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Ashley Cole

A discount Ashley Cole is still a bad fit for the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer

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The Los Angeles Times' Kevin Baxter tweeted last week that Ashley Cole's salary with the LA Galaxy will be "well below [the Major League Soccer] max of $457,500." Let's hope the defender's agent told him this before he drives down the 405 to Carson.

When I helped pick extracts for a serialization of Cole's autobiography in the London Times a decade ago, it wasn't hard to predict which bit would make headlines.

A discount Ashley Cole is still a bad fit for the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer

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The Los Angeles Times' Kevin Baxter tweeted last week that Ashley Cole's salary with the LA Galaxy will be "well below [the Major League Soccer] max of $457,500." Let's hope the defender's agent told him this before he drives down the 405 to Carson.

When I helped pick extracts for a serialization of Cole's autobiography in the London Times a decade ago, it wasn't hard to predict which bit would make headlines.

Top six controversial footballer autobiography quotes

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The modern day footballer is not an athlete alone. Oh no, he is expected to be all things to all men, including becoming a sportsbook author. OTP salutes some of the (relatively) shocking prose created when our top footballing stars put pen to paper. Here are six examples of when the normally mundane footballer autobiography [.


Is Governance the Problem at Arsenal?

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Who owns Arsenal and how is it governed? Although many fans would answer that Arsenal belongs to us, the truth is that we fans are just consumers of goods and services from the club we love. We are very important to the club but this gives us no element of ownership. Good governance would normally include ensuring that decision making bodies are representative, decisions are transparent and both bodies and decisions are accountable.

Video: Ex-Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein says Arsene Wenger is a victim of his own success

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Arsene Wenger "is a victim of his own success," former #Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein tells us at #Soccerex https://t.co/nudtmB5oBY...

Click the headline to read the full story.

Arsene Wenger’s Tactics Are Hindering Arsenal’s Success

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In general, there are two types of managers or head coaches. One follows a philosophy no matter what the talent on the squad looks like, while the other switches their ideas to fit the side they are managing. Arsene Wenger falls in the former and it's been the hindrance of his team.

In a Sky Sports documentary to commemorate Wenger's 1,000 games leading the Gunners, former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein said:

"Arsene is a football, I repeat, a football purist.

Arsenal vs Chelsea Preview: Clash of Cultures, a Test of Depth

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Tim Todd runs the popular Arsenal blog 7AMKickoff and previews the Arsenal-Chelsea match today at the Emirates.

"Roman Abramovich has parked his Russian tanks on our lawn and is firing £50 notes at us." -- David Dein after rejecting a huge bid from Chelsea for Henry and Vieira.

Arsenal's Honorary Vice President Takes to Twitter to Express Discontent

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As if things weren't difficult enough for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal right now, the club's Honorary Vice President, Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, has taken to Twitter to express her discontent at the current state of affairs at the North London club.

Despite removing her tweets after posting them, the message she conveyed was loud and clear.

Backpage Roundup: Dein Sure Wenger Would Spend Big, Seaman Frustrated with Arsenal Plight, Angha to Join Nuremberg, Graham’s Gunner Backing and More

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Dein Claims Wenger Is Ready to Spend Big

Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein believes that coach Arsene Wenger is finally ready to splash some serious cash in the transfer market.

Despite having enough money in the bank, the Gunners have never competed with the big spenders in the transfer market for quality players of the highest quality, but Dein says this is about to change.

Arsenal need David Dein back to help Wenger return us to the top

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David Dein Article by Will Sharp

There is no doubt that Arsenal Football Club has the makings of being one of the game's true superpowers. Many of the essential elements are already there; Perhaps most importantly there is the huge international support base which is second only to United's in terms of English clubs.

Are Arsenal being punished by the Deins?

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David Dein was an integral figure in the rise to dominance of Arsenal in the last 30 years. He was vice-chairman of the Gunners between 1983 and 2007 but had to leave the club for reasons that are arguable. There is a school of thought that believes that Dein was forced out of Arsenal and [...]

Usmanov & Kroenkes Ongoing Stand-Off At Arsenal

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With international football hogging the headlines at the moment, the Premier League has been rather quiet over the last couple of weeks. Sure enough, there was the emergence of Richard Scudamore from a meeting last week wiping drool from the corner of his mouth and carrying a bin bag full of television over his shoulder, but on the whole the Premier League, which is ordinarily a publicity-hungry black hole which sucks all before it in with its gravitational pull, has been almost eerily quiet of late.

Good Thing Come in Threes

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I'm not listening to any more of this

No sooner had Robin Van Persie lifted a personal trophy, everyone were quick to debate his destination beyond July 2012. His reasoning behind why he's been on fire this season doesn't help either. Playing every game like it was his last one will bound to flame those hungry rumour mongers.

