Francesco Totti Produces Own Guide To Rome, Poses As Gladiator On Front Cover

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By Chris Wright

According to the Italian media, Francesco Totti is on the eve of launching his very own city guide, in good old-fashioned book form, to his beloved home entitled 'E mo te spiego Roma', which, near as we can fathom, translates as 'Let's Talk About Rome' or thereabouts.

Grazie, Paolo!

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AC Milan will bid goodbye to their inspirational captain, Paolo Maldini, when he plays his final game for the side tomorrow against Roma.

"Sunday's game will mark an end to a great career like that of Paolo," said AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso. "He is a great champion and a fantastic team-mate.

Champions League

Dirk Kuyt Is Fenerbahce’s Resident Gladiator – Plus Netherlands-Turkey & France’s New Team Portrait

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Dirk Kuyt may be playing for Fenerbahçe in the Turkish League now, but did you know that "Official Gladiator" has also written into his contract clause? Yes, the Dutch attacker posed in full gladiator gear (which looked straight off the racks of Istanbul's Halloween Costume Shops) for a feature in this month's edition of the club magazine.

It’s Going To Be A Real-Bayern Semi Final As Ronaldo Admits Challenge & Mario Gomez’s Engagement Tales

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Mark your calendars and reschedule your pedicures NOW because Real Madrid have set up an electrifying Champions League semi-final date with Bayern Munich on April 17! Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, Ozil and Ronaldo might as well polish their shiny silver armours now because this game is ALL about the battle in midfield only the fastest and tactically adept ones will survive.

This Week's Top Class Tweets in Football

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As compiled from our list of footballers on Twitter, here are our favourite tweets from the past week courtesy of the professionals we love to follow. And of course, you can follow us @afootballreport

@MauriceEdu, Rangers & United States: 2nd Preseason Game of this tournament 2nite vs Sydney FC!

Alberto Aquilani – A hero will arise

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Sorry Vishwa. You're the man but still worth a try.

Some say he thinks Alex Ferguson is a swear word. Some say he has a bicycle kick that not even Iker Casillas would have dared to stop. All we know is, he's called THE AQUAMAN.

- No Sir, not Carlton Parlmer

Sendros is quality I tell you.

Motivational video

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Apparently Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola motivated his players in the CL final against Manchester United by showing them a video comparing it to the movie gladiator. The movie is now on YouTube: may be a strange way to motivate football players, but hey, these players are all from a generation that has grown up with Hollywood blockbusters, so I am sure

Pep Guardiola showed Gladiator-inspired video to Barcelona players before Champions League final

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Watch it and your bottom lip will wobble This is the real reason Barcelona won the CL final - a cheesy, yet rather inspiring highlights package of Barca's stars in action, cut with footage from Ridley Scott's Gladiator. (The final...

Watch the video Guardiola showed his players prior to the Final

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Today on TV3 the public got their first glimpse at the now famous "Gladiator" inspired video that head coach Pep Guardiola put together along with TV3's Santi Padró. The video titled 'Els gladiadors's Pep' was shown to Barça players prior to them taking the pitch against Manchester United in the Champions League Final.

Random: Roma Buildups, Centerback Showdown & Drunken Leo

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Our boy Gerard Pique was quite a favorite in the buildup to the Champions League final in Roma. As a former Manchester United player, he had plenty to say about both teams, from claiming that he knows all of Cristiano Ronaldo's tricks and that he's ready to deal with anything from the striker, to talking about his DJing antics and the music he likes to play whenever Barca win.

Guardiola turns to Hollywood for inspirtation prior to the Champions League Final

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FC Barcelona head coach Pep Guardiola prior to his team taking the field in the Champions League Final against Manchester United used some "Hollywood Magic" to inspire his team on to victory. Guardiola along with Catalan journalist Santi Padro put together clips of each Barcelona player showing their greatest moments on the pitch and then incorporated the clips into scenes from the Russell Crowe movie Gladiator.

Brazil, the new England - Part 2

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Yes, Brazil continues to be in the Copa Libertadores what England is in the Champions League. The quarter finals are almost defined - Boca Juniors and Defensor from Uruguay is the only battle that still has to be decided. And from the 8 clubs in the next stage, 4 of them are Brazilian. What makes it even more interesting is that the 4 Brazilian qualified are all previous champions of Copa Libertadores.

second half

PL Recap: Blackburn 0 – 1 Chelsea

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It was a scrappy win, scrappier than it really should have been, but it was a win and a clean sheet, so there's an improvement upon the last few weeks.

