Tottenham Hotspur

Empty Terraces: The Grim Day Arsenal Only Managed 4,500 At Highbury And Several Other Similarly Sparse Examples

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On 5th May 1966, just a couple of months before English football's finest hour, a sparsecrowd of just 4,554 fans turned up at Highbury to watch Arsenal play Leeds.

The average home attendance that season was roughly 30,000. The Gunners lost 3-0, possibly vindicating those who stayed away.

Soccer Freestylers Race Through the Streets Of London Wearing Tottenham Kits [VIDEO]

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In a new video, several soccer freestylers showcase the new Tottenham Hotspur home and away kits from Under Armour, as they freestyle their way through the crowds of London to White Hart Lane. The fast paced journey through London sees ...

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World Cup

What did the Confederations Cup tell us about World Cup 2014?

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The 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil proved to be an enthralling tournament and a perfect taster for next year's World Cup. Over the past couple of weeks, there has been goals galore, controversial incidents and not forgetting the carnival atmosphere created by the crowds, who in turn, proved influential in roaring Brazil on to their [.


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Back in 2009 we had a brief chat with Soccernomics author Simon Kuper. The book was first published in October, 2009 and continues to cited in soccer circles.   Soccernomics combines economics and soccer to provide an interesting look into the use of data in sports and takes direct aim at some of the longest held beliefs of fans and soccer managers about the evaluation of players.

Shinkansen to Saitama

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All aboard! For Sarah Killion, Crystal Dunn, Chi Ubogagu and Kealia Ohai

The U.S. U-20 WNT left Sendai city this afternoon via the Shinkansen, the famed Japanese bullet train, and once again the local organizers made the trip as smooth as possible. Of course, the Shinkansen is about as smooth as it gets, gliding between cities at between 150-180 MPH, meaning the USA's train from Sendai took just over 90 minutes.

English Premier League

Video: Manchester United’s open-top bus tour title celebrations

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Manchester United marked Sir Alex Ferguson's 13th and final Premier League title with an open-top bus tour around the city today. Fergie addressed crowds gathered outside Old Trafford taking time to request fans attend tomorrow's under-21 clash with Liverpool before the bus set off on its trip to the city centre.

Top 10 conclusions: Premier League, Boxing Day

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1. Newcastle secured a Boxing Day defeat that Kevin Keegan would have been proud to preside over. 2. Sir Alex Ferguson decided that the season of goodwill should not extend to any match official involved in awarding Newcastle's second goal. 3. The Black Cats are unlucky for Manchester City. That's twice in two seasons that [.

Manchester United signs 7-year shirt sponsorship deal with Chevrolet

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English Premier League side Manchester United have announced a seven year shirt sponsorship with Chevrolet. Details on the deal have not been disclosed but its expected to be around $30 million per season.

Chevrolet will be the club's fifth shirt sponsor. The previous sponsors were Aon (2010-14), AIG (2006-2010), Vodafone (2000-2006), and Sharp Electronics (1992-2000).

The 200% Pre-Season Previews – Arsenal

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Welcome to the first of our annual pre-season previews, this year starting with the Premier League and therefore, Arsenal. For those of you stopping by for the first time, there'll be no in-depth tactical analysis here, and no hard and fast predictions for how teams will do over the next nine months.

Video: Freestylers Battle in the Tottenham Hotspur Under Armour 2012/13 Home and Away Kits

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As Spurs tour the USA, world class football freestylers showcase the new Under Armour, Tottenham Hotspur 2012/13 home and away kits as they freestyle their way through the crowds of...

The Torpor (And Importance) Of Pre-Season Friendlies

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The concept of the "close season" is becoming a rapidly fading memory. This summer has seen the European Championships pass seamlessly into the first round of friendly matches which will fill the schedules now until the middle of next month, when the league season finally begins. These matches serve an obvious function for clubs.

Buriram Home Defeat Shock

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Thai Premier League champions Buriram United, who won the league when they were known as Buriram PEA but the PEA have moved elsewhere and the rump of the championship winning team merged with Buriram who are the older club who won Division One, are you with me so far, have finally lost a home game.

Chonburi, backed by a scion of an influential east coast family, defeated the champions, backed by an influential north east family, 4-3 earlier this evening.

Er AFL that's not a tv deal - this is a tv deal, football style

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Wolves can make $100 million per year from TV alone.

Bottom on the Premier League, average crowds around 18,000 and they can bring in that amount of money. Who the hell watches Wolves v Bolton!

Roy Masters thinks his League boys have a deal, Andrew Dimetriou reckons he rules the world.

