‘I Won’t Lose Any Sleep Over It’ – Celtic Youngster Anthony Ralston Not Really Arsed About Neymar Handshake Snub

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He may only be 18-years old, but Celtic defender Anthony Ralston has proved his isn't remotely phased at having to deal with the uppity antics of the world's most expensive player.

Something of a surprise selection ahead of Celtic's Champions League opener against PSG, Ralston on only his sixth full professional start was then also given the unenviable job of man-marking Neymar.

Accident In The Workplace: Cristiano Ronaldo Comes Perilously Close To Slipping Off Real Madrid’s Team Bus (Video)

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Having been granted an extended summer break, Cristiano Ronaldo played a purposefully limited part in Real Madrid's 2-1 Super Cup victory over Manchester United in muggy Macedonia last night.

With fans clamouring to see the Portuguese star, Zinedine Zidane (possibly reluctantly) sent Ronaldo on for the final eight minutes of the match in what proved to be a largely unspectacular cameo.

Brazil: Flamengo’s Paolo Guerrero Harnesses The Force To Send Bahia Defender Lucas Fonseca Flying From Several Feet Away (Video)

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"Good, good. Let the hate flow through you"

Bahia defender Lucas Fonseca managed to get himself sent-off in the early stages of his side's 0-1 defeat against Flamengo on Sunday, and in utterly ridiculous circumstances.

Having already been booked just moments before, Fonseca went leaping in on Flamengo striker Paolo Guerrero, leaving a sneaky foot in at hip height.

FAIL: Ex-Sevilla Striker Luis Fabiano Sent Off After Referee Feigns Headbutt During Brazilian Match (Video)

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Luis Fabiano found himself the recipient of one of the softest red cards theCampeonato Carioca has ever seen when the veteran striker was dismissed during the 54th minute of Vasco da Gama's 2-2 draw with Flamengo on Sunday evening.

Having already picked up a yellow earlier in the match, Fabiano made the mistake of getting all up in the referee's business only to find that the official had been taking pointers from his hero, one Paul Alcock.

MLS: LA Galaxy Publicly Mock Portland Timbers Midfielder Diego Chara For His Wimpish Diving (Video)

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LA Galaxy took the unusual step of mocking an opposing player on social media after losing out to Portland Timbers at the weekend.

For better or worse, Diego Chara proved the difference for the Timbers, scoring the only goal of the game as well as dabbling in the dark arts to helpreduce Galaxy to ten men early in the game.

Bundesliga: Hertha Defender Mitchell Weiser Files Spectacular Fallon d’Floor 2017 Contender Against Dortmund (Video)

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Hertha Berlin pulled off a fairly surprising result againstBorussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga this afternoon, winning 2-1 at the Olympiastadion.

However, Thomas Tuchel's side should have been awarded adefault victory in the 90th minute when Hertha defender Mitchell Weiser resorted to laughably pathetic subterfugein an attempt to get Ousmane Dembele booked.

MLS: Portland Timbers’ Lucas Melano Pulls Stunning ‘Small Forward Roll’ Dive Out Of The Bag Against Real Salt Lake (Video)

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The man you see before you is none other than Lucas Melano, forward for the Portland Timbers and purveyor of one of the finest pieces of play-acting we've seen for weeks.

Coming during Saturday night's 2-2 draw against Real Salt Lake in MLS, Melano took the merest of shoves from opponent Chris Wingert and proceeded to use it as a launchpad for one of the most ridiculous, tremendous, acrobatic micro-dives of recent memory.

Disgraceful Neymar Dive v Granada

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Barcelona's Brazilian striker was up to his old tricks again as Granada beat the Galactico's 1-0 as Neymar decided to run into a shoulder of an opponent before going down like head just been hit by a truck!

Disgraceful Pepe Dive Against Atletico Madrid (Vine)

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Pepe wouldn't be regarded as the most loved player in the World by any stretch of the mind, however even he stooped to a new low with this disgraceful dive during Real's 2-2 draw with Madrid rivals Atletico today!

Disgraceful Jan Vertonghen Dive Against Dnipro Last Night (Vine)

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Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen went down several notches in my estimation with this blatant dive during Tottenham's 3-1 win over Dnipro last night in the Europa Cup. Should be banned for it?

Shameful ‘Busquets Peekaboo’ Dive Crops Up In Copa Libertadores Match (Video)

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By Chris Wright

In which, during the Copa Libertadores match between Defensor Sporting and Chivas last night, Defensor's Braian Aleman hands in his dignity at the door and goes through the old 'back...and to the left' rigmarole in an attempt to con a free-kick out of the referee down in the corner.

Gareth Bale Dives Like A Cheating Swine To Con Penalty vs Arsenal (Video)

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By Chris Wright

In which Gareth Bale does nothing more than dive like a cheating swine in order to successfully coax a penalty out of referee Mike Dean against Arsenal...

Sickening, literally. A bit of watery spew just came up. He could've scored, he could have charged past Brad Friedel and cut one in from the angle.

Arjen Robben Goes Down Like A Cheating Sack Of Sh*t vs Bochum (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Let me list the reasons I hate Arjen Robben with the burning fire of one thousand imploding suns...

