Lucas Perez inspired by Arsenal but can he break number 9 curse?

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The last Arsenal player to wear the number nine shirt that has now been handed to our new striker signing was the Germany international Lukas Podolski. Even though there is some debate about whether he was given a fair crack of the whip by Arsene Wenger, it is fair to say that his Arsenal career [...

Wenger says Arsenal with no injury crisis are Title winners

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Arsene Wenger was not specifically bemoaning the crippling Arsenal injury list that he has had to cope with for the last two seasons at least, but you could forgive the boss for cursing his luck. There have been many reasons why Arsenal have not been crowned champions of England since that historic invincibles campaign over [.

Rooney doesn’t dive, Gerard doesn’t dive ….. and Eduardo is a cheat

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Rooney doesn't dive ... he's an English bulldog

Gerard doesn't dive ..... he's a legend

Eduardo is a diving foreign cheat .....

Discuss .... and tell me again why on the spot video replays will ruin the game???


Why Eduardo return could be great for Arsenal

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When the terrible news came through this week about Theo Walcott and his six month spell on the sidelines with the dreaded Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury, I am sure I was not the only Arsenal fan to be instantly reminded of Eduardo. The Brazilian born forward was an integral part of the Arsenal side who [.

Can Arsenal avoid a repeat of Eduardo situation?

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The last time Arsenal were in with a realistic chance of winning the Premier League title was in 2008-09 season. Just as now, the Gunners were in the lead going into the new year, despite having sold Thierry Henry to Barcelona, as well as Freddie Ljungberg and Reyes. One of the main reasons for this [.

Fabregas baffled by Arsenal trophy drought

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Unlike some of the players who have walked out on Arsenal in recent years, the reason for Cesc Fabregas' departure was not about money or the failure of the Gunners to win a trophy since the 2005 FA cup final. The plain truth is that Cesc would never have left his hometown club Barcelona in [...]

Arsenal’s Worst Injury News Ever

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Following Theo Walcott's worrying injury against San Marino (who knew you could bruise a lung?) this seems like a good time to ask what has been the most damaging injury we have ever suffered.

I don't mean damaging to the player (because surely Ramsey and Eduardo would jointly walk away with that one.

Arsenal’s Worst Injury News Ever

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Following Theo Walcott's worrying injury against San Marino (who knew you could bruise a lung?) this seems like a good time to ask what has been the most damaging injury we have ever suffered.

I don't mean damaging to the player (because surely Ramsey and Eduardo would jointly walk away with that one.

Eduardo slates Arsenal but wants to return??

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Eduardo unimpressed with Arsenal's transfer policy by AM In an interview to BBC, Former Gunner Eduardo has criticized the club's transfer policy and said that it was a big mistake to sell Alex Song and van Persie and risk a repeat of what happened last year when Fabregas and Nasri left the club. The Croatian [.

Arsenal Debate: Is Aaron Ramsey the new Eduardo?

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An Unfair Situation For Aaron Ramsey – By JG I am curious to know what the overall disposition towards Aaron Ramsey's current predicament is (from the readers on this site). What is the overall consensus about Aaron Ramsey? Should we have a zero tolerance approach, one of absolutely no compassion and heartlessness?

Toby – How the board hampers Wenger’s transfer dealings (And Arsenal’s denial)

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Way back in march i posted an article on here defending Wenger and questioning what was really going on behind closed doors, i wrote this article after having stumbled across and interesting bit of reading which made it clear all was not what it seemed at the Emirates and that Wenger was working under tight [.

Should Fans be Encouraged by Gazidis’ Recent Comments?

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As many of you have already read, club executive Ivan Gazidis recently made quite a few statements about our financial position and transfer activity. In particular, he made some statements that most Gunner fans would like to see as a great sign of hope. While he had a lot to say, let me quote the most important stuff right here:

"We still will be active in this window.

The Carling Cup – Does Anybody Care?

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Two semifinals gone (one actually exciting, sorry Hammers fans for that tough extra time loss) and we're on to Wembley at the end of February with Birmingham City and Arsenal for the league cup. This one's been traditionally contested by mid-table teams since its seen as a mostly meaningless achievement, that is until they changed the format to reward the victor with a Europa League berth (previously winners would gain entry to the UEFA Cup tourney).

