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Manchester United

TV Producers Fear Crowd Noise From Manchester United’s League Cup Game Might Disrupt Live Episode Of Coronation Street

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Coronation Street producers are reportedly concerned that crowd noise emanating from Manchester United's League Cup tie against Ipswich will be audible during tonight's special 60th anniversary live episode.

The live episode is due to air at 7:30pm on ITV1, with the United game kicking off around 15 minutes thereafter.

Cleaned Up For Christmas

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Phil Wilson from Belfast was the lucky winner of our United bar of soap for correctly identifying that the soap 'Manchester United fan' Snoop Dogg most wanted to appear in was Coronation Street. Lame question? I challenge you to think of a better 'soap' and United related question!

You can buy this Manchester United soap from Early Bath.

Scott Sinclair

Helen Flanagan, WAG of Man City’s Scott Sinclair: ‘He eats like a horse’

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The girlfriend of Manchester City benchwarmer Scott Sinclair has revealed she has to hit the supermarket every single day to keep up with his eating habits. Former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan mentioned her daily shopping trips on behalf of the former Swansea man in her first column for Star magazine.

The Football WAG Index No.35: Helen Flanagan (AKA Rosie Webster Off Corrie)

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By WAG Watcher

When she's not playing Rosie Webster on Coronation Street, Helen Flanagan relaxes by a) Splashing about for the tabloids, and b) Telling footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair that he's not just a poor man's Theo Walcott (chuckle if only Scott knew).

Helen Flanagan: Wardrobe Wonders

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Helen Flanagan, the Coronation Street actress who is dating Scott Sinclair (Wigan), has a beautiful face, stunning blue eyes and a variety of fashion challenges. Facts are facts.

Now onto your opinions, dear readers: which of these two outfits would you wear? (If forced by gunpoint or the loss of footy for the next four weeks):

Helen's day dungarees and bed-head bouffant, which she sported shopping at the Arndale Centre or;

Helen's evening lycra-look fiesta of bustier and leggings fit for a workout at the local streetwalkers step class*/audition in the new Vampyra musical, "Leggings Are Not Trousers, OK?

Helen Flanagan: WAG Wardrobe Fail

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Helen Flanagan (dating Scott Sinclair, Wigan) is fairly new to the WAG game, and perhaps it's time for one of the old-school ladies to pull her aside and give her a few tips about WAG wardrobe protocol.

What are we on about? Well, the pretty and fresh-of-face Helen, has been papped in the same outfit three times.

Welcome to the Club: Helen Flanagan

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Say hello to the WAG Club's newest member, Helen Flanagan.

While the name may not be familiar to you, the face could be, as the Brits amongst us might recognize her as Coronation Street's Rosie Webster. Aside from reporting to the day job on the regs and wearing shorts in the wintertime, Helen has bagged Wigan's Scott Sinclair, who is currently on loan from Chelsea.

Welcome to the Club: Helen Flanagan

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Say hello to the WAG Club's newest member, Helen Flanagan.

While the name may not be familiar to you, the face could be, as the Brits amongst us might recognize her as Coronation Street's Rosie Webster. Aside from reporting to the day job on the regs and wearing shorts in the wintertime, Helen has bagged Wigan's Scott Sinclair, who is currently on loan from Chelsea.


Weekend Wrap : Return Of Thierry Henry, It’s Déjà vu For PSG’s Carlo Ancelotti & Kaka The Dubai Tourist

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Carlo Ancelotti had been jobless for the last seven months, watching reruns of 'The Sopranos' and your aunt's episodes of Coronation Street up until yesterday. Ouiiiii, ce n'est pas une blague... Paris Saint Germain officially decided he was the man to take over the reins of former coach Antoine Kombouaré, who failed to transform the Qatari-owned club into the new Ligue 1 Galácticos!

The Return Of Piqueira & The End Of The Cesc Saga?

