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Mourinho Slams Manchester United Players After Basel Win

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Jose Mourinho accused his Manchester United stars of disrespecting Basle on Tuesday, claiming they were more interested in fancy flicks and 'PlayStation football' than killing the tie off.

United were cruising to victory thanks to goals from Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku but Mourinho was left angry at a lack of professionalism before Marcus Rashford's third.

Football Lookalikes: Gerard Pique’s own goal and the Bundesliga logo

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Faced with the inevitability of defeat in the Champions League semi-final, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique paid homage to the rise of German football.

Bolton Wanderers

Fabrice Muamba Retires From Football

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Sad to hear that Muamba has had to retire from football but based on whats happened to him healthwise no-one at all can blame him! I think the majority of football fans would have felt fearful to see Fabrice back on a football pitch so I can't imagine how family or friends would have felt had he returned as a player.

Wednesday Kickoff: Muamba retires, Grella scores in Capital One Cup & more

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That Fabrice Muamba is alive is a miracle in itself, considering that his heart stopped for 78 minutes after he collapsed during a match against Tottenham in March. The Muamba miracle will not, however, include a return to the playing field.

Muamba announced his retirement from professional soccer Wednesday, citing a recent visit with a cardiologist that dissuaded him from attempting to continue his career.

International football

European Championship Stories: 2004 – Greek Economies Of Scale

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As football entered the twenty-first century its race towards full industrialisation had more or less been completed. Resource management had become everything. In club football, scouting networks had diversified in order to fall quickly upon any young player spotted that hadn't already got a professional contract, whilst at international level the stigma surrounding appointing foreign coaches had been diluted with several high profile European appointments.

The Slow Pace Of Reform

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Ok so we have had two gobfests over the weekend about Indonesian football. One involving the PSSI or the football association that is recognized by FIFA and as such is the official body. The other was held by a counter organization that claims it iis part of the official PSSI; they just won't talk to them!

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This Train Is Bound For The SLeague

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I have been critical of the SLeague administration and marketing for so long it has become my default mode. The babble of business school speak has just become background noise hiding the lack of any meaningful deeds when it comes to promoting local football to a football mad populace.

All that now it seems must end.

Football as Football: If NFL Team Logos Were Actually European Football Crests

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There's a pretty neat website brewing at Football as Football, a design group out Minneapolis that is taking the NFL's current team logos and turning them into proper European soccer team crests.

The site is awesome and interactive, but has just launched with their first of four rounds of design for each team.

Tuesday Kickoff: Shevchenko weighs options, new Euro fan racism and more

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After turning in some of the more memorable moments of Euro 2012, Andriy Shevchenko is a wanted man, and the 35-year-old Ukrainian forward is considering his options.

Contrary to some reports that suggest a move to MLS is imminent, Shevchenko said he is still very much figuring out whether he will even continue playing, let alone packing his bags for the United States.

Football and Smoking: Past and Present

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Football and Smoking: Past and Present - originally posted on

When you look at many of football's top talents, both past and present, many of them were/are gifted athletes, blessed with natural gifts that enable them to live the dream, to be idolized, immortalized, and imitated.

5 reasons why football needs Antonio Cassano

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5 reasons why football needs Antonio Cassano is a post from: Just Football

Football has had some difficult and distressing issues to deal with recently, from Villa Park to Somalia to White Hart Lane, but there was at least some encouraging news this week after it emerged that AC Milan striker and everyone's favourite croissant eater Antonio Cassano has been given the all-clear to resume playing football.

Six reasons why Oranje wins at Wembley!

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The English claim to have invented football... "Football's coming home" they sang in 1996... But everyone knows Holland re-invented football in 1974 and we will take the victory back to Holland. The sacred pitch of Wembley will be ours...

1. Inexperienced attackers

Mathijsen and Heitinga are laughing themselves silly for days.

Kitman: Harry Redknapp furious as Spurs players cut their socks up

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'Arry angered by sock butchery Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is said to launched a dressing room rant at his players over their new craze for cutting the feet off their socks. Football's latest fashion fad has seen many Premier League players opting to play in tennis-style ankle socks, believing it gives them better traction inside [.