Cricket commentator David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd asked Spurs centre-back Michael Dawson if he’s in a boyband

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Legendary cricket commentator David 'Bumble' Lloyd is renowned for his entertaining mid-match stories. During the second Ashes test between England an Australia, Bumble told a story of how he had seen a young man he knew he recognised at the stadium. He couldn't place the face and asked the fella if he was in a [.

Alex Gerrard: Shopping & Illegally Parking

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Mrs Steven Gerrard was papped in sunny spirits last week after a spot of shopping at Liverpool WAG haunt, Cricket, despite being ticketed for violating city centre parking laws. She has a habit of doing this.

English Premier League

Move Over Cricket, Here’s to Bad Sportsmanship in Soccer

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John Terry comes roaring in from the pavilion end and bowls a full-toss at the batsman's head. Wow, that was a bit mischievous, someone tell him the wicket is on the ground.

Deep into the heart of the Barclays Premier League off-season, I'm seeking solace in cricket, particularly the Ashes competition between England and Australia.

A Change Needs to Come: 12 Thoughts on Arsenal 3 Norwich 3

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Will this team ever learn? Thoughts as follows:
* We started well, when Yossi beautifully curled a shot in to give us the lead after barely a minute of play. I thought he had a good game in general, and was slightly bemused to see him subbed off when he was. If that's his last home game for us, then I think we can easily say he was a worthwhile signing this season.

Garber Says MLS Could Use Goal-Line Technology

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One thing Major League Soccer hasn't been afraid of in it's 17 years of existence is trying new things. The fact couldn't be more true when MLS Commissioner Don Garber tells reporters that he supports goal-line technology and that the league could be one of the first to implement it.

"We're interested in being a test league and we hope that we could achieve that,"Â MLSÂ Commissioner Don Garber said Thursday while speaking to the Associated Press Sports Editors.

WAG Watch: Everyone vs Jenny Vampire

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WAGs who aren't attached to this story attend the Cricket Christmas party, Liverpool, UK. 08/12/2010. Image:Â BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM.

Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool and Everton WAGs have beef with Jennifer Thompson of Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney tell-all fame and nouveau riche glory.

The Sustainability of the A-League

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I understand comments like 'Clive Palmer is out of line but his points are right on... ' But this viewpoint misses the point.

It was always going to be very difficult for soccer to survive in Australia as anything more than the largest participatory sport.

When I saw the start-up marketing strategy for the Melbourne Heart, I could have rolled on the floor laughing.

Charlie Adam & Sophie-Leigh Anderson: Cricket Shopping Companions

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We're quite certain this falls into the "breaking news" category, but we'll be damned if we put the effort into Googling the amount of times a 'baller has been seen with his sweetie at Cricket. For as long as we've been spouting nonsense and abalicious photos, it's never happened.

Perhaps Charlie's fiancée fancied herself a pair of limited edition Ruthie Davis hi-tops with signature spikes, something she's been recently lusting over on Twitter.

Just Look at His Face! Tenuous Lookalikes #2 Phil Jones

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My word. I really have hit rock bottom. Lookalikes. Still, you get what you pay for, I suppose. Man United crashing out of Europe was a serious Lol-cano, obviously. Experts are calling it the worst team in the history of everything. Not just football, everything. Cricket, Rugby, The pre-Raphaelite movement, cutlery, space, pencils, ZZ Top, the Iron Age, everything And, for no other reason other than I can, here's Phil Jones looking like a loveable Disney swine.

Alex Gerrard: That Was Fast

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Nine days. That's the time it took Alex Gerrard to recoup from the birth of her third child before hitting up Cricket in Liverpool.

New world record?

football club

Genoa CFC Lotto 119th Anniversary Jersey

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Italian Serie A side Genoa Cricket and Football Club, commonly referred to as simply Genoa, celebrated its 119th anniversary on September 7th. For the occasion, I Rossoblu (The Red-Blues) launched...

The Devil Inside

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So yesterday, the 16th of December, AC Milan celebrated (I don't want to know how) 112 years of a glorious and rich history spanning back from the club's foundation as The Milan Cricket and Football Club in 1899 to the present. As a tip of the hat to this fine sporting institution, I will dedicate this post to that faction of Milanese society that is eligible to play for another fine, some may say finer, institution, the Italian national team, one half of the pure and unabridged reason for this blog's existence, the other half being to spread evil rumours about a defenceless old lady.


