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Report: Hopes for MLS in St. Louis could be restored by private investors

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After being voted down for a soccer stadium back in April, St. Louis' aspirations to be an MLS city are still in reach.

The city's journey to MLS expansion has reportedly taken an alternative route: relying on a rumored buyer's group instead of unproved tax-payer money, which was denied by a slight margin earlier this year.

Trademark filed for Detroit City SC by MLS expansion group

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Detroit has thrown its name in the hat for a possible Major League Soccer expansion side in the coming years. Now, it appears they've selected their potential future name.

According to Crains Detroit, Tom Gores' Palace Sports & Entertainment filed for federal trademark protection for "Detroit City Soccer Club" on July 6th.

Expansion Draft: 12 Unprotected Players Who Can Start Next Year

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By Daniel Holt As you all know, the expansion draft is tomorrow (maybe today)! Thus, I have compiled a list of players we might see donning purple or light blue come next March. These are the guys that can make an impact on an MLS team in 2015. Some of..

MLS Expansion: When and Where

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Next year MLS will be adding two new franchises, Orlando City and New York City F.C. With the loss of Chivas USA, there will be a grand total of twenty franchises. This is a big step for the league. Ten years ago there were ten franchises, including the "Dallas Burn"..

MLS Expansion Priority Draft – Everybody Won

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The Major League Soccer Expansion Priority Draft took place on Wednesday afternoon at the KickTV office in New York City. Nice to see New York City FC continue to get preferential treatment from MLS. I'm not trying to be the fun police here, but this event seemed like a bush-league..

Frank Lampard is headed to New York City FC

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Frank Lampard is headed to New York City FC - originally posted on Soccerlens.com

Frank Lampard is heading to Major League Soccer newest club, New York City FC. Photo provided by the Daily Mail.

The long time Chelsea midfielder will be leaving England, and now heading to the states to play in the 2015 expansion team for Major League Soccer, New York City FC.

I Have The Tweet to Prove It! – Soccer Yanks #24 recorded on 11/22/13

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On this week's podcast: We have in "studio" special guest and regular contributor to the blog Jay (@rescindedred). He takes us on a MLS tour de force. We touch on the playoffs, Orlando City, further expansion, TV ratings, promotion and relegation, and few other loosely related tangents. In addition Dan gushes over his recent phone conversation with former professional soccer player, current ESPN color analysis and all around cool guy Taylor Twellman (@TaylorTwellman).

Orlando City, prospects of 3 Conferences, and Chivas USA

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Could MLS move to a three-conference setup now that Orlando's 2015 entry will put the league at 21 teams? Earl Gardner thinks so, and he lays out how.

Cascadia rivalry should inform expansion

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The Cascadia rivalry could potentially serve as a template for future expansion. PSP's Earl Reed lays out his plan.

MLS Expansion: San Antonio Mayor Backs MLS Move

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Nothing like a politician to throw support in the hat for a Major League Soccer expansion hopeful.

San AntonioMayor Julian Castro recently sent over a letter to MLS Commissioner Don Garber stating the city's support for a MLS team. Castro backs the idea of the NASL Scorpions moving up a division thanks to their new stadium, growing city and many other things.

MLS 2.0 takes a big step toward 3.0

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In one week, MLS may have opened the floodgates for returning USMNT players, shown a massive hike in team value, and nailed the target on expansion. Oh, and the Union signed some guy from the near-equivalent of a Pennsylvania state league. PSP's Dan Walsh examines all four developments.

The MLS Expansion Wheel Points to… Orlando?

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Ah the never ending fun of MLS expansion talk. Â Because no league can have an odd number of teams, speculation over who will be the 20th MLS team is always a source of debate and discussion for U.S. soccer fans. ...

Visit http://www.majorleaguesoccertalk.com for the rest of the story.

Expansion and the MLS Meta

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- Jason Davis

In 2011, after Seattle and Philly and Portland and Vancouver and Montreal and the wave that came before them (yes, San Jose counts) and all of the talk of candidates and fees and ownership groups and stadium plans and color schemes and whether names should be "historical" (since 1975!

Expansion and the MLS Meta

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- Jason Davis

In 2011, after Seattle and Philly and Portland and Vancouver and Montreal and the wave that came before them (yes, San Jose counts) and all of the talk of candidates and fees and ownership groups and stadium plans and color schemes and whether names should be "historical" (since 1975!

