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MLS: Ex-Tottenham Attacker Giovanni Dos Santos Scores Spectacular Effort For LA Galaxy (Video)

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Giovanni Dos Santos netted one of the classiest goals of the season on Sunday, with the LA Galaxy forward producing a magnificent flicked finished from an equally sublime pass against Minnesota United.

Once of Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur and Ipswich Town, attacking midfielder Giovanni Dos Santos netted his stunner towards the end of the first-half, with the score at 0-0.

Major Link Soccer - Geiger Joins Copa America Centenario

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Questionable referee selection for Copa America, Ronaldo shows off a new skill set, and Abby Wambach turns pundit.


Will they or won't they? With the trade deadline closing now in less than a week, that is the big question for the Seattle Sounders.


Orlando City has suffered another setback with forward Pedro Ribeiro set to miss 'a few months' due to an unspecified back surgery.

Dos Santos, Kamara, Kronberg, and Kempin

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Some new for you this evening regarding Sporting Kansas City.

First for those that have lived under a rock for the last 24 hours or so, last night on Off the Pitch, Callum Williams interviewed Peter Vermes. And in the interview, Vermes stated that Kansas City had been trying to get Mexican international, Giovanni Dos Santos to play Sporting.

“Pretty gutted at the moment.” WPS kaput? More.

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Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Philadelphia Union

Check out PSP's match report, which also contains a number of illuminating quotes from the coaches and players.

John Hackworth said after the game, "It was really tough loss to lose a game like that in injury time after fighting so hard to come back and equalizing.

Real Madrid

Around the Forest: Living the Dream

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Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 5/05/16.

From the Wide World of Soccer:

Borrowing from the European model, LA Galaxy opens the first club affiliated full-time high school academy. I can't wait for the zany 21 Jump Street antics to begin once a 39-year-old Arjen Robben, and 42-year-old Miroslav Klose are enrolled in a few years.

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While the finances at Spurs don't seem to be an issue, our reluctance to lower asking prices is. You can't sell what people won't buy, so with this in mind, maybe it's time we took a leaf out of the Italian's book and started to think seriously about player swaps.

By adopting this strategy we don't have to spend a fortune on transfer fees, and we don't risk scaring off potential buyers every time we quote a transfer value for one of our players.


Netherlands Defeat Mexico 2-1 in Round of 16

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Mexico was two minutes away from advancing to the quarter-finals for the first time since 1986 but the final five minutes saw a thunderbolt from Wesley Sneijder and a controversial penalty from Klaas Jan Hunterlaar that were enough to see Holland into the quarter-final instead. The Dutch will take on the winner of Costa Rica vs.

#WorldCup: Late Offensive Burst Gives Dutch Win

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Mexico's impressive run at the World Cup is over after the Group A runner-ups blew a late lead to fall 2-1 to Group B winners Netherlands in a 2014 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match in Fortaleza, Brazil on Sunday afternoon. Giovanni Dos Santos gave Mexico an early second half lead, but Wesley Sneijder equalized in the 88th minute and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar converted a stoppage time penalty kick to send the Dutch through to the Quarterfinals.

Mexico 1-0 Cameroon: El Tri Overcome Controversial Referee Decisions to Get 3 Points [GAME HIGHLIGHTS]

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All the drama surrounding Mexico's stressful qualification period went away with a dominate display in a 1-0 victory over a rather listless Cameroon side.

Oribe Peralta's rebound winner in the 61st minute was the difference in the game, as El Tri should have been up 2-0 at halftime as two Giovanni Dos Santos efforts were incorrectly ruled offside.

Vela not included in Mexico squad, Ochoa returns

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The Mexico National Team may have a new manager in Victor Manuel Vucetich, but they still haven't successfully been able to recruit Real Sociedad forward Carlos Vela back into the team.

The high-scoring Mexican was left off the list of five players currently based in Europe that Vucetich has called into the next El Tri squad for their final two Hexagonal World Cup qualifiers.

Mexico’s Giovanni dos Santos Wants to Say in Spain

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Mexican midfielder Giovanni dos Santos has revealed his desire to stay in Spain next season.

Speaking to reporters before his national team's fixture against Costa Rica, dos Santos said, "Of course I want to stay in Spain." (quotes via goal)

Speculation regarding his future at his club began following Mallorca's relegation last season.