[Video] Eduardo scores superb volley for Shakhtar Donetsk – we’re happy you are back, Dudu

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Although not as a Gunner, Arsenal supporters will be delighted to see striker Eduardo back from injury and back scoring just like the old times. The Croatian was ...

Eduardo: I always want to score goals, it was special

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After leaving Arsenal in the summer, striker Eduardo is enjoying a very good spell with Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk, including two goals in two games against the Gunners. Speaking after Wednesday's win in Donetsk, the 27-year ...

Shakhtar 2 Arsenal 1 : Not There Yet

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Flying is not Bendtner's forte

In the end qualification to the next round was not secured just yet. Will this result hamper our progress? I don't think it will. Granted the performance was a bit dire but there's absolutely nothing to fret. I'll put my house down on us advancing to the next stage.

Sunk By Our Former Comrade But Its Far From A Disaster

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So Eduardo scores against us again!

Not as nice a feeling as last time around. Then we were cruising, had the three points in the bag and it was just a weird added bonus that Eduardo scored. Last night his goal meant we lost and failed to secure the win we needed to progress to the knock-out stages with two games in hand.

Real Madrid Grab Last-Gasp Goal For 2–2 Draw

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After a truly fantastic matchday of Champions League action, there are so many things to review, especially after so many goals were scored. There were 53 goals scored in all 16 matches of the Champions League this midweek, that's an average of 3.31 goals per game! Not bad at all.

Real Madrid travelled to Milan to play the rossoneri, and while Jose Mourinho added a little spice to the crowd by waving with three fingers (which indicates the treble he won last season with Inter Milan), the match was full of excitement.

Eduardo: The Arsenal players I’m still in contact with

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With today's game away at Manchester City, Arsenal will end a week which saw the return of Croatian striker to the Emirates in the Gunners' 5-1 win over Shakhtar Donetsk. Speaking to Arsenal TV Online, the ...

Progress in the Champions League almost assured. Shakhtar match report.

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Arsenal 5 Shakhtar Donetsk 1

I didn't expect Arsenal to find it so comfortable against Shakhtar but the reason we did was we took our chances. 2-0 at half-time definitely was a somewhat fortuitous scoreline, but football is ultimately about making possession count for something. We didn't at Chelsea and we lost 2-0.

Eduardo on the fantastic reception and not celebrating the goal

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One of the most emotional scenes at the Emirates stadium was when former striker Eduardo found the back of the net, for Shakhtar, on Tuesday. Speaking after the game, the Croatian explained how the welcome back ...

Arsenal 5 Shaktar 1 : Eduardo Cheered

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Arsenal continued their high scoring streak in the Champions League as the Ukrainian champions were sent packing with a 5 goal salvo from us. Shakhtar Donetsk were expected to be the main challenger to us for the top spot in the group but the game itself tells a completely different story. Although to be fair, it was just a day when everything came off right.

Arsenal 6-0 Shakhtar

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Eduardo is not a legend in the mould of Henry, Bergkamp or Pires. And neither is his legend Eboue-esque. And yet, you'd have to have an Emotional Quotient equivalent to that of the Terminator in order for you to have not experienced the onset of severe goosebumps-itis last night.

Donetsk Forget To Mind The Gap In London As We Celebrate 6 Goals

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"I don't think I will celebrate," Â Eduardo.

True to his word, everyone's favourite Crozilian didn't even acknowledge his consolation strike, but how we celebrated. You guys behind the goal, I saw you, jumping up and down like it was an Arsenal goal, and the Nicklas Bendtner look-alike in the crowd I saw you too, holding that number 9 shirt proudly aloft, and we all heard the announcer acclaim the goal as if it had been scored a year ago.

Nasri and Wilshere are like dumb and dumber. Birmingham match report.

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Arsenal 2 Birmingham City 1

There was a moment in this match not shown on MOTD which arguably is an even greater indictment on Jack Wilshere than the red card.

Because a few minutes before half time, Samir Nasri was clearly fouled by a Birmingham player after tracking back to help Emmanuel Eboué.

Liga MX

Carlos Maria Morales llega al San Luis por Fentanes Clausura 2013

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Carlos María Morales retorna al fútbol mexicano, pero esta vez para desempeñarse como entrenador del San Luis, equipo de la Primera División de ese país.

Así lo anunció anoche la propia institución encabezada por su dueño Carlos Hugo López Chargoy, quien confía en el ex delantero para revertir la actualidad que atraviesan.

