Should Arsenal consider formation change?

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Arsenal have adopted the newly fashionable 3-4-2-1 formation predominantly used by Antonio Conte last season, but are we happy with it? We obviously are happy with the weekend's dominant 3-0 win over Bournemouth, but we have to delve deeper into the system to really figure out what we want to see. Arsenal have always been [.

Divided But Not Yet Conquered

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I struggled this week to muster up the courage to sit and write about the Arsenal. Not because my love for the team has wilted, butbecause there isn't much to write that won't utterly piss off at least half the fan base. A step further, I'm not necessarily worried about..

Our formation if Arsenal buy a new defensive midfielder…..?

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Where will Arteta play if Arsenal get Diame? by Twig

Recently, Arsenal has been strongly linked with a January bid for Diame. He has been compared to Diaby as he's strong and will make us more combative in the middle. There's no doubt that Arsenal miss Diaby. Diaby gives us something different whenever he makes his short returns from injury.

Are Arsenal now playing a 4-4-2 formation?

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I always remember that particular interview where Arsene Wenger compared Theo Walcott to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Comparing Walcott to fellow Southampton academy graduate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Arsenal boss told the club's official website: "They are a different style.

Arsenal change formation and come up trumps!

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Arsene Wenger tried a wholely experimental formation yesterday after leaving Olivier Giroud on the bench. Arsenal instead had Lukas Podolski playing as centre-forward and the in-form Gervinho sitting behind him with Cazorla and Oxlade-Chamberlain out on the wings.

Wenger spoke about the new roles yesterday, starting with his thoughts on having Gervinho in a central position: "You know we transform all wingers into central strikers and all the strikers into wingers!

Arsenal’s difficult midfielder dilemma?

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Arsene's first choice midfield three by TS Arsenal have a midfield dilemma on their hands. Come the end of the month, Wenger will have to pick a midfield of three from Wilshere, Frimpong, Rosicky, Coquelin, Cazorla, Arteta, Diaby and Ramsey. An impressive array of talent that should make for interesting selections come match time.

Anders: Gervinho’s arrival will force Wenger to change formation

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Gervinho's Signature Could Spark Big Change at AFC by Anders Marshall As readers of Just Arsenal know, I'm not a big fan of Gervinho, at least not until he ships in 30 goals for us with his left foot, while riding a unicycle, at the same time hitting Sam Allardyce in the face. With a [...]

Obie: Arsenal need a new formation, not new players!

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ARSENAL'S FORMATION HELL!! Guest Post by Sean Onochie I am one of many many Arsenal fans who would like to see Arsene Wenger add some quality to the squad, but have we ever stopped and thought how we would be able to fit in these new players with the players we have already got? Every [...]


Pioneering: Tactics Guru Dean Saunders Reckons Arsenal Should Have Used 5-2-4 Formation To Stifle Bayern Munich (Video)

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Dean Saunders appeared on Sky Sports News today to deconstruct Arsenal's 5-1 disembowelling at the hands of Bayern Munich in midweek.

Showing the kind of flair for tactics that has served him well throughout his managerial career, Saunders tore into Arsenal before proffering forth his own suggested tactical approach for keeping the German giants quiet.

With Adam Lallana Possibly On His Way, What Will A Pochettino Tottenham Team Look Like?

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Now that Mauricio Pochettino has officially become Tottenham manager, the work to mold a team begins. Much has been made of the swashbuckling style of Southampton's play under the Argentine coach. And Spurs fans will be expecting to see a similar approach from Tottenham next season. In fact, given the belief that Tottenham's squad is better than Southampton, Spurs fans will be expecting good football AND good results.

Let’s try this formation

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What's the Union's Best XI? Kevin Kinkead has a few ideas.

Next Season's Formation - What is your take??

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After the purchase of an incredibly pacey winger in Andre Schurrle, a debate has sparked in my mind regarding how our squad may line up next season. We've truly got a hoard of ridiculously talented midfield players, but are lacking a bit of depth at the back, and obviously could use some more class up top.

Arsenal Debate: Should Wenger change formation sometimes?

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Talking Tactics: The 4-2-2-2 by DS

You're all probably as disappointed as I am. Yes, the ref made two bad decisions which gifted Chelsea two goals, Arsenal played well in the second half, Jack Wilshere is a great player, etc, etc.

