FIFA corruption fight ‘setback’ by purge of ethics team

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Manama (AFP) – FIFA’s decision to remove its ethics team was a “setback in the fight against corruption”, one of those dismissed, investigator Cornel Borbely, told a press conference in Bahrain on Wednesday.

World football’s governing body has recommended that Borbely, along with the ethics judge who helped bring down Sepp Blatter, Hans-Joachim Eckert, not be re-elected at the FIFA Congress which takes place on May 11 in the Gulf.

LEAKED: FIFA Ethics Report Revealed Word spread across global...

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LEAKED: FIFA Ethics Report Revealed

Word spread across global media outlets Wednesday night that details of FIFA's investigation on the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process would be released the following day. While these reports included a general indication that FIFA would absolve Qatar and Russia of any misbehavior or financial malfeasance in a summary statement, exact details were left aside, as a full copy of independent investigator Michael J.

Soccer News: FIFA and the ethics report

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FIFA explains why its ethics report will mostly remain confidential in Friday's soccer news roundup. Read More

Gold medal at PPL, Adu on not starting, more news

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Carli Lloyd will be signing autographs ahead of Wednesday's Union game against Columbus. Gaddis wins PST Team of the Week honors. Adu on not starting against RSL: "It is what it is." Power rankings. FIFA ethics investigator to look into awarding of 2018 and 2022 WC hosting. More.

Radio Cuju: Episode 05

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We are back for another edition of Radio Cuju. Sure it's a day late, but we promise it was well worth it. On this episode we cover some juicy headlines and come up with a great new t-shirt idea of Bumpy Pitch. We breakdown the hiring of Roy Hodgson as the England manager, the wild week in the EPL and FIFA's reported new ethics code.

FIFA’s 2012 Olympics chief still under investigation for corruption

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FIFA's 2012 Olympics chief still under investigation for corruption

Issa Hayatou still subject of Ethics Committee investigation

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-09-21 14:06:32 from: The Mirror

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

CONCACAF: Austin Banned

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FIFA's Ethics Committee banned Barbados Football Federation president Lisle Austin for one year on Wednesday. Austin was briefly the interim president of CONCACAF, before being provisionally suspended after attempting to fire general secretary Chuck Blazer without authority. He chose to challenge that suspension in court, getting an injunction to reinstate him from a Bahamas judge.

FIFA Justice

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Jul 21, 2011) US Soccer Players -- For those of you with better things to do on Saturday, you might have missed the FIFA Ethics Committee's announcement. Streamed live for those of us not in Zurich, chairman Petrus Damaseb announced that once upon a time FIFA presidential candidate and suspended Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam has been banned for life after being found culpable in a votes.

Two CFU officials receive FIFA bans

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The big news from yesterday's announcement by the FIFA Ethics Committee was the life ban to FIFA Executive Committee member Mohammed Bin Hammam, but there were other decisions that affected officials in CONCACAF. CFU members Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester, both of Trinidad & Tobago, were banned from participating in all soccer-related activities for one year.

FIFA Announces Bin Hammam Decision

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The FIFA Ethics Committee formally found Mohamed Bin Hammam guilty in a votes for bribes scandal on Saturday, receiving a lifetime ban and ending his association with world soccer. Bin Hammam was the president of the Asian Football Confederation and a FIFA presidential candidate. He stood accused of trading cash for presidential votes at a meeting of the Caribbean Football Union.

Bin Hammam asks to be judged without "any political agenda or motivation"

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Following yesterday's announcement by FIFA, the world football body, that he would be called to appear before its Ethics Committee on 22 July, Mohamed bin Hammam has issued a personal plea for a "fair hearing." According to the suspended FIFA Executive Committee member and President of the Asian Football Confederation, his case has been affected "by persons who, along with their motivations,

Bin Hammam may face FIFA life ban as former ally calls for his resignation

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British sports journalist Andrew Warshaw has reported in the Inside World Football newsletter that sources close to the FIFA Ethics Committee's case against Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed bin Hammam "have indicated" that the Qatari, accused of paying cash bribes to 25 Caribbean FIFA members in exchange for votes, "will almost certainly be banned for life and be forced to go to

Warner Resigns

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Provisionally suspended CONCACAF president Jack Warner has announced his resignation. In an official statement, FIFA thanked Warner for his contributions to the game while expressing regret at "the turn of events that have led to Mr Warner's decision." The resignation ends the Ethics Committee investigation with "the presumption of innocence.

Gold Cup goes on as CONCACAF schism deepens

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The Gold Cup is taking place amidst deepening strife within CONCACAF. It has become ugly.

