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Possibly the worst start to the playoffs that we could have hoped for, dropping all three points as well as falling to third in the standings. We got lucky in considering Panathinaikos only managed to draw 1-1 with Panionios, but yesterday's result certainly puts the pressure on us from an early stage.

Cup Is Canceled… Again

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So it looks like the Cup has been canceled for the second time this season. Really never expected something like this to happen, to have a Cup final canceled twice in season, but I guess its not that surprising at all given the way things are run in Greece at the moment.

The official reason for the cancellation was that the police were concerned about safety, even though the only people in the stadium would have been the players and the 300 or so friends and family members of the players.

Ah Greece…

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What would we do without all the excitement that comes out of the country on an almost daily basis. I have to admit, it can be entertaining at times but more often than not, it leads to disappointment and anger from those of us who just want to see our club succeed.

Why do I say all this now?

What a joke…

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An announcement was made today by EPO, stating that as soon as a single flare is thrown on to the pitch from now on, the game must either be suspended temporarily or cancelled altogether.

I suppose its a fair rule, considering people have actually been killed after being hit by flares. But I can't help but think that the timing of all this is a bit odd.

Adamidis Speaks Out

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First of all, AEK365 has the new team photos for the season available. Nice looking pics in my opinion, with Agia Sofia in the background being a very nice touch. Also nice to see a big smile on Libe's face.

Now, Adamidis was quite furious with officiating at the match against Tripolis (rightfully so since at least one, but quite possibly more, penalties were not awarded to us).

Borbokis attacked……

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AEK's scouter and former fan favourite Vasilis Borbokis was attacked last night at the home ground of Iraklis in Thesaloniki.He was at the ground to do his job as Iraklis was playing a friendly and are our opponents next weekend.
As Borbokis took his seat in the stands close to the Iraklis officials,a group of about 10 hooligans approached and asked him to leave.

AEK Cup Final News and Greek All-Star Game

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EPO has said that AEK will be the home team for this year's cup final. This is good news for AEK, and hopefully it will mean we get to choose our gates (AEK wants gates 1-35, a significant portion of OAKA, about half), our locker rooms, and whether our fans arrive by train (instead of busses).

Greek Cup 08-09 News

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Reports on the radio and on the web are starting to say that, due to the fact that EPO owe management of OAKA around 300,000 Euros from the 2007 Champions League Final in Athens, the Final for this years Greek Cup may not be played at OAKA in the end. Unless EPO pay this sum [...]

Former Fulham and Xanthi Striker Radzinski Speaks Out On Greek Super Leage Corruption

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AEK fans are as familiar as any Greek fans with the suspicious way decisions are made (or not made, or unmade) by the EPO (the Greek FA). Last year, as has been well-documented on this blog, Olympiacos was able to take the League Championship from AEK through a shady court maneuver (essentially Oly argued that [.

AEK Roundup: Donis and Kyrgiakos Bite Tongues, Edinho Gets Noticed, Greek Refs Still Crap

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Donis was again happy with his players' performance again Panionios Sunday.  Donis has been very even-tempered during his post-game interviews, careful to praise his players for their hard work.  Indeed, he even refrained from criticizing the officiating, which was dodgy, as is unfortunately typical in the Greek Super Legue.

AEK News

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Just two weeks after obtaining the full rights to Ismael Blanco, AEK have officially acquired the full rights to another powerful scorer and fan favorite, Arnaldo Edi Lopes da Silva, also known as Edinho. He is happy that the AEK and Vitoria Setubal have agreed to this, claiming that he and his family have adapted comfortably [.

AEK vs. Panionios Match Report

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We lined up like this: Lyberopoulos Blanco Rivaldo Edinho Toszer -Kafes Bourbos -Pilatsikas Alves -Dellas Macho And everyone played well, even Pilatsikas who is arguably a class below the rest of the team (though steadily improving as he gets more first team experience).  At the start of the second half, Kallon subbed in for Lyberopoulos; in the 59th minute, Ramos Silva went in for Edinho; and in [.

AEK 5-0 Panionios

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All the drama of the past week could not put a damper on our play. We are in top form. And as all our fans knew, and now all of Greece knows, we are the real Champions. Despite the EPO, regardless of Olympiaco's money, forgetting how even the CAS would not put things right, [...]

