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U-17 USMNT take home Aegean Cup title

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For the second time in two months, the U.S. Under-17 Men's National Team have won a tournament title.

Facing host nation Turkey in the final of the Aegean Cup, the U.S. U-17s put in another strong performance to take home the title, defeating Turkey 2-1 behind goals from Joe Gallardo and Haji Wright.

Gallardo, Pulisic score as U.S. U-17s open Aegean Cup with win vs. France

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The U.S. Under-17 Men's National Team couldn't have asked for a better start to the Aegean Cup.

Facing four-time defending champions France in the opening match of the international Under-16 tournament in Turkey, the U.

Gallardo, Wright lead U.S. U-17s in rout of England

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Following a tough 2-1 defeat to Portugal on Monday, the U.S. Under-17 Men's National Team channeled their anger into a complete performance against another European foe.

U.S. forward Joe Gallardo scored a hat-trick in 85 minutes, while attacker Haji Wright added another two as the U.


FIFA agent: John Terry offered move to Valencia, likely to accept

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John Terry is reportedly looking to exit Stamford Bridge for the Estadio Mestalla. Michael Steele / Getty Images.

John Terry, the captain, leader and legend of Chelsea FC, could be on the move to Spanish club Valencia CF. FIFA agent Francois Gallardo said two meetings have taken place and that Terry is likely to agree to the proposed transfer.

Un juego de villanos y caballeros

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Por Sebastián Dulbeca
Minuto taitantos de un Cazalilla-Útica de juveniles en la Regional jiennense. Quien esto escribe se dirige al córner para lo obvio cuando el árbitro detiene el juego a instancias de un sector del público. El motivo: se rifan unos conejos y el hombre de negro es solicitado a viva voz como mano inocente.

Marcelo Gallardo

Torneo Clausura 2010: Round 19 fixtures

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After the madness and midweek distraction of the World Cup preliminary squad list, it's back to business for one last push in the domestic league: the final round of a nailbiting 2010 Torneo Clausura is upon us, and either Estudiantes ... Continue reading →

Superclásico Clausura 2010: the lineups

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The first competitive superclásico of 2010 is only five hours away, and even with both Boca Juniors and River Plate enduring turgid campaigns after years of underachievement, it's still the most talked-about fixture in Argentine football. Martín Palermo could become Boca's all-time highest goalscorer outright today, although whilst the Argentine press have now all decided [.

Millonarios show some character

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In probably the most unexpected development of the domestic league's fourteenth round, River Plate played with spirit and intelligence to overturn a deficit and actually win a football match on Sunday afternoon. 1-0 down after only two-and-a-half minutes at home to Atlético Tucumán, it looked like the same old story for River.

Superclásico highlights

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The scores and scorers of the weekend will be up in a few hours' time after the super, Tigre and Argentinos drew 1-1 in Victoria and Colón then took over the leadership of the table in the weekend's final match with a 2-1 win over fellow contenders San Lorenzo in El Cementerio. For now [...]

River pudo llevarse un ‘Superclásico’ que terminó en tablas

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Argentina se volvió a detener en la tarde de ayer para contemplar una nueva edición del 'Superclásico' que enfrenta a los dos clubes más conocidos del país, Boca Juniors y River Plate. 55.000 espectadores abarrotaron La Bombonera para presenciar un encuentro en el que, como siempre, la victoria era un deber, más allá de los momentos puntuales que atraviesan uno y otro conjunto.

Superclásico highlights

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There weren't too many high points in Sunday's super, truth be told, but what the match did have was two fine goals from two veterans of the Argentine football scene. You can see Martín Palermo's smart turn and thirty-yard rocket, and Marcelo Gallardo's twenty-five yard free kick (he changed his mind about which side of [.

Award 2: The Nelly

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By definition, the Nelly Award goes to the player who is new to the team this year and has made the most significant positive impact. The award's namesake Ryan Nelsen emerged as a star defender in the MLS shortly after joining the team, and served as United's captain during the 2004 championship run.

D.C. United

Is Gomez an upgrade over Gallardo?

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It was just 12 months ago that I penned an entry asking the question: Is Gallardo an upgrade over Gomez? And our conclusion at the time was that although Gallardo wouldn't have the same numbers as Gomez did, he would ultimately benefit the team more. We figured that Gallardo probably wouldn't be able to guide United to its third sonsecuritve Supporters' Shield, but that he was brought here to make the team more competitive in international tournaments.

The first roster reset of 2009

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With the sudden flurry of activities reported by Goff from the RFK grounds, after a long and uneventful offseason to this point, this seems like as good a time as any to reset the roster. This was my bit before it was Fullback's! Changes from last month are in bold:

Senior roster (20 slots): 1 Emilio, 2 Moreno, 3 Doe, 4 Pontius, 5 Fred, 6 Quaranta, 7 Khumalo, 8 Guerrero, 9 Simms, 10 Vide, 11 Olsen, 12 Jacobson, 13 Burch, 14 McTavish, 15 Janicki, 16 Roger, 17 Crayton, 18 Wells Namoff.

Don't ya just hate it?

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Don't you hate when a supposed quality addition to your team underperforms, leaves and then goes on to do well somewhere else?

DC United fans might feel a bit upset over a former player of theirs who fits this category. Marcelo Gallardo came in with high hopes a year ago but by the end of the 2008 season the club could not wait to get rid of him and his high salary.

New Years Resolutions for 2009

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Open Cup victory aside, 2008 was not a very memorable year for DC United. Surely there's something that the front office and coaching staff can learn from their mistakes during that forgettable year. So in stealing a page from Fullback's playbook, here's a little holiday themed post. The following are my recommendations for new year's resolutions for 2009:


The 2008 ADRs

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In my last post, I claimed that Tom Soehn had an ADR this year of 3.11. What does that mean? Is that good or bad?

