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World Cup

Sweden Finland Preview: looking for a few good men!

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I would hate to be in Helsinki this coming Friday. Its already enough that the cruise ships that trawl back and forth between Stockholm and the Finish capital bring their fair share of completely loaded weekend alcoholics. It's another thing when you mix this with a football game. Come Friday night, Helsinki is going to be packed with Sweden supporters singing loud and obnoxiously while downing beer after beer.

Efan Ekoku Commits Commentary Flub in Spain Game on ESPN

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When Martin Tyler and co-commentator Efan Ekoku did their preparation work for the 2010 World Cup, one thing they definitely didn't study was the national anthem of Spain. Not that we expect them to, but when Efan Ekoku was sharing his analysis during Wednesday's World Cup semi-final between Germany and Spain, he committed a minor flub.

Spain vs Portugal: The Iberian War

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Posted by Dominic Vieira

It's not often we see a match between the neighbouring Portugal and Spain. The last time the two sides played was 6 years ago in the Euro 2004. They both needed to win the final group stage to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Slovenia World Cup 2010 Preview

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After seeing off Egypt in the latest installment of the world's most violent international football rivalry to qualify for the World Cup, Algeria should be feeling pretty pleased with themselves. The USA, meanwhile, are participating in their fifth straight World Cup, and nobody does utterly groundless footballing optimism quite like England.

Manchester United

PICTURE: Arsenal Mug In “Naseri” Shirt

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"Nicky Butt, Nicky Butt, Nicky Nicky Butt, na na na na na na na na!" Manchester United fans have been singing since the 90's. The KC and the Sunshine Band tune enjoyed a resurgence in our ground a couple of years ago when Rodrigo Possebon was on the scene.

Arsenal fans have now adopted the song for Samir Nasri, or, Naseri as the song would have you believe.

Players' Thoughts Ahead Of The Manchester United Liverpool Derby

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Arguably the most awaited fixture of every Premier League season, Liverpool against Manchester United is the most intense football rivalry in English football. The fact that neither are currently top of the Premiership will not be lost to either team. This match comes at an opportune time not only to stamp one's superiority over the other but also to kickstart a bit of form in the Premier League.

Rafa Benitez Makes Peace With Sir Alex Ferguson In Letter After Horror Smash

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Rafa Benitez has made peace with Sir Alex Ferguson in a private letter.

The pair have been at loggerheads all year, but the Liverpool boss wrote to Fergie after the Manchester United manager's grandson was badly injured in a car crash.

Benitez, a father of two girls, wrote offering his help while 10-year-old Charlie Ferguson is at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool.

football culture

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Vfl Kirchheim and HRBFC: 600 miles apart but so similar!

The football rivalry between England and Germany, especially on a national level, has a long tradition. But what about every day football culture? How do the German and the English Non-League compare?

Is an act of madness set to ruin the much anticipated Cascadia Rivalry?

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Football is nothing without fans
EFW covered the incredible rise of Seattle Sounders last season with interviews and their attendance figures are indeed impressive. When we did so, we were also inundated by Portland Timbers fans who left us in no doubt as to the intensity of the football rivalry, showing us that the Americans at least get that bit.

The Rest

China: Football, rivalry and identity in the Middle Kingdom

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China: Football, rivalry and identity in the Middle Kingdom is a post from: Just Football

In his article-cum-essay, ‘From the Capital To Beijing; Angry Youth On Guoan's Terraces', the always excellent blogger ‘bcheng' talks about the cultural importance that Beijing Guoan has to the natives of current home;

Getting into a top university is hard and even if one does what's needed, it's still very possible they'll graduate and enter the ranks of the unemployed or, at best, underemployed.

Football’s Most Dangerous Away Days

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By Gareth McKnight

For real football fans the game they love is life or death. We all want to follow our team to hell and back, but some places where the game is played literally could result in a life or death situation. With football hooliganism, terrorism and bitter hatred in mind, the following teams and games are to be avoided without travel cover and in the interest of your health.

Besiktas v Bursaspor

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Turkish eye of the storm
Besiktas 1-0 Bursaspor (05:11:10)
Three fans were put in hospital with knife wounds following the Besiktas v Bursaspor match on Sunday, meaning every news agency reported on it for all the wrong reasons. EFW Turkish correspondent Ulas Gürsat was at the match reporting on what really happened.

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This week's main report is all about football in Brazil. There are only two games remaining in this season's championship (Campeonato Brasileiro) and so on this week's show we talk to our Brazilian football expert, Marcelo, to give us his opinions on the run-in to the Brazilian title.

FC Copenhagen v Brondby IF

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The New Firm

You'd of heard of the "Old Firm" between Celtic and Rangers and even the "Old Farm" derby between Ipswich and Norwich but this weekend we're all over the "New Firm" derby here at EFW. The New Firm is a play on words relating to the Danish football rivalry between FC Copenhagen and Brondby IF.

And It Begins… England VS U.S.A.

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Let's be honest my friends from England.Â

This year seems to be making out to be a pretty good little football rivalry between the U.S. and England.Â

And don't worry I will not be foolish....yet. I realize that your brand of football is prime rib and our brand is Taco Bell meat.

Liverpool FC's football rivalries: Is it really ‘hatred’ that we feel?

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div align="left"Everton, Manchester United, Chelsea: arguably, the three teams Liverpool fans ‘hate' the most. The order probably changes, and some fans may swap Arsenal for Chelsea, but ultimately, every football fan has a team that riles them more than any other. Is this football enmity gone mad or just friendly rivalry?