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Football Funnies: Arsene Wenger Plays ‘Deal Or No Deal’ With Arsenal’s Marquee Signings (Video)

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Hats off to the chaps at the Football Republic, for this is a work of rare and spectacular viral genius.

We give you, Arsenal's very own Arsene Wenger playing 'Deal or No Deal' with a batch of potential marquee signings...

Deal Or No Deal | Arsene Wenger Marquee Signings Special pic.

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Fashanu Police: Former Wimbledon Striker Jailed In Nigeria Over Alleged Property Scam

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John Fashanu will have spent time in some real dives while coming up the leagues with Millwall and Wimbledon but nothing quite as dicey as a Nigerian prison.

Incidentally, that's exactly where 'Fash' found himself earlier this month after being arrested on suspicion of "criminal conspiracy" in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja, with claims he duped a friend in the process.