1) He doesn't run, he gingerly minces.
2) He, and you may have noticed this yourselves, feigns career-ending injuries quite regularly only to get up when it suits and keep on gingerly mincing.

[VIDEO] Worst Dive of 2011 Probably Goes to Ryuji Bando of Cerezo Osaka

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Until there is a serious crackdown on diving in professional and international soccer, we'll probably being seeing dives even more horrific than this one by Ryuji Bando in a recent AFC match between Cerezo Osaka v Jeonbuk FC. While all sports have a certain level of gamesmanship, a certain level of crossing the lines, the fact that players in club football, like Bando, think there is something to be gained if they take such a blatant, horrible dive is evidence enough that football officials need to crackdown and issue stiffer penalties for diving.

[VIDEO] Worst Dive of 2011 Probably Goes to Ryuji Bando of Cerezo Osaka

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Until there is a serious crackdown on diving in professional and international soccer, we'll probably being seeing dives even more horrific than this one by Ryuji Bando in a recent AFC match between Cerezo Osaka v Jeonbuk FC. While all sports have a certain level of gamesmanship, a certain level of crossing the lines, the fact that players in club football, like Bando, think there is something to be gained if they take such a blatant, horrible dive is evidence enough that football officials need to crackdown and issue stiffer penalties for diving.

Eduardo’s two match ban overturned by Uefa!

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Eduardo's two match ban has been overturned by Uefa! This has just been reported on the BBC Sport website, more news is to follow....

The Croatian was suspended after being found guilty of simulation in the Champions League qualifier against Celtic on 26 August.

But on Monday, Uefa accepted Arsenal's appeal and he will now be eligible to play in their Group H games against Standard Liege and Olympiakos.


Swedish Club Osters IF Launch New Initiative To Punish Own Players For Diving, Play-Acting, Etc

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Photo: Osters IF/Facebook

Swedish side Osters IF have had it up to *here* with diving and play-acting and, as such, are taking matters into their own hands.

The second-tier club are launching a zero-tolerance initiative that will see them happily punish their own players if theyshouldpartake in any footballing skullduggery.

The Most Outrageous Foul Faker Ever! (Video)

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This is just grotesque. The most irritating display of bad acting ever witnessed on a sporting field. Watch!

Thanks to Dirty Tackle for giving us the heads up on this one.

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Crystal Palace Fan Launches ‘Anti-Diving’ Petition To Have Christian Benteke Banned And Liverpool Docked Six Points

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Another day, another bloody petition.

Indeed, one Crystal Palace fan was left sufficiently irked in the wake ofSunday's controversial 2-1 defeat against Liverpool that he felt compelled to lobby the FA.

After watching Christian Benteke go a-sprawlin' in the box to win a 94th-minute penalty, aggrieved Palace supporter Adam Greeves launched a Charge.

Ridiculous Costel Pantilimon Dive v Liverpool (Vine)

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Sunderland's six foot eight keeper Costel Pantilimon make a proper ass of himself with this ridiculous dive against Liverpool at the Stadium of Light earlier today.

The giant stopper came up in injury-time to try and rescue a point for the Black Cats but instead embarrassed them with his theatrical dive which went unpunished by the referee!

GIF It: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez didn’t dive, he was merely lassoed

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Yee-haw!!! Sherrif Brendan Rodgers has been defending Luis Suarez against those who would besmirch his good name and call him a diver. And this GIF shows that his penalty area tumble against Stoke was purely down to some lasso-based tomfoolery. Via Olly @ RedCafe

Cheating – Should Players Get Away With It?

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The Liverpool player N'gog is a cheat and an actor worthy of nomination for this year's Oscar for Best Simulation on A Soccer Field. His dive extraordinaire, earning his team a converted penalty in Liverpool's Monday night Premier League match up against Birmingham City, will stick in the memory of opposing fans like superglue on a toilet seat.

Story Of A Diver: David N’Gog Ends His Career Before It’s Begun.

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[101GG] This is bad. So very, very bad. Liverpool and Birmingham offered us, as Daryl so aptly pointed out, 'what the Premier league is supposed to be like'. It really was some fantastic stuff with the Reds pinning Birmingham into not just their box, but their own six yard box, pinging the ball around the eighteen as [.

Manchester United

Manchester United: Dutch TV Cameras Capture Louis Van Gaal’s Dive From Fantastic Alternate Angle (Video)

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Here's a fantastic alternative angle of Louis van Gaal's startlingly graceful prat fall at Old Trafford the other day, as captured by Dutch television.

It clearly shows the second stage of the incidentwhich weirdly didn't seem to be picked up by the Sky Sportscameras...

Voetbal International | Facebook

De geweldige parodie van Lucky TV op de schwalbe van Louis van Gaal.

Manchester United: Louis Van Gaal Fakes A Dive In Bizarre Touchline Argument With Fourth Official (Video)

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Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal hit the deck during an argument with fourth official Mike Dean during his side's 3-2 win over Arsenal at Old Trafford.

