Almunia (o.g) – Arsenal vs Man Utd – 2010

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Here's Tom Goulding with an excellent addition to the 'My Favourite Goal' series. You can follow Tom on Twitter @TomGoulding

I don't think this goal gets enough credit.

The hashtag #goalswhichgetforgottenbecauseoftheircontext on Twitter (which never really took off, for some reason) was bandied around a few months ago, and you got the usual picks – Essien vs Barcelona, Goulding vs Ardingly 3rd XI.

Baggio – Italy vs Czechoslovakia – 1990

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Angelo Fiorini is a must-follow on Twitter for any fans of Italian football. Catch him @Ciociaro78 ... Here he talks us through a breakthrough goal for one of Europe's finest ever players ...


In this feature for the 'My Favourite Goal' series I'm going to bring you back to an era before the exotic world of Italian football was brought to our screens by James Richardson and the wonderful Football Italia on Channel 4.

Bob Bradley

U.S. Soccer Report: Notes from the Nats’ first week of practice

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So the Yanks reported on Monday, practiced for the first time together Wednesday, and Landon decided to go all Oprah on us. Interesting week. Let's take a peek inside.

- So what did we learn? Not a ton, unless you're super interested in Landon's desire to kick all those free-loading skeletons from his closet.

Union/Local Click on the image to the left to vote for your favorite Union playe

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Click on the image to the left to vote for your favorite Union players to play in the 2010 MLS All-Star Game against Manchester United on July 28 on ESPN2. If that doesn't work, click here.

Sebastien Le Toux talks to Goal.com about how excited he is that Henry might be coming to MLS.


Passive Defending

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Passive defending is a great way to have attacking players work on their moves without fear of having the ball taken away. Passive defending is also a great way to eliminate bad defensive habits.

Size Does Not Matter

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In American football, size does matter. In soccer size does not matter. Some of the best players of all time--Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and Pele--are short. But boy, do and did they play big.

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Playing the Game – “The Short Cut”

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What's the best way to get better at soccer?

Is there a short cut to success? Yeah, everyone says there are NO short cuts in life. However, there is actually one short cut to getting better at soccer: play with older and, more importantly, play with players who are better than you are.

Viva Futbol #60

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You know what it is; the best in flicks, feints and flashy-assed fakes.

No More Paradinha At The World Cup

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No, that's not one of the Brazilians you missed from Dunga's callup squad. The Paradinha is The Little Stop, that annoying and typically illegal little stutter during a penalty kick where the taker stops right before the ball and breaks his motion to allow the keeper to dive and thus open up the net for a feast.