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This week Scott is joined by Steve, Andy , Joe and his cousin Luigi to take on the task of once again making the Dinosaur laugh . Who will take home the prize of WU champion . Listen and find out .

Episode 121 of The Winning Ugly Radio Show now available @ CSRN

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We're back again with a grumpy host and three panelist tasked with making the angry little armed dinosaur laugh. On the show this week, it's the return of Andy Schueneman, Ata Dizdar and Mark Villa. CSRN MEDIA PLAYER

Episode 121

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Episode 121: "The Las Vegas Sparkle"
Host: Scott Bornstein
Panel: Andy Schueneman, Ata Dizdar, Mark Villa

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We're back again with a grumpy host and three panelist tasked with making the angry little armed dinosaur laugh.

English Premier League

Hanging On The Telephone

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I dunno how many football matches I've seen over the years in various countries; can't be far off a 1,000. But outside of a pub league game on a Sunday morning in brass monkeys weather I have never seen a professional footballer take a phone call just minutes before kick off in a vital top flight game.

The Seismic Rending of Victory in the North London Derby

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Released from the stifling burden of his defensive responsibilities, Kyle Walker moves purposefully onto a loose ball. He's spent a good while with his back to the wall, unable to shake free of the relentless pressure coming his way as our north London rivals dominate. Walker's known primarily for his pace but he's a fine footballer too, so it's a touch then head down, eyes on the ball, it flies low and on target.

7 Ways that World Cup 2010 Will Change America

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One of the things about the World Cup is that it puts the sport into perspective. With 64 games in one month, it's easy to get a cross-section of where a country is. How well it's doing relative to the other teams in the tournament. What the level of officiating is. And what improvements are necessary.

Daily Dose: June 29th, 2009.

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Stuff to read while you watch Ronaldosaurus juggle a couple soda bottles which aren't computer generated whatsoever..... Spanish press thinks Cristiano is a sassy sissy. (La Liga Loca) The future stars of the Prem in transfer rumor. (View From The Terraces) The Brazilian celebration in photos. (Futbolita) Another 5 lessons from the Confederations Cup.


Will Stan finally get the message?

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So another Arsenal AGM passes with more waffle than you would find in Belgium.

One thing we did learn was the need to oust Peter Hill-Wood from his role as chairman because, from what I saw, he was a joke.

I mean the old boy could barely read out the resolutions of the meeting from his notes and he missed out the agenda of re-electing Stan Kroenke, the majority shareholder, on to the board.

Twittering Dinosaur

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Written by dandan

It's not easy being a dinosaur you know, not in the instant digital world we now have to inhabit. Now this dinosaur's brain might not be what it was, if indeed it ever was, but to me twitter and face book seem like forums for airing your dirty linen in public.

3 UP FRONT: Arsenal’s psychological problems, Liverpool’s tactical mastermind, and England

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If you have a spare half hour or so check out the latest episode of the 3 Up Front Podcast!

Our trio of football journalists trawl through all the most topical debates during another fun-filled show that features;

Numero Uno Who was England's top man in Copenhagen?

Allardyce can go stick his drink up his backside

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One thing that really seems to rankle with other bosses is that Arsene Wenger always dodges the opportunity to have a glass of wine with the opposing manager in his office after the game. It is one of the reasons that many of the traditional English managers really don't take to him.

Quite frankly it is pathetic, it may be classed as traditional but a quick handshake and a few words will suffice and quite frankly I can see every reason why Wenger doesn't want to be anywhere near the fat, dribbling oik that is Fat Sam.

Sunderland preview - The Arsenal are back

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Right, well football's back and we can finally put the Interlull behind us. Obviously there was plenty about Thierry, Ireland and France and what have you at Arsene's press conference yesterday but I think enough has been said on here about it.

The only thing I will comment on is his call for technology to be used to help referees.

Everybody knocks the “Sendersaur”

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What the hell has gone wrong with Phillipe Senderos?.. Once he was going to be a future Arsenal captain, the next Tony Adams. Now no one wants to entertain the man.
I like the guy, he is a very good defender he just lacks a bit of pace. But so does John Terry. So why is John Terry so good and Phillipe Senderos so bad?