Major League Soccer

Sounders-Timbers Rivalry Raising the Bar for MLS

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One of the largest crowds to watch a soccer game anywhere in the world this weekend will gather in the United States for a regular season match between two Major League Soccer teams. The Seattle Sounders will host the Portland [...]

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The Monday (Tuesday) After

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I hope everyone had wonderful holiday weekend and enjoyable end of Summer. For fans of Major League Soccer, the post-labor day period means its time for the final push to the playoffs. Fall is a great time for soccer in the United States and the playoffs are now just weeks away.

In truth the biggest business news over the last few days came from across the sea, with the transfer window closing across Europe.

Reds Return From North America

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Gerrard featured against Spurs...
For this season's preparations Liverpool made the trip across the pond to take part in a North American tour, facing the likes of Roma, Spurs and Toronto it was a great chance for Brendan Rodgers to get to know his squad properly and also play around with some of his many ideas.

New York Red Bulls

Sounders Among The Haves

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It's an odd thing for a Seattle sports fan. Despite odd votes that indicate East Coast proximity bias, or worse, among mainstream media in the United States and Canada, when it comes to players and agents around the game the Seattle Sounders are a have. No they are not the New York Red Bulls or the LA Galaxy (or Toronto FC if they were good), but they are a have.

NY2 Nearly A Thing, Surrounding Community Might Someday Notice

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It says here that MLS has come close to securing a deal for a plot of land in the aptly named Flushing section of Queens (seriously, have you ever been there? It's great if you like chop shops and derelict buildings Citi Field, but otherwise...not so much) in order to place a second MLS team in the NY Area, and the first in New York City itself.


Numbers And Satisfaction On The Opening Day Of The Season

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Perusing acres of statistics that can be found in newspapers on the opening weekend of the football season can be a most enlightening way to pass the couple of hours, even if focusing on the attendance figures rather than the results themselves does require a certain degree of furtiveness. At the top end of the game, there are few surprises to be found.

Next Years FA Cup May Leave A Nasty Taste In The Mouth

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Over the last few years, we have come to worry more than a little about the well-being of the FA Cup. Semi-finals at Wembley Stadium, falling television audiences for the final and dwindling crowds for matches involving Premier League clubs have all taken their toll on this most venerable of sporting institutions, but at least we can console ourselves with the fact that it still has a grip over the smaller clubs that enter it.

Gresley FC

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Date: Tuesday February 21Â 2012
Ground: The Moat Ground
Comp:Â Midland Alliance
Match: Grelsey 3 Kirby Muxloe 3 HT: 1-0
Oliver 26, Goodfellow 90, Hanslow 90:Verral 58, Taylor 67, Wilson 75
ATT:Â 218
Additional: Entrance £6.00, Programme £1.20

The Moat Ground in pictures
Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 8, Structures/Terracing 7, Hospitality 7, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 7
Total 29

Gresley FC are the reincarnation of Gresley Rovers, who folded in 2008-09.

Gresley FC

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Date: Tuesday February 21Â 2012
Ground: The Moat Ground
Comp:Â Midland Alliance
Match: Grelsey 3 Kirby Muxloe 3 HT: 1-0
Oliver 26, Goodfellow 90, Hanslow 90:Verral 58, Taylor 67, Wilson 75
ATT:Â 218
Additional: Entrance £6.00, Programme £1.20

The Moat Ground in pictures
Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 8, Structures/Terracing 7, Hospitality 7, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 7
Total 29

Gresley FC are the reincarnation of Gresley Rovers, who folded in 2008-09.


SLeague Obituary

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Not much about Singapore recently. Mainly ‘cos it's all been said before ad nauseum. The League Cup, which should be dropped, was expanded into a group stage so teams could play each other more often.
Then came an announcement that the top half would play off against each other as would the bottom half.

Disjoint effort after all??

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This morning saw this article online that revealed FAS president Mr Zainudin Nordin's thought of throwing the towel (screengrab below) amid the doldrums facing the local football.

courtesy of Mediacorp TODAYSo much so of listed down of what were achieved during this down time (even if some critics may not be convinced of those positive stuff), one paragraph of the report captured my attention and had me pondering.

The Mostly Irrelevant League Cup

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It's that time of the year when Singapore goes into yawnodrive over the League Cup. Just imagine it; 12 clubs from the SLeague, no Harimau Muda, who play each other twice in the SLeague as well as having a bloody good chance of playing each other in the Singapore Cup can also lock horns in this pot designed to keep the local pools company.


