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MLS Responds To ETA Comments

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I won't throw too many more flames into this fire. We all know the comments that were said by MLSSoccer.com's Simon Borg on Monday's episode of ExtraTime Radio. That episode was pulled down yesterday, it is now available for download once again. It has been edited from it's original version to include an apology for any offense.

MLS Hands Clark Three Game Suspension

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I'll be brief with this because I think MLS got it right.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has suspended Clark for three games and fined him an undisclosed amount for using unacceptable and offensive language towards a ball boy in the seventh minute of the game in Seattle on Friday, March 24. Commissioner Garber also mandated that Clark attend diversity and sensitivity training.

Formula XI: Chess Pieces (Imported and Domestic)

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- Jason Kuenle As the US talent pool has developed, the league's ability to attracted foreign players has increased, and the league generally has matured, the diversity of formations and tactics in MLS has grown. Successful tactics hinge on two primary factors: 1) the individual skills of a team's players and 2) the tactics and skills of your opponent.

Making the Grade: Diversity in MLS

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Here's another way of quantifying performance in soccer leagues: diversity hiring practices in team and league offices (as well as diversity on the pitch). Turns out, MLS is a top performer among professional sports leagues in the United States, as reported by ESPN, performing particularly well when it comes to racial hiring practices and well overall with regard to gender balance.

English Premier League

Keep tabs on Andre Santos’ son Arthur, Arsene – one for the future!

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With a summer of wild speculation about Robin Van Persie's future at Arsenal ahead, it's refreshing to learn that we do have players who love the club unequivocally and are committed to the cause. Of course, there is every chance RVP will sign a new deal and secure a long future at the Emirates and who can fault our main man?

Infographic - Diversity in the Premier League  It’s...

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Infographic - Diversity in the Premier LeagueÂ

It's difficult to "rank" diversity per se, but that's exactly what was attempted in Visual News' infographic. Race and ethnicity has been far too prevalent an issue this season in the Premier League for anyone's liking, but it's something that cannot be ignored.

The Global Game: The A-Z Of How The World Watches English Premier League

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The Global Game: The A-Z Of How The World Watches English Premier League - originally posted on Soccerlens.com

The English Premier League is easily the most watched football league in the world. Although overshadowed by some of their Spanish counterparts on the pitch they still have a much bigger share of international viewership.

The Alternative PFA Player of the Year List – Who would you nominate?

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Earlier today the PFA announced the nominations for the 2009/2010 PFA Player of the Year awards. Here they are:

PFA Player of the Year

Didier Drogba
Cesc Fabregas
Wayne Rooney
Carlos Tevez

PFA Young Player of the Year

Cesc Fabregas
Joe Hart
James Milner
Wayne Rooney

Firstly, it is rather strange to see just 4 nominations for the awards.

American soccer

My Ideas On How MLS Should Decide A Champion

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With the MLS Cup Playoffs on the verge of beginning, I'm going to embark on a post here that tends to evoke some debate. The diversity of opinions when it comes to how the top-flight of American soccer should decide ...

Visit http://www.majorleaguesoccertalk.com for the rest of the story.

Dempsey’s family was certainly not wealthy. But neither do they seem desperately poor, nor far o...

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Dempsey's family was certainly not wealthy. But neither do they seem desperately poor, nor far outside the American mainstream. His Dad, we learn in the video segment, worked for a railroad and in construction, his Mom was a nurse, his sister was a high-level tennis player, and Clint eventually hooked up with the Dallas Texans elite youth club before spending three years at Furman University (an excellent private liberal-arts school in South Carolina).

World Cup

Beer Cup, World Cup bid and the weekend ahead

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First things first, hard luck to England and their World Cup bid. Coming from a country whose best sport is one that only 10 countries in the world play and only 5 play well (seriously, I don't know why New Zealand is still playing Cricket), India has never had to face the disappointment of 'losing out' on hosting any premier event in the sport.

The Bid presentation was fine don't believe the Aussie snobs!

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A lot of Aussie media snobs have been cringeing at the World Cup Bid presentation.

The same media who love Rugby League talk, AFL cliches etc etc, but seem to think Australia without it's natural wonders and diversity has something else to sell.

They should leave our shores a little more and talk to people who want to come to this place.

Field Testing the Adidas Jabulani – Official World Cup Ball

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Adidas creates a new ball for each global competition. The word Jabulani means "to rejoice or celebrate" in Zulu, one of the eleven official languages of the Republic of South Africa. This ball features eleven different colors that reflect the diversity of the Rainbow Nation. These balls are manufactured in China and have a retail price of US $150.

Miami FC ties in Montreal. Miami Ultras on the Sun Sentinel and more...

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A group of Ultras and Miami FC fans gathered at America's Backyard in Ft Lauderdale this Sunday and watched the Blues hold on to a tie versus the Montreal Impact.
Miami FC started off on fire and scored via Christian Gomez early on but Montreal's Tony Donatelli tied it on Penalty kick.
Read more about the game at the www.

