FIFA 14 Bench Edition: Emmanuel Frimpong winds up former Arsenal team-mates Samir Nasri and Alex Song

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Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has been taking aim at former Gunners Samir Nasri and Alex Song. With the internet abuzz over the launch of the FIFA 14 demo, Frimpong uploaded a photo of a very special 'Bench Edition' of the game, with Nasri and Song as the cover stars. Frimpong clearly feels that the duo [.

Premier League Player Faces In PES 2013 [VIDEO]

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Now that the PES 2013 demo is out, the hype is building up for the September 21 launch of the PES 2013 game. But before it's released, here are several player faces from PES 2013 — so you can see how ...

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PES 2012 PC Demo Now Available: Beware of Man United Zombies

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Today marks the launch of the PES 2012 demo for PC. While we're excited about the launch of the demo, we did want to draw your attention to these screenshots of Manchester United players in the game who look more like zombies than poster boys...

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FIFA 13 Advert Sees Harry Redknapp Acting His Jowls Off Alongside Messi, Benzema, Hart, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Video)

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By Chris Wright

The new televisual advert for FIFA 13 (demo available from 11th September, game released 28th September) has just been dumped in our laps, so here it bloody well is who knew 'Arry Redknapp was RADA trained?

Video: EA Sports Football

FIFA 12 turns your legs into emu fancy dress

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Who said modern footballers go down at the slightest touch? The FIFA 12 demo has produced some entertaining glitches already, and here's another. It seems the game occasionally turns your players into anatomically awkward versions of those emu fancy dress costumes you can get. Video via Dirty Tackle


PES 2013 Demo 2 Now Available For Download [XBOX]

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A brand-new version of the PES 2013 demo is now available for download on the XBOX 360. The teams featured on the PES 2013 Demo 2 are: Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Santos, Corinthians, Boca...

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PES 2013 Demo Is Now Available For Download: First Impressions Review

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The demo for PES 2013 was released this week on Xbox, PS3 and PC, and is now available for download. The features of the PES 2013 demo include: 5 min matches 8 teams: England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Flamengo, Fluminense, Internacional ...

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FIFA 13 can recognize when you swear at the referee

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EA Sports shared a bit more detail on FIFA 13 at the annual E3 conference on Monday and while it looks like any other FIFA game that will mercilessly suck up far too many hours of your life, there are a few new features.

Perhaps most notably is the Xbox Kinect voice recognition, which allows you to control aspects of the game simply by speaking commands.

FIFA Street Demo Available to Download For Xbox 360 and PS3

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If you've been excited by the different previews for FIFA Street, a demo of the game is now available for download on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Xbox Live members can download the game from the Game/Demos section on ...

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FIFA12 demo set to release on Tuesday

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If all the trailers and screenshots have you itching to get your hands on FIFA12, Tuesday will provide some temporary relief.

The FIFA12 demo is set to release on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 consoles on Tuesday, giving gamers a glimpse of the latest installment of the top selling soccer video game on the market two weeks before it is released.

EA Sports FIFA 12 Demo Download

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The demo for the highly anticipated FIFA 12 soccer video game has been released. It will allow gamers to play as Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City, Marseille, Dortmund or AC Milan at Man City's Etihad Stadium. The XBox version can now be downloaded at XBox Live. The PS3 demo will be available in on September 14th at [.

FIFA 11 Review: A Great Game for now...

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Just a quick heads up before you begin to read, this review is long, so please, unless you're interested in reading the full review, just look at the bold section titles, and read what you want to. At the end there's the "Overall" section, which sums up my thoughts best, but please feel free to read the entire review.

FIFA 11 Demo & Pre-Order Now Available

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The long wait for the latest installment in the EA Sports FIFA Soccer video game series is almost over. Available for Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and PC, the FIFA 11 demo allows you to play matches with some of the world's top clubs including Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen and Olympique Lyonnais.

FIFA 11 Video Game: Next Gen Gameplay Footage (Video)

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EA Sports has released footage of the next gen gameplay for the FIFA 11 video game, which is scheduled for release this autumn.

