Cyprus First Division


Cyprus Ill

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APOEL's success masks a growing crisis in Cypriot football. Andreas Vou reports:

While APOEL's run in this year's Champions League has taken Cypriot club football to unthinkable heights, the small nation which over the last decade was showing signs of becoming a competent team at international level is slowly diminishing.

The Pot 4 Club – APOEL FC

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We all know everything about the major clubs that play Champions League football year-in, year-out, right? Pot 1 with its Chelseas, Arsenals and Real Madrids is old news. Pot 4 is where the fun's at. Introducing a new feature on Just Football: The Pot 4 Club.

Taking Sides in Cyprus

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APOEL FC and Omonia - two very different sides of the rather unheralded but no less shiny coin that is Cypriot football. But why are they always at loggerheads? Returning to Just Football, Greg Theoharis explains:

It's Party Conference season in the UK and the assembled media outlets have been bombarding us all with whether or not Labour will ditch the ‘New' and lurch back to the Left with the election of Ed Miliband as Party Leader.