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On the Impossibility of ‘Doing a Likely Lads’

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Returning to these pages six months after his comparison of Eamon Dunphy's Only a Game and Garry Nelson's Left Foot in the Grave, Manchester United supporter Russell George wonders in his latest post whether he'll ever make it home for the highlights without knowing the score. On 26th May 1999, Clive Tyldesley memorably said that Manchester United fans would, ‘forever and a day' ask each other where they watched the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich.

Book Review: Glory Glory

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Glory Glory By Andy Mitten Published by Vision Sports Publishing, 2009 £17.99 (Hardback) 978-1905326693 Following his review of Eamon Dunphy's A Strange Kind of Glory last week, Russell George brings us his thoughts on another study of the Big Red Machine. Tangential to the usual scope of this site it may seem, but author Andy Mitten's prominence in the world of fans as writers made it worthy of

Book Review: A Strange Kind of Glory

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A Strange Kind of Glory By Eamon Dunphy Published by William Heinemann Ltd, 1991 From £2.49 (Amazon) 978-0434216161 For our latest book review, we mark the 20 year anniversary of Eamon Dunphy's A Strange Kind of Glory, a definitive text for any scholar of Manchester United. Immediately following the period covered by the irascible Irishman, United were to slip into the second tier - here,

Nobby Stiles: Why We Should Care

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First of all, I want to say that own a huge bias. I come from Chorlton-on-Medlock, a part of Manchester which is now nonexistent. The street I grew up on is now a part of the Royal Infirmary parking lot. Although much of the Gorton, Brooke's Bar, Collyhurst, Denton, Ardwick, Ancoats and Moss Side areas are long gone, back-to back terraced ‘slums' destroyed for the sake of Socialist urban renewal, many of us remember it well enough.

Unanswered Questions – Title Challengers

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Two weeks ago ex-Manchester United and Millwall player Eamon Dunphy wrote that this year's title would be fought out between Man United and Chelsea after the Manchester derby.

Two weeks later a lot has changed. United perform poorly against Sunderland and this Monday Dunphy states it's going to be a battle between Arsenal and Chelsea.

Looking for Eric: Stories of Fans & Footballers

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Much of Robbie Fowler's autobiography is boring. The story of this talented mischief-maker (such as the infamous "snorting" the touchline incident) doesn't grab me. I normally love reading anything football-related - tell-alls, player biographies, histories, theories, economic manifestos, coaching manuals – whatever.

Sunderland manager accused of being ‘rent-a-quote’

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Many of you will be aware of Eamon Dunphy, a former Millwall player and author of Roy Keane's ghosted autobiography. The Irishman now works as a pundit on Irish TV channel RTE and The Guardian reports that he's laid into the Sunderland manager, essentially calling him a hypocrite for his lengthy press conferences where he [.


England At Euro 2012: A “Neutral” Speaks

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Eamon Dunphy got it right. The "outspoken" pundit for Irish state television (RTE) said on Saturday night that "England won't score, they have no creative players...it'll go to penalties and Italy will go through." It was a stroke of luck for Dunphy, who rather slurred his way through a short interview on RTE Radio, as he "was preparing for the Spain v France game.

Your summer reading list

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As an avid reader my entire life my mood toward material is constantly changing. Every couple of months I am into something else. Sometimes it can be non-fiction that includes material on great leaders, real life travel journals, serial killer profiles, organized crime; other times it is fiction that includes Paulo Coehlo, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, and Truman Capote.


RTE Analysis of England’s World Cup Campaign: Video

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Whether you love or hate RTE's analysis of English football, watch the following video for analysis of England's 2010 World Cup campaign.

For some England fans, it may feel like rubbing salt into open wounds. But the critical analysis, whether you agree with it or not, is something that you won't see on BBC, Sky or other networks.

RTE Analysis of England v Slovenia Calls 3 Lions Performance Shocking

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Irish broadcasting company RTE delivered heavy criticism against the performance of the England side against Slovenia Wednesday night.

In the analysis (see above video), pundits Eamon Dunphy, Johnny Giles and Ronnie Whelan were very critical regarding the England team's performance especially in the second half.

Thierry Henry Handball Video

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Watch the Thierry Henry handball video from the France versus Ireland game here. In the analysis by Irish TV station RTE, the pundits dissect the controversial moment in the game and analyze whether it should have been offside or not and whether the video of the Thierry Henry handball shows if he cheated on purpose or not.

A Question of Sport

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Give Us Back Our Sport

It was standing room only in the National Library last evening as the latest event in the Library Late series took place. A talk entitled "Give Us Back Our Sport" commenced with RTE's Tom McGurk acting as chief questioner, flanked by our best known sporting pundit Eamon Dunphy and one of this nations greatest practitioners of sports journalism, David Walsh of the Sunday Times.

Now this is commentary!

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YouTube - eamon dunphy euro 92 part 1 YouTube - eamon dunphy euro 92 part 1
Above (and continued below) is RTE's legendary Eamonn Dumphy and team just hammering England manager Graham Taylor after they fell out of Euro 92.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from Eamon Dunphy

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Happy St. Patrick#8217;s Day everyone. I know it#8217;s not traditional to give gifts on March 18th, but I got you one anyway. Last year we paid tribute to classy Irish international Paul McGrath. This year we bring you something not so classy. But possibly a lot more entertaining. The collected rantings of legendary loudmouth Eamon Dunphy.

The Rest

Legendary RTE Pundits Eamon Dunphy & John Giles Appear In Utterly Bizarre Dairy Milk Advert (Video)

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By Alan Duffy

If there's one still that sums up this whole charade, it's got to be this one...

(Video: Balls.ie)

Top Ten: Most underrated goalkeepers in Europe

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Former Republic of Ireland international, Eamon Dunphy, once said that a goalkeeper had to have "the grace of a ballet dancer joined with the strength of an SAS squaddie, the dignity of an ancient kind, and the nerve of a bomb disposal officer". The following goalkeepers may not have journalists raving about them every week, [.

The Professor's Somewhat (but not totally) Highbrow Gift Guide

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1. Jonathan Maghen et al, Municipal de Fútbol (Christof Keller Editions/Textfield, 2008/ ISBN 0981632505). $80.00 - though available for less on Amazon. This is total self-promotion. Municipal de Fútbol is a unique combination of art, graphic design, and fútbol. Centered on Michael Wells's gorgeous photographs of amateur men's teams playing in leagues across East and South Los Angeles, the book

Feeling It: Sentimentality, Football, & Eamon Dunphy's 'Only A Game?'

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News flash: women don't have a monopoly on melodrama and sentimentality. Witness Lampard's emergence as a national icon via his admirable performances for Chelsea while mourning his mother - his eyes turn to the sky as the back of the net bulges and the crowd cheers. You can feel the whole country choke on its tears.