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"Lying English Pirates" report, then editorialize

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One of things I've been interested in since the recent FIFA corruption debacle and its subsequent disappearance under the regular news cycle is the transformation of the impartial sports journalist into anti-FIFA crusader.

I don't think this is necessarily a negative development, and we're far off from seeing any editorializing in actual news articles, but the line is slowly blurring.

CAF Chief Issa Hayatou Should Resign

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Issa Hayatou, far right.

Our post last week condemning CAF's decision to ban Togo for two Africa Cup of Nations tournaments for withdrawing from this year's event following the deadly attack on their team bus mirrored much of the world reaction: it saw the draconian punishment as rash, insensitive and wrong.


The World Cup and National Narratives

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As I mentioned when we discussed what constituted an American-style of play here a couple of weeks ago, outsiders like to form a stereotypical view of how a national team plays based all-too roughly on certain past performances. It helps us organise stories in our heads about each team when the World Cup rolls around every four years.

From Lalas to Landon: What Is The American Style Of Play?

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The idea of a distinctive national style of play is not entirely foolish, but the stereotype being a stereotype is not exactly a straightforward representation of reality.

There are many examples of this, but I'll give you a timely one from Gabrielle Marcotti today on the English belief about the robotic German style of play, one ever undermined by how numerous German players actually play:

Many have noted the fact that Germany has a truly multi-cultural side at this World Cup, one which draws its heritage from a dozen or so nations as diverse as Turkey, Poland, Ghana and Brazil.


AZ obliterated/Kroenke/3 points at Wolves please

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Another home game, another win, another game with over three goals. Nearly three months into the season and we have not scored less than three goals in a home game in any competition, it shows just how strong we have been at home this season and any team visiting the Grove will be aware of this record and aware of how strong the squad we have is.

“Arsenal’s Biggest Problem: Depth in Attack”

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I have found that listening to most podcasts is not good for my health, especially my blood pressure. With very few exceptions, most notably the Guardian's fantastic Football Weekly, the drivel spewed forth in these little mp3s is enough to make one scratch their eyes out. None more so at times than the BBC's 606.

News & Notes

The Sweeper: @ StJames’Park? Seriously?

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So, despite protests from fans and politicians, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has further cemented his unpopularity on Tyneside by announcing the renaming of St. James' Park apparently believing that adding an "@" symbol to it means the club is respecting history.

The Sweeper: Rafa on the Rack

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Yesterday's stunning day of UEFA Champions League action is of course the focus of discussion today, with every game providing talking juicy points for the press.

The British press naturally focused on Liverpool after their home defeat to Lyon.

The Sweeper: Australian Fans Treated Like Terrorists?

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Recent Melbourne Victory supporters' protest

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It's an absurdly hyperbolic headline from the Roar, but their story of surveillance of fans is a little concerning, especially in the context of the long failure of the Australian football authorities to understand that heavy-handed restrictions and knuckle-headed security is not the way to grow the sport in a country with far more established sporting cultures.

Real Madrid

Real Madrids distinct advantage

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photo from:

Gabrielle Marcotti of the UK times online and Sports illustrated has a great article highlighting Real Madrids distinct advantage it has over all it European rivals.

"The answer to the first question is multi-layered.

Zlatan to leave the Serie A? Diego Milito being courted by Premiership sides and was Jose Mourinho's first season in Italy a failure?

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Giancarlo Rinaldi has a layman's opinion on Silvio Berlusconi's outburst at his manager Carlo Ancelloti. You can read Giancarlo's piece here .Giancarlo ascribes Silvio's frustration to kick the cat syndrome.I along with Giancarlo feel its more shit flows down hill syndrome.An axiom i learnt while living in Texas for six years.

The Rest

Serie A Weekly Five-A-Day: Tuesday April 12

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Here we go again with Serie A Weekly giving you a list of five stories to read this lunchtime that we have seen from around the web and enjoyed ourselves. Many of these will be about Italian football of course but there is always room for something different and those will be here too. Take a look at our recommendations, pass them on and be sure to leave a comment on these great articles.

Video Tuesday

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The glow of the tube, the buzz of the crowd...Let's kick off with Landon Donovan's post-match debut TV hello to England.The ESPN Press Pass crew hosts Gabrielle Marcotti to weigh in on Donovan's actual playing debut.MLS Insider Shawn Francis has a word with new NYRB general manager Erik Soulpatch... erm, Soler.

SPAOTP Media Top Ten

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So how much football do any of us actually watch in real life compared to what we watch on TV? And how much is our opinion informed through the football media lens rather than through our own personal experience and knowledge?

Much of what we know, or think we know, is based on the journalists, presenters, anchormen, and ex-professionals that populate TV, radio and increasingly podcasts.

Roma to be sold or not to be sold that is the question?

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Listening to the game podcast with Gabrielle Marcotti i had learned that the sale of Roma to billionaire George Soros was an inevitability. Then as soon as i heard that i read that Rosella Sensi had confirmed the sale and it would be announced later this week. Rossella Sensi is the daughter of Franco Sensi whom is the owner of Italpetroli.