Wenger was forced to put Santi Cazorla on the left wing because we don't have any decent left wingers available.

How will Giroud AND Podolski fit into the Arsenal team?

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What formation will Wenger use for Giroud, Van Persie and Podolski? By David There is a strong possibility that Olivier Giroud will be signing for Arsenal in the coming weeks. According to Montpellier coach, Rene Girard, the clubs just need to agree a fee in order for the deal to be completed, which shouldn't take [.

Take a gamble, trust Jewell, back ITFC

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On Thursday, Part 1 of Mark's blog looked at off-the field factors that influenced Town's 10th year in the second tier of English Football League.

Today, Mark looks in detail at the man in charge of the on-field action, the man who currently holds the key to the future of Ipswich Town, the man I've been trying so hard to have faith in this season: Paul Jewell.

Trying Something Else Sometimes

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Come on guys, let's learn new things

Our final league season at Highbury was special. Not only because it would be our last every league/cup fixture at the majestic old ground but for a more tactical reason. That season also saw us reaching the final of the Champions League. Contrasting that to our fortunes in the domestic league, eventually only sealing 4th place on the final day when our closest rival failed to win their own game.

Trying Something Else Sometimes

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Come on guys, let's learn new things

Our final league season at Highbury was special. Not only because it would be our last every league/cup fixture at the majestic old ground but for a more tactical reason. That season also saw us reaching the final of the Champions League. Contrasting that to our fortunes in the domestic league, eventually only sealing 4th place on the final day when our closest rival failed to win their own game.

Arsenal have the right formation – just the wrong players!

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What is with the obsession of the 4-4-2 formation? by KJ The 4-4-2 formation is one of the most traditional in the game of football. It has seen its fair share of success in the Premier league and a variation was utilised by the earlier Arsenal sides under Wenger, most notably by the Invincibles. It [.

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How did we beat AC Milan? Being a modest, shy, retiring type I don't want to answer that question with read yesterdays match preview How To Beat AC Milan because that would make me sound like a know-it-all and I hate those people, mainly because they always disagree with me, and they're always wrong.

Union Tactics: Everyone else is doing it, why can’t we? The 4-2-3-1

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New season. New faces. New roles. New tactics. As we move ever closer to the start of the 2011 season, the PSP takes a look possible tactical formations the Union might employ. Today, Mike throws out the idea of trying a 4-2-3-1 with two defensive midfielders creating possession and allowing lots of off the ball movement.

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I didn't write a match preview for yesterday's FA Cup forth round tie at Fulham mainly because I had a bad feeling about it. I'm not being Mr I Told You So after the event and I didn't for one second think we'd get our asses handed to us in the manner we did but I thought it would be a tricky tie, won by the odd goal in 3.

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I had a very strange moment on Friday while writing the match preview for our game against Blackburn. Instead of my usual pessimism and doom and gloom outlook I felt positive. Instead of concentrating on team selection and formation as I normally do I forgot about all that and concentrated on the current Spurs team and where we've come in the last few seasons and where we're going.

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This could be a controversial one especially as everything Rafael van der Vaart touches turns to gold. Within 10 weeks of signing for us he's become a cult hero. In fact cult is probably not strong enough, he's simply a hero in N17.

His vision, movement, finishing, passing, creativity and pure unadulterated will to win has seen him score 7 goals in just 11 games.


Heaps: ‘We Talk About Formation Change All the Time’

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Photo credit: Chris Aduama/

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – With just over 20 minutes to go in the game, New England head coach Jay Heaps inserted Juan Agudelo into the lineup, replacing Gershon Koffie.

The move came at time in which the team trailed 2-0, and the substitution resulted in the formation shifting slightly, with Agudelo, a known striker, pushing up higher to give the Revs a second striker option.

Formation Flexibility

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Photo credit: Kari Heistad/

When the Revolution welcomedback forward Juan Agudelo 13 months ago, many believed that the squad was ripe for a formation change with two talentedstrikers in Agudelo and Charlie Daviesboth on the roster. But coach Jay Heaps took a longer view of the situation.

