Is a Clean Sheet possible ?

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Seems an age since we got hammered up at Anfield. Why? Not just the International break but also thanks to the poisonous atmosphere around the club. Let's be honest, it has never really disappeared despite a decent end to last season and an encouraging win on the opening day. Sadly, it will be just below the surface until Mr Wenger leaves the club.

Former Spurs favourite recommended to Arsenal? Merson must be losing it…

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Paul Merson has recommended Jermain Defoe to Arsenal for the upcoming transfer window, but for me that is a complete no-no. The 33 year-old has enjoyed an exciting end to the Premier League season, helping his Sunderland side to escape from the relegation zone with a huge upturn in form. Defoe has been key to [.

Sunderland v Arsenal – Predicted line-up and score prediction

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We travel to the Stadium of Light tomorrow to take on Sunderland, in what could be a huge game for both sides. The Black Cats are scrapping for their Premier League life at present, with two of Norwich, Newcastle and Sunderland expected to drop down into the Championship.There is only two points separating the trio, [.

Allardyce – Arsenal are not the only team with injury problems

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Arsenal face Sam Allardyce's Sunderland team tomorrow, and the Black Cat's have finally found some form under their new boss and have won their last two games without conceding a goal. Big Sam has changed the formation to three at the back and he intends to stick with it, but he also has injuries to [.

Arsenal target Suarez really IS picked on by English FA and media!!

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Luis Suarez clearly wants to join Arsenal. In his own words he has revealed that he is desperate to play in the Champions League and, when he renewed his Liverpool contract last year, he was promised that a transfer to a club in that competition would not be blocked if the Anfield mob failed to reach it.

Spurs and Chelsea leave Arsenal in top 4 trouble!!

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The battle for a top four finish in the Premier League looks like it will carry on the the last day of the season. Arsenal travel to Newcastle on that day, which is never an easy place to get a result, but hopefully the Magpies will be safe from relegation by then because the Gunners may need all three points.

Why Arsenal’s draw against Everton is NOT a disaster!!

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There is little doubt that Arsenal should have won the game against Everton at the Emirates last night, but it seems to me that a lot of fans are taking it too hard. Yes, it was a great chance for the Gunners to fire themselves into a commanding position in the Premier League, but we are still in with a very good chance.

Jack is NOT back for Arsenal

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The news that Jack Wilshere is taking longer than expected to recover from his ankle injury will have Arsenal fans feeling an icy sensation of dread, as the last time we heard that sort of thing, it was 17 months on the sidelines for the Gunners star.

According to Metro, medical staff at Arsenal are concerned that the 21-year old midfielder is not responding to treatment as they would expect.

Arsenal get good news on Injuries for once

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Arsene Wenger's assistant at Arsenal, Steve Bould, has given Arsenal fans some much needed good news on the injury situation at the club. Following the devastating blow to the French midfielder Abou Diaby last week, it is a welcome change to hear of some injured players returning sooner than first thought.


Strong finish, stumbling until Defoe's strike TFC 3 Columbus Crew 2

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More to come JD
A beautiful day down by the lake, but you could not describe much of Toronto's play as beautiful. Could it have been that plentiful sunshine and perfectly mild temperatures were the conditions to lull fans and players alike?

Toronto Turn The Tables - AFR Voice Ep. 23  There were two...

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Toronto Turn The Tables - AFR Voice Ep. 23

There were two huge stories in football this past week – the crowning of Cristiano Ronaldo as the latest Ballon d'Or winner was one. We certainly saw that one coming, and we've dutifully doffed our cap to the Real Madrid colossus as a deserved winner, despite a late challenge from Messi's fabulous red satin suit.


Spurs Win Ugly. At Times This Was Downright Revolting

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If winning ugly is a sign of a successful team, this was the Elephant Man of victories. Spurs v Evertonshould never have come out in daylight. Rather, the game is destined toslip furtively through the back alleys of north London largely covered in a hessian sack for fear of scaring the onlookers.