Sounders v Chelsea FC Friendly - Gamethread

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Tonight's game is about pomp, circumstance, crowds, evangelism and practice. It is not, nor is any friendly about who wins (ok, USA-Mexico is). This Wednesday night's 6:30 PM nationally-televised game between Chelsea FC and the Seattle Sounders FC will be a display of joy and passion. It will be a celebration of soccer history in Seattle that starts with a Roger Davies Golden Scarf ceremony and ends with Roger Levesque saying goodbye from the pitch.

Dynamo/ FC Dallas game time changed

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We interrupt our currently scheduled Oscar Boniek Garcia transfer discussions to bring some very nice news. The Houston Dynamo announced today that the June 16 game against F(U)risco has been changed from its original start date of 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Now, there are many of us out there who can't help but notice that today's official temperature at 4 p.

Euro 2012

GNev On His First Pre-Season With Class Of ’92

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Gary Neville, who has spent the summer with the England squad during their Euro 2012 campaign, has reflected on his first pre-season with the club when he was 20-years-old.

"My first trip to Asia with United was in 1995," he told the official site. "We went to Malaysia for two weeks and I had a brilliant time.

Euro 2012 Poland v Greece

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Arrived in Warsaw on the morning of the opening game to bright sunshine in contrast to the pouring rain the previous night as I left Nottingham.

Greeted by people offering accommodation at the airport. With all the problems I had booking somewhere to stay I may need them later.

The Rest

Lionel Messi finds a gun pointing at his head

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Argentina received such a warm welcome as they arrived in Saudi Arabia to play a friendly that they were given an armed escort through the airport to keep the crowds at bay. But Lionel Messi soon discovered that his armed guard posed a far greater threat to his well-being than even the most fervent supporter [.

The A-League is back!

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It feels wonderful to finally type those words! With crowds on the up and not a single dull game in round one, the season kicked off in style and looks set to improve. Nick Cumpston, Nick Amies and the returning Gerald Crawford review and preview rounds one and two of the A-League whilst also bringing you news from all other areas of Australian football.

Training at the National Stadium

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The U.S. had its pre-match training today at the Tokyo National Stadium, which will host both semifinal matches, and it certainly met with their approval. The 48,000-seat venue was built for the 1964 Summer Olympics and is in remarkably good shape for such an old venue.

The field is in fantastic condition and big crowds are expected for both matches with the bigger of course filing in to watch the Japan-Germany game at 7:30 p.

Canberra United - the next step?

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No need to reinvent the wheel is there? Not anymore.

Now Canberra United clearly can't replicate the A-League models yet, but they could aim to nick some of the better ideas couldn't they.

And the Brisbane Roars One Goal is clearly one we could dilute and build up further our grassroots support.

Chevrolet To Replace Aon… Five Days After Becoming Liverpool Sponsor

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It has been announced today that from 2014/2015, Chevrolet will replace Aon as United's shirt sponsor, signing an undisclosed seven year deal.

"This is a fantastic, long-term deal for the Club," said United's Commercial Director, Richard Arnold. "We have been partners with Chevrolet for only six weeks, but already they have produced some fantastic ideas that will benefit both the partnership and our 659 million followers around the world.

FCD’s Record Far From Great Before Big Crowds

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On Saturday night, FC Dallas set a stadium record for attendance at a soccer event as 22,565 turned out in Frisco to see FCD lose 1-0 to an undermanned Los Angeles Galaxy squad. But seeing Dallas lose in front of a big crowd is nothing new. In fact, FCD is just 1-3-1 when playing in front of the top five crowds in the short history of FC Dallas Stadium.

European soccer at Yankee Stadium

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By Clemente Lisi – Bronx, NY (July 23, 2012) US Soccer Players -- When I was in high school 20 years ago, the school soccer team played many of its games on a bumpy and dusty field located in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. With the screeching of subway cars within earshot, my teammates and I spent many weekday afternoons at Macombs Dam Park trying to score goals for LaSalle Academy before sparse crowds that.

[Instant Reaction] Let HIM come HOME!

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Earth-Shattering News..... (courtesy of )No one would expect this to happen so sudden!

Shocked, stunned and my jaws almost dislocated upon receiving this shattering news that "Ah Long" Noh Alam Shah could make a sensation return to his former club, Tampines Rovers (as depicted).

Ukraine party spirit continues despite defeat

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Ukraine fans may have been disappointed by their side's defeat to France on Friday but many continued to enjoy the party atmosphere in the host nation. Crowds at the big screens in Lviv and Kharkiv kept themselves entertained as their Group D match with France was delayed.
A thunderstorm caused torrential rain at the Donbass Arena, leading to the match being suspended for an hour early in the first half.