Modric cautious over chickens

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 Luka says that's one for definite Harry. We like a theme over here at The Musings as you may have noticed. And while most of you are still surfing on cloud nine after Wednesday let me lay on you something which has stood the test of time: 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch'. Or to put it another way: don't cackle if you haven't laid.

Hardly anything about Modric.

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They seek him here, they seek him there.     They luka everywhere for him.Relax he's ill. I'm sure it's nothing serious You know those Army training thingies where they do a 30 mile run; at night; in full kit; bags of cement in every pocket; live rounds zinging just above their heads; with both legs tied together; in their bare feet; blindfold?

Boxing Day Magic

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£35 for a match ticket. £25 for petrol. £2 for a hot chocolate. Watching Rafael van der Vaart return to the side, Priceless.

In all fairness to the rest of the team it wasn't vdV alone who got us a hard earned 3 points yesterday but he did make all the difference.


Barcodes Test of Credentials

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There's so much going on at the moment with regards to the new stadium, political spin left, right and centre. Even Pele's talking about it. This afternoon Daniel Levy wrote an open letter on the official site which unless you're blind confirms the boards first choice is moving to Stratford.

The Times They Are A-Changing

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How times change. It wasn't so long ago a spurs fan like you and I would be skipping into work today having managed to get a point against the current champions of England and having given them a really good game, instead we're counting missed chances, silly mistakes and wondering what could've been.