Swansea - Spurs Preview: The Striking Selection Dilemma… Again

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And so the interminable wait continues, amongst just about every Spurs fan of my acquaintance, for the Sherwood bubble to burst, so that those sharpened knives can be plunged with gusto. Nevertheless, it's four wins and a draw in the league, and another win or draw would seem to be on the agenda today.

High Comedy At Spurs

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Several years ago I spent an agreeable few days in Venice. Pretty soon I ditched the guidebook and ended up just meandering through the narrow streets or toodling round the canals on the vaporetti rather than seeing the sights. I loved the atmosphere but didn't achieve very much.

A quarter pounder with onions outside the Colonel's burger van in the Paxton doesn't quite have the same ambience as a macchiato and ice cream in San Marco but the pleasant disorientation is not dissimilar, a blissful disconnect between surroundings and emotions, being there but not fully involved.

High Comedy At Spurs

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Several years ago I spent an agreeable few days in Venice. Pretty soon I ditched the guidebook and ended up just meandering through the narrow streets or toodling round the canals on the vaporetti rather than seeing the sights. I loved the atmosphere but didn't achieve very much.

A quarter pounder with onions outside the Colonel's burger van in the Paxton doesn't quite have the same ambience as a macchiato and ice cream in San Marco but the pleasant disorientation is not dissimilar, a blissful disconnect between surroundings and emotions, being there but not fully involved.

Southampton 2-3 Spurs: Sherwood Goes Down The AANP Route

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Now that's the spirit. Having attracted the opprobrium of AANP pre kick-off for the unpardonable crime of simply being Tim Sherwood, the young bean has earned himself a commemorative bust on the mantelpiece (in truth it will more likely be a sketch of a stick-man left on the window-sill – but the sentiment remains pure) for scrawling the most hilariously gung-ho teamsheet since Ardiles got a little carried away.

Spurs 1-2 West Ham: One of History’s More Subdued Revolutions

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As revolutions go this was one of the more muted ilk, defeat at home to West Ham being unlikely to go down in history as the moment that inspired the worldwide lilywhite renaissance.

The Encouraging Start

Things actually started brightly enough, with a swash here and a buckle there. The starting line-up drew a few nods of approval, with the selection of two strikers for a home game against weak opponents representing the sort of tactical masterstroke that seemed to elude the previous incumbent.

The Sound of Sighlence

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You can tell how a game is going by the sound of the crowd, a surefire soundtrack as the game ebbs and flows. The exultation that greets a goal, unrestrained singing in celebration, the contented hubbub as the fans leave after a win or the sharp, bitter recrimination of defeat or worse, a side that is not trying.

Spurs Preview 2: the Team. A Whiff Of Cautious Optimism In The Air

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This,Tottenham On My Mind's fifth season, begins as did all the others, with Daniel Levy as the defining character in the drama to come. The seasons ended that way too. But this one is different, whatever the ultimate outcome.Levy has responded to his manager like never before. Over to you, Andre.

Idle Witterings on Bale, Caulker, Dempsey & Monaco

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My goodness these have been busy times at N17. A striker has finally been brought into the fold, seemingly only two and a half years too late, and reportedly a bit more in the poacher mould than the brick outhouse we have craved, but this is not the time to pick nits. Young Chadli has also arrived, and although the assembly instructions that came with this lad suggest that he is for squad depth rather than tearing up the Premiership week in and week out, he being of the jolly handy coterie of Belgians currently invading our shores we can probably express some optimism.

Spurs - Sunderland Preview: An Outrageous Stroke of Luck?

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Despair – it has a reputation as a rather pejorative term, but as the definition is apparently simply ‘the absence of hope' it fits in the whiskey cabinet quite snugly, what? For sure our lot will put Sunderland to the sword – or complicate things somewhat before stretching ahead in the final 10-20 – but even with a mooted million pound bonus being dangled in front of them, the chances of Newcastle doing the necessaries seem more Stuart Nethercott than Ledley King.