Arsenal the Franchise

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When Stan Kroenke first bought a substantial percentage of Arsenal, by purchasing ITV's 9.9% share of Arsenal back in 2007, Chairman Peter Hill-Wood made his infamous quote ‘we don't want his sort here', in reference to a perceived takeover bid in the making from the American billionaire. Naturally, Hill-Wood's view may have been coloured by the fact that it was David Dein who had brought Kroenke to the shareholders' table, with his subsequent dismissal from the board of directors due to his going behind the backs of his colleagues in a failed attempt to effect a take over in the Highbury House boardroom.

Four reasons preventing David Dein’s return to Arsenal

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Arsenal's perceived lack of ability to ‘do the business' in the transfer market in recent seasons has produced a crescendo of calls for the return of David Dein to the club. From effectively running the boardroom for between the mid-80s and the mid-1990s, a decade on, Dein was unceremoniously dumped from the club in the spring of 2007, having failed in an attempted coup d'etat that would have returned him to power with the backing of – ironically – Stan Kroenke.

David Villa Leg Injury 2011- Barca forward breaks leg against Al Sadd in Club World Cup

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David Villa Leg Injury 2011- Barca forward breaks leg against Al Sadd in Club World Cup is a post from Soccer Blogger. Follow Soccer Blogger on Twitter

David Villa Leg Injury 2011- Barca forward breaks leg against Al Sadd in Club World Cup is a post from Soccer Blogger. Follow Soccer Blogger on Twitter Spanish striker David Villa is likely to be out for a lengthy spell ( see Villa leg injury video below) on the sidelines after breaking his leg in [.

What To Make of Abou?

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Diaby has to be in the shadows, for now

I'm sure by now you've all heard or rather, read the interview that Arsene Wenger did on L'Equipe. Or if you can't read French like I am as well, then thank god there's Arseblognews who has come out with the translated interview without looking for a headline.

Man City will never match the Arsenal ‘invincibles’

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City talisman Yaya Toure stated in a recent interview that his team can match the Arsenal of 2004 and go unbeaten in this years Premier League.

He said in a launch of Puma's African National Cup kits, "We hope we can continue unbeaten, we are playing fantastic football."

Although the blue side of Manchester have enjoyed an excellent start to their campaign- the obvious highlight beating United 6-1 at Old Trafford, I simply do not believe City have what it takes to match Arsene Wenger's supremely talented side.

Arsènal: The Making of a Modern Superclub

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Arsènal: The Making of a Modern Superclub is a post from: Just Football

Any Arsenal fan will tell you that the last few seasons have been tough. They will need no reminding that the last trophy the club won was back in 2005. However the start of this season led to more than a few whispers that perhaps Arsène Wenger wasn't the right man for the club.

Is Wenger still the right man for Arsenal?

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It is clearly evident that during recent months the red and white armoury has come under intense pressure, with many even questioning whether "Arsene Wenger is the right man for Arsenal Football Club?".

A few years ago such a question would have been responded with laughter, yet today critics and many Arsenal fans find themselves pondering on the very thought of Arsenals greatest manager being replaced.

The Sweeper: Arsenal confident of landing Premier League record £25m-a-year shirt sponsorship deal

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The Sweeper: Arsenal confident of landing Premier League record £25m-a-year shirt sponsorship deal

Goal.com reveals how Daniel Levy is helping Ledley King to get fit, David Dein's alliance with Spurs and why the Roma president denies any conflict of interest with Liverpool

View the full story here: Goal

A news article on 2011-10-08 08:39:00 from: Goal

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

David Dein – “Arsene Has Unfinished Business”

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David Dein is the man that brought Arsene Wenger to Arsenal all those years ago, and he has been speaking out in defence of the manager in the wake of the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford and has urged everybody connected with the club to back him. Dein said, "Arsene has unfinished business at the [...]

Will – Arsenal need to sign…….. David Dein!

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Hey Guys, big fan of the site. Big Arsenal fan, have had season ticket for past seven years. Just thought that I'd put forward an argument for Arsene Wenger and why David Dein could be the answer to our problems. If it's good enough can you let me know if you'll consider posting it on [...]

Silent Stan, Stand Up And Speak Out

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It's been just over a week since Cesc Fabregas' departure for Barcelona, and now this afternoon, we've been told that Samir Nasri is on the brink of securing a lucrative move to Manchester City.

Everyone knows what tomorrow's headlines will include. The usual, apocalyptic-like phrases such as "meltdown", "the end" and "it's over" will smother the backpages of every tabloid in the country.

Ferguson and Wenger: one burns brightly as the other fades

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By Darshan Joshi

Even stars die, eventually. There hasn't been an observed supernova in our Milky Way for over four hundred years (Galileo hadn't even seen the many moons of Jupiter, or confirmed that the Sun was the heart of the solar system when this had occurred), but that such timeless galactic fixtures can perish so vigorously only serves to epitomise the fleeting nature of everything associated with our universe.