Matches at Ewood Park provide a bit of nostalgia for me because so far it is the only away ground I've been to.

All hail Don Vito Mannone

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Well, that was about as much fun as being forced to sit through a Spuds player of the year dinner wasn't it? Say what you like about the performance, fact is we won 1-0 despite playing worse than we did against both Manchester clubs and coming away with absolutely nothing.

Fulham were the better team.

Spurs news

PAOK 0-0 Spurs: First Day at School

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AANP's bosom swells with pride in announcing that the youngest nephew this week began school this week, poor blighter, and similar feelings of satisfaction and reminiscence no doubt occurred to ‘Arry as he sent forth the various assorted whelps and whippersnappers still too young to watch Goodfellas, to do us proud on the corner of some foreign field last night.

Spurs - Bolton Preview: Knives Still Out For Keane

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Still reeling from the shock revelation that the word "gullible" had been removed from the dictionary, we at AANP Towers were sent scrambling to our official panic stations yesterday as news of ‘Arry's alleged departure spread like wildfire. The panic button was hit, the lights flashed and the stern lady kept announcing "This is not a drill".

English Premier League

Dopey Diaby – Destroyer Diaby: which one will we get next season?

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Written by Total Arsenal

Seldom have I seen a football player like Abou Diaby. On the one hand he oozes class and potential, a beautiful athlete: a modern day gladiator. On the other hand he seems to struggle badly at times with being able to focus on the field, and achieving consistency in his performance.

Maradona Mourns Death Of Former Argentine President

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Diego Maradona was among the thousands of Argentine citizens who paid their respect to fallen former President Nestor Kirchner on Thursday. Kirchner's body was laid to rest at Argentina's presidential palace in a service yesterday morning and Maradona was at the ceremony and embraced Kirchner's widow, Argentina's current President Cristina Fernandez, and the former World Cup star and national team coach also placed his hand on Kirchner's flag-draped coffin to pay tribute to the fallen former leader.

Kleber Claims Liverpool Are Trying To Sign Him

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Cruzeiro forward Kleber has claimed Liverpool are attempting to sign him.

The Brazilian striker ruled out moving to Anfield on Sunday, but yesterday performed a u-turn by insisting negotiations were taking place and, according to local reports, the Reds would pay £6m for his services.

When SporTV channel asked him whether he was going to play for the Merseysiders in the Barclays Premier League, Kleber said: "I don't know yet.

Manchester United

¿Qué le pregunta Ferguson a Mourinho?

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Ferguson tiene dudas de cómo afrontar ante el Barça el partido que les puede dar su cuarta Liga de Campeones. Es por ello que el técnico del United reconoció haber llamado a su homólogo en el banquillo del Madrid, para pedirle consejos de cómo jugar ante el Barça, ya que el portugués es el hombre que más se ha enfrentado a los culés esta temporada.

Time To Stop The Music

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As the players walk out on to the pitch at Old Trafford, music is blasted out of the tannoy which is reminiscent of something out of Gladiator. You almost expect lions to come racing out of the tunnel after the players!

There have been mutters of complaint about this for sometime, as it prevents the chanting from starting, as any sound from the crowd is totally drowned out by the deafening music.

Be Prepared For The Worst Football Kit Designs Ever

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Criticism of Newcastle United has long since passed from being some form of sport into being a sadistic ritual, but their new change kit for next season is surely worthy of some comment. The two-tone yellow striped number from Adidas has already been described as "custard and cream with yellow shorts" (When Saturday Comes), "the worst football strip ever" (The Sunderland Echo, perhaps unsurprisingly and a "garish orange and yellow stripe number" (The Sun) but, whilst it may well be the worst offender of the summer, it certainly isn't the only terrible football kit that has been designed over the last few months or so.

Didier Drogba

"It's time for Didier Drogba to leave Chelsea!"

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On Saturday morning, Tony Cascarino featured on talkSport in an interview gave his point of view about Didier Drogba. By 5pm that very same day, Cascarino must have felt like a right mug as Didier Drogba inspired Chelsea to a good away win and made a point to Carlo Ancelotti and everyone else that he isn't quite over the hill just yet!

Tony Cascarino: it's time Chelsea cut Drogba loose

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Didier Drogba is the gladiator who acts like a toddler. So big and strong, yet he rolls around the pitch like a naughty child having temper tantrums. I was a physical centre forward myself so I love his ability, but I've had enough of his pathetic antics and I think Chelsea have, too. It's time to cut him loose this summer.