MLS Part of the Vikings Stadium Convo

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"Although talks this week about a roof for the proposed stadium moved from retractable to fixed to reduce the cost, the Vikings would prefer a moving roof because [owner Zigi] Wilf wants to get a Major League Soccer franchise. None of the 18 MLS teams plays in a fixed-roof stadium."

More from TwinCities.

THE WEEKLY FIVE - What MLS Could Learn From The Premiership

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Welcome to The Weekly Five. Each week I address a topic by presenting a list of five examples that support, oppose or simply relate to the subject.
Last week I looked at what the Premiership could learn from MLS. This time around I'm gonna investigate the flipside of that very same coin; what is it that MLS could learn from the Premiership?

TALKING POINTS - Monday 16th May

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Justin Braun destroyed New York with a hat-trick.
Week nine marked the quarter mark of this 36-game MLS season. There's still a long way to go, but what's the early analysis? This league is very, very close.

With no one team outright dominating and few falling too far behind, it's fair to say that everything is still up for grabs.

Hartford City FC

Hartford’s NASL Bid Dealt a Blow

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Photo credit: Hartford Football Whalers

Hartford's bid for an expansion franchise in the NASL was dealt a serious blow after legal troubles surrounding a key developer recently surfaced.

The Hartford Courant recently reported that James C. Duckett, who heads Connecticut-based development firm Black Diamond, was convicted of embezzlement in 1999.

Hartford City Set for Indoor Action

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Professional indoor soccer will return to the region this winter as the Major Arena Soccer League announced on Saturday that it has added Hartford City FC as an expansion club for the 2015-16 season.

Hartford City, which was originally rumored as a possible NASL expansion candidate earlier this year, will play a 20-game schedule that will kick off on Nov.

New York City FC

Orlando to be 21st MLS Team

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Orlando City announced today that next Tuesday, November 19th they would be making a major announcement. The emphasis on major was made by Orlando in their releases. With the stadium funding passing, it was only a matter of time before MLS officially made the announcement. And it looks like that is finally coming on the 19th.

Looking closer at the newest entry to MLS – New York City FC

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In big MLS league news announced on May 21, the league announced their 20th team that would be joining in 2015. To the surprise of very few league observers, MLS awarded the team to New York City. Being co-run by the Premiership side Manchester City and MLB's New York Yankees, this new team will change the landscape of the league in many ways.

Montreal Impact

Marsch's Montreal Have Anelka on the Brain

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How's your French? Merde? Better ask for Rosetta Stone for Christmas then because if you really want to know what's what with the Impact you're going to need to read and listen to a lot of it. But if you are like me and only speak French after a bottle & a half of Bordeaux (and poorly even then) you can check out the latest episode of the SoccerPlus podcast because it features an English-language interview with Montreal coach Jessie Marsch.

Expansion & The Aging Italian

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Should the Impact place their maiden MLS voyage in the hands of the elderly? One Montreal writer dares to brave the icy, Italian-flavored waters of the DP dilema and what it could mean for the 2012 expansion side if they dare to splash the cash on a slew of Azzurri players old enough to get birthday shout-outs from Willard Scott.


Cosmos Experiencing Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

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This landed in my inbox last night:
Management Update from the New York Cosmos

November 2, 2011 (New York, NY) - There has been a buyout at The New York Cosmos and management changes have taken place in various areas of our organization.

Montreal Impact x Daft Punk x Sebastien Le Toux

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The Frenchist thing you'll see all day this side of a Gauloises at a Jean K Jean stand-up set. Also, start your Seba-to-Quebec trade conspiracies right...about...now.

Vegas Still Trying to Get in the MLS Game, Apparently

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This may be a LONG way from reality but damn, just think of the road trips? Every supporters group and it's mother will be out to recreate The Hangover without missing kick off. If this happens somebody's gonna get pregnant.

[H/T @BrianStraus]

Monreal Unveil New, Frenchtastic Logo

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I don't know about y'all but I better tighten up my French game before next season if I'm going have any clue WTF is going on in Montreal. The Impact just released their new, MLS-ready logo and I feel like I just watched an exchange student's final project for a design class. No idea what half of that was about.

You Know You are a Baller If...