HTH: Time to kick ass, June Edition

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More coverage of the Matildas Asia Cup win than probably any other media outlet in the country, including Russ Gibbs and Sally Shipards take on things and of course a more interesting and diverse set of writers about the Aussie game, including all your World Cup stuff than any other professional outlet.

Blog on: One of 2010 FIFA World Cup Host Cities-Polokwane

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Polokwane is often described as a vibrant, busy and colourful wonderland in a sea of grasslands, surrounded by scenic mountains. It is home to many fascinating people and some remarkable cultural diversity. Polokwane is situated at the centre of the Limpopo Province and is surrounded by three of Sou .

Domenech on if Gallas is healthy: “Apparently, its going well. He eating asparagus, avocados, corn, a little meat..”

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So Domenech is giving us and the media a little hint of that bizarre sense of humor that made him famous infamous after losing Euro 2008. Â But, unlike in 2008, I'm sympathetic to Domenech's sass to the media.

First, the media never misses an opportunity to drag Domenech over the coals.

Committee’s Bid For World Cup Hopes To Bring Games And Culture To America

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[Today we have a guest piece by Marc Parker on the importance of bringing the World Cup back to the USA. Â We welcome your comments and opinions. Â Inquiries on writing guest pieces can be sent to ericpederson at gmail.]

In two months when the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa it will bring with it a new level of attention and popularity for the game of soccer.


Betting on professional football

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Sponsored post As it has grown in popularity, betting on football has seen a rise in diversity as well. No longer is betting on a game of football a simple case of marking your pools coupon or only betting on the outcome of the game in terms of a win, lose or draw. All kinds [...]

Betting on professional football

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Sponsored post As it has grown in popularity, betting on football has seen a rise in diversity as well. No longer is betting on a game of football a simple case of marking your pools coupon or only betting on the outcome of the game in terms of a win, lose or draw. All kinds [...]

The Rest

I hate goodbyes – so this isn’t one

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Goodbye? More like hello.

Yes, a new day awaits us all. By now you are well aware of the latest development in the brief but cracking existence of Chelsea Offside. In short, this space, in just a few hours, will be no more. A redirect and a lovely archive at our new home, We Ain't Got No History will be all that's left of this small slice of the web I called home for a good long time.

#SoccerSpeakUSA Summary (3/7) – ‘US Soccer – The Road to 2032’

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#SoccerSpeakUSA Summary (3/7) – ‘US Soccer – The Road to 2032'

We have mentioned countless times that it never hurts to have a conversation about the future of the game. But what should the future look like and most importantly what could the future look like.

On the Guardian Sport Blog redesign

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A year ago last month, I wrote a six part series for Pitch Invasion called "Football, blogs and newspapers unite?" in which I pushed for a newspaper/blog network as the future of digital sports journalism. Here's me:
Moreover, many papers are mulling over switching their hard news content over to paid-for smart phone, or iPad-like apps.

Rooney Rule: Prem boss Scudamore will consider introducing positive discrimination

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Rooney Rule: Prem boss Scudamore will consider introducing positive discrimination

"We believe in diversity," says Richard Scudamore

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-09-08 21:30:20 from: The Mirror

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

"National panic about American identity"

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From a Left Wing's Jennifer Doyle makes a good case against Tim Howard's rant following the Gold Cup medal ceremony, in which the American keeper remarked: "I think it was a f***ing disgrace that the entire post-match ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your ass if we were in Mexico City it wouldn't be all in English":
For the record: the United States does not have an official language.

Football assists Australian state to integrate settlers

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The Australian state of Victoria is currently experiencing an immigration boom with many new settlers arriving, particularly from the Horn of Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and Burma (including Karen people). Football Federation Victoria is providing a community integration program, United Through Football, to promote diversity and social connection through football.

10 Questions With... Janusz Michallik

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By Clemente Lisi - BRISTOL, CT (Oct 7, 2010) US Soccer Players --The United States National Team has always been a melting pot team that mirrored the diversity of this country. Throughout the 1990s, as US Soccer tried to build a competitive squad, then-coach Bora Milutinovic, a native of Serbia and well-traveled man himself, called up many players living in this country who had been born abroad.

Birthday Boy: Maxwell

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It's Maxwell's birthday today, and the dude turns 29. Really? It doesn't seem like he's that old, but anyway - happy birthday, Max!

Signing Max a year ago was such a cool move, and I've loved him ever since. Not just because he's totally cute, but because he fits right into this team while bringing an alternative twist to the leftback position in that he's attack oriented, in contrast to Abidal who plays the positon more defensively.

Greeley Addresses the Fire's Diverse Audience

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In part three of Dave Greeley's interview with Crain's Chicago Business regarding the Fire and their presence in the Chicago market, the team president also addresses the diversity of the Fire's fan base and potential audience. This is interesting since it is a topic that has been discussed here in the comments sections.

Eduardo Alvarez's La Liga Team of the Season

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The second of our end of season awards, in association with Castrol Rankings, is the La Liga Team of the Season. With Barcelona and Real Madrid both finishing well clear of the rest of the field, it's an amazingly loaded team; let's just hope for more diversity next season. They line up in the 4-2-3-1 formation that has become so popular this season.