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Football Glossary: Relegation at related • 0 views
When a team has to move down a division because of poor results. The club is generally occupying the bottom two or three positions.

Weekly Football Phrase: To ship goals at related • 0 views
This week introduces the football phrase 'to ship goals'.

Football Glossary: Qualifiers at related • 0 views
Qualifier: Games played to decide which teams progress to the main tournament or knock-out stages of a competition. A game to qualify for something.

Football Glossary: To be Relegated at related • 0 views
(to be) Relegated: To move down a division because of poor performances - to finish in the bottom 2 or 3 positions in the table

Football Glossary: La Selección at related • 0 views
La Selección: Nickname (In Spanish) for the Spanish international football team.

Football Glossary: Serie A at related • 0 views
Serie A: The Italian top league / division. The equivalent in Germany is the Bundesliga and in England is the Premier League.

Football Glossary: Season at related • 0 views
Season: The time it takes for each team to twice play all the other teams in the league (home and away). The season in England lasts from August till May with 38 games in total.

Football Glossary: One Way Traffic at related • 0 views
Languagecaster's football glossary - What was the last game you saw when it was "one-way traffic"?

Football Glossary: Nil at related • 0 views
How would you say the score 0-0? Zero zero? Check out 'nil' in languagecaster's football glossary.

Football Glossary: The Miracle of Istanbul at related • 0 views
Languagecaster's football glossary - Do you know what The Miracle of Istanbul' refers to?

Football Glossary: (to) Lose Faith In at related • 0 views
Football glossary @ languagecaster: What happens when you no longer trust or believe in someone? To lose faith in

Football Glossary: Seal a deal at related • 0 views
(to) Seal a deal: To complete a deal or transaction. In football we use it when talking about player transfers; the movement of players between clubs.

Football Glossary: In the doldrums at related • 0 views
In the doldrums: To be at a low point; to be in a bad way

Football Glossary: (to be) In the bag at related • 0 views
(to be) In the bag: Looking to be safe; the result of the game does not appear to be in danger.

Football Glossary: International at related • 0 views
International: Used when describing a game between two countries or to describe a player who has played for his/her country.

Football Glossary: Injury time at related • 0 views
Injury time: The time added on by the referee after 90 minutes (See also: stoppage/added time)

Football Glossary: In with a shout at related • 0 views
This English for Football phrase is to be in with a shout and it means to have a chance of doing well in something even though you may not be expected to do so.

Football Glossary: Injury at related • 0 views
Injury: When a player is hurt during the match

Football Glossary: Inept performance at related • 0 views
An inept performance: A performance showing no skill; one that is clumsy or poor

Football Glossary: Stamp your authority on at related • 0 views
The English for Football expression to stamp your authority on something has a basic meaning of showing who is in charge or demonstrating control over someone.

Football Glossary: Funny Old Game at related • 0 views
Today's English for Football expression is a classic footballing cliche - football is a funny old game.

Football Glossary: To set your sights on at related • 0 views
The football phrase 'to set your sights on' means to have a goal, to decide you want to do something.

Football Glossary: To go pear-shaped at related • 0 views
When a plan goes wrong, is not successful, and it results in a disaster you can use the phrase 'go pear-shaped'

Football Glossary: Two-horse race at related • 0 views
(a) Two-horse race: A close or tight battle between two teams for the title (three teams would be a three-horse race, and so on).

Football Glossary: Hooligan at related • 0 views
Hooligan: Football supporters involved in violence; yob (hooliganism).

Football Glossary: Holders at related • 0 views
Holders: The current champions of a competition or cup (they hold the trophy)

Football Glossary: Hat-trick at related • 0 views
Hat-trick: To score three goals in one game

Football Glossary: To Hammer at related • 0 views
To hammer: to thrash, crush, beat another team heavily.

Football Glossary: Half-time at related • 0 views
Half-time: The break between the first and second half of a match.

Football cliche: Men against boys at related • 0 views
The languagecaster team explain a new football phrase or cliche for learners of English who love the sport. Click on the link below to learn about the phrase 'men against boys', that also comes with a transcript.

Football Glossary: Hairdryer treatment at related • 0 views
Hairdryer treatment: An expression used to describe how Sir Alex Ferguson (see Fergie) angrily shouts at players at half-time if they are under-performing.

Football Glossary: Squad at related • 0 views
Squad - Another word for team; usually refers to the first team, substitutes and maybe the reserves.

Football Glossary: (a) Stalemate at related • 0 views
Stalemate - When the score is 0-0; a situation where neither team is winning nor do they want to risk losing; often collocates with the verb 'to break'.

Football Glossary: (a) Stalwart at related • 0 views
Stalwart - This refers to player that has stayed at a club for a long time; someone who has been in the team for many years.

Football Glossary: Stoppage Time at related • 0 views
Football glossary - The time added on by the referee after the 90 minutes have finished (injury/added time): See also squeaky bum time.

Football Glossary: Group Stage at related • 0 views
(the) Group stage: The earlier rounds of a competition or tournament when teams play each other to determine which sides progress to the next round.

Football Glossary: (to be) Gutted at related • 0 views
(to be) Gutted: To feel completely down; be absolutely shattered for example after a last-minute goal or dramatic defeat

Football Glossary: The Gunners at related • 0 views
(the) Gunners: Nickname of Arsenal Football Club

Football Glossary: Go Down at related • 0 views
(to) Go down: To be relegated, to move down a division.

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