The Caribbean Football Union is on a collision course with Chuck Blazer, the secretary general of the federation. Blazer is also the US member of FIFA. The CFU members have asked the FIFA ethics committee to investigate Blazer for making defamatory statements alleging they had each been paid $40,000 by Jack Warner or Mohammed Bim Hammam for their votes.

Saudi FA chief: Hammam suspension not an 'Arab' issue

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Prince Nawaf bin Faisal, the president of the Saudi Arabia Football Association, reportedly sees the suspension of Mr Mohamed bin Hammam from the FIFA executive committee and the presidency of the Asian Football Confederation as an international rather than regional issue. Mr Bin Hammam has been temporarily suspended from all football positions by the FIFA Ethics Committee pending an

FIFA Ethics C'tee member says Blatter "has nothing to lose"

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Australian television commentator, Les Murray, has expressed grave concerns about the integrity of FIFA, saying re-elected president Mr Sepp Blatter must "clean the place up" amid widespread corruption fears. Mr Murray, who is a member of the FIFA ethics committee, labelled as "very, very serious" the turmoil within FIFA as Mr Blatter was re-elected unopposed following the suspension of rival

Bin Hammam's further complaints against FIFA procedures.

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"Temporarily suspended" FIFA Executive Committee member and president of the Asian Football Confederation, Mohamed Bin Hammam, has issued a further complaint against FIFA procedures. In a letter to FIFA sent this morning, Bin Hammam protested against his treatment by the FIFA Ethics Committee and the FIFA administration.

For FIFA, It's Not A Crisis

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (May 31, 2011) US Soccer Players -- Show of hands from anyone really surprised that Mondays FIFA press conference ended up a lesson in etiquette directed at the members of the media present in the room. Ok, maybe the etiquette lesson was a surprise, but the response from FIFA the day after the Ethics Committee provisionally suspended two Confederation presidents?

One Candidate

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (May 30, 2011) US Soccer Players -- In a lengthy statement, suspended CONCACAF president Jack Warner explained why he believes the process employed by the FIFA Ethics Committee is, shall we say, suspect. At issue is what always seems to be at issue in these instances.

FIFA's Valcke responds to Bin Hammam and Warner

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FIFA's Secretary General Jérôme Valcke has issued the following comments following statements made by Mr Mohamed bin Hammam and Mr Jack A. Warner yesterday evening: On Mr Mohamed bin Hammam's statement: "It is fully incorrect – and quite disappointing - to say that I have an influence on the FIFA Ethics Committee and its proceedings.

Warner & Bin-Hammam suspended

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Zurich - AFC chief Mohamed Bin-Hammam and FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner have been temporarily suspended from all football activities, but President Sepp Blatter is in the clear."No investigation against Blatter is warranted," announced FIFA Ethics Committee chair Petrus Damaseb this afternoon, but a full investigation into the suspended duo will be carried out by Justice Torres, with a final

Ethics Committee press conference to be streamed

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FIFA announced that there will be a press conference at the conclusion of the Ethics Committee meeting, and it will be streamed live on their website. The conference is scheduled to start at 1800 CET, which is in ten minutes from now. I don't see a direct link, but I imagine there will be one soon.

Bin Hammam: Provisional ban is completely disproportionate

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The "temporarily suspended" FIFA Exco member and president of the Asian Football Confederation, Mr Mohamed bin Hammam, has acknowledged the decision taken today by the FIFA Ethics Committee. However, he fails to understand how despite him not being found guilty, but yet, he has been suspended. "I have been referred to the Ethics Committee based on evidence which was strong enough in the views of

What will happen tomorrow?

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Tomorrow is the day of the FIFA ethics committee meeting, and its rulings will have significant implications on the governance of world soccer and especially that of the CONCACAF region. Already we're seen one casualty of the corruption investigations, as today Mohammed bin Hammam withdrew his campaign for the FIFA presidency.

Sepp Gets Sucked Into The FIFA Windstorm

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There is a shitstorm surrounding FIFA as if there ever isn't on the verge of their symbolic election process which shall decide by how many votes Sepp remains president who runs the sport's governing body.

Has anyone been really paying attention? Should anyone be paying attention? The whole thing seems overly political in a system which is uber-political to begin with.


Questions: Standings and tickets

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By Tony Edwards - San Jose, CA (Aug 30, 2012) US Soccer Players -- In Thursday's column, Tony asks what the Revolution needs to do after Wednesday's collapse, questions the ethics of consulting with a coach under contract to another entity, and wonders if Montreal will raise attendance by lowering ticket prices.

FIFA Ethics C'tee member apologises to Socceroo captain for false allegations

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FIFA Ethics Committee member and decorated Australian football commentator, Les Murray, has withdrawn allegations made in his new book that Australian captain Lucas Neill had instructed his team mates to defy the orders of the then Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek immediately prior to the 2011 FIFA World Cup game against Germany in Durban last year.