Money Makes The World Go Mad

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Tough to be in his shoes

If you make it until the end of this piece and you think that "well, this may be the case but some of it is brought on by the way we handle ourselves", I wouldn't say you're wrong completely. Yet, it feels like everyone is against us. Of course many of those stems from the weekend defeat.

Wenger: You’d be surprised by what I’ve turned down to stay here

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insisted that he will never step down as manager as his loyalty to the Club is still intact. Asked on Friday if David Dein is right in believing that he would walk ...

Dein: Gooners must back Wenger at Arsenal

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David Dein reckons Arsenal fans must give manager Arsene Wenger the respect he deserves or risk losing him.

The Beeb reports that AW is under increasing pressure from supporters after six seasons without a pot and that when asked if Wenger could leave, the former Arsenal vice-chairman said: "That's always an option open to him.

Why David Dein is the best signing Arsenal could make this summer

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Although authorised by our editors, the below article was not written by an author of The Gunning Hawk team but by one of our readers who is a collaborator of this section. If you also ...

It’s back!

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Greetings from the billowing rubble that is now my home city. The new season is but an inswinging corner kick away. The bowels are clenching, the skin on my knuckles tightening and the teeth grinding as the anticipation of that first Newcastle set piece begins to dawn. For the last three months, I have been something approaching a pleasant, available and accessible individual for my friends and family.

David Dein says Wenger will not be easy to replace

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The ex-Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein believes you can't write-off Arsene Wenger achievements and expects that the Frenchman will still come good for the Gunners if e is just given time to sort things out. Dein said: "Arsene is very focused and very determined. I see a man who still has as much fire in the [.

David Dein defends Arsene Wenger, is it too little too late?

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David Dein, former Vice-chairman of Arsenal and the man who was behind Arsene Wenger's appointment in 1996, has told BBC radio that he believes his friend is still the best man to lead Arsenal, and ...

English Premier League

Would a Winter Break Benefit the Premier League?

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Former FA and Arsenal F.C. vice-chairman David Dein has called on the Barclays Premier League to implement a winter break halfway through its season. Dein also suggested at the Soccerex Global Convention this week that the Premier League should enforce the break as soon as possible. Debate of a potential winter break from league matches comes with news that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will most likely be held in the winter, because you know, it's usually pretty hot in Qatar during the summer (the average high in the middle eastern country during July is 106 degrees Fahrenheit).

Injury Record / Look who's Defending Putin / Torres

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Few stories floating round in the Twitter-verse that I thought I'd comment on in more depth.

Firstly, the guy over at Republik of Mancunia produced one of his periodic stats analyses, with the goal, I presume, of showing that United have the worst injuries record in the prem. However, in his analysis, he was forced to admit that we, in fact, have the worst injury record out of the top English clubs.

What's next for Arsenal, Wenger?

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At times, there's a certain stubbornness when it comes to clubs parting ways with an established coach. The quick exit that we see so regularly - especially in Europe - might happen often enough to be the standard, but there are examples of teams that seem unable to tell when it's time for a change.

Frettin bout Armand + Arsecast 205

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Hello and welcome to Friday.

As you'd expect this morning's blog is jam-packed full of information about the players we're going to sign and ... damn, sorry. That's my other blog in opposite world. Oh well.

Arsene will have a press conference today ahead of tomorrow's game against the Mugsmashers and we might get a bit of clarity about what the plans are.

arsenal fans

Should Robin van Persie Get a New Contract? Remember Thierry Henry.

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Not so long ago, in a stadium not so far away....

Arsenal have had a hard season. On the final day of the campaign they've leap-frogged their rivals into fourth spot and secured Champions League qualification. Yet another worry has not quite disappeared. Their captain and best player has still not signed a new contract.

David Dein says fall in line, fans should find their reasons

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David Dein has appealed to fans to get behind good friend Arsene Wenger

Attribution theory is a central pillar of social psychology and was studied extensively by Fritz Heider in the 1950s and 60s. Our life is made up of sets of circumstances that can be controlled and are also beyond control.

The Rest

One Down, Three To Go

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Just what Spurs needed three points. No alarms, a decent effort that lacked a cutting edge to convert our massive superiority into more goals but none was needed in response to opponents who reeked of the sickly unpleasant odour of apathy. And people have said our players don't care. I'm surprised the Blackburn squad could summon up the effort to climb the stairs of the team coach.

Moneyball in the Premier League – looking at Liverpool, Newcastle and Wigan

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Moneyball in the Premier League looking at Liverpool, Newcastle and Wigan - originally posted on Soccerlens.com

Since the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) bought Liverpool FC last season, there has been a lot of talk about ‘Moneyball'.

This was a successful book chronicling the Oakland Athletics baseball team, and in particular it's General Manager Billy Beane (for a General Manager think of a powerful director of football, David Dein at Arsenal, someone who controls transfer/signings).