In the above video, you can see gameplay from Arsenal versus Real Madrid. It features the Next Gen Gameplay Engine which will be available on FIFA 11 for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Introducing PES 2013: On The Pitch (Episode 2) [VIDEO]

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The release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013) isn't until October, but judging by the latest demo from Konami, PES 2013 looks like it could be one of the best in the series in a very long time. The ...

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 2nd Demo Download

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Konami has followed August's release of the first demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 with a second demo for the much-anticipated game. According to Konami: Thanks to your great fan feedback, we have tweaked parts of the game that you wanted improvement from the 1st Demo, which takes effect in the new 2nd Demo.

EA Sports

FIFA Street review: can you do better than Lionel Messi?

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FIFA Street review: can you do better than Lionel Messi? - originally posted on

The new FIFA Street from EA Sports goes where no football simulation game has gone before delivering a realistic, street-football experience to both the casual and the avid gaming fans.

FIFA 12 last year broke new ground in ball control mechanics and football realism, and FIFA Street builds on that by letting players use the full power of the FIFA 12 system to execute tricks, dribble around defenders, juggle the ball while doing a handstand and make total fools out of the opposition players, be it the AI or via online gameplay.

FIFA Manager 12 Demo Released – Download Link Here

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The demo for football management game FIFA Manager 12 has been released. According to game maker EA Sports, the FM12 demo will let you "Start the game as a manager and choose between 98 clubs of the six European football leagues and play for a whole season. Discover the over 700 new features of the [.

Must-See Ad: FIFA12

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This FIFA12 ad was made for European viewers, seeing as how the release date mentioned is Sept. 30 (the UK's release date of the game) and not Sept. 27 (North America's release date). But it is still one of the first TV ads released by EA Sports for its highly-anticipated video game, and with the demo scheduled to come out on Sept.

FIFA 11 Demo Now Available – Download Link Here

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After months of anticipation, the demo for EA Sports FIFA 11 is now available for download. The demo allows users to play exhibition matches with Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen and Olympique Lyonnais. To download the FIFA 11 demo for PlayStation 3, visit the PlayStation Network and go to the PlayStation Store.

FIFA 11: Advanced Defending Tutorial (Video)

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Here's another preview of FIFA 11, which will be released this autumn around the world. The preview shows the advanced defending tutorial with a voiceover by commentator Martin Tyler. It's a good indication of the graphics, audio and gameplay you can expect in the upcoming release.

However, unless you're a FIFA video game expert, some of you may feel overwhelmed as I did when watching the preview.

FIFA 11 PC Gameplay Footage: Video

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EA Sports has released another preview of FIFA 11. This time it's a sneak peek of their gameplay footage for the PC.

The preview features a match between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium. As you can see from the graphics, gameplay and the audio, this is a fantastic representation of the beautiful game we love.

LA Galaxy

Soccer Business Bits: San Jose Stadium News, Wahl’s Rankings & More

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San Jose city officials have approved a Planned Development permit for the construction of the proposed Earthquakes stadium. However, neighbors have until January 3 to appeal the granting of the permit. The team hopes to have the stadium complete by 2013. If there is no appeal, the team will move to the next step in next month, however an appeal could delay the process by weeks or months.

Ronaldo goal against LA Galaxy

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C Ron scored a good goal in a recent Real Madrid v/s LA Galaxy friendly.He gave a demo of all his skills - speed,dribbling,stepovers ...and a great finish.
Real Madrid won the game 4 -1

Football Manager

Football Manager 2012 Demo Now Available For Download

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On what may go on record as the most boring international break ever, the folks from Football Manager has come to the rescue with a demo of their upcoming release, Football Manager 2012. The Football Manager 2012 Demo is available ...

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A press release for Football Manager 2012...are we excited. Silly question! LONDON (August 15th, 2011) – Sports Interactive Ltd. & SEGA® Europe Ltd. today unveiled the latest version of their successful football management simulation series, Football Manager™ 2012. Planned to be in stores before Christmas, Football Manager 2012 will once again allow you to take [.

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Another gem from Talksport Magazine. I'll let the video do the talking...

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Thoughts after a Week with Football Manager 2011

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It's been almost a week since the FM 2011 demo (or my precious, as I've started to call it) was delivered to my computer, and it's been pretty much everything expected. There are a lot of new features packed in, so here's my take on some of them.

