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What makes a Bluebird blue? Vincent Tan and fan representation

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What makes a Bluebird blue? Vincent Tan and fan representation - originally posted on

So, the Bluebirds of Cardiff are blue again. Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan had a rethink over the Christmas break and, following discussions with supporters, agreed to switch the club's home shirt back to blue – a colour it last was two and a half years ago.

Sport, Society, Ownership, & Accountability – Blah Blah Blah

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We like to paint the world in perfectly ordered opposites. On the one hand, as an American, I have grown up with the cold familiarity of the franchise sports model. Here's how the cookie crumbles in the States. Basically, a businessman (or woman) who has made billions in selling chemicals or prescription drugs hits middle age, gets bored, doesn't want to start a foundation, and picks a small Midwestern city to inject with happiness and PR via a sports team.

Are you the next Mike Ashley?

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The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) has launched its 'Yes We Can' campaign, which aims to raise enough funds to finance a fan buy out of the club. The NUST's plan, which has been dubbed 'Barcelona on the Tyne' by the financial community, aims to democratise the club and ensure that the 'current situation at Newcastle [.

Supporter Ownership in Italy

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In recent years the model of fan ownership exercised through supporters' trusts has been increasingly high-profile in British football, not least thanks to the sterling work of the national body Supporters Direct (SD). Meanwhile, very different yet nonetheless successful models of fan ownership exist across the continent, as seen throughout the Bundesliga or alternatively with the ‘socio' model as at Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Exeter City

The Bowels Of Football Voting

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Those are the toilets area in which one is supposed to dispose of bodily waste of Ebbsfleet United, the club which became famous as part of that fan-ownership experiment some years back, leading to the theory that the common man doesn't care much about the loo. They're taking part in and currently leading a competition to find the worst restrooms in English football, the "winner" of which will get £100k in order to spruce up the facilities with a nice TOTO setup, one would imagine.

Dave, David, Hibs And Politics

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So David Cameron endured the "exquisite agony" of watching England crash out of the World Cup in the company of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Any football fan who supports Aston Villa because their grandfather was once the chairman will know exactly how he feels.

He's also in favour of goalline technology.


Arsenal Supporters Trust, Usmanov to Keep Shares?; Djourou and Song Return to Training

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A couple of stories today:

First, the Arsenal Supporters Trust met last night and voted unanimously to reject chairman of the board Peter Hill-Wood's suggestion that Arsenal shareholders sell their shares to Kroenke. The AST, which I believe holds 3 shares in its own name and manages dozens more under the fanshare scheme, is not a major shareholder in terms of percentage of the club owned, but has been a very active and passionate voice for Arsenal fans.

Fan-owned Toon. Bet your pension on it.

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Remember Graham Roberts and his plan to put Newcastle United in the hands of the fans? I thought that had faded into oblivion. In fact I thought it was a complete non-starter and imposed a reporting embargo on myself about it, but I've lifted it in the interests of amusement. It seems this bid is still simmering [.


Democratic Republics of Football?

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Our latest guest post comes from John McGee, gaffer of Carlisle United website, Bring Me the Head of Keith Mincher. The topic of fan ownership has been hotly debated on blogs and twitter in recent weeks. Here, John attempts to make sense of the strident opinion swapping. The topic of fan ownership has become something of a footballing hot potato recently with first The Guardian's North East

Weekly Dose 17.03.10

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  • Where Bayern's players earned their money/learned their trade prior to their Bavarian adventure. (The Best Eleven)
  • Terry Duffelen gives a good overview of the "fan ownership" model of the Bundesliga, the exceptions, the imperfections and the future challenges. (Pitch Invasion)
  • Terry Duffelen also gives a good overview of the weekend's Bundesliga action.

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Clyde Learn Their Lessons The Hard Way

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I'm a bit late reporting the news, but Clyde last month became the latest Scottish club to go into fan ownership. They've chosen a different model to it from the usual one although there is a Supporters Trust, that hasn't been used for the ownership. Instead, they've returned to the old-fashioned way, the club is no longer a limited company and from hereon will be run on a simple membership scheme of one member, one vote, with periodic elections to the committee to run the club on an operational basis.

Partick Thistle Fans Boardroom Conspiracy

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A guest post from a concerned Partick Thistle fan. Seems the Jags Trust, Scotland's first supporters trust and an instrumental force in saving Thistle, isn't as welcome as it one was at Firhill.

I don't know much about the story. And there are probably two sides to it so feel free to respond.

Five reasons to join the Five Pound Football Club

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Thousands of football fans have pledged their support to a Five Pound Football Club aiming to pool their expertise, passion and resources to help establish Britain's next loved club.

Football fans can become football club owners for a fiver, helping to transform the fortunes of an unfashionable, lower league club in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

Supporters' Trusts

The Israeli Trust Movement: It’s All About The Community

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The Israeli supporters' trust movement (yes, there is such a thing!) is part of a growing network promoting sustainable clubs through community and fan ownership across Europe. As many will know, Supporters Direct the body responsible for growing much of this network began a decade ago in Britain.

The Sweeper: Fan Ownership and Community

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Big Story

Yesterday, we looked at an attack on the idea of fan ownership from the right of the political spectrum, by Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail. Samuel's condemnation of the idea was confused, and woefully misinformed (or deliberately misleading).

Interestingly, from the other end of the political spectrum, the Guardian published a piece by Andrew Martin last Friday that also raised concern about the movement for fans to become more involved in running their football clubs, recently encouraged by reports of the Labour Government's plans to give supporters a share in their clubs.

The Rest

Confident Pars ready for fresh start

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Arsenal Fanshare: What Does it Mean?

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What is the purpose of the scheme?

To provide genuine fan ownership and influence in the running of Arsenal as a means of safeguarding the club's values.

Kick Off Part One

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The SPL Brylcreem boys don't get going for another week but senior league football returns to these shores tomorrow with the IRN-BRU First, Second and Third Divisions getting underway.

I've done a quick headcount and it appears that all the teams that finished last season are still alive and - to varying degrees - kicking, so that's something.

Reds Fans Group Aim To Launch Fan-Ownership Scheme For Liverpool FC

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The board of Liverpool fans' group ShareLiverpool FC has announced plans to launch a share issue which would enable supporters to purchase a stake in the club, further turning up the heat on unpopular Reds owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks.
The move comes hot on the heels of news that the ‘Spirit of Shankly' supporters' union intends to launch a fan-ownership scheme of their own this summer, after talks of a merger between the two groups proved fruitless.

My Roma: Serie A’s First Supporters’ Trust Is Established

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On 27 May, the first ever Supporters' Trust in Serie A was formally established in Rome, with a ‘Constitutional Assembly' convened to agree the structures and purpose of the new association whose ultimate objective is fan ownership at AS Roma. After the morning meeting, where 83 supporters symbolically assembled to approve the Statute, the paperwork for the "MyRoma" association was registered with the notary and the organisation was finally operational.

Ebbsfleet United: Members Disappear, Club Failing, No-One Shocked

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Well, no-one saw this coming: Ebbsfleet United, the "world's first web community owned club", has lost most of its community in its second year of operation and the club is spiralling towards disaster on and off the field.

It's hard to say just how unsurprising this is.

Fan buy-out schemes make a comeback

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Ever since Mike Ashley first put Newcastle United up for sale there have been rumours of various fan buy-out schemes for the club. The latest of them was probably that Graham Roberts nonsense, which I took a particular dislike to and refused to waste electrons on. However, it seems that the results of the Keegan [.