Spurs 1-0 Southampton: On We Limp

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It would seem after that particular nerve-wracker to swerve rather wildly from reality by suggesting that the Spurs go marching on. Limping on, perhaps, or maybe sputtering to a halt and having our constituent parts stuffed unceremoniously into a sack and dragged towards the finish line by Bale. A less catchy ditty though, what?

Spurs 3-1 Man City: The Incredible Hudd (& Other Superheroes)

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Quite the 80thbirthday present for AANP Senior. Is there a more joyous sight to behold in nature than a tide of adrenalin-pumped lilywhites pouring forward in wave after wave of irresistible attack at a sun-baked White Hart Lane? A spritely cheetah catching a young upstart of a gazelle and tearing it to pieces perhaps?

Spurs - Man City Preview: A Straightforward Drill

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One final Herculean effort please chaps. Actually, six more such efforts, but you get the gist. After that ten-day hiatus it is all a mite breathless from now until the season's end, and the drill is essentially win, win and win again – which sounds straightforward enough when hammered out in Arial 10, but is presumably going to be eked out in typically excruciating fashion by our heroes.

Spurs - Basel Preview: The Welfare of Key Personnel

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The Top Four vs Europa debate has become increasingly academic over the course of this season, because whatever the rights and wrongs AVB is clearly intent to keep hurling at kitchen sinks and first-team players at his Thursday nights, until that ineffably-shaped pot is in our mitts. As has been pointed out by various scribes, for all the potential hazards around fatigue this whole European campaign has, in general, been a rather edifying process for the mighty lilywhites, allowing the players time to dashed well understand the gravel-voiced murmurings of the grand fromage in the early part of the season, and also providing the occasional night of merriment and good cheer for the shuffling throngs on the White Hart Lane train platform.

Liverpool - Spurs Preview: Pilfering the Anfield Larder

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Another day, another dickens of a lip-smacking fixture for the good ship Hotspur. Merrily enough, our heroes have spent the week positively sneering at the reputations dandily waved around by opponents who dare share the turf – in particular the reaction to the final whistle on Thursday, when a comprehensive battering of Inter elicited little more than a couple of back-slaps and a business-like march back to the changing rooms, suggests that standards have been raised in N17.

Spurs 3-0 Inter: Oozing Marvellousness From Every Pore

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He already has a few on the CV, but this ranks amongst AVB's finest moments for sure, and was most certainly the finest performance. To date it has been effective and disciplined, but with off-the-ball movement, slick passing and Inter carved open at will, this was as marvellous as a fruity sorbet drizzled in champagne and served by that sultry young thing who appears at the very end of the Golddigger video.

Spurs 2-1 Arsenal: Still Smug

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Whereas the pre-match optimism in this corner of the interweb had been based on the fact that our forward line knows a few more trade secrets than that other lot, and were therefore likelier to get the best of the half-dozen goals that seemed likely, winning a game of this magnitude on the strength of a superior defence did have me sipping the celebratory late-night bourbon in a rather thoughtful manner.


Spurs - Liverpool Preview: Striking Dilemma Ahoy

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They may only have been the dregs of the English and Russian leagues respectively, but three consecutive wins have done enough to secure nods of mild satisfaction where once there were howls of anguish, so we can go into this one with sentiments bordering on cautious optimism. Moreover, the gods of fate seem to have nonchalantly tossed us a couple of extra scraps, and thus we find that the red mob will toddle up to the front gates sans Messrs Gerrard and Sturridge.

Sunderland 1-2 Spurs: Post-Match Verdicts On Dawson & Defoe

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Six points in four days – but perhaps more importantly, a performance that in parts had us clearing our throats and purring. For around 25 glorious minutes we were treated to a glimpse of how the world might look if the wolf really does lie down with the lamb, famine and disease are shoved under the carpet and Spurs get their act together.

