A-League Finals 2014

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Finals time in the A-League can only mean one thing - the annual debate about the merits of a finals system.

While the debate has been more muted this year, it's one that bubbles beneath the surface as five clubs vie to stop Brisbane Roar claiming what would be just reward for their season - a third A-League championship in four years.

Han Berger: Can you help us - because we can help you.

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We the grassroots of Australia would like to create more creative players but when we send them off to Rep teams and then watch them at National Championsips we're faced with this:

Massive pitches for U13 -

Han can you please inform me how this encourages players to overlap, to play through balls, for coaches to take a few risks, to encourage the smaller play - he or she of little legs on the massive pitch.

Five reasons the Roar must win the Grand Final - Ange is the bravest Aussie coach ever in any code.

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1. For all lovers of great Australian football.

2. Ange is a better National Curriculum than any document the FFA have ever handed out to Community Coaches.

3. Ange plays the Aussie Youth, more often, more forward.

4. If you like movement, skill and tactics in football the Roar must win.

Skillaroos - not SSG's for all?

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If you talk to some in clubland they follow and preach the FFA Small Sided Game mantra.

Nothing else.

Well those of us who work with kids know SSG's work in the working class areas of Brazil, although even I would maintain some of those kids could have technical correction to speedy along their SSG development, but they aren't the complete answer in clubland in Australia.

Great night for Aussie football: Adelaide into Asia

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The FFA and Adelaide United held their breadth at the Asian Casino last night...and won.

United have won direct entry into the Asian Champions League - meaning Australia now has three teams in the group stages for the first time.

More exciting than watching Lou Sticca's fundraiser in Melbourne?

Obesity Australia watches AFL, Union and League, while healthy Aussies play football:) Football has more participants than AFL, League and Union combined in Aus

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Well what other conclusion could you make!

Football is unquestionably Australia's team participation sport, boasting higher participation than the three other football codes combined

This is the official figures in the FFA's Strategic Plan.

With the focus back on the linking of the football community we can really push on to improve the game across the community.

New Socceroos Coach Announced

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Well I must say I was a little surprised when Ben Buckley called last night to offer me the job of Socceroos' Head Coach, starting immediately.

Of course I know when the time for my national duty has come, and I accepted. But not before I had a long talk with Buckley in which I said I would be making a number of changes, some of them which will shock some people and many fans, and he guaranteed that I would have complete freedom and control over the roster.


FFA, Capital Football - 2012 means Gender Equity yes even in Futsal!

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Stop laughing, stop it right now.

In Canberra, Capital Football has just completed a course on how to communicate with their customers, clients, volunteers or whatever they call us these days.

So we're expecting after the communications consultant badly criticised the office - you'd expect they'd have learnt something.

Woden Valley to dominate Canberra Football in five years

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Crystal Gazing in Canberra Premier League?

With my crystal ball I predict in five years:

Woden Valley, Belconnen and Gungahlin will be the dominant teams in mens and womens football. Canberra FC will drift to a mid-table team. Canberra FC's aspirations for higher level football - as in to play in NSW - is already long buried, confirmed by the riots of last years grand final and further entrenched as their current status will be reduced in coming years.

FFA: Ben Buckley. Do you want $340,000 from Canberra for football? or not?

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Yes Canberra A-League Bid is about to hand $340,000 back to their community members. As early as next week I'm hearing. We know this amount of money won't give us a team, but we also know that no other team in the A-League had such Community funds before getting a licence, some didn't even get it in their annual season ticket revenues.

Victoria wins National Championships

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Victoria won the U13 National Championships which was held in Canberra this week.

With the accent truly on creative football, touch and individual skilled meshed into a passing, movement game Victoria - perhaps with some of the smallest players - came and conquered all before them.

Few could match them.

Why West Sydney FC is great for Canberra - so why did Ivan Slavich step down

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As FFA franchises continue to go under only an idiot would suggest West Sydney and the other nine are here to stay.

Sad but true.

And if one more little franchise falls than guess what - the FFA who don't want a nine team comp, neither do Fox, will have to go elsewhere.

In a country as small as ours, with as many failed teams and regions as ours their is only one more place the FFA can go.

FFA: Show me the grassroots plan? When Ben Buckley and I chatted in 2007 he said...

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When Ben Buckley and I chatted briefly at the Asia Cup in Bangkok in 2007, okay I don't do brief, he responded to my question, what is the greatest challenge football faces in Australia? thus:

Grassroots - the greatest challenge and ultimate success of the game will depend on connecting and getting the grassroots on side.

How do we know if West Sydney FC is a success?

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We just firstly see if they get up, secondly see if they survive and thirdly the FFA don't have to come crawling to Canberra for a team to replace them.

Sad we've have such poor measures of success in the new football.

Finally some sense: FFA and PFA need lesson in business - quick!

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The Smith Report outlined what we already know:

The FFA are a financial management basket case - similarly the PFA.

How else to explain the loss of player wages, clubs and owners in the last 7 years?

In 7 years football has received and earned more money than ever, and yet the professional A-League clubs have spewed out more money, more owners and more clubs than we could ever have imagined.

Where Han Berger and I disagree:

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Love Han Berger - love his work and what he's doing for the game in Australia but there are a couple of areas where he and the FFA Technical Group need to improve and could improve our players, all our players more quickly.

