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Colorado Rapids

Current Town Versus Home Town

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Can we do this again?
Tomorrow night we're back home for our first "regular" 7pm Saturday game. The Sounders are in town for the annual (almost) 4/20 game. The means fish tacos at the tailgate! With kickoff at 7 the tailgate starts at 4. Bundle up as we're going to have temps possibly in the 30s.

Rapids Try To Avoid 19 In A Row In Dallas

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Pablo in better times
The Rapids get introduced to the league's new Friday night UniMas schedule with a game down in Frisco against our defeated MLS Cup foes FC Dallas. Colorado is still riding an 18 game winless and 600 minute scoreless streak. If they fail to score in the first 25 minutes tomorrow they'll set a new record for longest scoreless streak to start a season at 385 minutes.

Jameson Night 2015

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Behold the power of Jameson Night!
It only happens every two years now but it is once again Jameson Night! That means, of course, new England is in town for their regular beat down in Commerce City. The full history of Jameson Night is here but the up to date states are the Rapids have won 8 and drawn 4 since the start of the Jameson Night tradition with 27 goals scored and 10 allowed in those 12 games.

I Will Avoid The Obvious Houston Joke

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Now don't lose your head Ned
But we do have a severe lack of offense. Colorado heads to Houston tomorrow trying to break both its 420 minute scoreless streak and its 16 game winless streak. The good news is that the Dynamo are seriously depleted due to injuries and national team callups. The bad news is that due to the Avs and Nuggets playing at the same time there won't be any TV for this one until 11:30pm on Altitude.

Home Opener Finally!

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Home sweet home
With the bye it feels like the season didn't really start two weeks ago, but we're back and at home finally! The new expansion side NYCFC, starring David Villa and Mix Diskerud, is in town and the Rapids will get their first look at them. Game time tomorrow is 2pm on a sunny afternoon, so the tailgate starts at 11am.

Season Kickoff!!!! Rapids At Union

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PPL Park yesterday
The 2015 season is here! Well not here, its not here for another two weeks but its in Philly tomorrow. The season starts at 2pm MST and the weather won't be as bad as above, though still cold. 'Celo and Fleming will have the call on Altitude. C38 will be having their season kickoff party at the Celtic starting at noon.

Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends

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A baker's dozen without a win now
For one last time in 2014 the Rapids take the field trying to break their winless streak. If they succeed in Vancouver they will go 5-0-0 against Canada this year, which is about all we could take out of this season, Otherwise its 14 in a row and 1 win in 18 to end the season.

Welcome The Traitor Back To Colorado

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12 in a row without a win
Normally a MLS Cup 2010 picture would be above, given Dallas as the opponent tomorrow, but the Dirty Dozen was more appropriate. Oscar Pareja makes his first trip back to Colorado after skipping town on us this offseason. Never mind that whole "happy to sign a new contract with the Rapids" or Dan Hunt tampering thing.

Our Last, Best Hope For Victory

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The year is 2014. The place: StubHub Center
Looking at our last 3 games, tomorrow's match against Chivas USA is our most likely opportunity to win a game this season. It is also likely our last game ever against Chivas USA as all signs point to the team being contracted at the end of the season.

Rapids Try To Avoid Record 11th Winless Game

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Enough results for every field player
Sorry for going dark, I was on vacation in Orlando. Expect a recap post of the news of the last two weeks sometime next week. Up first though is Sunday's home game against Seattle. As we see the Rapids have gone 10 games without a win, going back to July 25th.

Its Still A Rivalry Game

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Just say no to Utah
The Rocky Mountain Cup might be over for the year but this is still a rivalry game and the Rapids still need to put a beat down on FSL. A loss tomorrow would make the Rapids the first team to be swept in RMC play in the 10 years of competition. Game time tomorrow is 8pm but since the game is on NBC Sports the kickoff will be more like 8:20 or so.

Rapids Hope For Something To Change Against Portland

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Lance and the Rapids both lost 7 in a row
After setting a new record losing streak and worst loss last week the Rapids will try to avoid their 3rd worst single-season winless streak by beating the Timbers tomorrow night at the Dick. Just for the record the top two are 10 games (2007) and 9 games (2001).

Rapids Try To Avoid Seven In A Row Against Galaxy

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The Pleiades or the Seven Sisters
Colorado looks for their first points since July 25th tomorrow night in LA. A loss would be a team record seventh in a row. Game time tomorrow night is listed at 8:30pm but its an NBC Sports game, which means kcikoff will actually be somewhere between 8:50 and 9pm.

Rapids In Seattle, This Never Ends Well

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Our mantra for a while
10 games, 1 point, 7 goals, -18 goal differential. That's the Rapids all-time record in my hometown where they'll be playing tomorrow. This is not good. We found out this week that Jared Watts will join Drew Moor and Shane O'Neill on the not available list, which has left Pablo trying Burch and Piermayr at CB and Serna at RB.