Sunderland-Spurs Preview: The Daws-Out-Defoe-In Campaign

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It seems you can't sneeze these days without another Spurs fixture hurtling towards you. This presumably gives Messrs Levy, Baldini and Villas-Boas a degree of smug satisfaction, because even if the XI on the pitch each game can do no more than trundle the ball sideways and backwards, on paper at least we do have a squad eminently capable of coping with two games per week.

Villa - Spurs Preview: Chewing Over The Soldado-Defoe Problem

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As ever following an international break it feels like the best part of a lifetime since we last convened around these parts, and given the sour – if entirely ludicrous – manner in which we parted, it seems fairly reasonable to speculate that our esteemed leader has spent the intervening eternity knee-deep in cogitation of the highest order.

Spurs - Chelski Preview: Opportunity Batters at the N17 Door

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Nothing says "What ho, welcome back to the country old bean" after a few weeks in sunny climes surreptitiously eyeing the bikini-clad locals better than a ding-dong with that ‘orrible blue-clad lot from yonder.

Marvellous - if slightly discombobulating – times at the Lane these days, with a record of 8 wins from 9 this season, just the one nut conceded and a veritable wad of clean-sheeted victories with which to impress the lady-folk.

Palace 0-1 Spurs: The Hole That Remains Unfilled

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An opening day win is a small bundle of joy for which we should all be grateful, so while there are undoubtedly a few polite coughs and pointed looks when we reflect on the manner of the thing, ‘tis probably best to bow humbly, express our thanks and sidle off. Playing a newly-promoted mob on their own patch on the opening day carries a moderate health warning, given that their fledgling enthusiasm is as yet undimmed by an eight-game losing streak, so firm manly handshakes all round, but no celebration much beyond that.

Spurs 1-0 Sunderland: Dash It All

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A rummy thing, football. Up diddly up, down diddly down, whoops poop twiddly dee, to quote one particularly sagacious soul – after which Man Utd win the whole dashed thing and our lot get edged out by that other lot. And that, it appears, is how football works. But when 38 games end with us essentially taking pride of place at the head of a 16-strong cohort of no-man's-land stragglers, I am rather inclined to think ‘Dash it all, what's the point?

Hugo Lloris

Tottenham: 3 Factors to give Spurs the Edge Against Basel

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If English teams are not to be seen around in the final eight group of the Champions League this season, the situation is inversely proportional to what one can find in the quarterfinals of the Uefa Europa League. Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham Spurs have all made it and will face their respective challengers on Thursday for the first leg of the tie.

Spurs - Inter Preview: Oozing Glamour From Every Pore

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‘Tis a sign of the lucre-riddled times that a home fixture against Inter is only the third most important match of our week, but thus it fairly well transpires, if you give a nudge here and take a hop there. Finishing in the top four (three? Two?) still feels like the priority – but as distractions go this is right up there with kittens, cats, sacks and wives.

The Rest

The 2nd Annual – I Don’t Get A Vote – MLS Awards

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Once again rather than pretend to understand the mind set of MLS award voters, I havedeveloped my own awards that I believe will best tell the story of the 2014 MLS regular season. These awards aren't necessarily achievements, but rather reference points that give more depth than the Golden Boot..

Classic Clásico - AFR Voice Ep. 33 As things hot up in title...

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Classic Clásico - AFR Voice Ep. 33

As things hot up in title races across the continent, things are getting especially spicy at the top of La Liga. This week we'll be taking a look at what is being hailed as possibly the finest clásico of the century between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and why despite the result neither team are currently top of the league.

Spurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor: ‘I did not hit Andre Villas Boas’

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Spurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor says there has been no fall-out with Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas and insists he had no intention of leaving the club over the summer. The Togo international found himself training with the youth team during pre-season and was linked with moves to Schalke or Turkish side Besiktas.