Frank De Bleeckere

USA vs Algeria: Starting line ups

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Honduran hero Jonathan Bornstein gets a start

United States: 1-Tim Howard; 6-Steve Cherundolo, 15-Jay DeMerit, 12-Jonathan Bornstein, 3-Carlos Bocanegra; 10-Landon Donovan, 4-Michael Bradley, 19-Maurice Edu, 8-Clint Dempsey; 17-Jozy Altidore, 9-Hercules Gomez.

Still can't get my head around Herculez Gomez and Jonathan Bornstein in the line up.

Koman Coulibaly Out Through Wednesday

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Which is essentially just a hair away from sharing a towncar with Nicolas Anelka.

If you're here, you probably don't need a recap of why this news is relevant. If you do need a recap, put on a helmet, click this link for Denny's post-match thoughts, and enter Thunderdome in the comments section.

Controversial Referee Koman Coulibaly Dropped From World Cup by FIFA

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Koman Coulibaly ignored US players questions as to why he disallowed Maurice Edu's 86th-minute goal.

FIFA has left Koman Coulibaly off their lists of refs for the next round of World Cup games. Coulibaly is the man who many feel robbed the US of a winning goal by Maurice Edu against Slovenia in the closing minutes of the game.

World Cup

Pim Verbeek Is The World’s Least Favorite Man While Mark Schwarzer Dies

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Several hours after the deadline for World Cup squads had passed, Pim Verbeek was busy doing whatever Dutch coaches of the Australian national team do either turning the whole thing around or bolting for a fatter paycheck. Whatever it was, it did not include publicly announcing the team, which led to worldwide whispering, wondering if we'd come face to face with the worst case scenario: did he forget?

World Cup Campaign Off to An Ugly Start?

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Well, it's up to you guys. What's your opinion on our new "Gladiator!" jerseys for the World Cup?


Vacay: Cesc and Carla in NYC

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Barcelona back-up plan Cesc Fabregas and his girlfriend, Carla, have arrived in our favourite city for a short holiday.

As you can see, Cesc decided the faux-hawk with bleach was a no go for NYC. Speaking of the faux-hawk, the person to blame is Cesc's Spanish NT-mate, Gerard Pique.

Vacay: Cesc and Carla in NYC

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Barcelona back-up plan Cesc Fabregas and his girlfriend, Carla, have arrived in our favourite city for a short holiday.

As you can see, Cesc decided the faux-hawk with bleach was a no go for NYC.

Speaking of the faux-hawk, the person to blame is Cesc's Spanish NT-mate, Gerard Pique.

The Rest

Copa Argentina: Cosplay Enthusiasts Sacachispas Emerge From Tunnel Dressed As Gladiators Ahead Of Tricky Cup Tie (Photo & Video)

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Photo: @REMEZCLA/Twitter

You'll no doubt be glad to know that Sacachispas, everybody's favourite cosplaying Argentinian football team, have been up to their old tricks.

Having steeled themselves for a tricky cup tie back in May by dressing up as the Justice League, the fourth-tier side attempted to repeat the feat for their Copa Argentina Round of 32 game against Sarmiento de Junin on Monday night by charging out of the tunnel dressed up as gladiators.

Van Hanegem: Mastermind

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Willem van Hanegem and Ove Kindvall vs Celtic in 1970s European Cup final.

Johan Cruyff was the visionary renaissance man in the 1974 team. Neeskens the 300 / Gladiator like Warrior. Rep the Golden Boy scoring the goals. Rensenbrink the elusive snakeman. But Van Hanegem was the brains behind it all.

"Triathlon" at WNT Weight Training

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At the USA's weight training session this morning, fitness coach Dawn Scott decided to surprise the team with a competition. She divided the squad into threes for a triathlon of sorts, with one teammate running one mile on the treadmill, one teammate rowing one kilometer on the rowing machine and the last teammate riding one mile on the stationary bike.

You Are the Ref – Reloaded

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I'm sure you're all familiar with Paul Trevillion's iconic 'You Are the Ref' strips, currently running in the Guardian (with the help of Keith Hackett). Well, on a certain football forum, I found these, errr, 'amended' versions which are amazing. Read on to see what I mean...

This is what they normally look like genuine dilemmas that you may (but in all honesty probably won't) face as a Ref.

Champions League thoughts

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Let's do 'em bullet-style, that's always more fun.
  • Xavi is the best. No surprise he's on the reigning European national team and club team champion. There is not a player in the world I enjoy watching more. And only the post denied him from a great goal.
  • All the same praise goes to Iniesta.