The Beginning Of The Rest Of The Season

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This, sadly, may be how we feel tomorrow night
Landon Donovan and the LA Galaxy are in town tomorrow night. This will be (barring a miracle playoff matchup) Landon's last game in Colorado. Well, unless he pulls a Farve which I expect him to do. I'm really hoping the Rapids aren't going to play the Denver Broncos to LA's Seattle Seahawks.

Rapids Try To Avoid A Four Game Winless Streak In DC

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It hasn't come to this...yet
The Rapids head to DC on Sunday with a 3 game losing streak and a struggle to find the net. DC is currently sitting second in the East, two points behind KC with a game in hand. The good news is that they play their first CONCACAF Champions League game on Wednesday so they'll have to balance that with their game against Colorado.

Rapids Head To DSG Park South Tomorrow

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If its a MLS Cup picture, it must be Dallas tomorrow
OK, so Pizza Hut Park FC Dallas Stadium Toyota Stadium is only DSG Park South in the playoffs, but this might as well be a playoff game for the Rapids. Colorado and Dallas are battling for one of the last playoff spots and a loss tomorrow would put Colorado 6 points behind the former Burn.

Rocky Mountain Cup, Part 2

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Yours truly with our Cup
Sunday marks the one year anniversary of winning back the Rocky Mountain Cup. We can't win the Cup tomorrow night but we can go a long ways towards accomplishing that goal. Conversely we can lose it tomorrow. The Rapids need 4 points in the last two Rocky Mountain Cup games to retain the Cup while FSL needs 2 points to win it.

Long Road Trip On Short Rest

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Boston and back mid-week can't be fun
Tomorrow the Rapids make their longest road trip of the season heading to Boston (well, Foxborough) for a mid-week match against the Revolution. On op of the long trip and short rest the Revs also play on turf so you can count out Sanchez and probably Buddle.

Honoring Pablo

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7:15 tomorrow night Mastroeni goes into the Gallery of Honor
The Rapids are back home tomorrow night for the first time in three weeks. They'll be facing former assistant coach and the rest of the Under-A-Chivas. We'll also see former Rapids Martin Chavez and Nathan Sturgis, but not Martin Rivero who's season is over after a knee injury.

Depleted Rapids Head To Portland

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Maybe one of these guys can play?
Missing 4 starters Colorado heads into Providence Park (formerly Jeld-Wen Field) tomorrow night for a tough game against the Timbers. The Rapids have only ever scored once in Portland, and that goal should have been called offside but it got them their one win in Oregon.

Rapids In The City Of Brotherly Love

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I have this on my to-be-read shelf
July 12th 100 BC is the best estimation for the birthdate of Julius Caesar. One of history's great generals and the man who largely helped bring down the Roman Republic, a republic that inspired a number of great men that met in Independence Hall in Philadelphia 1800 years later.

Rapids Hope To Go Boom On The Fourth!

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Bellingham Bay, WA fireworks, same ones we saw 16 years ago at our wedding reception
The annual Independence Day game tomorrow with the Columbus Crew as the opponent. With the post-game fireworks the kickoff will be at 7:30pm instead of the normal 7pm. That means the tailgate starts at 4:30 and its not in its normal spot due to preparations for the World Lacrosse Championships that start next week.

Rapids Attempt To Extend Their Canadian Streak

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Rapids + Whitecaps = Wet
So far this season Colorado has 3 wins in 3 games against Canadian teams. Tomorrow they try to make it 4 in 4 as the league restarts after the World Cup break. Vancouver is in town as focus returns to domestic soccer. No word if Iranian World Cup squad member Steven Beitashour has re-joined Vancouver yet or not, otherwise neither team has players missing for the World Cup.

USOC Tomorrow!

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Yeah, its easy for this to get lost in the World Cup but the Rapids do play tomorrow night. The USL Orlando City FC is in town for this 4th Round game. FSL lost in stoppage time to the NASL Atlanta Silverbacks on Saturday, so a win tomorrow night gets us a home game next week against another lower-league side.

Dallas Can Take Our Coach But They Can Never Take...

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Payback Round 1 tomorrow as Colorado makes its first of two trips to Dallas to face coach until 6 months ago Oscar Pareja. They would also face Hendry Thomas, but he's injured. Meanwhile Jose Mari got Wednesday off and should be ready to go. :D Apparently 120 Ciao employees will be in attendance at Toyota Stadium (known as DSG Park South come playoff time) to root for the Rapids as Ciao's American HQ is in Dallas.