Manchester United

Fiorentina issue statement announcing they are happy ‘undeserving’ Dimitar Berbatov didn’t sign

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What seemed like a done deal that would send Dimitar Berbatov from Manchester United's bench to striker-desperate Fiorentina descended into farce on Wednesday. The result was Berbatov being linked to Juventus and Fulham, and Fiorentina issuing an amazing press release condemning all parties involved.

Capello Sticks By John Terry – Again

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Fabio Capello is furious at the English FA for firing his captain John Terry, and you have to begin to wonder whether Capello will still be in charge of England when this summer's Euro 2012 rolls around.

Capello was interviewed by national Italian broadcaster Rai 1 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon, where he attended Chelsea's 3-3 draw with Manchester United, and he stated openly how angry he was.

The rich get richer

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My biggest complaint with the economics of football is actually not the level of disparity. It's how contracts are not honored by the players, and the bigger clubs act like despots in choosing any player they wish regardless of anything. Take Phil Jones and Manchester United (this from wikipedia):

  • Jones signed a new five-year contract with Blackburn Rovers on 4 May 2010.


CONCACAF Announces New Committees

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In what is being called a ‘road map to reform,' CONCACAF has announced three new committees: Integrity, Audit & Compliance, and Ethics. "The creation of these committees is the next logical step in the transformation of CONCACAF, demonstrating that we are committed to transparency and reform," CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb said in a press statement.

Jack's back to chuck Blazer a grenade

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Caribbean...Jack Warner, the infamous former CONCACAF boss and FIFA Vice-President, is back in the news.Still smarting from his banishment in June after almost three decades in the corridors of football power, Warner has taken aim at Chuck Blazer, his long-term colleague who reported him to the FIFA Ethics Committee for reasons hitherto

FIFA Suspends Bin Hammam, Warner

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Hours after announcing he was ending his candidacy for the FIFA presidency, Mohamed Bin Hammam was suspended by that organization's ethics committee. CONCACAF president Jack Warner was also suspended. The ethics committee cleared FIFA president Sepp Blatter and also took no action against those members of FIFA's executive committee accused of wrongdoing by evidence presented in front of a British Parliamentary inquiry into soccer.

Ethics committee livestream

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The Ethics committee is having its post-committee press conference right now. You can find the link here. The deputy chairman of the Ethics committee, Petrus Damaseb, is speaking right now and summarizing the charges brought before it.


Super Sagna, Artful Arteta, and a victory for Arsenal’s ethics

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Arsenal 1 – 0 Manchester City — Quick Passing and Smart Team Pressure Vs. Violent, Undisciplined and Individualistic Footballers by Jason Mario Balotelli eventually had to answer to the force which is "karma", because he should have been sent off for his careless "studs up" challenge on Alex Song.

Adam Kemp: Arsenal’s board are as much to blame as Wenger for lack of success

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The Arsenal board's lack of business conduct and ethics has cost us sporting success. by Adam Kemp After last season's shocking demise, I launched a tirade of confounded frustration in the direction of Arsene Wenger. I am still appalled at how the manager has conducted this transfer window allowing key players to be subject to [.

The Rest

Blatter loses appeal against football ban after ‘ethics breach’

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Lausanne (AFP) The Court of Arbitration for Sport said Monday that Sepp Blatter breached FIFA's ethics codes as it firmly rejected his appeal against a six year ban for making a $2 million payment to ousted UEFA chief Michel Platini.

"Mr Blatter breached the FIFA Code of Ethics since the payment amounted to an undue gift as it had no contractual basis," said the CAS in a statement which said Blatter's appeal had been "dismissed.

A Case Study of Soccer Ethics

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There are the published rules of the game, like the offsides rule, no hands, and so on. And then there are the actual rules of the games- the ones that aren't necessarily published but guide the way we act and interact with the published set of rules. These unspoken rules, or norms, are what form soccer ethics.

Sick Picks

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A question of ethics -- can you get mad at your 90-year-old Grandmother for getting you sick on Thanksgiving when you spend 40 minutes in the car with her driving her back to her home?A question of insanity -- can you start snorting the crystals in Thera-Flu packets in Kenny Powers fashion?A question of practicality -- can you try to assemble a weekly EPL preview-o-rama when every three seconds

China's Zhang formally assumes office as AFC Acting President

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The Asian Football Confederation's Senior Vice-President Zhang Jilong formally assumed office as AFC Acting President. In accordance with the AFC Statutes, China's Zhang took over, provisionally, from AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam, on 29 May 2011, following the decision of the Ethics Committee of the world body, FIFA, to suspend Mr Bin Hammam pending a hearing on corruption charges.