Sporting Kansas City

Vermes and Formation Changes

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Once again there has been plenty of talk in preseason about Sporting KC's head coach, Peter Vermes changing Kansas City's formation from what has become their traditional 4-3-3. This has become a yearly occurance for Kansas City over the years, from attempting a two forward system back in 2014 in an attempt to get both Claudio Bieler and Dom Dwyer on the field at the same time, to more tinkering in the 2015 preseason, to this year where according to Robb Heineman, the club has been using the 3-5-2 regularly in training.

Time to Switch to a 4-4-2?

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Since Peter Vermes' first full season in charge of Sporting Kansas City he's worked to fit the team into his image and get a team that will play the style that he wants them to play. A high speed, high tempo, attacking oriented style through the 4-3-3 formation.

Through his time he's gone through a number of different players trying to get the best group of players to make that formation work for him.

English Premier League

Liverpool Tactics – The 3-5-2 Formation & How Reds Could Line-up in Future

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Liverpool Tactics The 3-5-2 Formation & How Reds Could Line-up in Future - originally posted on

Sitting pretty at the top (joint) of the table, Brendan Rodgers must be feeling good about how his side are going so far this season. Recently Rodgers has used a 3-5-2 formation and it has worked so far.

Marouane Fellaini: How will he fit in at Manchester United?

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Discussing Manchester United's new signing Marouane Fellaini and how he will fit into the team.

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The best Manchester United formation to fit Shinji Kagawa!

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Discussing which formation is best suited to Shinji Kagawa

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David Moyes: The Tactician

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FollowEddieon Twitter In our last piece on Moyes, we covered his playing career and how those same characteristics as a player carried through to his managerial days. We also highlighted a slight...

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The Rise of the Hybrid Formation

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The Rise of the Hybrid Formation - originally posted on

Fluidity and momentum go hand in hand in modern day football. Penning the opposition into their own half and keeping hold of the ball is key to emerging victorious particularly at the very top end of the game these days, which is why in the past decade teams have begun to move away from the rigid 4-4-2, and towards formations with more positional and tactical interchangeability.

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Can we try to forget Real Madrid and the Bernabéu yet? It's a little like knowing how long is an acceptable time before you forward that joke text you received when a famous person died. Of course there's still the second leg to be played but even the most optimistic person has got to realise that games just about pride rather than success and I for one would accept defeat if it meant winning our next three league games, all at home, and proceeding a massive game at Stamford Bridge.

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If our boxing day game against Villa is on, and I guess it's a big if at the moment, it's yet another must win. I think I'm going to assume all games we play from now on are must win, at least until we're safely in the top 4 with no chance of going lower. Without football on boxing day the footballing population will crumble under the pressure of spending a further day with family.


Where does Sakho fit in Liverpool XI?

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The Reds have started the 2013-2014 campaign in an excellent manner and what's most impressing is the defensive organization that Rodgers has drilled into the team over the pre season.

After Carragher's retirement many feared whether Rodgers could find a quick fix to his leadership and organization ability, but what a shrewd signing Kolo Toure has turned out to be.

Dust off the overalls. Off we go again.

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Open season on Arsenal, I see. Albeit self-induced. "Fancy a pop? I tell you what then, here's a penalty and a 101st minute equaliser to chew on. Pop away, interwebs".

And pop away they have. Former Arsenal players have had their tupp'orth, and now Cesc has opened up a bit too. Have his words been misconstrued?

The Rest

Match Preview: Philadelphia Union vs. Portland Timbers

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Will the Timbers to fly across the country and give the Union three artisinal, small batch, organic points?

What is Manchester United’s best Starting XI?

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Breaking is a podcast brought to you by KingEPL and The show features all the latest transfer speculation and Manchester United news . All for your entertainment! Today I...

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Champions League Starting 11

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Sir Alex has traditionally utilized a 4-5-1 formation in games of this magnitude, but this season he has increasingly opted to stick with his standard 4-4-2, even in some of the biggest games of the campaign. Look at what Chicharito was able to do against Chelsea! So, I hope (PRAY) that he continues with this trend and goes with a more attack minded formation.

US Club Soccer adds U-20 division

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NEW YORK, NY Consistent with US Club Soccer's goal of providing a vehicle through which clubs can offer life-long soccer to their members, the organization has announced the formation of the National Adult Leagues U-20 Division. US Club Soccer's National Adult Leagues is a program comprised of high-quality, competitive and low-cost local leagues for [.