Mexico's Giovanni dos Santos Wants to Stay in Spain

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Mexican midfielder Giovanni dos Santos has revealed his desire to stay in Spain next season. Speaking to reporters before his national team's fixture against Costa Rica, dos Santos said, "Of course I want to stay in Spain." (quotes via goal) Speculation regarding his future at his club began following Mallorca's relegation last season.

Mexico 5 - 0 El Salvador

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This is just great. The goals are fantastic. The announcer is fantastic. And it should appeal to the Premier League fan because: Givoanni Dos Santos assist on the first goal. Iit wouldn't cound for fantasy purposes, but still. Chicharito hat-trick Salcido clean sheet I may make it my campaign for the summer to get GDS some respect and to get him a place in Spurs' 2012-13 side.

Giovanni Dos Santos: The forgotten talent

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On the 10th June 2008, a 19 year old Mexican by the name of Giovanni Dos Santos joined Tottenham FC from European Giants Barcelona for the minimal fee of £4.7m. Having progressed through the youth ranks at Barcelona with the likes of Bojan and Sergio Busquets, 'Giovanni' quickly gained a reputation as an expert dribbler with instinctive creative attributes, with many dubbing him the new Ronaldinho.

Seleccion Mexicana

Gol de Giovani Dos Santos Espanyol 3-2 Mallorca

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El futbolista mexicano Giovani Dos Santos no ha tenido mucha suerte en Europa, pocos minutos en los equipos en los cuales alguna vez fue requerido.
Hoy su equipo perdió contra el Espanyol de Barcelona que es dirigido por Javier Aguirre y que ademas cuenta en sus filas con el defensa mexicano Hector Moreno.

La selección mexicana olímpica dorada, México Campeón de juegos olímpicos medalla de oro

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México lindo y querido, We are the champions!

El camino de la selección mexicana olímpica fue acompañada por la música de carros de fuego desde el inicio de su carrera futbolistica a Londres 2012, fue lento, seguro y maravilloso este momento.
Luis Fernando Tena tuvo el mayor reto de su vida al agarrar a la selección que llegaría hasta los juegos olímpicos, muchos dudaron de su capacidad, más aun por aquella desastrosa copa América en Argentina.

Los fichajes de Jonathan y Giovani Dos Santos al Málaga

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La novela de los hermanos Dos Santos en la selección mexicana de fútbol de plano ya tiene muchos capítulos. Gio ha dado sus mejores actuaciones futbolisticas con el tricolor y Jona ha sido despreciado en par de ocasiones la mas dura fue el previo al mundial de Sudafrica 2010, se había ganado el respaldo de la afición pero hoy una parte ahora lo repudia por despreciar al tri , y no ir a los juegos olímpicos por preferir un puesto titular en el Barcelona; pero ahora resulta que el Málaga busca fichar a los 2 hermanos para que den lo mejor de si en un mismo equipo, lo que parece una excelente idea que esta en vías de concretar.

La lista definitiva de la selección mexicana para los juegos olímpicos en Londres 2012 con los refuerzos

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La Dirección de Selecciones Nacionales da a conocer la Convocatoria de Jugadores que representarán a México en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012.

Fuera Jonathan dos Santos y Alan Pulido de la Selección Olímpica, que confirma oficialmente como refuerzos a Corona, Salcido y Oribe Peralta a continuación la información:

Convocatoria de Jugadores


El Reglamento de Juegos Olímpicos en su Preámbulo III, Artículo 10 indica que es obligatorio enviar la convocatoria definitiva a FIFA el día 9 de julio, fecha en que también se inscribirán a los cuatro jugadores alternativos (suplentes), los cuales se darán a conocer ese día y que no se concentrarán con la Selección Olímpica, sino que continuarán trabajando con sus clubes, pero consientes que pueden ser solicitados por el equipo nacional en caso de existir alguna desafortunada lesión.

Gio Dos Santos con ADN brasileño

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Ya son varias muestras del talento, pero cada joya que nos regala Giovani Dos Santos no la vemos cada semana, ni cada mes.

Es increíble que tenga más minutos con su Selección que en su Club. Es increíble que nadie haya sido capaz de gestionar su salida del equipo que lo tiene prisionero en Inglaterra.

Resultado partido amistoso selección de México 2-0 Brasil en Dallas

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La selección mexicana de fútbol dio un muy buen partido en el estadio de Dallas, el cual registro un lleno total. Pasto exclusivo para este encuentro de dos selecciones muy populares. Los aficionados saben que los partidos ente estos dos equipos son juegos muy entretenidos y casi siempre hay buenos goles, hoy no fue la excepción, México le volvió a ganar a los brasileños después de 5 años de no hacerlo.