Usain Bolt, el hombre que vuela

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‘El atleta más naturalmente talentoso que el mundo haya visto'. Así es como se define Usain Bolt a sí mismo en su biografía de Twitter. ¿Dice la verdad? Sí. ¿Presuntuoso? También. Pero es que lo que dice también lo refrenda en la pista de tartán. Usain Bolt es el hombre más rápido del mundo actualmente y no sólo eso, también lo es históricamente.

El Ojo de Halcón llega al fútbol

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05.07.2012 - Después de nueve meses de pruebas y algunos años de papelones, la International Football Association Board (IFAB), reunida hoy en Zúrich, decidió (finalmente) aprobar el uso de sistemas de detección automática del gol en el fútbol.
De las ocho empresas que participaron en la primera ronda de ensayos, FIFA aprobó sólo dos para quedar a disposición de convertirse en licenciatarios (en sistemas de detección automática del gol):
GoalRef: tecnología de campos magnéticos (vídeo)
Dispositivo magnético que genera una especie de cortina de ondas.

line technology

This is what a goal-line technology test looks like

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Just two months away from the International Football Association Board's decision on whether to implement goal-line technology in competitive matches, testing on the two options being considered has moved into its second stage of testing. And though you might imagine that testing to be some kind of cross between The Matrix and Tron, it's actually more like setting up a display at a discount sporting goods store.

Technology or not technology…that is the question

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With three points from the Newcastle game safely in the bag and no more meaningful football action for a week, at least as far as Arsenal are concerned, it's convenient that the matter of goal-line technology has reared it's head again.

During Saturday's televised match, between Bolton and QPR, the officials on the pitch disallowed a perfectly good goal in the mistaken belief that the ball hadn't crossed the line.


From the bushes at Motspur Park

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This morning I biked to Worcester Park where I had hoped to get our laptop repaired. Unfortunately the shop had succumbed to the recession and a door shop was there instead.

I biked home via Motspur Park to see what I might see over the fence, and lo' and behold, there were AJ, Orlando Sa and Rafik Halliche training in a small group.

From the bushes at Motspur Park

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This morning I biked to Worcester Park where I had hoped to get our laptop repaired. Unfortunately the shop had succumbed to the recession and a door shop was there instead.

I biked home via Motspur Park to see what I might see over the fence, and lo' and behold, there were AJ, Orlando Sa and Rafik Halliche training in a small group.


Indian Premier League Soccer.

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06.02.2012 - Recién liberada del yugo inglés en 1947, India tiene al cricket como deporte nacional y al hóckey y luego al voley como juegos multitudinarios, entre religiones, idiomas y vacas sagradas. El fútbol en India estuvo y está muy lejos de aquellas popularidades soñadas por los empresarios e "inversores".

... y el futbol llegó por fin a Bollywood

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Por snedecor
Cualquiera que mire los datos de este mercadillo de invierno debe rendirse a la evidencia: para nosotros, sucios PIGS cubiertos de deuda hasta las cejas, parece que se han acabado los tiempos del derroche futbolero, al menos si no tienes unos amiguitos bien situados en el Golfo Pérsico.

Arsenal legend signs up for new Indian Soccer League

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It has just been announced that six teams from India will be starting a new football League, primarily in the West Bengal area, and they are going to have a cricket-style auction of the some top-class veterans including the ex-Arsenal star Robert Pires. Bhaswar Goswami, the executive director of Celebrity Management Group announced that he [.

Football making waves in India and Pakistan

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Bet it will be easier for a young English born Indian/Pakistani footballer to get into the India or Pakistani national team than it has been for a similar kid to make progress in cricket in the UK.

Interesting times in Asia for football.

Asian Football Business Review reports:
South Asian giants plan football promotion series for their expatriates in England

An innovative joint marketing effort by the All India Football Federation and the Pakistan Football Federation, will promote football to over 2 million of their countries' compatriates and their decendents living in England through three international friendlies.