Keys and Gray won’t be taking a bow as poor ticket sales see theatre shows cancelled

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Keys and Gray won't be taking a bow as poor ticket sales see theatre shows cancelled

In case you missed it, Sunday was derby day in Manchester. And one pub celebrated with an interesting promotion. Spotted by @BlueM00NRising *** "Richard Keys and Andy Gray need no introduction," begins the advertising blurb for their theatre tour.

Keys and Gray relaunch on the small, small screen, plus Cundy’s on-air slip of the tongue

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Keys and Gray relaunch on the small, small screen, plus Cundy's on-air slip of the tongue

Eight months after they left Sky Sports under a sexist cloud, Richard Keys and Andy Gray have made it back to the screen in style. The dinosaur duo, used to broadcasting from state-of-the-art studios with the aid of touch-screen tactics boards, have launched their own YouTube channel in which they discuss football from what looks to be a park bench while being filmed on an iPhone.

The Daily Rant…MOTD

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Recently I read an article by Stan Collymore in which he had a jibe at match of the day, and I have to say, I agree with him.

The former dogid Liverpool man, posted on his Twitter account that, 'I've watched it for 33 years but, right now, in my opinion as a football fan, it's c**p, and like dinosaur football'.

United States

Quick Thoughts on USA v. Ecuador

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Good first half. Familiar lack of finishing. Weak second and predictably punished. The defense did look better organized (at least until Bocanegra left) though uncomfortable against the quick counter, something that should have Mexico salivating. Anyway, just a few thoughts...

* Chandler looked really impressive at the problem left back spot.

Jermaine Jones Could Be a Yank by Next Week

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Jermaine Jones has never been afraid of a bit of controversy. In 2004, he took a fairly softball question, "Are there any gay footballers in the Bundesliga?" (Easy answer: I don't know) and turned it into a major story when he answered "Hopefully not". Classy. He's also somewhat infamous for his relationship, or lack thereof, with the fans of his former club, Eintracht Frankfurt, where he announced he was leaving with a post on the club's bulletin board.

Player News and Rumors

Pato & Sthefany: Divorce Proceedings Suspended

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Speculation about the demise of their marriage is rife around Kickette HQ. Some believe it was Sthef's poor force-feeding tactics that did her and her possible divorce settlement in.

Our new favourite feuding Brazilian couple is at it again and it's getting ugly. For a rehash of Act 1, check out the initial divorce announcement.

Oktoberfest 2009: Now with Extra Meat

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It's that special time of year, Kickettes.

No, not the time when you can finally justify spending your rent money on a pair of over-the-knee boots because it's fall well, that too but, because it's Oktoberfest. Cue dozens of footballers photographed taking part in beer swilling and much lederhosen merriment.

Oktoberfest 2009: Now with Extra Meat

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It's that special time of year, Kickettes.

No, not the time when you can finally justify spending your rent money on a pair of over-the-knee boots because it's fall well, that too but, because it's Oktoberfest. Cue dozens of footballers photographed taking part in beer swilling and much lederhosen merriment.

Hamburger SV

Caption This: Joris Mathijsen and Hermann

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Hamburg defender Joris Mathijsen and Hamburg dinosaur Hermann joke around...

My Ongoing HSV Birthday Greetings Collection

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Over two years ago I got curious about Internet based club TV services, which more and more Bundesliga clubs were launching at the time. With Cologne being a prominent absentee, I decided to make my pick of test subscriptions based on presumed benchmark (Bayern), sympathies (Hamburg) and Champions League football (Stuttgart).


How you got here...

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I haven't done this in a while, but soccer news has been slow. Check out these recent Google searches that brought people to my blog.

I've added some editorial comments in italics. Fun times:
  • "brad evans have a girlfriend" (not sure, next time add a '?')
  • "teens gone wild video" (sorry my blog didn't help you out)
  • "ronaldo dinosaur" (nice ad)
  • "clint dempsey" (deuce is popular, rightfully so)
  • "fifa 08 how to get be a pro season" (can't understand that one)
  • "soccer moms gone wild" (probably didn't help again)
  • "Kovax Brothers Wine" (I should get some free bottles, only fair)
  • "michael owen galatasaray" (do they know something we don't)
  • "games with totti" (what kind of games?