The revolution is on - for some, but very slowly in some areas.

In Canberra for example in clubland we are a long long way behind what constitutes technical development.


Ding Dong, Buckley's Gone

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It's out with the AFL and in with the NRL at FFA Headquarters, with David Gallop announced as the incoming CEO to take over from Ben Buckley once the new TV deal is negotiated. The transfer merry-go-round also continues, with Richard Garcia set to line up in central defence for Melbourne Heart this season.

Melbourne 2 v Brisbane 2: now that was a little disappointing...

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OK so there was a lot of action in the first 30 minutes or so. But by the 2nd half the game had flatlined. Everyone was exhausted including the referee.

Someone wrote of one of my blogs, probably in season 1, 'don't read this if your name is Ben Williams.' Now I can see a bit more of what Williams is trying to achieve as a ref.

Harry Kewell

FFA? When will the A-League clubs make money?

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Back in 2003 when the NSL died and we had to wait an eternity for football to be played professionally again in Australia it all seemed so grim.

And yet we true believers have been on a roller-coaster of emotion, more so, much more than any other code.

Most codes rumble on with their home and away season, great crowds in AFL land, less so in League, and Union is a nice part-time sport tacked on at the edges, domestically at least.

Lynchy after FFA award like Cockerill as well?

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Mike Cockerill got his FFA Award this week, and fair play to him. You do the time, 30 years - you get an award.

I'm no fan of Mike's football analysis, he knows that - his tactical and player movements on and around the park leave a lot to be desired for this football fan. I grew up in the UK!


Five things the A-League needs in Season 8

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What the A-League needs in Season 8.

1. We need 10 teams including Newcastle Jets.

2. We need two more players a la Kewell and Emerton to build the hype. Who? Only Tim Cahill could spark the media if not the fans but he's a long way from coming home. Dwight Yorke not Robbie Fowler?

RIP Gold Coast United

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RIP Gold Coast United Well, the FFA showed their gutless side today by announcing that Western Sydney will be the 10th team in a 10 team completion next season. Not one mention of GCU and our fate. I have been a season member for 3 seasons now and an active agitator to get palmer to [...]

Fox Sports

Ange Postecoglou: the greatest Oz inspiration to Aussie Grassroots Coaches ever?

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If you've ever watched the Brisbane Roar play - and most Aussie's don't have Fox Sports so will never have seen them - they play to instruction, tactic and a tempo rarely, some say never, seen in Australia.

There is many elements to their game but one is critical to Australian football development at all levels.

Phil Rothchild: Proof Soccer does rate - er Phil you feeling okay?

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Phil Rothchild has/is up there with one of the least professional sports journalists in Australia - lots of biased assessments of football over the years so nearly fell out of my chair at this one.

Thing is many of these so-called journo's could have talked positively about football down the years, him, FitzSimons, Birmingham, Bolt, Wilson and the rest but for some reason they choose not to - small minds I guess - but here is our Phil doing his bit to spruik the game when clearly there is no need to.

The Rest

Football the winner in Borneo - Aussie U13 girls make friends for life

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Majura U13 Tour of Kota Kinabalu, Borneo Majura FC U13s headed to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, unsure of the opposition they would meet. But the 15 girls made many friends on and off the field with their football performances and enjoyment mixing with the local girls. Majura U13 Tour of Kota Kinabalu, Borneo Majura FC U13s headed to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, unsure of the opposition they would meet.

Canberra astute A-League investors lose less than Facebook shares

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http://eepurl.com/l--EX A-League's only investors who didn't do their dough - what implications for long term growth of football in region? If you are a Canberra A-League Foundation Member you are getting your money back - read the link and check your emails for all the information. 25 May 2012 Dear foundation member, It is with much sadness and regret that I write to inform you that our quest for an A League team for Canberra is over.

The Sustainability of the A-League

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I understand comments like 'Clive Palmer is out of line but his points are right on... ' But this viewpoint misses the point.

It was always going to be very difficult for soccer to survive in Australia as anything more than the largest participatory sport.

When I saw the start-up marketing strategy for the Melbourne Heart, I could have rolled on the floor laughing.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Holiday Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

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Stephen Ireland wouldn't dare forget to bring his snakeskin pants to Ronaldinho's next pyjama party...would he?

If you think this is good, just wait.

It gets better.


- We offered our steamiest congrats to Barcelona's Victor Valdes, who received theƂ Catalan Athlete of the year award.

Majura FC looking for Technical Facilitator

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Up to $40 per hour, (that's more than Capital Football), 100 hours per year, here's a chance to get involved at football at a grassroots level.

My local club are after a Technical Football Facilitator - why not forward to anyone who may be interested. Do them a favour!

Great support from.

Nearpost - I'm from Burton - now England's football centre!

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So why do I know so much about football?

Grew up in Burton-on Trent, England. We played the beautiful game in Burton now the centre of English Football excellence.

The beautiful game we learnt and played?

You know where you turned up in cars, waited for 2 minutes before the game - ran out, scored late on.

In defence of Jan Versliejan

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Okay after all the anti-Dutch experts have lined up to bag the guy....dare I suggest he did his job! And did it pretty well.

I know his teams were pretty poor in the World Cup - only finishing around 16 or so, hey that's around the same World ranking as the big Socceroos - and I know it was grim to watch at times.