Who Will Win the Championship

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ANother update from Greece: It appearss that AEK and PAO lawyers were able to argue their cases afterall. According to late-breaking radio reports, Olympiakos argued for more than three hours that neight of their rival clubs should be allowed to intervene in the proceeding. After that, CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) apparently [.


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Well, we won last Wednesday and we won again yesterday, but so did fellow title contenders Olympiacos and Panathinaikos. And though Olympiacos didn't play last Wednesday, they still registered a win and picked up three points thanks to a Greek Football Federation (EPO) decision that overturned an earlier loss to Apollon Kalamarias.

Larissa vs. AEK Preview

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We play Larissa F.C. tomorrow, Saturday, February 9th, at 9:45 am East Coast Time. I am very nervous about this match, for the following reasons. First, Larissa are no push-overs. They won the Greek Cup last year and had a okay run in this year's UEFA Cup, defeating Blackburn of the EPL in the first round before losing [.


Another Scandal… What a Surprise

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I say it all the time, but it really is a shame a country as beautiful as Greece is in the hands of such incompetent, corrupt, and embarrassing people.

I often find myself looking to the east and west of Greece, countries such as Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, and wish we didn't have the people we did stopping us from competing with such nations.

Another Scandal… What a Surprise

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I say it all the time, but it really is a shame a country as beautiful as Greece is in the hands of such incompetent, corrupt, and embarrassing people.

I often find myself looking to the east and west of Greece, countries such as Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, and wish we didn't have the people we did stopping us from competing with such nations.


French Team Doctor Puts ‘98 Squad On Doping Book Tour

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Footballer autobiographies can be found housed under the Dewey decimal system in the eight circle of hell. Where does that put autobiographies by the team doctors of famous teams? Hitchhiking to the ninth, I suppose.

The team doctor from France's '98 World Cup win has made some fairly damning statements regarding the blood samples of France's World Cup-winning side from 1998.

Doping: La delusione di Chiappucci: "Credevo che Rebellin fosse uno dei più seri"

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Sorpresa, amarezza, delusione. Alcune delle sensazioni che avvolgono il ciclismo in questo momento di grande difficoltà dopo lo scandalo doping che incrimina uno dei miti per tutti gli appassionati di questo sport e, in generale, per gli sportivi italiani. Davide Rebellin, medaglia d'argento alle Olimpiadi di Pechino del 2008 è risultato positivo al Cera, l'Epo di terza generazione.

Doping: Rebellin è l'azzurro positivo ai controlli. Bruseghin: "Non ci credo"

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Incredibile. Dopo avervi dato notizia della scoperta di sette casi di positività , relativi ai giochi di Pechino 2008, tra i quali anche un italiano, ora siamo a conoscenza dell'atleta. Niente di meno che il ciclista Davide Rebellin, medaglia d'argento nella prova su strada alle ultime Olimpiadi. La notizia ha sconvolto l'ambiente azzurro.

Pechino, Bufera doping sulle Olimpiadi del 2008. Sette atleti positivi, tra cui un italiano

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Il doping torna a far paura. Dopo il caso di cocaina, recentissimo, che ha coinvolto Carrozzieri, calciatore del Palermo, trovato positivo ad un controllo mirato del Coni nel post-gara, la bufera delle "prestazioni alterate" sconvolge anche la manifestazione olimpica di Pechino 2008 (che si è svolta nella capitale cinese dall'8 al 24 agosto 2008).


Fernando Santos officially new Greece coach, succeeds Otto Rehhagel

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It's the news everyone had been waiting for but few had probably been looking forward to, with former AEK Athens, Panathinaikos and PAOK manager Fernando Santos officially announced by the EPO as Otto Rehhagel's successor at the helm of the Greek national team until at least Euro 2012 (or so [read more]

Otto Rehhagel Ends Greece Reign With 2010 World Cup

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It's official: the reign of Otto Rehhagel as Greece manager, which lasted nearly nine years, has ended. The EPO have confirmed they're searching for a new successor, heavily tipped to be former AEK Athens and PAOK coach Fernando Santos, who represents something of a risk given it'll be his first [read more]

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