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Oh come on, don't tell us you want to be reading about all these dull and never-ending summer transfer sagas! Let's hop onto the Piqueira Lambo and find out what they've been up to in Miami. As you know, Barca are currently on their US tour and earlier this week, Puyol, Busquets and Pique all turned up to support Shakira's charity, the Pies Descalzos Foundation, in aid of underprivileged children with a focus on Latinos.

soap opera

England and Scotland fail to splatter Blatter

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Like EastEnders or Coronation Street going on a summer break to Spain, Blackpool or Ireland, the footballing soap opera has upped sticks for the summer.

A cast of thousands, a few suitably over the top villians, a couple of unlikely characters attempting to play the hero and subplots aplenty.

The Long Wait is Almost Over!

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One of the greatest soap opera returns to television screens on Friday and it will provide us fans with the characters that will love and the ones we love to hate. No this is not Eastenders or Coronation Street it's the Football LEAGUE!

The three Coca-Cola leagues, that are arguably the most competitive leagues in the world, are packed with teams all eager to hit the ground running at the weekend.

English Premier League

On How Wayne Rooney Ruined Mother’s Day

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You'd think that Saturday would have beeen a day of celebration. A vivid carnival of all that is right with being Red and Mancunian. Big United larruped West Ham in the East End yesterday, despite having been two down at half-time. And up in weird, charity-shop filled Retford, FC United came back from a goal down to beat those muscular, flesh-devouring freaks from Worksop, thanks to a last minute Jerome Wright penalty.

Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football Betting Tips for 11-12 December

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soccer bet's get it on So last week made £22 profit. After serious consideration over blowing it all on two copies of Coronation Street: The Album, OTPs head was turned when it spotted two sharp metal spikes on offer that looked perfect for drilling through one's eyes. Still had change to buy a small bottle [.

Midweek TV Preview: 24 - 27 August 2009

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(All times - UK)

Monday 24th August

19:45 Norwich City v Sunderland, Carling Cup 2nd Round, Sky Sports 1 / Sky Sports HD1
A tale of two managers to begin with. After their catastrophic start to the season, Norwich have replaced Bryan Gunn with Paul Lambert, the manager of the Colchester side that beat them 7-1 on the opening day of the Championship season, and to good effect.

Manchester City

Why Spurs will never catch Arsenal

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This Saturday will see yet another episode in the most predictable saga of recent years Tottenham Hotspur's epic doomed-to-failure struggle to overtake or even just catch up with their north London rivals Arsenal, which has been running longer than Coronation Street and is about half as exciting.

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One of the major problems with television drama is that the characters don't talk about football as much as people do in real life.

You might occasionally see Minty from Eastenders with a West Ham scarf around his neck, but you don't see him and Billy Mitchell getting pissed, while debating how rubbish their defence is.

Carlos Tevez improves his English with the help of Coronation Street

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Citeh striker might feel more at home at Rovers Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is improving his notoriously dodgy linguistic skills with the help of ITV soap Coronation Street. The Argentina international has recently come under fire from team-mate and compatriot Pablo Zabaleta for his poor English, but Tevez seems eager to step up to the [.

World Cup 2010

Wanted ! Striker Built Like Brick Shit House

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While Oktavianus Maniani may have impressed in last week's friendly against the Maldives for Indonesia it remains to be seen whether he is the man to start scoring freely for the Merah-Putih. Yes, he's lightening fast but then is is his fellow Papuan Boas Solossa and look how often he is injured.

Some quotes to get your day started

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"If somebody stamps on your head in that way, you wouldn't say, 'thank you very much' and turn the other cheek. Only Jesus Christ did that."

Wenger backs Van Persie for speaking out about the unholy incident.

"I don't watch Match of the Day, I watch Coronation Street instead.

Just for Fun

PICTURE: Snoop Dogg Performs In Rio’s United Shirt

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Snoop Dogg performed at Manchester Apollo for Orange RockCorps last night and took to the stage wearing his pal Rio Ferdinand's United shirt.

Rio met up with Snoop earlier in the day and gave him a shirt to perform in.

Rumour has it that we'll see Snoop making a cameo appearance on Coronation Street too.

PICTURE: Kevin Webster Is Green and Gold

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Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster in Coronation Street, was spotted supporting our green and gold campaign.

There we have it, our celebrity figurehead. Hmm.

