Gerson Echeverry

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Echeverry named third coach in RGVFC history

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Former Seton Hall head coach Gerson Echeverry was announced as the new Toros manager.

Gerson Echeverry will succeed Junior Gonzalez as Toros manager

As my loyal reader Varus-3 predicted back in the comments section on my 11/9 article, Gerson Echeverry has replaced Junior Gonzalez as the RGVFC head coach.

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Promising Pungo Is Ready To Take The Next Step

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Francisco Pungo is set to turn potential to production in Year 2 with RGVFC.

In the USL, there are two main categories of players: proven veterans and young players with potential. RGVFC forward Francisco Pungo was definitely the latter in 2017. When watching the teenager from Columbia, it was difficult not to imagine how great he could be if he reaches his full potential.