Alineación Liga MX Jornada 16 Apertura 2012

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Viernes 2 de Noviembre de 2012 - Chiapas 3-0 Pumas 19:30
El arbitraje estuvo a cargo de Óscar Macías, quien tuvo una buena labor. Únicamente amonestó a Marco Palacios (87), por la visita.
Chiapas.- Édgar Hernández, George Corral, Leiton Jiménez, Leonardo Bedolla, Armando Zamorano, Luis Esqueda, Gerardo Espinoza, Édgar Andrade (Elgabry Rangel, 73'), Jorge Rodríguez (Pedro Hernández, 66'), Jhon Córdoba (Luis Loroña, 48') y Luis Gabriel Rey.

Se gestiona ley para los Estadios

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Con la intención de conformar desde todos los puntos de vista una Ley de Estadios que de vida al marco legal para prevenir y erradicar la violencia dentro del futbol mexicano, arrancó el 1er Foro en la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal encabezada por el perredista Eduardo Santillán.

Clausura 2013

Arbitros Jornada 4 Clausura 2013 Liga MX

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Morelia vs Chivas
ESTADIO: Morelos
FECHA: 25/01/2013
HORA: 19:30
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Paul Enrique Delgadillo Haro
ASISTENTE UNO: Victor Calderón Calderón
ASISTENTE DOS: Hugo Bonilla Vázquez
CUARTO ARBITRO: Oscar Macías Romo
ASESOR: Raymundo Sánchez Villadoble

Santos vs León
FECHA: 25/01/2013
HORA: 21:30
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Miguel Angel Flores Rodriguez
ASISTENTE UNO: Alberto Morin Méndez
ASISTENTE DOS: Miguel Ángel Hernández Paredes
CUARTO ARBITRO: Victor Bisguerra Mendiola
ASESOR: Eduardo Muro Lobo

Querétaro vs Tigres
ESTADIO: La Corregidora
FECHA: 26/01/2013
HORA: 17:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Jesús Fabricio Morales Bojorquez
ASISTENTE UNO: Marvin Cesar Torrentera Rivera
ASISTENTE DOS: José Alfredo López Cruz
CUARTO ARBITRO: Luis Enrique Santander Aguirre
ASESOR: Gerardo Martínez Bravo

Tijuana vs Pachuca
ESTADIO: Caliente
FECHA: 26/01/2013
HORA: 17:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Ricardo Arellano Nieves
ASISTENTE UNO: Carlos González Cervantes
ASISTENTE DOS: Oscar Ismael Martínez García
CUARTO ARBITRO: Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán
ASESOR: Raul Cuauhtemoc Reyes Rayas

Cruz Azul vs Puebla
FECHA: 26/01/2013
HORA: 17:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos
ASISTENTE UNO: Mario Jesús López Carrillo
ASISTENTE DOS: Juan Reyes Chávez
CUARTO ARBITRO: Miguel Ángel Ortega Rojas
ASESOR: Jorge Eduardo Gasso Flores

Monterrey vs San Luis
ESTADIO: Tecnológico
FECHA: 26/01/2013
HORA: 19:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Fernando Guerrero Ramírez
ASISTENTE UNO: José Santana Martínez
ASISTENTE DOS: Andres Hernández Delgado
CUARTO ARBITRO: Miguel Ángel Chacón Viveros
ASESOR: Carlos González Iribarren

Atlas vs América
ESTADIO: Jalisco
FECHA: 26/01/2013
HORA: 21:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Erim Ramírez Ulloa
ASISTENTE UNO: Marcos Quintero Huitron
ASISTENTE DOS: Israel Valenciano Torres
CUARTO ARBITRO: Miguel Ángel Ayala Ramírez
ASESOR: Mauricio Rafael Morales Ovalle

Toluca vs Pumas
ESTADIO: Nemesio Diez
FECHA: 27/01/2013
HORA: 12:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: Marco Antonio Rodríguez Moreno
ASISTENTE UNO: Alejandro Ayala Valderrama
ASISTENTE DOS: Juan Carlos Salinas Salinas
CUARTO ARBITRO: Antony Zanjuampa Rojo
ASESOR: Jaime Luis Molina Snchez

