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Soccer, etc.

Congratulations are Due …

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... to RPE for:

  1. Finishing her thesis; and
  2. Sitting atop our men's bracket!

Oh yeah, and congratulations to West Virginia for upsetting John Calipari's Wildcats ... and to Baylor (for totally screwing up my bracket on the women's side). Ah well, as DaddyCornblog would say .

What a Crazy Country We Live in

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Seriously. Did you know that most Republicans think that Obama wasn't born in the US? I honestly don't know what to do with that little factoid it seems so beyond the pale. Less than half of our GOP brethren are on board with reality. It makes me feel a little paranoid, truth be told. I am sure that I have co-workers (and not just one or two) who believe that he is not a citizen.

Sundry Sunday Stuff

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Morning everybody! It's looking like a good reading day here in New Hampshire, although it's early yet!

The Bookeaters had an excellent meeting at the Exeter Inn last night, where we broke bread and discussed The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage. We all loved (and most of us read) the book, and I would highly recommend it as a portrait, not only of a marriage but of a period of time.

Crow …

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... is what I am eating this morning.

Yikes, did the Red Stars ever spank the Breakers! It was a 4-0 rout on a chilly Chicago night. The webcast was much appreciated, despite the outcome. I'm hoping that we'll see more of that as the season progresses.

As for the game, I thought the Breakers were on their heels and chasing the ball for most of the match - while the Red Stars looked crisp and in control.

Eagle-Soaring Sunday

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Today's the day that the Philadelphia Eagles take their next step toward their first Superbowl win! How's them apples?  Cocky, eh?  Well, as I see it the Eagles are poised to join the Phillies with a championship ... and Philly is poised to join Boston as a recent multi-championship town.  Won't that be something, the Biddles [.