Well as readers of this blog know, I've been passing down player ratings of either "Top Shelf", "Call", or "Rail" to players after every match. I've also been tracking those ratings over the course of the year, and displayed all of them here.

Award 6: The Freddy

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By definition, the Freddy award goes to the player who created the biggest story this year. Not necessarily as a distraction, but just a story that created a lot of buzz and got people talking about the team. The award's namesake Freddy Adu was easily the biggest story for MLS as a whole in the 2004 season.


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It seems like everyone in the stadium knew that this was a must-win game for DC United, except for anybody wearing black. What ever happened to being "hard to play against"? Wasn't that always Soehn's philosophy? This team was fairly easy to play against last night, making bad passes all over the field, including one that probably cost us all hopes of continuing our season.

Award 4: The Donnety

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By definition, the Donnety award goes to the player who has been the biggest disappointment this year. Yes, harsh, I know. But this award's definition could probably be interpreted in a couple different ways. And because I love controversy, of course I will leave that interpretation up to you. Do you give the award to a guy who has played well at times, but hasn't lived up to the hype or to his high salary?

When did the Red Bulls get good?

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Who ever said that 0-0 matches aren't exciting? That had to be the most competitive match between these two clubs in a couple years. Usually we dominate these matches, and the last one against the Red Bulls should be thrown out, but I can't think of a time we've ever played them to a scoreless draw.

Mid-Season Review part 1: Acquisitions

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Given the focus that this blog has given to United's roster this year, I thought it would be appropriate to base our Mid-Season Review specifically on the roster moves that the team has made. In part 1, we will look at United's acquisitions, meaning the players that the team added since the end of last season that they didn't have to give up anything for.

The win they needed

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After a couple of underwhelming victories the past few weeks, this win was just what United needed to not only continue their unbeaten streak, but also gain some confidence going into Superliga. Recently, United has been beating lesser opponents while giving up too many goalscoring opportunities. But in this match, against inarguably one of the most talented offensive teams in the league, DC dominated possession, dominated the scoreline, and performed admirably well on defense.

The replacements

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Just when it appeared that United had found its best starting XI, we have to go and get two players ejected. I guess we all know that players are going to have to sit out a game here and there for disciplinary reasons, but two at once can be brutal. Especially when those two are your highest paid player and most consistent player.

United escapes with a deserved victory

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Who would have thought that United's first road victory of the year wouldn't come until June, against the Alpha Dog of the league Chicago? In the first half, this match felt like a couple earlier in the year, where DC dominated possession and had probably double the scoring opportunities, but failed to finish.


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Really cool of Comcast to showcase DC United Championship Week in primetime all this week. I missed the 1996 MLS Cup yesterday because I got caught up in the hockey match, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 1997 match tonight.

It's hard to compare these classic teams with the teams of today when you're trying to do it just by memory.

All for you, Brian

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This has been reported earlier in other places, but like most United fans should, I tend not to believe anything I read until I read it here. After five seasons playing for Fulham in the EPL, Brian McBride has announced his intentions of returning home to play in the MLS.

Here's where I'm confused though, and maybe one of my intelligent readers (HA!

And so the countdown continues

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Am I the only one who feels like watching that game was a waste of my time? Really an ugly match, with a lot of giveaways by each team. Neither team looked like they should be in the playoff hunt, save for maybe Toronto's defensive unit. At least last week at Chivas it appeared that both teams really wanted to win.

Outplayed and outcoached

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I'm slowly starting to calm down enough to admit that that was a pretty exciting and fast-paced game. But for United it was again a tale of two very different halves. Or maybe I should say a tale of the first 30 minutes and the last 60 minutes. Preki made tactical changes at halftime that clearly worked.

Round 1 to Gomez

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In the first match between the two players who will be linked in the minds of DC fans for the rest of their MLS careers, Christian Gomez dominated United and Gallardo with two assists. Even Facundo Erpen scored a revenge goal, in a match where he had shockingly zero bicycle kicks.


Highlights from the RSL match

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(Summary is not available.)

Strong win isn't enough to secure the Ben Cup

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I was really surprised to see United's players so happy after this match. Earlier in the year, the team was knocked out in the home leg of the Champions Cup after a victory that wasn't enough to earn them the aggregrate win. And the same thing happened tonight, as United falls 5-4 on aggregrate goals in the 2008 Ben Cup.


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The MLS Players Union just released the annual salary figures for the league. For easy reference, below are the guaranteed salaries for each DC United player currently under contract as of 3/31/08:

DC Barlow Jeremy D $ 12,900.00
DC Burch Marc D $ 33,000.00
DC Carreiro da Silva Fred M-F $ 242,000.

The Rest

Manuel Lanzini – The “Jewel” that could be heading to Chelsea

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Manuel Lanzini – The "Jewel" that could be heading to Chelsea - originally posted on

Manuel Lanzini – The natural River Plate successor to the likes of Ortega, Gallardo, and Aimar. (Photo:

Argentina, is a nation that's footballing tradition is synonymous with one position in particular.

Analysis of the Gomez trade

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It's so rare to have a trade that affects every single facet of the team: from goalkeeper to the attack to the draft. And you just get the feeling that this is one of those moments that we'll look back on and say whether it made or broke the season.

When Colorado and DC made a trade last offseason, you can't really say that either team won on that deal, because both missed the playoffs.

Argentines abroad: 12th-13th April

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It's been another important weekend for Argentines abroad. In Italy there were vital performances from Esteban Cambiasso and Ezequiel Lavezzi; in France, two goals from Fernando Cavenaghi helped Bordeaux to keep dreaming of a title, and Mauro Zárate got another for Birmingham to rescue a point. There were also Argentine goals in Mexico and the [.