Van Gaal was incensed by Alexis Sanchez taking a tumble in the United box and quite literally demonstrated his point with a slapstick pratfall over on the touchline.

Fallon d’Floor: CSKA’s Pontus Wernbloom Produces Laughably Crap Delayed Dive Against Manchester United (Video)

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Speaking as members of the increasingly scant minority of people who actually prefer football without all the diving, conniving, wimpiness, cheating, feigning and deception, all we could do was laugh heartily when CSKA Moscow midfielder Pontus Wernbloom pulled this little beauty out of the bag against Manchester United.

Ashley Young Is A Diving Cheat Says Graham Poll

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Retired referee Graham Poll has slammed Manchester United winger Ashley Young as a cheat who should be banned for five matches. Poll's comments come in the wake of another diving storm circulating serial offender Young who took an ill advised plunge during Manchester United's 2-0 win over Crystal Palace at the weekend.

Ashley Young Is A Diver & A Disgrace

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TweetIn the wake of yet another diving scandal Manchester United winger Ashley Young has been lambasted by pundits as well as fellow professionals. The vertigo-suffering winger took another plunge to earn his side a seventh minute penalty during Manchester United's match with Aston Villa on Sunday. Wayne Rooney dispatched the spot-kick and United duly went [.


Neymar Joins Street Fighter, Takes An Uppercut

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Neymar has earned something of a reputation. Brilliant footballer, yet a complete fancypants diver. And frankly, he just might be worse than Cristiano Ronaldo ever was because he adds the same flair which sidecars his talent. It happened once again during the Confederation Cup semifinal versus Uruguay.

Arjen Robben: Diving Into Our Photoshopped Hearts

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Simply put: players can't get away with anything today. First there's the referee and his band of merry hooligans, then there are the televisions cameras which see more than the Mossad, only to be followed into the room by Photoshop.

Arjen Robben tumbled himself into a little ball against Brazil (yesterday too, but they're not that quick).


Arsenal v Spurs review – The Future is Red and Wenger is still Le Boss!

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London will never be white or blue, it'll always be Red. by KJ What a game! It was exhilarating, brilliant but unexpected. I didn't really think we'd put 5 past a Spurs team hailed as the best in half a century. The build-up was intense. The whole concept of the shift in power from the [...]

Walcott: bastion of honesty or Arsenal traitor?

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For anyone who might have missed it, Theo Walcott had this to say after Arsenal's FA Cup third round match against Leeds:

"I want to apologise to the managers because I actually dived. I was trying to win the penalty.

"I had a little joke with the referee afterwards saying ‘that was my first dive, can you tell?

Match report: Theo Speedwagon

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Arsenal 1-1 Leeds United

Cracking cup tie this. I couldn't make the game yesterday so watched it on HyundaITV while following the mood on Twitter. There was a fair bit of chiding for various facets of Arsenal's display but Leeds played very well indeed, let's not forget.

A Tale of Two Agents

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There's no Arsenal news today. So this will be a very very short one and it's only a hint of Arsenal related stuff. A toast for my shortest ever posting.

First, Yaya Toure's agent wins my Hero Of The Day award for his wonderful response to Man City's pursue of the unsettled Barcelona midfielder.

The Rest

Last Laugh: Ex-Swansea Defender Chico Flores Responds To Sam Allardyce And His Alleged Dodgy Dealing (Photo)

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After laying dormant for two long years, ex-Swansea defender Chico Flores has finally seen the man who once so cruelly besmirched his good nature at Upton Park get his long-overdue comeuppance.

Back in February of 2014, Flores was caught up in an aerial tangle with Andy Carroll in which the burly West Ham striker savagelybludgeoned the Spanish full-back to the floor.

And the FIFA Award for Best Reaction to a Foul Goes to Leed’s United On-Loan Playmaker Adryan

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Leeds United's on-loan Flamengo playmaker Adryan makes a fool of himself with this ridiculous reaction following a foul during Leeds 2-0 win against Derby County in the Championship at the week-end

Disgracefull Ross Barkley Dive Get’s Kevin Nolan Booked

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Everton's Ross Barkley surely woke up this morning feeling rather embarrassed after seeing his disgraceful dive get Kevin Nolan booked during the Toffee's 2-1 win against West Ham.

And surely the FA must act upon it, given that if it were a non-English player he'd be hung, lined and quartered!

Alexis Sanchez Ushers In El Clasico

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There are going to be A LOT of these during this season's 42 matches between Real and Barcelona. From both sides.

"These" being dives, of course.

(There might have been some contact, but there was a lot of self-propelling from Alexis.)

A New Low in Diving? Player Uses Opponent's Arm to Hit Himself

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In a recent U20 match down in South America, a Chile's Bryan Carrasco grabbed the arm of a player for Ecuador and pulled that player's fist into his own face. Carrasco's trick work, drawing a foul on the Ecuadorian, but Ecuador won the match 1-0.

Worst Dive You Will See This Season (Video)

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This dive is so bad that FIFA/UEFA will probably ban the French full back Rod Fanni (yes you read that correctly) for six matches and then on appeal decide they made a mistake and will rescind the ban. Thanks to The Spoiler for bringing this to our attention.

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