"PICTURE: Kevin Webster Is Green and Gold" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

The Rest

Shit Lookalikes: Kamil Grosicki & Steve McDonald (From ‘Coronation Street’)

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Congratulations are due to Hull City midfielder Kamil Grosicki, who has just been voted PFA Premier League Player of the Month for April.

| Congratulations to @HullCity's @GrosickiKamil, who is the PFA Fans' Premier League #POTM for April! pic.

Photo: Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers visits the Coronation Street set

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Me and my hero Brendan rogers on the set of Corrie coooool Craig Charles (@CCfunkandsoul) November 27, 2013 Liverpool fans, your manager has made a surprise switch to Manchester. Fear not, he was just visiting the Coronation Street set. Brendan Rodgers probably felt well equipped to visit Corrie having done his fair share [.

CHANTS ON GOAL: Dutch cats, fat cats and cats on tin roofs

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Suarez Soolsma in da house!
Welcome to our newest regular feature "Chants on Goal" where we bring our Yorkies' flavour to TFC terrace songs and chants. We're not trying to reinvent the BMO Field choir-wheel but giving you a few of our ridiculous favourite "hits" for you to enjoy and, if you feel the musical urge, bring them to your corner of the stadium.

I’m not entirely clear how I ended up like this

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Got back last night to find this waiting for me. Greatest packaging ever?

It's from my old friend Emmet who runs/is the Yesboyicecream record label in Dublin.Â

Haven't listened to it all yet but the Michael Knight "I'm not entirely clear how I ended up like this" is worth the €7 for the lyrics in the inlay booklet alone.

Ex-Man City Star Michael Ball Fined £6,000 By FA Over Homophobic Tweet

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By Alan Duffy

#gobshite #withoutaclub #sixgrandoutofpocket

Once one of the country's most highly-rated young players, 32-year-old Michael Ball has been punished by The FA for an offensive Tweet he sent to Coronation Street star Anthony Cotton.

The Twohundredpercent Vault: Football On TV In London

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Twohundredpercent is on its Christmas vacation, but we're taking the chance to open up the colossal vault that is our archive in order to bring you one or two articles from the past that you might have missed the first time around. Today, Ian King gets shamelessly nostalgic with a look back at the golden age of football coverage on ITV in London.

Do It Lion Style

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For as long as I have been living in these parts the term globalisation has been little more than a buzz word, along with hub and leverage, used by persons of status and power to show what big long words they know. Like wallpaper very flowery but largely irrelevant.
Perhaps the ASEAN Football Federation Cup is changing that.

English Football Fan Journal: Plaines, Trains & Automobiles to North London

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As I type this journal entry in the smallest of one room efficiencies in Highbury, London, the time in the upper right corner reads 7:00 AM exactly. Local time just hit noon which places my brain somewhere in the realm of insane, sleep-deprived lunatic, or, lazy traveler, as I'm only just sitting up from bed as Coronation Street appears on ITV2.

Episode 94

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Episode 94: "The Coronation Street Revival Narrative"
Host: Scott Bornstein
Panel: Matthew Gray, Robert Jonas, Hank Alexandre

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On the show this week, it's Matthew Gray, Robert Jonas and Hank Alexandre.

TFZ: Butty-mad Rooney in TFC transfer shocker?

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(L-R) Johnston, Rooney, Butty

Welcome to TFZ - The Totally Fake-Rumour Zone! This is your # 1 source for Toronto FC gossip with zero sources! Our team of intrepid reporters keeps their ears to the street - and then ignores it - to bring you the latest in late-breaking, hard-hitting, completely unreliable false rumourage!

Problems for Paul

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If Peterborough United were The Apprentice of 2009-10, Stockport County are surely somewhere closer to Coronation Street. An ever-changing cast, regular instances of backbiting and intrigue, and unwelcome strangers from outside taking possession of the family home, supporting Stockport County is gripping, frustrating but certainly never dull.

Coronation Street gets shifted for footie

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ITV soap loses its Wednesday night primetime slot If any indication of the power of football was needed, surely this is it. ITV bosses are moving long-running soap Coronation Street from its traditional Wednesday evening 7.30pm slot to ensure that they can bring you coverage of Steve Rider's cardboard hairdo whenever they like.