Old Home Week Continues

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He's a Ginger Ninja!
Sunday it was Omar Cummings coming back to the Dick. Tomorrow night its Jeff Larentowicz and Qunicy Amarikwa make their return with the Fire. Saturday it will be a trip to Dallas to see Oscar Pareja, Hendry Thomas, and Stephen Keel. Lots of ex-Rapids this week. The game tomorrow is at 7pm, so the tailgate stats at 4, for those people who can get out of work early.


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These might be good in the heat tomorrow
The Rapids start a 3 games in 7 days swing tomorrow that will take them into the World Cup break (USOC game aside). Omar Cummings makes his first return to the Dick after the trade that sent him to Houston, he will probably get a rousing ovation when he makes an appearance.

Rapids Try For Hat-Trick Against Canucks

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I'm French! Why do you think I have this outrageous accent?
The Montreal Impact make only their second-ever trip to Colorado this week. The last time they were here we got a wind-assisted goal late for the winner and with the weather we've had this week we could see something similar tomorrow.

Taking Our Cup To Utah

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This is staying with our fans in Sandy for the first time in a while
Rocky Mountain Cup, does anything more really need to be said? This is the first of two games in Utah this year, split by one game in Colorado. As always a large group of Rapids fans are heading for Sandy for tomorrow night's game, but the rest of us can watch it on Altitude at 7:30.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, soccer moms or otherwise
The Rapids host a Mother's Day afternoon game on Sunday against former assistant coach Wilmer Cabrera, now head coach of Chivas USA. I will not be in attendance at this one as I'll be celebrating Mother's Day with my family who's in town this weekend.

The Leader

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Who's going to step up and be our offensive leader?
Didn't we just do this? Once again the Rapids are facing the Earthquakes, though this time in San Jose. This was originally going to be the season kickoff on March 9th but it was moved to assist San Jose in their CCL campaign. So now we've got the 2nd of 3 games in 8 days tomorrow night at 8:30pm MDT.

Billions And Billions In Salary Comes To Colorado

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If you aren't watching this, you should be
Or at least it seems that way at times. The stars of the Galaxy are in Commerce City tomorrow to face the newly-sponsored Rapids. PrimaDonnavan needs his first goal of the season to break a tie with ex-Rapids (and half the other MLS teams) striker Jeff Cunningham for teh all-time MLS goals record.

Winless In Seattle

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Oh wait, I'm early for the Broncos beat down in Seattle next season, right?
Colorado goes to its house of horrors tomorrow, their 9th trip to Seattle for a competitive game, with 1 draw and 7 losses to their name the first 8 times. Also 6 goals scored and 19 allowed. Seattle is the only MLS team the Rapids have never beaten on the road (though that 8 game record includes USOC games when Seattle was in the USL).

Spanish Bombs

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The Rapids wouldn't mind some long shots from Jose Mari
Colorado is finally back home tomorrow, facing the San Jose Earthquakes at the Dick. After missing the last home game its been far too long since I've seen them in person. San Jose is still looking for their first win this year, while the Rapids have a chance to put up their best ever point total after their first 6 games with at least a draw.

Colorado Attempts To Do Something They've Never Done

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Rapids @BMO, 0 points, 1 trophy
A second trip to the Great White North in a row as the Rapids are in Toronto tomorrow. Colorado has never even drawn TFC in Toronto, must less beat them, but despite that it is the scene of our greatest triumph as it was there we won MLS Cup 2010. Tomorrow's game is at 2pm on Altitude, with the main C38 watch party being at The Armoury.

First Of A Canadian Doubleheader

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Whitecaps-Rapids, wettest game in MLS
Colorado makes the first of back-to-back trips to Canada tomorrow, facing Vancouver almost a stone's throw from my childhood home in Oak Harbor, WA (Seattle is 18 miles closer to drive than Vancouver B.C.). Game time tomorrow is 4:30pm, so you can have a nice dinner during the second half or you can join C38 at the British Bulldog.

Rapids-SporKCs Prediction

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Still feeling lousy so I'm going to make this short. Alas I will not be attending the game today, instead watching on Altitude.

Prediction: 1-1 draw, goal by Buddle. KC is well rested and as the defending champs can't be taken lightly. We're without Klute, Serna, and apparently Irwin.

Opening Day 2014

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A recent birthday gift from my in-laws
Well, home opening day at least. The Rapids face the Timbers tomorrow at 4pm in Commerce City. Of course, tomorrow being the 1-year anniversary of the SnowClasico, snow is forecast for tomorrow afternoon after 1pm, with 1-2 inches expected. Colorado ha confirmed that the game will be played.

And So It Begins...

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The Pablo Mastroeni era (as coach) officially begins tomorrow as the Rapids finally get the season started. Colorado is in New York to face Thierry Henry and the Red Bulls. Game time tomorrow is 2pm and the game will be broadcast on Altitude with Richard Fleming and Marcelo Balboa on the mics again this year.