Los goles del partido amistoso Selección de México 2-1 Bosnia

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Chichurrito, Gol en honor al Chanfle,Regalazo, fueron algunos de los titulares de algunos periódicos de circulación nacional refiriendo al gol de la victoria de México sobre la selección de Bosnia en minuto de reposición .
Lo que yo veo es un error de la defensa Bosnia y un gran acierto del numero 14 Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez quien por cierto ese día cumplía años, amistoso o no la cultura de la victoria y la de disfrutar esos momentos esta muy lejos en México, cuando se gana siempre es por cosas ajenas al equipo y cuando se pierde es que se tiene toda la culpa del mundo.

El premio al mejor gol del año 2011 FIFA Puskas

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Ya están los 10 goles seleccionados por la Comisión del Fútbol disponibles en vídeo. Hay que votar y participar así en la elección oficial del ganador del Premio Puskás de la FIFA 2011.
Hay dos golazos mexicanos entre el top 10 son el de Giovani Dos Santos que le anoto a los Estados Unidos en la fina de la copa Oro y mas importante aun el de Julio Gomez que lo ascendió a leyenda en el mundial sub 17 contra Alemania de ultimo minuto y de chilena.

Selección de México 4-2 Estados Unidos final copa de Oro

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México empezó perdiendo con dos goles en contra, todos los aficionados negativos empezaron hacer su aparición, pero los mejores momentos del tricolor estaban por empezar.

En pocos minutos de buen juego México perdia, pero el caracter y determinación de estos jóvenes guerreros dio frutos , en especifico cuatro goles y un campeonato.

Lista de Convocados de la Selección México para enfrentar a Bosnia

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Lista la convocatoria con los jugadores oficiales para el partido contra Bosnia, el primer partido del ¨Chepo¨ De la Torre como entrenador de la selección mexicana de fútbol. En lo que parecia seria una selección mas que renovada se convirtió en un ejercicio mas, volvió a llamar a jugadores de experiencia como Torrado y a jóvenes promesas europeas que se tardan en despegar como Giovani Dos Santos o Pablo Barrera, en la portería dos sorpresa.

futbol mexico

Oribe Peralta entre los mejores goleadores del mundo según ranking IFFHS

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El delantero mexicano Oribe Peralta vive sin duda el mejor momento de su carrera, la temporada pasada en el torneo mexicano salió campeón con Santos Laguna, le quito la malaria a su equipo y apareció en los momentos más importantes.

Oribe tuvo una lesión pero eso no fue impedimento ya que de tuvo una muy buena preparación que le dio oportunidad de aparecer con la selección mexicana olímpica.

Seleccion mexicana 1-0 Chile partido amistoso en Barcelona

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El tricolor nacional se fue de gira a Europa a jugar dos partidos amistosos aprovechando la fecha FIFA, en el primer partido empato con Polonia y este domingo derroto al equipo de Chile en la ciudad de Barcelona en el estadio español.
14 juegos de Chepo De La Torre al frente de la selección mexicana y sigue invicto.


Spurs’ Summer Doings Viewed From A Beady AANP Eye

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What ho! That all happened in rather a flash of Euro gubbins and fuzzy Olympic bonhomie, no? For those still drawing breath at the madness of it all I advise a jolly swift inhalation, for that clattering of hooves without is Season 2012/13, entering stage right at a gallop.

Ave atque vale

Now unless the family monocle is playing tricks again, I fancy things are beginning to look at tad different at N17, for all sorts of reasons - but ‘tis only right and proper to begin by doffing caps and charging glasses in memory of a fallen comrade.

Spurs 1-0 Rubin Kazan: Somehow…

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Me neither. In fact, I'm not sure there is a soul alive who understands quite how we managed to toddle off from that with a win, but bearing in mind the perils that lurk within the mouths of gift-horses I suggest we stuff the three points under our jumpers and sneak off before anyone notices.

It might be an idea for Jake Livermore and Sebastien Bassong to bond over a Jason Statham DVD night or some other such bromantic activity, because last night neither seemed to be aware that the other was of the same species, let alone the same centre-back pairing.

Stoke - Spurs Preview: The Least Important Game of Our Season?

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Europa League or Carling Cup, which ought we to want less? It's a tricky one. The Europa League trophy is a sizeable beast, and its lack of handles gives it a pleasingly Neanderthalic edge – one cannot help but handle it in rough, uncouth manner when raising it aloft, which is rather apt after 90 minutes of blood and thunder.