Firstly, some features that I like:

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Well it has been four days since the release of the Football Manager 2011 demo, giving me ample time to have a look at the game....

To start, here is the official trailer for the FM 11 game.

Quick overview:

Aesthetically, there is not much difference between 2010 and 2011.

Do better than Roy Hodgson (not that it would be hard)

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Wannabe Premiership managers; It's that time of year again, Football Manager comes out soon, it's time to drop everything, stay up until 4am promising yourself "one more game" as you work your way through the season, as Football Manager 2011 is launched on November 5th, however a demo is available from tomorrow.

Get a free Football Manager 2011 demo

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Football Manager 2011 is going to be out in the shops from November 5th, 2010 and it is going to be the best FM of all. Lots of new features such as real-time contract negotiations for a more realistic deal with agents, a brand new set-piece creator and a completely refurbished training system.

One thing I'm going to make sure in FM 11 is that Wayne Rooney stays at Manchester United!

PES 2011: Download the PC Demo Today

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The Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES 2011) demo launched today for the PC. The free game is available now for downloading at

In addition to changing commentators from Jon Champion to Jim Beglin, new features include:

  • Total Control
  • Shot & Stamina Gauge
  • New Defender AI
  • Improved Goalkeepers
  • Animation and Player Physics
  • Stadium Editor
  • Speed of Play
  • Aesthetics
  • Tactical and Strategy
  • Feint settings
  • Master League Online

A demo of PES 2011 is already available for Playstation Plus subscribers.


Wenn Fans ihren Verein über alles lieben…

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Wenn Fans ihren Verein über alles lieben, dann retten sie ihn nebenbei auch mal eben vor der Insolvenz. Kurzfristig haben sich vor knapp 2 Wochen die finanziellen Probleme des 3. Ligavereins SV Babelsberg 03 als sehr groß herausgestellt, für viele war der Zug schon abgefahren und der Verein insolvent.

Wir das die Zerreißprobe für den deutschen Fussball ?

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Europaweit ist man neidisch auf den deutschen Fussball. Alles läuft harmonisch, die Vereine sind finanziell gut aufgestellt, die Eintrittskarten sind billig und das Niveau ist in allen Ligen konstant hoch. Der deutsche Fussball ist im Ausland inzwischen so beliebt, dass aus allen möglichen Ländern Fans nur für ein Fussballspiel zu uns kommen.

The Rest

Tottenham Launch New ‘Half And Half’ Third Kit – Unveil It On New FIFA 13 Demo (Photos & Video)

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By Chris Wright

Here's Tottenham's new Under Armour third strip for 2012/13 a grey and black 'half and half' affair that was unveiled earlier today in conjuction with the latest FIFA 13 demo (more on that shortly)...

Jan Vertonghen bloody loves it!

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A few articles we have read and enjoyed this week...Including Arsene Wenger's frailties, Fantasy Football predictions, a piece on Kun Aguero and on Everton being left behind. Fifa ultimate team is SHIT! - A FIFA 12 demo will be released on 13th September, The full FIFA 12 game launches on 29th September.

Daily Dose: October 21st, 2010.

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Chinese news explains the Liverpool ownership situation.

[Avoiding The Drop]

  • A vicious Serbian cycle. (WSC)
  • Fergie's change of heart. (Studs Up)
  • Robbie Fowler has fun with the press. (The Spoiler)
  • A Tribute: Tottenham's Garbage Bale Kid (Futfanatico)
  • Derby preparations TBD.

KISS x FC Dallas + RBNY: The Numbers Are In

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Remember that KISS + FC Dallas game promo from a few weeks ago? When I saw that I, like many others, wondered if reaching out to the KISS demo would yield any results. Maybe I should have wondered in the other direction because more people turned out for the FC Dallas-RBNY portion of the bill than for the geriatric rock show end of the deal: FCD drew 15, 105 while the concert just hit 12,000.

More offense, but WolfPack fall again

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Mainor Flores scored both goals and fellow sophomore Ty Demo made nine saves for the shutout as the College of Lake County (Ill.) blanked host Madison College 2-0 in a non-conference men's soccer game Sunday afternoon.

Flores converted a penalty kick in the 24th minute and added an insurance goal in the 54th for the Lancers (1-3), who had scored just one goal in their first three matches.