Fight Club

Manchester United

Evra: Everyone here loves the club and will fight for the shirt

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Ahead of United's game against Olympiacos tomorrow, Patrice Evra has spoken about his desire to make amends for what has been a horrible season.

"When you win, you win together and when you lose, you lose together," Evra said. "It's been a difficult season for everyone. We're not used to losing games.

The Arrival of Barca & United!

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This sounds incredibly petty and bimbo-tic (yada, yada), but what is up with David Villa's hair??!! There needs to be a balance between being one of Spain's favourite forwards and a member of Fight Club, vale? You can't have both, tipo!

Speaking of Villa, everyone at Barca is making their way to London right now for the Champions League final this Saturday.

Daily Dose: April 21st, 2011.

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Fight club.


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Joey Barton starts yet another new chapter tomorrow – but will it be Fight Club?

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Joey Barton starts yet another new chapter tomorrow but will it be Fight Club?

Tomorrow night, Loftus Road, 8 o'clock – you just have to watch QPR v ­Newcastle United and the Rangers debut of a certain Joseph Anthony Barton. You couldn't make it up – Barton leaves Newcastle in dispute only to face his former employers at the very start of his new career under Neil Warnock.

Back in Blackpool

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Before I proceed to justify yesterday's defeat against the Tangerines, along with my thesis on rising onion prices and how it could cause tears to the eyes, it is time to take a deep breadth and a silence of two minutes for it was my cat that died yesterday.

*After two minutes*

First of all, Football, let me assure you, is like Fight club.

soccer fans

Finding Your Home…When You’re An Ex-Pat

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This is a guest piece by frequent contributor John Nyen

My weekend home...

At 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday you should be asleep. Sleep is a very serious matter that is not interrupted without the requisite jolts and pangs of natural disasters, political strife or burst water pipes.

USA or England? It’s Time to Show Which Side You’re On

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When I wrote a recent post entitled 8 Rules of World Cup ‘Fight Club,' I encouraged soccer fans to rise up, begin talking the World Cup up to non-believers and to stand firm against the sports fans who laugh and joke at the sport we love.

My "call to arms" was met with a mixed response.

8 Rules of World Cup ‘Fight Club’

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Living in the States, I've experienced six World Cups here. And each of them has been a battle.

In each instance, there have been soccer naysayers who dismiss the relevance of the tournament. They make cheap jokes about the sport. They rely on the past and still think that hooliganism is rife.


Friday's Soccer Daily

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Europe Houllier is left fighting a losing battle after his own goal at Anfield -- from The Daily Mail's Neil Moxley: But there are some feelings that transcend the security pens, press officers and gate-keepers employed by football clubs. What's wrong at Chelsea – and will Ancelotti be given the time to fix it?

How to lose 2 points and alienate people

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I must say, I do not know where to begin. I could begin, as the Red King in Wonderland said, at the beginning and go on till I come to the end: then stop. Or I could begin at the middle, and work both ways, which is what I'm going to do now. That way, just like Nicks had a go at the commentators, I also get a shot at my most irritating section in the Sky Sports Coverage Shebby Singh.

The Rest

The beast who defaced the fashion city's big European night out

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By Darshan Joshi, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

He is the beast of the fashion capital of the world. Not a beast betrothed to a beauty (I've checked), and not a beast in a candle-lit bedroom (we, hopefully, will never have to know), but simply a beast in the simplest form of the word – an animal, of sorts.

There’s a circus in the town…

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Martin O'Neill has quashed the rumours linking him to the managerial hot seat at West Ham. However, it appears O'Neill had been spoken to, and was interested in the role, but he is unhappy at the way it has been handled. It appears someone can't keeep their mouth shut at West Ham since Gold, Sullivan and Brady came to the club and the media informant is doing more harm than good at Upton Park.

Feb. Yankette of the Month: Rachel Maddow

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Yes indeed. It's that controversial time of the month again—the time that makes my editor lose sleep. And seriously, that's not a great thing. The guy sleeps about as much Ed Norton in Fight Club. My editor's lack of sleep balances out... Read more

Please Click On These Things and We’ll Be Your Best Friends

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Check out this film trailer, probably not going to trouble the Oscar panels but could be good fun to watch after a trip to the local for a few.

It stars Vinnie Jones so is therefore the only seal of approval you need that tells you just how incredibly entertaining the movie may well be!

The Pixies "Where Is My Mind"

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Alguna vez han visto "Fight Club"? No? Que esperan?!