado – Villarreal’s New Coach Suffers Fatal Heart Attack On Day Of Unveiling

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By Chris Wright

Less than 24 hours after signing on at Villarreal as their new coach, former Sporting Gijon manager Manuel Preciado suffered a fatal heart attack and died last night at the age of 54. He was due to be officially unveiled at El Madrigal later this very morning.

UEFA says Terry will be allowed to lift CL Trophy should Chelsea win

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The idiocy of John Terry, it's not something we've yet discussed around these parts. Neither have we got around to recapping one of the greatest nights in Chelsea history. It's not because we couldn't be bothered; more like, we haven't had the time, what with me slammed at the office and Devin trying to shake off an illness (get better, trick).

League Got Joseph Ban Right

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Shalrie Joseph was the latest victim of the MLS Disciplinary Committee. On Tuesday he was slapped with a one-match ban for an incident during Thursday's 1-0 loss to FC Dallas. On the play, Joseph went into a tackle from behind, toppled Ricardo Villar and was booked for doing so.

Not good enough, the committee decided and in essence decided that the play was worthy of a red card.

Snapshot: Man Utd Fanzine Red Issue’s Controversial Muamba Cover

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By Chris Wright

What you see here is the latest front cover to adorn Manchester United fanzine Red Issue an image not mocking Fabrice Muamba, his collapse or his plight, but instead chastising the 'grief mongering' that has surrounded it for the past week or so...

It's near the knuckle, controversial, provocative and tasteless (that's the kind of material Red Issue tend to trade in) but there is a valid point to be made about the 'I care most' simpering that can permeate this kind of thing only Red Issue have set about eviscerating that point with a supreme lack of tact.

David Cameron Apologizes For Offensive Hillsborough Remarks

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U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron apologized for comments he made about the "Justice for the 96" campaign. A Downing Street spokeswoman claims his words were misinterpreted and he did not intend to offend victims' families, according to the Daily Mail.
"The Prime Minister regrets if any offence has been caused," the spokeswoman said.

Serie-A Sisterrr : Boateng’s Roll & Italian Tributes

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Well, well, what do we have here... Alberto Aquilani finally over the moon for Kevin-Prince Boateng, of course! The only name the Rossoneri should be chanting at breakfast, lunch and dinner today is 'Boateng' because his second-half hat-trick yesterday led them to 4-3 win over Lecce yesterday.

The Final Legs of the Season: A Journey Through the Five Stages of Grief

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After a debacle like our 3-0 fallout against Kansas City, it's just kind of hard to know what to say or do as a mixture of emotions surface. There's anger, sadness, despair, rage, angst, and we'll just stop there as my gut is now on fire.

These are common manifestations of grief. To borrow from the landmark book, On Death and Dying, grieving guru Elisabeth Kübler-Ross describes grief as a cycle in 5 stages.

9/11 Remembered From a New York Soccer Fan

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Today, ten years after the fateful 9/11 disaster, is full of emotions, sorrow, grief and remembering those that sadly died in the airplanes, in the buildings and the many firefighters and police officers that made the huge sacrifice to risk ...