Atlante vs Jaguares
ESTADIO: Andrés Quintana Roo
FECHA: 27/01/2013
HORA: 18:00
ÁRBITRO CENTRAL: José Alfredo Peñaloza Soto
ASISTENTE UNO: Juan Joel Rangel Maya
ASISTENTE DOS: jimmy Acosta Montesinos
CUARTO ARBITRO: Francisco Chacón Gutiérrez
ASESOR: Pedro Rebollar León
Gracias por tu visita Estadísticas de Fútbol

Eduardo Fentanes nuevo DT Real San Luis

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"Nadie me regaló nada", afirma Eduardo Fentanes, nuevo director técnico del San Luis. El ex auxiliar de Johan Van't Schip, en el Guadalajara, aseguró que fueron 14 años de esfuerzo, coronados hoy con el nombramiento como máximo responsable del equipo potosino.

El estratega se dio un pequeño tiempo para hablar con espn.

Cesc Fabregas

Did Wenger Cut Off a Voodoo Priest in Traffic?

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I mean, come on, it's a valid explanation. Did he?

Apologies for the lateness of this post. I have a tight schedule on weekdays, so writing and posting stuff is harder for me now. We'll get back to regular programming this weekend for the Swansea game.

Injuries, well.... injuries SUCK.

Wigan and Birmingham: omens for 2010 and 2011?

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Wigan 2 Arsenal 2
Birmingham 0 Arsenal 3

Work, a busy life, and actually having to travel too and from two away games prevented me from having a chance to write about either of these games in any depth until now.

A couple of points I would make nonetheless about the Wigan match:

- In a sense, we were lucky to play Wigan before Birmingham.

Arsenal 5 Shaktar Donetsk 1 – Player Ratings and Highlights

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Player Ratings:

Fabianski 7 Didn't have too much to do, particularly in the first half. Could do nothing really for Eduardo's goal. Seems to be less jittery, more confident, and is having a consistent run of good games, which is great for us.

Clichy 6 Was really getting forward at times, particularly in the second half.

The Rest

Suarez 10 game ban highlights the FA’s inadequacies … again

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Morning from a thoroughly wet and miserable Dublin. We had sun the other day and it was quite warm. Please join me in a moment's silence/applause for the passing of summer 2013.

[I was gonna put a tumbleweed in here but it can't tumble because it weighs 8 stone soaking wet]

Anyway, all the talk this morning is of Luiz Suarez and the 10 game ban he's been issued by the FA for gnawing on Branislav Ivanovic.

Bojinov eleito “rei dos flops”!

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Sem surpresa, Valeri Bojinov foi eleito o maior flop dos reforços que chegaram esta época ao campeonato português. O avançado búlgaro chegou ao Sporting rotulado de craque, e com passagens por Manchester City e Juventus no currículo, mas cedo se percebeu que estava demasiado pesado e lento de movimentos.

Italian Serie A 2011-2012 Club Preview: Genoa C.F.C

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Season Preview: Genoa Opening/Recap Genoa's tenth place finish last season could be viewed as a disappointment from a number of angles. Most strikingly, the side had finished a place higher the season prior and could have hoped to fight for a European spot last campaign. Â Out went Marco Amelia and in came Eduardo to fill in between the sticks a move that should have turned out to be much.

Top 10 of the week – Injuries both funny and ugly. at related • 0 views

We are cheating a bit this week by breaking our top 10 into two parts. The reason for this is because injuries fall into three different categories. 1) Boring. They pulled their hammy, waaa,  2) Stupid footballer's getting injured in unorthodox ways (our personal favourite) and 3) horrible leg breaks that turn your stomach (The two later make this list.

Akhmetov’s Brazilian carnival arrives at the not-so magica Roma

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The Croatian/Brazilian has scored in 1/2 his UCL games this season

The second day of Champions League knockout action is about to start, with the Ukrainian side sitting tops of their league (having won it last season) while Roma have been smacked around of late, dropping to 8th position a full thirteen points off the lead in the Serie A.

Portuguese national side: a bluffer’s guide

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With Argentina taking on Portugal in Geneva on Wednesday afternoon/evening, and the world's press (and especially, it would seem, the Argentina, Portuguese and Spanish media) pushing the fixture as a battle between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, I thought it ... Continue reading →

McCarty, Nyassi among those chosen in 2010 Expansion Draft

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The 2010 season may be only be a few days dead, but the 2011 season has already kicked off with the Expansion Draft.Â

The Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers added ten players to their initial MLS rosters on Wednesday as their clubs began to take shape for the 2011 season.