Brazilian Ronaldo is a dinosaur (for half an hour at least!)

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This is Brazilian Ronaldo showing he has a sense of humour, in a "behind-the-scenes" look at an actual television commercial.

He is revealed to be the Godzilla-like, CGI-generated dinosaur who causes havoc by appearing in a football stadium, scoring a goal, then causing the pitch to dislodge from the earth when he celebrates.

Fat Ronaldo is a dinosaur

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In this viral for a Brazilian soft drink, Fat Ronaldo is revealed to be the waddling dinosaur that can freestyle with computer generated cans of the drink. The video is a "behind-the-scenes" look at an actual television commercial that has the Godzilla-type dinosaur appear in a football stadium, score a goal, then causes the pitch to dislodge from the earth when he celebrates.

The Rest

Man Utd boss David Moyes labelled ‘dinosaur’ over Robin Van Persie injury

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The only way to solve this problem in Jurassic Park is to improve education of these dinosaur coaches, fitness clowns & scientific cowboys. Raymond Verheijen (@raymondverheije) July 23, 2013 David Moyes has been branded a "dinosaur" by a former Wales assistant manager after Robin Van Persie picked up a pre-season injury.

Revolution Auctioning Jerseys And Armbands For 9/11 Memorial Fund

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As a follow-up to Saturday night's Salute To Heroes celebration and memorial, the New England Revolution will be launching an online auction tomorrow at biddingforgood.com to raise money for the 9/11 Memorial Fund. The Fund supports the ongoing development, operation and maintenance of the new "Reflecting Absence" memorial at Ground Zero that was dedicated this past Sunday.

The Value of Buying British

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When Kenny Dalglish took over in January, there were many eager to portray him as a footballing dinosaur who had lost touch with the game after a decade out. This was a sentimental choice, we were told, and he would soon be found out.

As Liverpool improved beyond recognition in the following months, those who had been critical slunk away.

Gissa Job

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A job in fitba'?

What could be better.

I'm holding out for George Peat's job myself. If you think that dictatorial dinosaur is bad wait till you see how the tyrannical Tyrannosaurus rolls.

Convinced football is your calling?

JobsFootball.co.uk is a good place to start:

One of the keys to being a successful and productive employee is to be motivated.

Not Available For Chimps…Or His Mate

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Sexism? Boo! Free t-shirts? Boo- no wait...Yeah!



And so it came to pass. Another day and another piece of high-quality linen to be bazooka'd across the heavens and into your living rooms, courtesy of the good folk at Philosophy Football. Here's their blurb followed by a dastardly scheme to get your paws on one.

Business Guys Say MLS is Doing it Wrong

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The idea that MLS is headed down a dangerous path with increasing investment in players like David Beckham and Thierry Henry is not a new one. Nor is the inflammatory notion that doing so will create NASL redux, a repeat of history that will inevitably lead to the league's collapse.

Sports Business Journal is the latest to sound the alarm, though that conclusion comes at the end of a piece on how MLS should focus on younger future talent, and the reasons why.

How World Cup 2010 Changed America

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There is no question that the FIFA 2010 World Cup, coupled with the US team's success in group play, has changed the way our country looks at the game.

EPL Talk writes about 7 different ways that the World Cup will change soccer in America-

"...if we take a second to consider what impact that the 2010 World Cup already has and will continue to have over the next 12 months, it's quite awe-inspiring.

7 years old.

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According to La Tribune de Lyon, Barcelona the club Michel Platini thinks about when he touches himself at night have swooped in and taken a seven-year-old named Kais (not pictured above) who was already signed by Lyon (seriously, I'm pretty sure he signed by drawing a green blob that he then claimed was a dinosaur).

VIDEO: Ronaldo the skilled dinosaur

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Great work by Dirty Tackle here. The video posted above is the 'behind the scenes' viral ad with the Brazilian playing some fake keepy-uppy for fun.

His dinosaur character is based on the real advertisement posted below.

I like the work.

Original. Unique. And keeping a legend busy.