PAOK - Spurs Preview: Babysitting Duties

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‘Tis held in some quarters that as a whippersnapper the schoolboy ‘Arry would wile away his hours yelping "Wolf!" with tedious regularity, but on Saturday even the cynics amongst us realised that his "bare bones" mantra could be objectively verified. The adage has it that actions speak louder than words, so when young Giovani was shoved out onto the pitch for a few minutes it became evident that ‘Arry spoke sooth, and our lot really were struggling for personnel.

Gentle Musings on Spurs’ Summer

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What ho, and how wonderful to reconvene in such happy circumstances, for glory be, the new season will up and runneth soon enough. Huzzah! Surging left-wing runs, infuriatingly aimless headers, goalkeeping howlers, near-suicidal-but-ultimately-ok left-backery, oodles of Sky Sports stats, European adventures on Channel 5 and, of course, madcap, all-action seven-goal thrillers and the like.

US Men's National Team

The US and Mexico Appear On Different Pages Now

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Neymar and Brazil struggled to get by a tough Mexico defense. (PRESSWIRE)

If you follow my tweets you probably realized something yesterday afternoon, I was at Cowboys Stadium to see Mexico take on Brazil. A massive pro-Mexico crowd was on hand (the largest soccer crowd in the Texas history) to see El Tri down Brazil 2-0 thanks to two first half goals by Giovanni dos Santos and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.

“Saddest day for me”

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Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Philadelphia Union

Sebastien Le Toux tweets, "Just got traded to Vancouver ! Saddest day for me in my Philadelphia Union story.... Still can't believe it"

The Union host Vancouver Whitecaps on March 31.

Take a look at Adam Cann's roundup of the evolution of Sebastien Le Toux to Vancouver rumors for links, but to summarize, the Union appear to be trading Le Toux to Vancouver for allocation money.

Le Talk, Union preseason opens, USMNT survives the dives, more news

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Featured image courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Le Talk

While posing a hypothetical question to the Union Twitterati whether they would accept $2.75 million for Sebastien Le Toux, Jonathan "The Goalkeeper" Tannenwald mentions, "I've been told there has been no offer yet."

Meanwhile, Daily News reporter Kerith Gabriel writes, "It's likely the Union will start the 2012 campaign without Frenchman Sebastien Le Toux.

The Rest

Stumptown Footy Western Conference Rundown

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The season is about to begin for the Portland Timbers, so it behooves us to take a look at their opposition for 2017. On Tuesday we went over the East, now it is time to look a little closer to home with a quick rundown of the Western Conference.

Minnesota United

Home on March 3rd, Away on June 21st

Finish last year: N/A

Former Timbers: Jermaine Taylor, Miguel Ibarra (drafted but not signed)

Players to Watch: Kevin Molino is the fulcrum of the Minnesota attack.

Postgame video and quotes: Union 2-2 Galaxy

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Mike and Kevin's postgame wrap. Transcript of Jim Curtin's postgame press conference. Comments from Keegan Rosenberry, Chris Pontius, Vincent Nogueira,and CJ Sapong. More.

La Hora Cero Para el Tri: Se Juega la Calificación al Mundial de Fútbol 2014 Ante Honduras

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El próximo viernes 6 de septiembre, la selección mexicana comandada por José Manuel "El Chepo" De La Torre no tiene otra opción que la de ganar en el juego eliminatorio para el Mundial de Fútbol 2014 ante la selección de Honduras.

Aunque aún es muy temprano para hacer números, queda muy claro que si México gana sus dos partidos que le quedan pendientes como local, prácticamente estaría amarrando la calificación, pero de eso a que el panorama se muestre sencillo para los pupilos del "Chepo" es algo muy distinto.

Harry Redknapp: A difficult act to follow?

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Harry Redknapp: A difficult act to follow? - originally posted on

It would be all too easy to attriubte the recent success of Tottenham Hotspur to Harry Redknapp. Breaking into the top 4 is no mean feat, one yet to be emulated by anyone other than cashbags Manchester City for quite some time.

Spurs 3-1 Shamrock Rovers: Shredding One’s Season Ticket

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Presumably there were some onlookers last night so enraged by our inability to score as the game wore on last night that they tore up their season tickets at half-time, their apoplexy no doubt reaching such levels when we actually fell behind that they chopped off their own feet and howled for the entire team to be sacked.