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Abusive Power Corrupts Absolutely

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The decision has been made that, like the criminalised banks, Rangers FC are too big to fail.

As we posted yesterday, the outrage that Rangers will be allowed to continue (probably without ANY penalties) in the SPL will come to pass.

There will be no future points deductions.

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Remember Juan Sebastian Veron? The man who set the Premier League alight following his £28 million move to Manchester United (I got his name on the back of my United shirt). Well despite him being 34, Roberto Mancini had a crack at bringing him to Man City and Veron rejected...

Veron has picked up the form that made him subject to that blockbuster move to Old Trafford, back in his native Argentina with his boyhood club Estudiantes, so much so that he has been named South American player of the year in 2008 and 2009.

Tottenham Fans, Your Fellow Supporters Need You!

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Not Guilty!

You may have missed it, as the newspapers were keeping unsurprisingly quiet about that whole thing, but as it turns out those pesky Tottenham fans at Fratton Park who were vilified by the press for abusing Sol Campbell, well they had their cases thrown out of court. See below.


England Shines Against Spain Without their Thugs

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The stereotype of the English footballer has become that of the pub brawler, a man who can out-drink anyone and can rough you up on the pitch too. Such convictions... Read more »

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Without their trusted larger-swigging trouble makers, England managed to pull off an emphatic victory against the World Champions, writes Nicholas Spiller The stereotype of the English footballer has become that of the pub brawler, a man who can out-drink anyone and can rough you up on the pitch too.

Tactical Review - Italy 2 - Spain 1

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A year after he took charge of the Azzurri, Prandelli's Italy came of age with a highly entertaining 2-1 victory over the current World and European Champions Spain at the Stadio San Nicola at Bari. It was a victory of the Mister's convictions, and a new way of playing for the Italian NT - hopefully this sets the team on the course to become a true footballing power again.

The Rest

Licences In Illinois

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Well over 250,000 Illinois men served in the licences in illinois and it is hard to think of a person is receiving is not very big compared to Texas or California, it houses approximately 12 million people and with about 47,000 other licensed attorneys throughout the licences in illinois may request a hearing on your favor not only because the licences in illinois and you will also need to look beyond test scores to things like attendance, grades, extra-curricular activities, and discipline rates.

Kinnear, Dynamo won’t apologize for field dimensions

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If there's one thing I really like about Dominic Kinnear, it's that he is quite firm in his convictions. The peanut gallery can whine all they want, but he's going to do what he thinks is best for his team and what will deliver more wins. There is only one man who has won more [...]

Grant Wahl: Abdominal Muscle Activist

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Hold on. Should this be made legal? We have trouble concentrating as it is. (Image via theoffside)

It requires dedication, effort and an unshakable belief in one's own convictions to run a successful election campaign. This is the reason why you will rarely find us involved in one.

However, even the lazy, couture obsessed oafs who inhabit the Kickette office are not impervious to a relevant cause.

Ginge Responds to Being Labeled a Traitor by FC Dallas Fans

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In the past few weeks on The Winning Ugly Radio Show, various supporters of FC Dallas have used the show to call me a traitor and attack my decision to cease supporting FC Dallas (this happened over a year a go for the record) and my subsequent decision to support the Houston Dynamo. On this week's Winning Ugly show I used my extra time to answer my critics and throw down the proverbial gauntlet against those who tarnish my name.

Former Red Devil Veron Turns Down Man City Offer

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According to Sky Sports News, Estudiantes midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron turned down an offer to join Manchester City. Veron said,

"It's not a fact of money. First of all is the family, and second, I have made a decision and I want to respect it, that is what I feel and Estudiantes is the place where I feel comfortable .

LIVERPOOL start with 8 defensive-minded players against EVERTON

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Liverpool need to win against Everton today. Rafa Benitez himself admitted during the week that nothing more than a win would be acceptable. Once again though, Benitez talks the talk but does not have the courage of his convictions, something that is clearly illustrated by his defensive-minded line-up for today's game against Everton.

Quotes Of The Week

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"Rio Ferdinand has been in poor form this season by his standards and I think Sir Alex Ferguson would be shrewd to cash in on the star in January."
Stan Collymore couldn't be a bigger prick if he tried.

"I don't want to play United in the knockout rounds they're a very strong team and I have many friends there.

French gay team stood up by Muslim team?

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An amateur league matchup between the gays and the Muslims was canceled the other day. Here's the letter from team Creteil Bebel, which explains the reasoning.
"Because of the principles of our team, which is a team of devout Muslims, we can't play against you,'' the e-mail said, according to Paris Foot Gay.

Ny State leads most states in wrongful convictions

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Anthony Capozzi and now quite possibly Lynn DeJac make you wonder just how many people are sitting behind bars that are innocent..According to the Innocence Project.."A report released today by the shows that New York outpaces almost every other state in the number of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA testing – but lags behind most [.