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You know you are a baller if you give interviews on a golf course and you are not a player in the PGA. Check out The Don getting all Big Willy and talking expansion, the D.C. stadium saga and various other messageboardy topics in between working on his short game. Play on boss.

Whitecaps Record Official, Presumably Street Official, Hip Hop Anthem

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Half-naked flesh, leather-clad Italian guys and beats: are these Vancouver Whitecaps videos promoting a soccer team or a discotheque? I don't care either way as I have a thing for both but if it is a nightclub I need to know the dress code. I refuse to dance in any establishment that will not let you in wearing sneakers; you only dance in church shoes at wedding receptions.


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How about a quick, informal straw poll in the comments: has Bryan Adams aged well? I'm inclined to say "yes" because he looks like my friend Doug and if I say "no" I am also saying in way that Doug has not aged well and then I'll have to deal with that. But you guys don't know Doug so use your words and make your own call.


Chaos at the Cosmos (or Even an Aged, Blind, Crazy Squirrel Gets a Nut from Time to Time)

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Now this is interesting. According to SoccerAmerica -remember SoccerAmerica?-- the current iteration of the New York Cosmos front office is getting blowed up. Paul Gardner's latest, quasi-bizarrely written treatise for the old-school footie mag throws forth a tale of upheaval around the MLS expansion pretenders and leaves you with more questions than answers.

When People Say Something is "Just Crazy Enough to Work", the Detroit Stadium Plan is EXACTLY What They are Talking About

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Y'all seen then stadium proposal in Detroit? Looks crazy but if they can pull it off more power to them because I actually think The Mitten would be a better spot for an MLS club than The Wang. Not nearly as fun of a roadtrip -mojitos and beaches top all- but a better home for a soccer team.

The Rest

Garber "confident" Miami deal could happen by end of summer

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Photo by Dan Hamilton/USA Today Sports

Major League Soccer is closer than ever to announcing the long-awaited Miami franchise.

After meeting with the league's board of governors on Wednesday before the All-Star Game against Real Madrid, commissioner Don Garber told reporters the deal is at the finish line for the Miami MLS team.

News roundup: Roster upgrades, U-20’s top Mexico, more

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How much has the Union roster really improved from last year and a historic win for the US U-20's over Mexico.

ASL: Worcester FC to Join As Expansion Team

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After a three-year absence, organized soccer will return to Central Massachusetts as the ASL has announced that Worcester FC will join the league as an expansion team for the 2015-16 season.

The club, which is headed by former Greater Lowell United FC founder Tim Melican, will kick off its inaugural season in August.

Report: NASL Eyeing Expansion in Hartford?

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Photo credit: Hartford Football Whalers

Is the NASL targeting Hartford as a potential expansion city?

According to a report from The Courant (Hartford) on Monday, the second-tier soccer league is in talks with a Hartford-based ownership group about the possibility of fielding a team in the Nutmeg State.

PASL Expands to Brownsville, Texas

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Professional Arena Soccer League commissioner Kevin Milliken confirmed this morning that an expansion franchise has been awarded to Brownsville, Texas. The Brownsville Barracudas will begin play in the upcoming 2014-15 season. Milliken said he will be in Brownsville for a press conference introducing the team on May 20.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber announces major expansion plans for league

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While the 2013 All-Star Game featured a good half of action from the Timbers' own Will Johnson, the bombshell that hit at halftime had MLS fans buzzing. MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced plans that the league wanted to add 4 new teams by the end of 2020. While the league is certainly robust in various aspects and has plenty of viable cities that could support a team, I hope there are questions the league is looking at before progressing forward with their strategy.

Prostíbulo y funeraria sponsors de clubes griegos

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03.10.2012 - "La expansión de las marcas se reveló a los londinenses a través de una comedia edificante de Navidad. La misma comenzó cuando la Asociación de Regent Street descubrió que no tenía dinero suficiente para comprar los farolitos de Navidad con que suele adornar la calle durante esa temporada.

Garber and the State of the League

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Today MLS commissioner Don Garber held his State of the League address. Two of the main topics were were the schedule for the 2012 season and the league's 20th franchise.

In regards to the schedule, Garber said that the league will not expand the number of games played. There will be 34 games for each team next season, which means we've seen the end of the balanced schedule.