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Twenty Years Of Fever Pitch

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It may seem odd to look at upon the anniversary of the release of a book, but Fever Pitch is no ordinary book. This year sees the twentieth anniversary of a book that launched its own sub-genre  the football confessional continues to thrive to this day and has been held responsible for both a sea-change in attitudes towards football supporters and for the gentrification of the game in a general sense, and it is worth taking a moment to pause and consider the impact of a book that went some way towards redefining football writing in Britain.

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THFC1882′s Stuart Watts with news of an exciting new book, chronicling memories of Tottenham Hotspur over the last 60 years!

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce that I am one of the founding members of the Spurs Writers Club!!

Prolific Spurs author Norman Giller has recruited a team of 45 writers and our first book The Glory-Glory Game will be published early in 2012!

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Who is the greatest player to have played for your favourite team? What was your greatest moment as a fan? These and other similar questions are often asked by football supporters all over the world and so on this week's main report we ask what has been the best ever side in your favourite club's history with Damian focusing on the Spurs team from 1961-63.

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Corner: The Soccer Cycle

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We're going to return to soccer, but we're starting with baseball. Most of us know someone who is the classic baseball obsessive. Arcane trivia, stats obsessives, the type where 163 regular season games each year isn't enough. We've probably also seen some of the same people get burned out on the sport and find something else to do with their time.

No Guts, No Glory ad de-constructed

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Welcome to the blog for today folks.

Righto no small talk, no chit chat, here is the first advertisement for the No Guts, No Glory campaign. It was finally released yesterday afternoon (Perth time). Have a gander:

So what do you think? Love you to throw in your two cents worth in the comments section as well as vote in the poll question in the side bar.