Is The End Nigh For Croydon Athletic?

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It was a story that started almost a year and a half ago in a blaze of publicity which involved a major newspaper, allegations of corruption in another sport, a non-league football club and suicide. Now, with the half-way point in the following season fast approaching, it seems almost certain that the final chapter to play out in the life of Croydon Athletic Football Club will end in the collapse of a club which found itself thrust into the front page of newspapers around the world and, as the authorities pick over the carcass of this club over the next few weeks and months, a question well worth asking will be that of how nobody came to recognise the signs that there was something terribly, horribly wrong at this club earlier than it was.

Capello faces huge decision over Terry

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The news that John Terry has been included in England's preliminary 23-man squad for the forthcoming friendlies against Sweden and Spain leaves manager Fabio Capello with a huge decision ahead of the naming of the final squad on Sunday.

Capello is to consult with senior FA figures over Terry's fate yet while the allegations of racism in last month's match against QPR hang over Terry there can surely only be one conclusion to these meetings.

Support For Liverpool FC Blossoming In Pakistan

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Liverpool boast a massive global fanbase. Their pre-season tours to the likes of Thailand and Malaysia highlights the huge passion for the club that exists in the Far East.
However, less well known is the support they enjoy in Pakistan.
News that Manchester United has signed a sponsorship deal with a mobile network in Pakistan prompted Reds from the country to get in touch this week.

The Rest

A medley of links

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As you probably weren't aware Spirit of Mirko took a bit of a break this summer. Watched some cricket, spent time outside and generally ignored the world of football.

1. A fantastic analysis of the Sodje dynasty over at From the Inside Right.

2. A lovely poem about Swansea City's new signing Wilfried Bony.

Aida Roman Plata en Juegos Olimpicos Londres 2012 Tiro con arco

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La mexicana Aída Román se enfrentó contra Ki Bo Bae de Corea de Sur en la final de tiro con arco femenil en el Lord's Cricket Ground de la capital británica, tras vencer en semifinales a la mexicana Mariana Avitia, quien le dio la medalla de bronce a México.
El primer set lo obtuvo la surcoreana con un marcador de 27-25, mientras que el segundo le dio un punto a cada una al quedar 26-26.

How we operate

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This is Rich here. I only clarify because I'm going to mention baseball. I am the British one, I just like baseball.

Growing up I played a lot of sport. Football was great but I had a nasty habit of falling apart mentally in school matches (besides myself I more or less half-blame a single teacher for this and were I to meet him today I would certainly consider pouring boiling custard on his pathetic head).

Where now for Cricketer Ellyse Perry?

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Can you still really play two sports at the elite level in Australia?

Ellyse Perry thinks so and with great support from Matildas Coach Tom Sermanni over the years she has done so.

But her recent decision to play cricket for Australia and miss the semi and final of the W-League season left me wondering where now for Ellyse?

Today From Football is Fucked, We Bring You...

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Why Mike Dean Should Not Be A Referee

Why We Should Never Forget Gary Speed

Why Cricket Is Criminalised And Corrupt

Why Being A Match Fixer Ruins A Career

Why There Is Only One Gay Footballer Out Of 60,000 European Professionals

Check Today's Breaking Realities At Our Other Football Blog:


John Lennon de Racing.

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08.12.2011 - Si le creemos a María Magdalena la resurrección de Cristo y a quienes dicen haber visto jugar al Trinche Carlovich tenemos que creer que John Lennon era de Racing. ¿Qué tienen en común estos tópicos? No hay registros (vídeos).
Un vídeo (que nadie tiene) que muestra a John Lennon diciendo "Soy de Racing" (en relación a la rivalidad entre ingleses y escoceces) es la perla ausente.

Charles Sale: Lord’s pair given food for thought

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Charles Sale: Lord's pair given food for thought

Lord's, who heavily promote the high standard of food and drink at cricket's headquarters, have suspended two senior catering officials

View the full story here: The Mail

A news article on 2011-11-08 00:05:15 from: The Mail

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Manchester United set to exploit commercial opportunities in Pakistan as cricket slump continues

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Manchester United could take advantage of cricket's slump in popularity to exploit more commercial opportunities on the Asian sub-continent.